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Weekly Blitz Alert Review (Watch Out For This!) (2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 23, 2020

Weekly Blitz Alert Review

Hello! Welcome to my Weekly Blitz Alert review!

Are you one of the people who hope that you can earn a lot of money with trading? Well if yes, you are probably looking for ways, secrets and strategies to really succeed in the world of trading.

That is basically what Weekly Blitz Alert promises you. What is it? How does it work? Is it legit? Well, we are about to find out the answers in this Weekly Blitz Alert review!

So before making any decisions, you might want to read this review from top to bottom to help you out. Let's get started!

Weekly Blitz Alert Review Quick Summary

Name: Weekly Blitz Alert

Website: https://blitztrackersummit.com/blitz_alerts/?step=ba1

Founder: Lance Ippolito

Type: Trading System

Price: $1997 (Annual) or $2497 (Lifetime)

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

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What is Weekly Blitz Alert?

Weekly Blitz Alert Review Website Homepage

Let's start thiw Weekly Blitz Alert with a background information of what it is about. Weekly Blitz Alert is a trading system and advisory service created by a veteran in the world of trading, Lance Ippolito.

Moreover, he works with a company that is called WealthPress. If you are interested in it, there are two kinds of memberships to gain access.

  • $1,997 - 12-month membership
  • $2,497 - lifetime access

When you buy the system, you will have access to all of Lance's strategies and recommendations in trading. Furthermore, based on its websitem you will even get 104 of his trade recommendations in one year.

Basically, if you have the access and you are a member of the system, you will be following Lance's trade options that he place in each of his accounts each week. Moreover, you will be using everything that you learned in your own account. You better hope that they will all work and pay off.

Lance even made claims that all of this strategies and secrets will divulge a lot of opportunities in the options market, making you 5x of your money within 24 hours! To add to that, if you invest money, more specifically, $1000 into each of the "shadow blitzes" that Lance will find, you will be earning an easy $26,950!

What are Shadow Blitzes?

Weekly Blitz Alert Review promo

Do not be confused as to what shadow blitzes are. It is just basically a term that Lance made to describe "unusual group of trades". They will send out signals or signs whenever a stock is likely to explode in 24 hours.

Once that happens, it will set off the Weekly Blitz Alert system to make him earn a lot of gains. According to Lance, once you join the system, you will benefit from two shadow blitz trades every week for a year!

Up to now, you are probably hooked to this system. It does sound cool and very promising. However, all kinds of trading, whether you have good strategies or not, they all revolve around risks.

There is a chance that you will earn money and at the same time, lose money. So there is no 100% guarantee that you will actually make money even with this system.

Who is Lance Ippolito?

Weekly Blitz Alert Review Lance Ippolito

Now, let's get to know the person behind this trading system. Lance Ippolito created the Weekly Blitz Alert system. He works in a company called WealthPress, that is owned by Roger Scott. Moreover, Scott claims to have over 25 years of experience in the trading industry, as well as stocks and ETFs.

Based on Ippolito's profile in WealthPress, he is described as a professional trader and is even known as a the "market detective" among the people he works with and know him.

It is because of his forte at following large market orders in the options market. He believes that these will specify trading made by company insiders. With these information that he extracted, he is able to earn a lot of money through trading options.

With all of his success and experience, he educates people on how to be successful at trading. This includes the Weekly Blitz Alert system. Moreover, according to WealthPress, Lance's works are featured in various publications such as Inside Futures, Futures Magazine and Professional Traders Opinion.

What is WealthPress?

WealthPress is a financial publishing company, where Lance works, along with other trading gurus.

This company provides trading advisory and investment services to people. It is actually the one that helps to make things possible.

How does it work?

Weekly Blitz Alert Review Website Homepage

To join and get the Weekly Blitz Alert system, you just need to go to its website to fill up to the form. Then, you will choose which kind of membership option you want to get. After that, you will then be given access to the system!

Apart from that, you will also get the following.

  • TWO Tickets to Annual Blitz Alert Live Summit (annual event)
  • The 5 Stocks That Will Shape and Protect Your Financial Future (PDF report)
  • Private Members-Only Portal (member only website)
  • Weekly Market Blitz Videos (video updates)
  • Blitz Alert Secrets (video training series)
  • The Blitz Playbook (PDF report)

These things and the system will help you gain and make money based on short-term options trading.

It is basically a type of trading wherein the one you are purchasing is the right to buy the underlying asset at a given price, instead of the asset itself.

Personally, if we compare stock trading and trading options, the latter is more confusing.

With that, it is even riskier because the less you know about something, the higher the chances of you making mistakes. We don't want that especially we are talking about money and investing.

Guarantee layers

If you did not notice, in the order page, there are guarantee layers. Do not mistaken them as a guarantee that you can make money. Rather, these just state that Lance will give you the chances of earning money.

  • Guarantee Layer 1 - Members are guaranteed to get at least 2 trade opportunities every week or 8 every month.
  • Guarantee Layer 2 - One of those 8 opporunities each month will guarantee to give you a chance to make 5x of your money.
  • Guarantee Layer 3 - If ever you won't get layer 1 and 2, you are guaranteed to receive access to another WealthPress service for another year for free.

Is Weekly Blitz Alert a scam? - Final Verdict

Let's conclude this Weekly Blitz Alert Review. Is Weekly Blitz Alert a scam? No it is not a scam. It does offer a helpful trading system and advisory services. Moreover, Lance is a veteran in the trading area.

However, this does not mean that it is the perfect one that you will pursue. Remember, we are taking about trading and in this industry, there will always be risks. You can either earn a lot of money or you can lose a lot of money.

There are no guarantees that you can succeed. So in the end, it will always be your decision whether you will buy the system or not. I wrote this Weekly Blitz Alert review to help you in your decision.

Thank you so much for reading my Weekly Blitz Alert review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section. 

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