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Your BNB Formula Review (2022) Now is it Worth it?

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September 12, 2022

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Welcome to my "Your BNB Formula Review"!

Have you ever wondered how to make money with BNBs with as little capital as possible? Well, then you might have heard of Your BNB Formula.

In this review, I will be discussing what Your BNB Formula is all about. Furthermore, we will be then tackling if it can actually help you or not.

So, sit tight as we learn more about this product.

Your BNB Formula Review: Quick Summary

Name:  Your BNB Formula


Founder: Brian Page

Price: $2,000+

Best for: Real-estate enthusiasts

Your BNB Formula Review Logo

What is Your BNB Formula?

The short-term rental market in the field of real-estate is a growing business. So, it is no surprise that many people want to jump in and get their own cut. 

Your BNB Formula is a training program that promises to help you get started. Furthermore, it teaches you many things about advertising and marketing. 

The founder, Brian Page, promises to guide you every step of the way. For example, he promises to teach you how to contact property owners and how to create attractive listings.

The technique that Your BNB Formula uses is BNB Arbitrage. Using this technique you can earn in the short-term rental market without putting out a lot of money.

Your BNB Formula consists of numerous online training videos.  Furthermore, you will have a one-on-one mentoring with its founder, Brian Page.

To summarize, Your BNB Formula helps you have a head start in the short-rental market with its eight-week length course.

What is a BNB?

A Bread and Breakfast (BNB) service, usually most known as AirBNB, is a service that allows people to list their private properties for rent. Travelers can then rent these properties which can sometimes be in a more convenient location than other hotels.

AirBNB is a growing market especially in countries that rely on tourism. However, you have to own a property to rent before you can start earning with this service. 

But with a technique that Your BNB Formula teaches, you can do it too without buying any property.

BNB Arbitrage is the name of this technique. Basically, you can have a deal with property owners to let you rent a property for the long-term and list in in the BNB market for short-term hosting. The reason this works is because long-term renting a property is cheaper and you can put it in the short-term rent market for a larger price.

Your BNB Formula Review: The Founder

Your BNB Formula Brian Page

Brian Page founded Your BNB Formula using his experience and knowledge. Today, he is a millionaire and a successful entrepreneur. All thanks to his BNB business.

He was already a millionaire in his 20s. However, that changed when the market crashed in 2008. As a real estate agent, this greatly hurt him financially and lost most of his money.

However, he found a way to earn from the short-rental market without having a huge capital. This is the way that he wants to teach in his Your BNB Formula training program. In addition, he also has another coaching program named Your First BNB.

Furthermore, he has also been featured in many news outlets.

What is inside the Your BNB Formula?

Your BNB Formula Review Preview

Your BNB Formula consists of eight weeks of training materials for their students. After that, they promise that their students would start earning 6-figures in 6 months.

To break it down, Your BNB Formula contains video training courses, business-to-business (B2B) toolkits, contracts, deal analyzers, forms, and templates. There are a total of one audio and 15 videos of training materials. In addition, they also give you the Vault which is 23 recordings of previous webinars.

Inside this course you will learn about the three secrets on how to make your business work.

  • Automation - You must learn how to delegate and automate tasks to simplify your business workflow. So, this includes how to work with landlords, home cleaners, AirBNB, and other people. This will make sure that you won't have to be working a lot of hours per day and only a few hours per week.
  • Outsourcing - Knowing how to outsource most of your activities will help you expand your business.
  • Leverage - Knowing how to leverage your borrowed property is a huge part of earning big in this business. So, this means that one does not need to own a property before they can earn.

To summarize, here are the 8 modules for 8 weeks of training.

Module 1: Preparation

This module teaches about the preparation stage and contains six videos that tells you the nine key items needed to start a BNB business. Inside this module, you will learn how to utilize tools to save time and give you advantage in the market.

Module 2: Partner

This module, named as Partner, is where you will learn how to delegate some of your jobs to other people like caretakers. Furthermore, this makes sure that you can automate your business properly and reduce your workload. In addition, it contains five videos on how you should approach home owners to convince them to convert their property into a short-term rental unit.

Module 3: Identity

In this module, you will learn how to select the correct property to list to generate the maximum profit possible. Furthermore, this module contains six videos explaining what to do.

Module 4: Stage

This module contains seven videos on how to flip your property into a spectacular place. You must know how to impress your would be renters so that they choose your property over other competitors. Plus, it also shows you how to do this without spending a lot.

Module 5: List

This module is going to teach you how to list your properties properly. Furthermore, you will be shown how to organize your schedule and how to handle bookings.

Module 6: Official Launch

You will tackle how to officially launch you business in this module that contains seven videos. Furthermore, this module will give you great ideas on how to increase your income and streamline your business.

Module 7: Automate

Module 7 contains seven videos which aims to teach you how to outsource and automate your business. Furthermore, if you succeed at this then you will start to earn big while doing little work.

Module 8: Rinse & Repeat

The seven movies contained in this module will show you how to spot issues and solve them. Plus, this will also teach you how to expand your business.

In addition, you would also have access to the following:

  • Checklist for the BNB Empire
  • Coaching Call Vault
  • Daily Tip Video Series
  • Deep Dive Video Series
  • Membership and Updates for Lifetime courses
  • One Year of Live Coaching calls
  • Property Profits Calculator
  • Tools and Templates

To Summarize, this training program contains a lot of materials which aims to help people start their BNB business.

Your BNB Formula Review: How much does it cost?

The whole Your BNB Formula package cost over $2,000! This is a very expensive investment for a business that might turn out different for you.

Furthermore, you also have to think of the other investments you would have to make. For example, maintenance costs for each unit and monthly payments to the property owners depending on your agreement. In addition, there might also be times where there will be no tenants for your properties.

However, Your BNB Formula promises to solve these issues with their training materials. So, it is up to you whether or not you want to take a leap of faith with your money.

Can you earn with Your BNB Formula?

The answer to this question depends highly on how much you learned from the materials. Furthermore, your location, starting capital, and grit can also impact your earning potential. 

For example, if you live somewhere that does not have a lot of tourist destination then it will be hard for you to have consistent tenants for your property. On the other hand, if you live in a city with a lot of tourists then you will surely earn a lot.

Having a larger starting capital can also help as this will mean that you will be able to acquire much nicer property which can be rented for a higher price.

Your BNB Formula Review: Customer Reviews

There are a lot of people who gave Your BNB Formula a positive rating. However, these reviews are only found in Your BNB Formula's website and nowhere else. So, I recommend that you take these reviews with a grain of salt.

You can check out these video reviews by clicking on this link.

Your BNB Formula Review: Pros and Cons


  • Legit training program that teaches you a lot of things
  • The founder has experience and knowledge in the field
  • You receive additional service and products
  • You can start with little capital and without owning any property


  • A very expensive training program
  • Your earning mileage may vary

Final Verdict

Your BNB Formula offers training for the BNB rental business, especially the short-term rental market. However, its price is too expensive for a lot of people to get onboard. Plus, this does not include the capital that you might have to invest and the huge amount of leg work you have to do. There are also a lot more ways of earning money online that I recommend.

However, if you are someone who has a keen sense in this field and you have extra cash to spare, then I recommend you check them out.

On the other hand, if you want to earn money without having to invest a lot of your money then you should read this article to learn more about how I earn a 4-digit income monthly at home!

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