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YTMonster Review (Does It Actually Work?) (Updated 2019)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 21, 2019

Fake Youtube Views are Bad for SEO, Is YTMonster Legal, YTMonster not working avoid it, YTMonster Safe?
YTMonster Review

Hello! Welcome to my "YTMonster Review"!

I am writing this for everyone, especially to our friends out there who are aspiring YouTubers and YouTube content creators.

Most of you are probably aware that you can earn money online with your YouTube channel, right?

However, before you start monetizing, there are certain requirements that YouTube wants you have to acquire first.

These include your subscribers, likes, comments and even views.

That is where YTMonster enters. It is a website that helps you achieve those. However, is it really legit? Is it safe?

In this YTMonster review, we will answer all of that!

Without any further ado, let's get started!

YTMonster Quick Summary

Name: YTMonster

Website: YTMonster.net

Price: Free + Paid Services

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

YTMonster Main page


What is YTMonster

YTMonster Logo

To start our YTMonster Review, let's get to know it first.

What is YTMonster?

YTM is a site where you can get free YouTube views, comments, likes, and subscribers by watching other members videos.

The owner or founder of the website is completely unknown since it was never disclosed.

However, during my research, I found out that it started in June, 2013.

There are various ways to use YTMonster.

First, you can avail the free services by earning credits using the YTM client.

You will simply watch other people's YouTube videos.

Then you earn credits which you can redeem to receive free likes, reshares, subscribers and views on one of your YouTube videos.

If you don't want to do this, you can get the services however, you must pay. I will show you later on the costs of each service YTM offers you.

To whom is it for?

YTMonster was created for the sole purpose of helping YouTuber Content Creators.

If you are not aware, YouTube allows you to monetize your channel when you reach a specific amount of views and subscribers.

This means that you can earn money just by posting videos on YouTube!

But before that, you need to earn subscribers and views. You think it is that easy? You need to think again.

Even the successful YouTubers today that you often watch took them years to finally get to where they are right now.

Although getting subscribers and views are difficult, there are various YouTube boosting services on the internet.

YTMonster is one of them.

In the next section, you will find out the different features that YTMonster offers you.

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YTMonster Features

#1 Affiliate Program

To start the list of YTMonster features, we have its affiliate program.  Yes, that is right.

You can actually do affiliate marketing with YTM. The only thing you need to do is to sign up to YTMonster. With its client, you can promote it and get referrals.

Whenever someone signs up using your link, you get commissions.

However, the amount of commission you earn depends on your membership in YTM.

If you only have the basic membership, you are only entitled to receive 15% commission rate from your referrals.

As for the premium and premium pro membership, look at the pictures below.

YTMonster Premium Affiliate
YTMonster Premium Pro Affiliate

#2 YTMonster Client

I mentioned above the YTMonster client. What is it?

It is basically the platform you use when you sign up for YTMonster. Here, you can watch other people's videos to be able to earn credits.

The credits you get can be used to get free views, subscribers, likes and many more for your own YouTube videos.

Without this, YTMonster won't function. Furthermore, you don't need to download it.

#3 Video Optimizer

Do you know what a search engine is?

Well, it is basically a website that we use whenever we want to search up something. An example of this is Google.

Furthermore, another search engine is YouTube, which is a subsidiary of Google.

The thing with search engines, they have this algorithm that ranks up the search results in the SERPs.

To make it simple, whenever you search up for a video in YouTube, you will be given various videos that you can choose from, right?

Normally, people would choose the ones they can see in the first page.

For YouTube content creators, their goal is to compete with other creators for the top ranks of the search results.

The higher the rank, the more traffic and viewers you can get. Understood?

In order to do that, creators optimize their channel and videos. They use the right keywords and pretty much do some SEO work.

YTMonster offers a video optimization tool to help you with that. Personally, I think this is very advantageous for all creators out there.

#4 Daily Bonus

Another great feature that YTMonster offers is its daily bonus.

Whenever you reach your daily quota of watching other people's videos in YTMonster, you receive 500 credits!

Again, you can use credits to avail free services wherein you can get likes, comments, views and subscribers in your YouTube channel.

Furthermore, the amount of daily bonus you receive increase as you level up in the "level system" of YTMonster, which we will discuss later on.

#5 Exchange Platform

Besides the YTMonster client, it also has the Exchange Platform.

This is where people can subscribe, like and comment other YouTube channels. In this way, you can earn a lot of credits.

Whenever you click the "Subscribe" button in a YouTube channel, you will be redirected to the requestor's URL where you can actually subscribe.

Afterwards, the system will check whether you already subscribed. Then you get your desired credits.

Personally, it is a bit confusing. Compared to the YTMonster client, this one I do not recommend.

#6 Campaigns

This feature allows people to make a campaign wherein they can request for likes, comments, views and subscribers.

Furthermore, this will be used later on when you redeem your credits to get likes, comments, views and subscribers.

#7 Rank Tracker

Remember when I told you all about search engine ranks and keywords?

Well, this feature is very helpful in tracking your current rank in the YouTube search engine results.

Furthermore, it will also enable you to discover the keywords associated with your videos as well as the ones you need to use to boost your rankings.

Together with the Video Optimizer feature, YTMonster can help your channel.

#8 Level System

In relation to the daily bonus feature, YTMonster has a level system.

As your level increases, the amount of your daily bonus will also increase.

Here are the following levels with their benefits and requirements.

YTMonster Level 1 and 2
YTMonster Level 3 and 4
YTMonster Level 5 and 6
YTMonster Level 7 and 8
YTMonster Level 9 and 10

What are credits and how to earn them?

Since we already started mentioned the word "credits" above, let me explain to you what are they and how to get them.

In YTMonster, there are two ways to avail their services. One way, which is totally free, is to earn credits.

You can either watch, subscribe, like and comment to other YouTubers' channels to earn credits. Or you can get them from your daily bonus.

Credits are very useful because you can use them to avail YTM services.

You can get views, subscribers, likes and comments.

You can do this by redeeming your credits. How? This is where the "campaign" feature comes in.

Basically, you just create a campaign, which you can find on your client. Then you have to provide the URL of your YouTube video, the type of service (like, comment, views, etc.) and then the amount you desire.

Afterwards, you create and pay using the credits in your balance. Simple!

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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Services and its prices

If you don't prefer to earn credits because it is additional work for you, then you can just choose the alternative.

You can avail YTM's services with actual money this time, not credits.

Here are the services offered and their prices.

  • YouTube views - $6 per 1000 views
  • YouTube likes - $14 per 1000 likes
  • YouTube subscribers - $14 per 1000 subscribers
  • YouTube dislikes - $20 per 1000 dislikes
  • YouTube reshares - $6 per 1000 reshares

Additionally, you can upgrade your membership in YTMonster to enjoy other benefits.

Here are your choices.

YTMonster Pricing

If you want to know more about it, click here.

YTMonster Cons

#1 FAKE!

Although YTMonster legitimately gives you all the things you want (likes, views, subscribers etc.), there are cases wherein they will do you wrong.

That is because some of the traffic they give you is not organic. Which means that the views and subscribers are not from real people.

They are likely computer-generated.

With this, I am going to warn you that you should avoid this one.

Google has been updating its algorithm for months and years, getting better at detecting unethical methods of ranking up.

Personally, these fake views and subscribers can even be categorized as black hat SEO.

If ever you get caught, consequences will await you.

#2 Pay to get more benefits

Yes, it is great to hear that you can still use YTMonster for free. However, there are better benefits that you can get.

But, you have to pay for them. If you are the type of person who doesn't like to invest money on your channel, then this might be a downside for you.

YTMonster Pros

#1 Affiliate Program

One thing I like about YTMonster is that it offers an opportunity for everyone to earn money as an affiliate marketer.

You can surely promote YTMonster when you signed up for its affiliate program.

Then you can earn commissions every time your referrals sign up and purchase the services.

In other words, you can earn money with YTMonster.

#2 Free services

YTMonster offers free services to help you improve your YouTube channel.

You don't have to pay to sign up.

This alone is already a sign that YTM is legit and is not a scam that lures you in and is only after your money.

#3 Great tools

In addition to its services, YTMonster also has great tools for your channel.

These include the Video Optimizer and the Rank Tracker. Both of these can greatly help and are very beneficial to your channels.

#4 Easy to use

YTMonster is very easy to use. Its interface is very user friendly.

Even the new ones can easily get their way around the YouTube boosting services.

Bottom Line

Sites like these used to be good and effective. However, today they are literally the opposite.

Google is getting smarter every year. Its algorithm is constantly updating and they are doing their best to fight every attempt to cheat to get rankings.

Most of these sites only send you fake YouTube views that are not going to help you with anything; they won't make sales, they will never convert, they will just kill your videos.

If you want to succeed with your YouTube channel, your aim should always be real visitors in a genuine way.


So that they can follow you, watch your videos and then eventually, trust you and buy what you recommend (if you are marketing using YouTube videos).

Google and YouTube want nothing but the best results for their users.

That's their business. That's how they make money. And if it sees someone trying to fake their way to the top rankings, it will simply punish them.

YTMonster is not going to send you real visitors.

All you will get are fake hits and fake traffic, that will make Google and YouTube take action.

They will see your videos as spam and not helpful for their users to watch.

I will never recommend you to buy fake views, fake likes or anything that is fake.

There are no shortcuts to success.

You need to work hard, promote your videos and genuinely get real visitors that will actually watch your videos, like, comment and subscribe.

What Can I Do to Succeed with My YouTube Channel?

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • When you start a campaign on ytmonster. After it completed. Does it automatically start all over again? Or you have to resubmitted the video again?

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  • Hey! I honestly want your help.. I have a youtube channel..and though this is a bit of a long story… I have tried all routes…been consistent, I try generating good content and all that …its just that I don see my videos floating anywhere around the recommended videos section or for the matter of fact I have seen other youtubers who started their channel around the same time as me..but I have seen a lot of real viewers commenting on their channel…which is not happening with me…
    now here is where I thought I should start with getting some youtube views…might be it helps in boosting my videos rotation… please please advice me as to what exactly should I do… how can I put my channel out there..because it gets a bit frustrating… if you know of any good and safe sites from where I can buy views and not have my channel or video pulled down..please help… would really appreciate it…

    • Hi, Preety, I’d bet that your competitors are doing SEO better than you, that should be the reason they are performing better, if I were you I’d take an SEO training.
      I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate, if you want your videos to perform very well, it’s all about optimizing them for Youtube by using relevant keywords that people are using to find videos.

  • thankyou so much for giving your valuable time to me Anis, but the only query i am left with is that will my channel get suspended for using those views? though i have stopped using them for about a week now.

    • It may get suspended if you keep using fake news because Youtube and Google hate people that cheat their system, dont delete your videos just add more without using fake news and you will be fine 🙂

  • i have used a lot of ytmonster for maybe about 5000 views on my 8-10 videos but at the point of usage of these so called ‘fake views’ my monetization was disabled, bt now i have stopped using ytmonster because i got around 900 real subscribers. My question is that will my channel get suspended for using those views ? and is deleting the videos on which the fake views were used a solution ?? plz tell me and reply as soon as possible.

    • Hi Tanush, you don’t have to delete your videos just stop using fake views and focus more on creating valuable videos on a regular basis this will help your channel become authoritative and get better rankings

      If you want to be successful with Youtube or try to start an online business where you use Youtube to make sales check out Wealthy Affiliate they have some decent training to help you go in the right direction.

  • Awesome article, very informative, and really did help me out with a lot of questions that I had, awesome website in general.

  • Hi Anis, great post.

    I really enjoy youtube and I have a number of videos doing well there. I agree with all the comments, don’t buy youtube views or any other platform views. Bad news for your site.

    I really enjoyed the video you have up here and learned a lot. Certainly getting views the right way is going to help you with google and Youtube and it feels right and better anyway. keep the posts coming. Thank you 🙂


    • Hi Kevin buying Youtube views is faking your success, doing things the right way is a better way to be a successful Youtuber, I know another called Paid2Youtube which is like YTmonster but it’s a scam, thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂

  • Hi Anis, I agree that buying views, likes etc is not good for your videos, this holds true for any social media platform.

    The video you have on this page instead was very helpful and his points make way better sense to do than just buying your way in. Using the methods he suggested will sure help us all rank better in our videos.

    Thanks for your article, it was very helpful.

  • Oh my gosh, I recognize that video! That is my video training I uploaded to Wealthy Affiliate Anis.

    I am so glad you like it and you are sharing it 🙂 The best thing about the training that I add to Wealthy Affiliate is that I make all my training videos available for free members too.

    The thing with Youtube as with any other method of online marketing is to keep doing things the right way, with white hat SEO methods. It will take longer to find success for sure, but it will last forever.

    The problem with buying views, likes, shares and followers on Youtube is that firstly if Youtube had to bust you then you can lose your Adsense account and not earn anymore.

    The other problem is that although you may have subscribers they really don’t give a hoot about your channel or you.

    If you just spend some time and effort doing proper SEO for your Youtube videos and getting them ranked on Youtube you will slowly start building up a real base of followers.

    I don’t earn a lot on Youtube yet, but I am earning every month and some months I don’t have time to even add a new video.

    Most of my views come from organic search on Youtube.

    Rather do things the right way the first time around.

    Anis, thanks for an awesome post and thanks for sharing my training!

    • Hi Lynne, I searched on Wealthy Affiliate for a great training about Youtube SEO tips, your video slayed! I am glad that you decided to comment on my site and found your training featured here!

      You are right fake views and subscribers are just a waste of time, we are better off doing things the right way!

      Glad to hear you are earning from your Youtube videos and getting organic traffic, the organic traffic from Youtube is the best traffic ever.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂

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    In 2017 I will be creating a new YouTube channel that will link to my site, yourcomputerzone.com. So, I am glad I found this information.
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