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7 Figure Profit Code Review (A Huge Scam Exposed!) (Updated 2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 3, 2020

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7 Figure Profit Code Review

Hello! Welcome to my 7 Figure Profit Code Review!

Have you ever received an email or even encountered a so-called program that claims to make you a millionaire in a short period of time?

Well, to be honest, there are a lot of them out there on the internet and one of them is 7 Figure Profit Code. Is this legit? Or just another huge scam?

Well, be prepared to find out the truth and all the answers to your questions about it in this 7 Figure Profit Code Review! Without any further ado, let's get started.

7 Figure Profit Code Quick Summary

Name: Seven Figure Profit Code

Owner:  Mike (UPDATE! It looks like Meaghan Harper is the new owner)

Price: $97

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

7 Figure Profit Code Review picture


What is 7 Figure Profit Code?

The truth behind it

Some of you out there may relate to what I experienced. I received an email from a guy named, Michael Grayson, inviting me to this program. It is called 7 Figure Profit Code.

According to him, he found great success from this program and he wants to invite you and fill in the limited slots! Well, I hate to break it up to you but every single word he said is false. So what is this program?

The 7 Figure Profit Code is a website that tricks people into believing they will finally live financially free after they buy the training.

Mike Claims that you are going to start earning around $4000 per week when buying the system and follow the training.

Well, that's a huge claim, $4000 per week sounds too good to be true especially when followed up by this sentence

You only need to only work 15 minutes per day.

Same programs?

Further research made me discover that it is just a replica and a rehashed program off some old products which are the following:

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

Stop wasting your time with these scams!

Earn money online legitimately with this top recommended program!

The owner

And another thing, the guy who posed as the owner, Mike? Well, he is not even a real person! I can't find any evidence of him or any digital footprint of this guy.

7 Figure Profit Code Review Mike Grayson

Just look at the picture above. That is the only thing I found about him and it is a picture that was presented in the video of the 7 Figure Profit Code website.

In fact, that is not even a legit picture of him. It is a stock photo that any can download in stock photo websites. This owner aspect alone is already a huge scam!

Why would you use a fake name and a fake picture in advertising a so-called program that can help people earn a lot of money quickly?


Recently, I discovered that the 7 Figure Profit Code has a new version of its website.

The claims are still the same. However, the owner is different! This time, it is Meaghan Harper.

But everything is still the same. This Harper is another fake name that the real person behind it used to lure people into this scam.

So whatever version you encountered, don't fall for these hype claims because you will just waste your time, effort and money.

How Does 7 Figure Profit Code Work?

The real issue with 7 Figure Profit Code is that it doesn't even tell you how the training works or how you will make money.

The only thing you can see in the email or even the video presentation in the website is how it claims to help you earn money. However, there is no actual info about how you can do it!

However, it does say that the first thing you need is to buy the program. But that doesn't sound really reassuring, right? Why would you buy something that you don't even have any idea about?

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

Scams make promises that they will never keep.

However, earning a 4-figure monthly income is still very possible and you can do it with this! Check it out!

Another false claim from "Mike"

Although it was not really explained how you can do it, Mike kind of share bits of stuff about the said program. But yes, you guessed it. It is still not true.

Mike says that he will build your own site. The worst part is his claim that he is going to send you a lot of traffic from Google and Facebook for you.

If only driving traffic was that easy!

The truth

After digging a little bit deeper in 7 Figure Profit Code it became clear that this is a Pyramid scheme site.

When you join this system you are going to pretend to be a millionaire, you are going to live a fake lifestyle and lie to people so they can believe you and join 7 Figure Profit Code using your affiliate link.

Red Flags

So it is already clear that the whole 7 Figure Profit Code is a scam and is just showing a lot of hype claims and false information.

However, here are other red flags that will surely convince you not to fall for this scam.

The Typical Purchaser DOES NOT Make Money!

Did you have a look at the bottom of their video presentation?

If you look closely down there you will see this.

7 Figure Profit Code Review red flag

In the sales video, they tell you all type of lies. You will make money easily here and there and when you scroll to the bottom, you will see that they clearly say this:

"The Typical purchaser does not make any money using this system"

Of course, that line is there because of legal purposes and that's how they get away with it otherwise their system would be eliminated.

This sentence alone contradicts all of the claims that the program told you about!

The Testimonials are Paid Actors!

Did you see the testimonials?

They claim that they have been making  +$1,998' per day using the 7 Figure Profit System.

They really look real but don't be tricked. Those are Professional Paid Actors who you can find in Fiverr.com. They cost around $5-$50 per video

For example, this lady claims she had earned $1,117 in a single day.

7 Figure Profit Code Review fake testimonials

But you can easily go on Fiverr.com and order her testimonial gigs.

This her Fiverr profile and here's one of her gigs.

7 Figure Profit Code Review fake testimonials 2

Rest assured that all the testimonials you see in the Seven Figure Profit Code are fake!

They will SELL Your Personal Information!

If you enter your name and email into 7 Figure Cash System be sure that you will be attacked with lots of spam

Don't take my word for it. Just read this line from their privacy page.

7 Figure Profit Code Review red flag 2

If you give out your principal email, you will be bombed with spam offers that you won't even be able to stop.

That's why I recommend you either stay away from this or give a bogus email if you really want to try.

I have experienced this first hand. When I gave the system a fake email, what happened is I started receiving more than 50 spam emails per day!

I couldn't even unsubscribe which lead me to get rid of my email!

Fake Scarcity

Remember that part wherein you are being convinced to join immediately because there are only limited slots?

Well, most of the time businesses use this tactic and it is called scarcity. It makes people purchase in impulse because of the fact that there are only limited slots.

Unfortunately, this tactic being used by 7 Figure Profit Code is actually fake! There are no limited slots. If you refresh the page, the number of slots goes back to normal.

The Pros & Cons of the 7 Figure Profit Code


  • Unfortunately, there are no pros to this system.


  • Fake System
  • No Real Training
  • Fake actors
  • Run By Clickbetter (known to process payments for scam sites)
  • Fake Scarcity
  • 7 Figure Profit Code is a scam by all means.

Is 7 Figure Profit Code a scam?

Well, I think we already have this question answered, right? The 7 Figure Profit Code is obviously a scam!

There is no actual or real program that can make you a millionaire. Moreover, even if you purchase the said product, all you can get are simple and low-quality tips and training that you can easily get from the internet for free!

Moreover, the whole website and the claims are all fake. Fake testimonials, fake owner name, fake picture, everything is fake! So, would you trust a program and buy it when everything you encountered is fake? I don't think so.

With that, I highly recommend you to stay away from 7 Figure Profit Code and similar scams! If you do want to have a legit way to earn money online, then read the next section!

Thank you so much for reading my 7 Figure Profit Code Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comment section!

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