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Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits review: a Scam?

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By Anis

August 1, 2018

Is Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits a Scam?


azon scuba diving niche profits scam review

This is an Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits Review, a product that was recently launched but is it another huge scam? Read my unaffiliate review before you buy!

Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits is another product that requires little hard work but promises great results.

It was launched 2 or 3 days ago, people are promoting it like crazy, everyone is talking about it.

The owner has some great prizes for the affiliates that refer the most people to his product.

At the time of this writing, there are so many reviews out there that are trying to get you to buy Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits.

In this review, we will look into this product and see if it’s really worth it.

Without wasting time let’s see what this product is all about and see if it’s worth your money.

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What is Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits?

Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits is a website that is already set up for you.

This website talks about Scuba Diving Gear which is a topic aka niche that is getting popular in terms of searches on the internet.

Many People are looking online for Scuba diving products reviews so they make sure they buy the right products.

The owner of Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits (Shane Paxton) just launched this product a few days ago.

If you buy his product you are getting a website (in Scuba diving gear niche) that is ready with the content and everything.

So all you have to do is to buy his product, sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program aka Amazon associates.

Add your Amazon affiliate links to your content and you are done.

This product comes with many features that I am going to discuss then I am going to tell you concerns and problems that might come with this product.

How Much Does Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits Cost?

The advertised price is $13

There are two upsells which are the following:

  • Completely Done for You Review Site in the Scuba Diving Niche. ($25)
  • Completely Done for you Scuba diving E-commerce Store ($25)

The first upsell is a review site up and running with 10 professionally written reviews and video reviews.

They claim the reviews you get are SEO optimized (we will talk about this point later).

The second upsell is an e-commerce ready website with great design and professional product reviews.

You also get many free bonuses and PDF’s if you buy Shane Paxton’s product.

But is all this worth it? Or it’s a waste of money and efforts.

Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits Problems & Concerns

This product may sound cheap, but usually, programs like this contain hidden prices and come with a catch.

But that’s not the case

There are other problems with this program that I am going to share with you here:

1) Spun Content

It’s awesome that you can buy a website with the content and everything.

Writing is a fatiguing task especially if you don’t enjoy it.

So if you buy Paxton’s product you don’t have to write the content yourself right?

You won’t but there is a big issue here.

They say the articles are professionally written.

This is a screenshot taken from their sales page.


Obviously, They can’t write professional content for every customer, so they have 10 Scuba diving articles that are rewritten.

They use a content rewriter.

Google hates spun content and it will never rank it.

Have a look here.


Learn more about Article spinning and how bad for SEO is.

If you have spun content on your website then your website will be penalized and considered spam.

If your site can’t rank in Google that means it won’t get traffic, without traffic you won’t make any sales or commissions.

2) The Owner Has Many Different Products

Shane Paxton has many other products similar to Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche profits.

Every 1-2 months he launches a new product.

Most of his products are very cheap.

Here are some of his products.


How can he update and improve all these products?

As you can see these products are only made to get people to spend money not to help them make money.

Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits reminds me of some similar bad products like:

Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits Review: My Final Opinion

It sounds good to have an “all done for you” website, but a website with spun content is not a reliable way to make an income online.

Google hates that stuff and your site is at a high risk of being hit by Google Panda.

If you want to make money online, you need to start a website from your passion not about something you know nothing about.

If you want to start a successful website that respects Google guidelines and that actually makes Amazon sales.

I recommend you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Training

Here’s what Wealthy Affiliate is willing to teach you.


Unlike Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits you can get started for free

Click to Learn More about Wealthy Affiliate!

What do you think about this product?

Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts below!

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  • Very good review Anis, thanks for the heads up on the product. A lot of people out there don’t know the internet and how it operates and this could potentially help them not to go in the wrong direction.Keep up the good work man.

  • Thank you so much, Anis for reviewing this.

    As always I have enjoyed your thorough reviews of the latest items coming into the market This appears to be another one of those, blatant money making tools for the owner rather than a proper education tool.

    I love the fact that in your review you outlined an update from Google about detecting spun content and flagging it as spam. This detection will make sure that those sites will never see the light of day of page one, for any terms relating to Scuba Diving.

    I am pretty sure that this type of product and the hype of armies of affiliates promoting it, would or may still catch a few beginners out which is the sad thing.

    Once again Anis you have provided an excellent review, and I for one am grateful for you taking the time to look at these products, identify the flaws, and sharing your findings with us here on your website.

    Thank You So Much !!

    • Thank you, Damian for your nice comments! As you can see there are many hyped up programs out there that target newbies, that’s a sad thing, hopefully people will avoid such programs and understand making money online, takes tons of hard work and patience.

      I wish you are having a wonderful day!

  • Hi Anis,

    Thank you so much for this article. I don’t know how it happened, but I get a lot of emails with similar types of offers where they promise a person can make lots of money easily. Now I know how and why. Please do share more of these alerts. It will help many people like me.

    Also, good info about spun content. I do SEO, and I agree that Google now looks for original and quality content. Good point that will help many people know that offers like this are really not so good.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is legit. Would you be sharing how you are doing with this program? (or if you have, please point to the article link for me?) I believe such an article will enlighten people and encourage them about Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Timotheus, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program where you can learn how to start an online business, they have a supportive community with lots of exciting features, the best part is you can try it for free without using your credit card.

      I did not know much about affiliate marketing but Wealthy Affiliate thought me everything I need, thanks to them I have this website! You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here to learn more.

      • I totally agree with you, Anis.

        I have years of internet marketing experience. And I still find new stuff to learn at Wealthy Affiliate. Aside from the supportive community, features and learning, how are you doing with affiliate marketing. (don’t need exact earnings, just how you are doing?)

        • My site is doing great and I’m ranking under many good keywords, I’m getting traffic, of course, I’m not making what I’m dreaming about just yet but I am happy with what I am earning, learning and doing! That’s all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

          Thank you 🙂

  • Sounds to me like a hard choice to make. If they provide you even the hosting and the domain name, you could hire a freelancer to rewrite all the content. So let’s say that you’ll invest around 25$ for your e-commerce website + 30$ to hire a freelancer and you would also need to invest in adds in order to bring traffic to your website. It can be a risky decision to get one of those products, you might earn a lot from it but you could also lose around at least 200$ and the niche sounds pretty risky too. Would you risk?

    • Hi, Andrei, I see what you mean, but products like these usually come with hidden prices and stuff, and I don’t think you will get a domain name, hosting and a website for $25.

      With that being said, I prefer to work with legitimate companies that been there for years not a few days ago.

  • The upsells should come as no surprise. All of these systems are created by “gurus” and they know exactly how to get as much money out of their customers as possible, and upsells is a great way of doing it. And that’s why they make the initial first payment incredibly small.

    I don’t know why people still think that spun content works. Because it does not! The big G soon catches on to what that specific person is doing and it so they get a negative ranking instead.

    Great review, really thorough, I liked it.


    • Hi Brandon, spun content used to work in the old good 2005-2011 days, now Google is getting smarter and smarter, if you search online you will find their webmaster guidelines, spun content is a no no.

      Systems like Azon Scuba Diving Gear, are only to get people to buy by bombarding them with various upsells and downsells.

  • Hi Anis,
    That’s what tends to happen with these new product launches. They are hyped and sold to other people to promote and sell and collect affiliate commissions, that’s where the money is. Not selling the actual product. This product won’t last long.

  • Hi there Anis, Thank you for the heads up on Azon Scuba Diving Gear Niche Profits. I am with you on this buddy, not something to even give a second look at. Sounds to me like this guy is only out for making money for himself and never caring about helping people make their OWN money online.

    I have to wonder how someone who would join such a program, with no knowledge or experience with the products they are promoting, could offer good customer service. I am big on good customer service. If you are offering me a product to purchase you better be able to answer my questions and concerns about the product.

    I myself, prefer to write my own articles, and promote products that I can actually provide quality customer service to my buyers.

    You correct in stating that writing your own articles and producing your own website can be daunting but, the more you do it, the better they become, the easier it becomes, and it also gives you a sense of pride knowing that you did it yourself.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the right way to go if you are serious about making money online and being successful. Starting your own business, whether online or off, is never a get rich quick process. It is pointless to be drawn to these types of programs that offer to do all the work for you and promise you the world for doing nothing for yourself.

    • Hi, Suzette, you are right a program without a customer service is useless I don’t think this guy will have time to help the folks out when he has thousands of projects going.
      As you said it’s a great way for the owner to earn quick bucks.
      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a legitimate way to earn money online, it’s perfect for beginners and advanced people, help, and support are almost instant, it’s a great community.
      Thank you, Suzette for visiting and wish you are having a great day!

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