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Banggood Review – Is it a SCAM?! (+ How to be an affiliate & Earn!)

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By Anis

May 11, 2019

banggood reviewed

Welcome to my Banggood Review!

The big question is, is Banggood a scam or a legitimate online store where you can safely do your online shopping?

In this review, I'm going to say things about Banggood that you probably won't like, but I'm pretty sure you're going to thank me for them later!

This is going to be a Banggood affiliate review also.

So if you're interested in making money promoting the Banggood products, this review is for you.

As you can see this is going to be a complete review so stick around and read all of it!

Banggood Summary Review

Name: Banggood


Type: Online Store

Recommended? No

banggood reviewed

What is Banggood?

Banggood is a Chinese retail that sells different types of products that include:

  • Home appliances
  • Gadgets
  • Small electronics
  • Clothing
  • Electronic toys
  • And more

If you're familiar with online stores like Alibaba & Aliexpress, Banggood is virtually the same.

Banggood was launched in 2006 and now it has headquarters in Hong Kong, New York, Europe & Cyprus.

How Are The Banggood Prices?

The Banggood slogan is "the best bang for your buck" which means they make sure that they offer the most affordable prices.

Since I mentioned prices, here's a quick overview of their prices.

  • Smartphones & Tablets:  go for $150 on average
  • Office supplies & Laptops: start at $50
  • Monitors & TV's: $100 and $500
  • Other gadgets & small electronics:  $50
  • Kitchenware & Garden supplies: $10-$300
  • Women Clothes: $5 and $100
  • Women shoes:  start at $17
  • Women accessories & Jewelry: $1-$100 
  • Men's clothes: between $5 and $100
  • Men's shoes: less than $10 or more than $100
  • Men's accessories & Jewelry: start at $5
  • Children clothing: start at $5

The Payment Methods 

Banggood support differents credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

You can also Pay via Paypal.

Some countries in southeast Asia have the ability to pay cash on delivery.

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The Banggood Shipping

Banggood ships to any country in the world except these six countries which are:

  • China
  • South Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Crimea
  • Syria

The shipping cost depends on the country where you live.

For example, expedited shipping to the US will cost you around $0.94 and will take an average of 5 to 8 days to arrive.

Air parcel shipping costs $4.12 and it takes around a week to 12 days.

While EMS shipping costs $8.80 and it takes 8 to 16 days to arrive.

One of the biggest complaints about the Banggood is their shipping waiting time which takes a lot of time (more than expected) to arrive.

This is a problem of any website in China not just Banggood though.

The Refund Policy

If you receive a product from Banggood that is damaged you have 30 days to return it back.

However, you will need to provide proof that the product is damaged by sending the Banggood customer service photos and videos about the damaged item.

If the damage is confirmed you will get a replacement or a refund.

Keep in mind that if you request a replacement, the shipping is on you unless the fault is on them or something like that.

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How's the Customer Service?

Unfortunately, I have read the worst reviews about the Banggood customer service on

Many people complain about not receiving any response from the customer service even after months.

You can read below some of the reviews about the customer service.

banggood support
banggood support complaint

Anyway, if you would like to contact the support team, you can send them an email to

You can also contact the support team via web form directly from their site, but you'll need to sign up and login to do so.

Does Banggood have an App?

Yes, Banggood does have an app for smartphones & tablets.

The Banggood mobile app is available in the App store & the Play store.

Is Banggood a Safe Website?

According to the many reviews I found online it does not seem like Banggood is 100% safe.

I see many people calling Banggood scammers and thieves.

One ugly red flag is the fact you can't talk to the customer support on the phone.

Here are some screenshots of the negative reviews I could find online.

How to Save Big $$$ At Banggood

Did you know that there is a nice way to save lots of money shopping at Banggood by using a cashback website?

Basically, a cashback website (aka rebate website) will give you a percentage of your money back if you buy using their affiliate links.

Cashback websites use affiliate marketing, so they make money when you buy on Banggood through their affiliate links.

If you do your shopping on Banggood while using a cashback like Extrabux, you'll get some cashback.

shop through extrabux and earn

In fact, with Extrabux you get 4% of cashback on lots of products you buy from Banggood!

How To Make Money With Banggood 

Banggood offers you 6 different ways to make money.

If you take advantage of the earning opportunities that Bangood offers you, then you can create a full-time income from the comfort of your home!

Below I'm going to talk about how you can make money with Banggood.

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Refer a Friend

banggood refer a friend

If you invite a friend to shop on Banggood and spend $20 you will earn a $3 coupon and your friends get $10.

So if you know someone that might be interested in shopping from Banggood then you can invite them and earn vouchers.

Banggood also has a review club where you earn points when you write a review about your shopping experience.

These points can serve as discounts to use in your order.

The Banggood Affiliate Program

The Banggood affiliate program is a VERY profitable way to earn affiliate commissions by promoting the Banggood products.

You will earn 12% of commissions on every single product you sell.

The best thing about their affiliate program is you don't have to buy any products, all you have to do is to promote their products to other people.

You can make a full-time doing this.

But unfortunately, there are 3 main problems that will prevent you from making big commissions from the Banggood affiliate program.

  • You don't have a website with visitors
  • You don't have a social media account with followers
  • You have no idea how to find visitors & buyers

Problems Solved...

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Fashion Blogger Affiliate Program

If you have got a fashion blog, then you can apply to the Banggood fashion blogger affiliate program.

If you have a fashion blog with enough visitors or a social media profile then this is your opportunity to get free fashion clothing that is worth up to $300 every month.

You will get free clothing which you will need to write reviews about.

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The Banggood Wholesale Program

banggood wholesale

If you're interested in purchasing products at wholesale, Banggood does have a wholesale program.

Basically the more you spend on the wholesale products the more money you will save.

At Banggood you can even buy custom wholesale products with your own brand and logo.


banggood drop shipping

If you're interested into dropshipping Banggood has a dropshipping program where you will get all the tools and material you need to start your own dropshipping business around Banggood.

One of the benefits of dropshipping is you don't have to buy any inventory or products.

All you have to do is list the products on your site and pay when a customer buys from your site with an extra profit that goes to your pockets.

Pros & Cons


  • Over 70,000 products available
  • Available in lots of countries
  • Different payment methods available
  • Good opportunity to work from home


  • Bangood is NOT BBB Accredited
  • Poor customer support
  • Negative reviews online
  • Slow shipping

BangGood Alternatives

If you think Banggood is not trustworthy, here are some alternatives for you:

  • Boutiquefeel (focuses on women clothing & accessories)
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Gearbest

Is Banggood a Scam?

Banggood is not a scam, it's a legitimate online store as it has been in business for years, however their customer support is very weak and some of their products are low quality.

They have a good affiliate program and dropshipping program where you can make a full-time income online.

This is How I Earn Affiliate Commissions...

With Banggood affiliate program you have the opportunity to promote their programs and earn a full-time income.

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  • Thank you, Anis, for your detailed review. I deal with affiliate marketing around 6 months (niche website) and now I start thinking about dropshipping. I am in the phase of collecting information about all available platforms and searching the way how to start with some reliable and proven service. Bangood seems to be similar like Wish or Alidropship, but the uncertain customer support of Bangood could be quite a problem in long term business. Thanks for the valuable information that can help to make a better decision.

  • Banggood is a funny name for an affiliate program don’t you think? This seems like a big affiliate program with lots of ways to earn money. Do you think that you can scale this affiliate program to an even larger number? How long did it take you to earn substantial commissions on banggood?

    • Hi Jon, I personally don’t promote the Bangood affiliate program, I promote other programs, but if you want to earn a full-time income promoting their affiliate program you can try the Wealthy Affiliate training.

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