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16 Best Rebate Websites That Can Save You Money! (Updated 2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 7, 2020

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Best Rebate Websites

Looking for the best rebate websites? Do you want to get paid to shop online? You will LOVE these trusted cashback sites that will pay you to shop online and more!

If you are someone that does online shopping, then you need to find a great cashback site right now.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not use a rebate site.

Cashback programs allow you to earn and save money.

In this article, I will give you 16 best rebate websites that you can certainly enjoy!

Let's get down to it!

What are rebate websites?

These are websites that serve as a middle-man between you and online retail stores, such as Amazon and Ebay.

Whenever you purchase products through these websites, you earn a portion of the money you pay!

if you think about it, it is just like a discount.

Some websites pay you back with cash and some pay back in some form of rewards.

In order for you to have this opportunity, you simply sign up in a rebate website.

Afterwards, you will see a list of online stores available. You can visit each one of them and look for a product you want to buy.

If you purchase a product in an online store, through the rebate website, you will earn back a percentage of the money you paid.


Why do rebate websites pay you?

It's affiliate marketing my friend. Instead of shopping directly from Amazon or Ebay, just do the same through a rebate site's affiliate link.

They earn a commission that they are willing to share with you.

It's a win-win situation.

In this post I'm going to share with you the best rebate websites on the internet.

I will also show you how to find the ''PERFECT'' rebate site easily.

With these rebate sites, you can get paid for your groceries and online shopping.

I hope you enjoy this list of cashback sites.

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Best Rebate Websites

Now we made it clear what rebate websites are and why they pay us back.

There are a lot of websites out there available for you. However, let me narrow them down by making this list.

Here are the best rebate websites for all of you!

#1 Shop Pirate

Best Rebate Websites Shop Pirate logo

The first one we have on the list is Shop Pirate. It is India's first ever website that offers the best deals and discounts for your favorite online shops.

Most of the platforms that have mobile applications are available here. Shop Pirate can be downloaded in both iOs and Android, as well as in Windows. With Shop Pirate, you can save a huge amount of money when you shop.

It is quite simple, with the application, you go to a store where you want to shop. When you arrive at the page, there will be deals, discounts and coupons available for you.

Simply click on it and copy the code provided which you will then paste at the checkout.

#2 TopCashBack

TopCashback logo

TopCashBack is one of the most popular cashback sites out there. It's partnered with over 3,500 stores. This site offers and guarantees the highest cashback rates.

What I like about Topcashback is the fact they have no minimum payout requirement. You can cash out whenever you want through Paypal, direct deposit, gift cards.

The only drawback they don't offer is a sign-up bonus like most rebate sites do. However, they have a referral program! This is excellent for everyone. You earn $10 for every friend you refer.

So you save and earn some extra cash as well.

Join TopCashBack Now!

#3 Ibotta

Ibotta logo

Ibotta is a smartphone app that allows you to earn cash back easily. If you want to earn cashback from basic things like vegetables, milk and everyday items, then Ibotta is the best choice.

You can easily save $30 every week by simply installing this awesome app on your phone. Trust me it works.

If you want to discover the power of this app, read my Ibotta review and watch the video that shows you how easy it is to save with Ibotta. Ibotta has a great referral program. You earn $5 for every person you refer plus bonuses.

If you don't own a smartphone, you will find rebate sites like Ibotta in this list that you can use from your computer.

They also give you a free $10 sign up bonus.

Grab Your $10 Sign Up Bonus

#4 Ebates

Ebates logo

Ebates is the oldest cashback site out there it's been around since 1998. It is connected with over 2,000 stores you can earn up to 25% of cashback. Another great feature they have is the possibility to earn cash back even when you shop offline.

Refer your friends and earn $5 per person. You won't find many cash back sites like Ebates.

Read my Ebates review to learn how to maximize your earnings and more.

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#5 BeFrugal

BeFrugal logo

BeFrugal started in 2009, but many people love it. It's affiliated with over 5,000 stores.

You earn $15 for every person you refer that's why I prefer it over some other cashback sites.

Another great thing about BeFrugal is they have many tools that will help you save money on your cars and traveling savings.

Read my full Befrugal review with pros and cons and other important information.

Get Your BeFrugal $10 Sign up Bonus

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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#6 ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome logo

ShopAtHome used to be great. Today, it is still good. However, there are features that have been removed already.

They had so many great features like the 110% cash back guarantee and the referral program.

But it's still a good cash back site where you get paid for your groceries and online shopping. They offer high cash back rates and that's good.

The lack of a referral program is what I don't like about this site.

Don't forget to read my full ShopatHome Review.

Join ShopatHome Now

#7 Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates logo

Mr. Rebates is another old cashback site since 2002. They offer high cashback rates, and they have different payout methods.

They also have a good referral program you earn 20% of whatever your referrals earn for life.

You can read my full Mr. Rebates review to learn more. You will also find a quick cashback sites comparison.

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#8 Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Swagbucks is not a 100% cashback site.

It's a GPT (get paid to) site where you can earn some extra money, watching videos, taking offers, listening to music and more. It's a great reward site.

They are connected with over 3,000 stores and have a Swagbutton browser extension like most other cashback sites.

It allows you to earn cash back even if you shop directly from your favorite stores. If you want to earn some extra cash doing a lot of things and also to earn rebates, then you want to check out Swagbucks.

Read my Swagbucks review to learn more.

Get $5 Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus

#9 Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus logo

This is another awesome cash back site that is connected with 4,000 stores. The rebate rates are not the best out there but as the name suggests you can find a lot of coupons and discounts on the site.

Shop like you normally do, add coupons and get that cash back. Payments are made via Paypal and check.

You need to register and like their Facebook page to earn a $3 sign up bonus. I don't like Coupon Cactus because of their low cashback rates and lack of a referral program.

Join Coupon Cactus 

#10 MyPoints

MyPoints logo

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks. You can also watch videos, play games, take surveys and many more to be rewarded.

It is one of the oldest existing cash rebate and reward site. Since its start in 1996, MyPoints has been offering great opportunities to its users.

This website uses a point-system. Everytime you make a purchase through it, you will earn points. Same as watching videos , taking surveys and others.

When you are able to accumulate enough points, you can redeem them. Either cash or gift cards.

If cash, MyPoints will pay you through Paypal. Visa prepaid card is also an option.

You can join MyPoints here.

Also, you can check out other reward sites like this here.

#11 Upromise

Upromise logo

This website is kind of unique and I love it. If you are a college student or a parent of a college student, Upromise is perfect for you. Unlike the other sites in this list, Upromise does not pay you back in cash or gift cards.

Instead, it builds up your college savings account and will even pay for your student load. All you have to do is shop in online retailers through Upromise.

It has a lot of big-time retailers, such as Apple, Walmart, Expedia, best Buy and many more. Furthermore, you can also use your credit cards offline to still use the services of Upromise.

Learn more about Upromise here!

#12 ExtraBux

Extrabux logo

Whenever you sign up for ExtraBux, you will immediately be given a $5 sign up bonus!

Furthermore, this website has a great cashback rate which is up to 30%! With more than 2500 online retailers, surely you can enjoy its services. Another thing that makes ExtraBux awesome is its price comparison tool.

Basically, you can select an item you to purchase. Then the tool will compare all of the prices of the merchants that sell your item. In this way, rest assured that you will get the best deal!

If you want more information about this, you can read my ExtraBux review.

Join Extrabux here.

#13 Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards logo

Are you one of those lazy savers out there? Or are you always busy? If yes, then Fetch Rewards is perfect for you.

This app basically rewards you everytime you take a photo of any receipt you have and upload it.

It is very easy to use and it works on any receipt you have! However, take note that it must be within 14 days since the purchase.

If you want bonus points, then you will be hunting for specific brands.

Once you manage to acquire at least 3000 points, you can cash out for a gift ward to various retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

Furthermore, the app is available on both Android and iOS phones. You better check it out!

Get Fetch Rewards here.

#14 Groupon

Groupon logo

Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace that can save you up to 70% on things you purchase!

Furthermore, if ever you make purchases in Groupon-supported restaurants, you can get a 30% cashback.

If you are looking for an app, it is available on both Android and iOS. Downloading it will give you the opportunity to get awesome deals and promo codes.

Join Groupon here!

#15 Main Street Shares

Main Street Shares

Main Street Shares used to be called BigCrumbs. It is a cashback site. However, they claim to go beyond that.

According to them, they are composed of people who earn cash backs from stores they purchase products from.

Moreover, they receive shares of the total company profits, earn commissions on their referral shop and receive a payout whenever Main Street Shares is obtained.

Because of this, it is a great opportunity to grab. Besides, the site has several partner shops!

Join Main Street Shares here.

#16 Shopkick

Shopkick logo

Usually, the sites in this list require you to make a purchase to earn points. But Shopkick is kind of different.

In order for you to earn points, you can simply go to any store and scan the items' barcodes.

If you want to get more points, then you must make a purchase using a connected card or just like with Fetch Rewards, take and upload a photo of your receipt.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

As for the payment, when you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to redeem gift cards to various stores and retailers.

Join Shopkick here.

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How to find the perfect rebate website easily?

Don't know which rebate website is good for you?

In my world, a perfect rebate site is the one that pays the highest rebate rates on the products that I'm actually interested in.

You should know that all those cashback sites do not give you cash back on every product you buy. But only in a few categories.

But you can use some services that will show you which cashback site is good for you.

Cashbackholic and Cashback monitor are two great tools that will show you exactly which rebate websites offer the highest rates on your favorite products.

All you have to do is enter your favorite store or product on their search box. Then they will show you your product with a list of rebate sites that offer the highest cash back rate on it.

Another tip, make sure you use more than one rebate site.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it! Thank you for reading my "Best Rebate Websites" article!

I hope you have enjoyed this rebate websites list, if you did make sure you share it with your friends and family.

Have you tried any of these rebate websites? Did any of these cash back sites disappoint you?

Any thoughts, feedback or comments are very welcome.

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  • This is pretty cool Anis, thanks for the recommendation! Had no idea I can earn money while shopping like that. I will take these all into consideration and see where I can earn the most. 🙂

    Keep up your awesomeness!

  • Hi Anis, I love it!

    It’s great that you shared more than one rebate website since they don’t offer cashback on all products. We all like to save money and these are a great way to save extra cash.

    It’s interesting that they don’t all have referral programs. Why do you think this would be? I mean if most are doing it then why wouldn’t they all do it? Does ShopAtHome offer something better than the others, is this why they don’t have a referral program?

    It just goes to show, if you shop around you can save money online quite easily.

  • Hi Anis,

    As usual, your posts are always very excellent and extremely helpful. I absolutely love your title. Who wouldn’t want to read a post with that title? So cool.

    Apart from EBates, I’ve honestly never heard of any of those other sites. Do they work for people of all countries or just for the main ones such as USA and Canada? I guess it all depends on whether there are merchants in those countries to start with. Isn’t that correct? Also, how do they typically pay? Paypal or checks?

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi, Kevon I’m so happy to hear that you like my stuff! You’re correct it depends on the merchant in those countries, most of these countries allow international members, Only Ibotta I think that only accepts USA residents.

      Most of them pay you via Paypal, check and Gift cards.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m glad I found this – I had no idea these sites would rebate you on so many purchases! We buy a lot online these day, and getting some of that spend back would be nice. Which sites doe you find you use the most?


  • Hi Anis, is this in order of best to last, like 1-8?
    But if you had to choose one to spend time on, what would be your #1 choice?
    Thanks for the list.
    Cheers, Peter

    • Hi, Peter this is not in order of the best to the worst, they are all awesome, maybe one is better than the other, but they are all good.

      I love Ibotta and Ebates, you can use Cashback monitor or cashbackholic to find the perfect one!

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