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Is Extrabux a Scam? Read My 2019 Review!

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By Anis

March 11, 2019

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extrabux reviewed

In this Extrabux review, I share my honest opinion, is Extrabux a scam? Can you really earn rebates with this site?

This is a 2019 unbiased review of Extrabux.

So read all of it if you want to learn the truth about this cashback site!

ExtraBux Summary Review

Name:  Extrabux


Price: Free

Recommended? Yes

extrabux logo

What is Extrabux?

Extrabux is a site that allows you to earn cash back from the purchases you make through their site.

They pay you because you use their affiliate links to buy, they earn commissions that they will share with you.

Extrabux is a site that is similar to Mr.rebates, in 2014 it was bought by Ebates which is a cashback site too.

Extrabux is one of the oldest cashback sites out there it's online since 2006.

Although this site has a lot of complaints it's a legit cashback site.

But it is the best cashback site ou there?

We will see..

Let's find out first how it works.

How Does ExtraBux Work?

Here's how Extrabux works in 5 steps.


Join Extrabux & Get a $5 Bonus

Grab your $5 sign up bonus and sign up it's free.


Find Your Store & Add Items

ExtraBux is partnered with over 2,500 stores like:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • eBay
  • Macy's
  • Best Buy
  • And other well-known stores.

Find your favorite store and add items you want to buy.


Start Shopping

Now you can buy the items you have selected make sure to not to miss any coupons they help to save more.


Get Paid!

Now that you have bought your products after 48 hours you will see the cash back on your account.

Quick Note!

Don't forget that not every product you buy is eligible for cashback.

If you don't receive cash back on a product that they said it was eligible just contact their support team


Refer Your Friends & 10x Your Earnings!

Extrabux has a good referral program where you can increase your earnings.

You'll earn $5 for each friend you refer and an additional 5% of their earnings for a whole year.

That's very good I have referred some people to Extrabux (through my Extrabux review and I have earned an easy $35.

Here are some of the friends I have referred.

my referrals at extrabux

If you want to get referrals and earn good money then I recommend you to look into creating your own affiliate site.

Quick Note!

If you sign up to Extrabux by using my link I am going to earn $5 and you're getting $20 bonus activation code automatically!

What Stores Can I Shop From?

There are SO many stores you can shop from and get:

  • Cashback
  • Online coupons
  • Free shipping offers
  • Great product deals

I'm not going to mention the store names because they are a lot but to give you the idea, you can get a discount on pretty much anything like:

  • Buying a property
  • Hiring a car
  • Buying drinks and food
  • Or even when you want to buy car insurance

You can save on virtually anything thanks to Extrabux!

ExtraBux 2019 Review Update!

Extrabux has released a new feature called Cashback boost card.

Cashback boost cards allow you to earn higher cashback when you use them.

Let's say you want to buy some Adidas shoes from eBay that cost $100 if the cashback rate is 9% it means you're getting $9 back.

If you have a casback boost card you will boost your cashback rate to 12% which means you're getting $12 back!

In your Extrabux profile, you need to regularly check the extraback cards tab where you can see your available cashback boost cards.

In my case, there are 2 cashback boost cards available for me.

available cards extrarubix

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How Will ExtraBux Pay Me?

To receive your cashback you need to have $10 in your Extrabux balance.

Once you have earned $10 in cashback you can request your payment in 8 ways:

  • Paypal 
  • Check (US Only)
  • Charity
  • Ukraine Express (for Ukraine Extrabux members) (beta)
  • Wechat (Beta)
  • Amazon e-gift cards
  • Amazon E-voucher (only for UK residents)
  •  JustTalk Gift cards

Quick Note!

Extrabux soon is going to allow more currencies withdrawals.

For example if you live in Japan you can get your Extrabux withdrawn into Japanese YEN.

This will save you some withdrawal fees.

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid?

When you earn some cashback it will be posted into your account in 1 to 7 days.

But in order to cashout your cashback you need to wait for 90 days because that's when it becomes available for withdrawal.

It takes so long to get paid because the merchants will only pay Extrabux when they are sure their clients won't return the product or cancel it.

Does Extrabux Pay?

Here's my Extrabux balance.

my earnings at extrabux

As you can see I have $15.30 available which means I can request a payment since I have surpassed the $10 cashout limit.

But when I request payment through Paypal Extrabux won't let me do so because the request payment button is unclickable.

I sent a ticket support to their team and I was told that I need to make a purchase of at least $1 if I want to get money sent to my PayPal account.

Note that I never used Extrabux to earn rebates but I only referred people to it and earned some cash.

It looks like Extrabux does not allow you to earn money by just referring friends you need to spend a $1 at least by shopping.

With Mr.Rebates & Befrugal I always got paid and I only referred people to them without earning any cashback.

How Can I Pay When Buying Products?

If you want to start shopping buy using Extrabux you can use different payment methods which Extrabux support.

  • Visa Card
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal China
  • Google Checkout
  • Chinese Credit Card
  • AliPay
  • American Express

How is the Extrabux Support?

The Extrabux support team is pretty good.

When I sent my ticket I received a response in less than 20 minutes which is not bad.

They have a good help & FAQ page where they answer most of your questions.

You can also reach out to them via their contact page or on their social media profiles.

Is Extrabux Available in My Country?

Extrabux is available in:

  • USA
  • China
  • Japan
  • Russia

Well, these are the countries that are listed on the Extrabux site but technically this rebate site can be accessed worldwide.

For example, where I live (Italy) Extrabux is not supported but I can still use the site and shop and even earn cashback I just need to make sure that the shipping cost is worth it though.

So if you live in any country that is not listed on the Extrabux site make sure you see if the shipping to your country is expensive or not.

Quick Tips to Get Your Extrabux Cashback

  • The Cashback Check Tool: allows you to find the cashback rate of any specific product you want to buy.
  • The Extrabux Browser extenstion: Allows you to track your online purchase so you never miss rebates even when you're logged into your extrabux account.
  • When you click on the Extrabux affiliate link, quickly make your purchase.
  • Never use coupons that are not from Extrabux
  • Don't browse multiple sites when making your purchase

ExtraBux Complaints & Reviews

Extrabux has many complaints and not a very positive BBB rating.

Most people complain about missing cashback and a long wait to get the payments.

Here are some complaints about Extrabux.

extrabux complaint
extrabux complaints
extrabux negative review

You can read more Extrabux reviews on 3 review sites:

  1. Sitejabber
  2. Complaints Board
  3. Pissed Constumer

I have written an article about a list of cashback websites and did not include Extrabux because I thought it's not the best out there.

If you are looking for a similar site to Ebates or Mr. Rebates you will find it on that list which includes the best cashback sites.

learn how i earn a 4-figure monthly income online

Cash Back Sites Comparison

So what are the best shopping rebate sites?

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates

Or Ebates Vs TopCashBack?

Here are some of the best cashback sites out there.

Read the reviews to do the comparison.

I recommend you to use a service like Cashbackholic or cashback monitor.

These services allow you to put the name of your store or product and they will show you which cashback site offers the highest rates.

That's easier than just keep comparing cashback sites, those services will quickly help you get the highest cashback rates on your favorite products.

Extrabux Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Free to join
  • You get a sign-up Bonus ($5)
  • Good referral program.
  • High cashback rates up to 30%
  • You get coupons to save more money.
  • Save money with ExtraBux extension browser faster

The Bad

  • Long wait for payments
  • Many complaints

Final Review: Is ExtraBux a Scam?

Extrabux is not a scam, it's legitimate, however, I'd not recommend it because there are better cashback sites like:

Want to try ExtraBux? Don't forget your $5 Sign up bonus.

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Do you have experiences with Extrabux?

Don't forget to share your comments and feedback here.

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  • Hello Anis:  Great looking website! Easy to read, lots of colors, action, and ads.  

    Good topic for your website and you do have lots of good reviews to read.

      You explained it well by explaining Extrabux’s use of their own affiliate links. I never knew these types of site have been around for this long !?  The logo says that Extrabux has been around since 2006, but you say 2004?

    I really like the subject index/navigation you have before the content structure.  This makes it easier to follow and go back to.  

    You have given some examples of Like the helpful “Quick Tips” section on how to be successful at Extrabux, that’s a good idea.  So is pointing out the “Cashback Boost” card.  These helpful tips make it easier to decide.  Same with your Pros + Cons at the end.  Good stuff.

    Too bad you don’t have any actual examples and the type of Extrabuxs a shopper could expect.  For instance, three unrelated products, from different stores, showing what types of returns we could expect.

    Overall, a good thorough review of Extrabux with lots of helpful tips and overall information.

  • I had never heard of Extrabux before coming across your page. It sounds like a pretty good website so I will have to check it out a little more. I don’t usually use rebate sites but this one sounds like it gives a good amount back and has a lot of good shopping options. Thanks for the review. 

    • You’re welcome Briana, yeah if you’re not using a cashback site and you do a lot of shopping online then you’re missing out in $1000’s of savings every year!

  • Hey Anis Chity,

    Have they paid you $$$ you earn from referral programs? If so after how long and where is the payment proof.

    • Hi Alpoem thanks for visiting, I haven’t managed to get any referrals to Extrabux so I don’t have any payment proof to show also because it’s not a program that I recommend and promote.

      The only program that I like and promote is Wealthy affiliate which is a community of 500,000 entrepreneurs to learn to start an online business, it’s free to get started.

  • The Slayer strikes again! You are very quickly becoming the number 1 online business reviewer that I know of. In all honesty though, do you think there are enough hours in the day for someone to make a full-time income from these sites? Just in case I ever lost my job. 🙂 Thanks again Anis!

  • Hi Anis, just finished reading the review here, I have heard of Extrabux but I have never really known their niche and capability. Can I get cash back from Extrabux for buying anything, and how do they work? Are they associated with Amazon?

    • Hi, Jacob yes they are associated with Amazon, you just have to shop from their site instead of buying directly from Amazon or any other store, and earn some cash back.

      Thanks for dropping by

  • Great review! I’ve never used any site that gives rebates because it just makes you buy more than what you would originally and I feel like they don’t have products that I would buy anyway. But for people that do shop a lot I can see how it could be a good idea.Thank you for the information and thorough review!

  • Hi Anis, thanks for sharing your review. I recently heard about Extrabux and was interested to read some reviews.

    Looks like they have many bad reviews even though they are legit.

    I’d say stick to Ebates…or Topcashback (what I use).

    All the best!

  • Thank you for shading light on Extrabux, I agree they offer high rebate but I you have to wait 90 days to get cashback sent to your account!

    • Hi Udoh yeah you are right that’s why people are complaining but some stores allow more than 60 for returns and exchanges and don’t pay Extrabux only after 60 days so it’s not their fault I’d say.

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