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Cash For Patriots Review (2022) A Misleading Scam Exposed?

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By Anis Chity

August 5, 2022

Cash For Patriots Review

Hi! Welcome to my Cash For Patriots review! (Updated 2022)

Everyone looks for ways to earn money online nowadays. It is because the pay is much better and of course, it is more convenient.

Some people turn out to be successful while others do not. However, I believe it is just a matter of hardwork and determination.

However, have you ever heard of just simply signing up and you get to receive money monthly? Well, one of them is Cash For Patriots.

Is it real? Or is it a scam? Find out the answers in this Cash For Patriots review!

Cash For Patriots Review: Quick Summary

Name:  Cash For Patriots

Website: Click here

Company: Agora Financial

Founder: Zachary Scheidt

Type: Dividend stock trading

Price: $49 to $10,000 and above

Best for: No one!

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? NO!

Cash For Patriots Review web page

What is Cash For Patriots?

Cash For Patriots Review web page

As you can see above, Cash for Patriots claims to be a government-funded program created by President Donald Trump. It supports the American patriots for all of the good deeds they have done for the country.

Furthermore, it involves the new tax reform that the president implemented. They claim that the money comes from that.

In addition, one only needs to sign up to be able to enjoy the checks to be given twice a month.

In fact, a person can earn up to $7,980, according to them. Let me ask you, doesn't that sound too good to be true?

I know it sounds like a reasonable cause to reward the patriots. However, in my experience, there are no chances that a lifetime income is simply given after signing up for a program.

The truth is, everything you see in the website is false. Including the video.

Anis Chity

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Cash For Patriots Review: What is it really?

Government and private

If you watched the video, you probably noticed this.

It was never a government program. Furthermore, there were no links between Cash for Patriots and the government.

Watching the video, the narrator, Zach Scheidt, kept on repeating that the money comes from a private sector.

So, the truth is that the website and the program is only a sales pitch for Lifetime Income Report, an investment newsletter.

If ever you sign up, the newsletter will send you mails every month. Each one of them will contain tips, strategies and investment opportunities for you to earn money.

So, if you think about it, you will just be paying for tips and that's all! Furthermore, the people behind this are only after your money. However, if you want more tips and advanced ones, you will need to choose a more expensive subscription plan!

For me, this is not worth your time and money.

Cash For Patriots Review: Founder

Zach Scheidt

The government, even more, President Trump were never involved in this program. In fact, there are no links between them and Cash for Patriots! So, who is behind this?

The narrator in the video is Zach Scheidt. He is an editor at Agora Financial.

It is currently one of the largest financial research firms in the United States.

Zach makes misleading ads about Cash For Patriots saying that people will earn thousands of dollars per month.

However, these are false and just use them for a sales pitch.

Who can join?

If you believed that Cash For Patriots is legit, then it is obvious that only U.S. citizens can join.

However, it is not. That means, anyone can sign up for the program. After watching the video in the website, you will be brought to the subscription page of Lifetime Income Report.

Different subscription plans will be presented to you. Then it will be up to you which one you will choose.

How much does it cost?

Signing up for Cash For Patriots is completely free. Furthermore, you will receive newsletters each month for free too. 

But that will only happen for the first year. If you want to continue, you must renew your subscription.

You will have two options; $49 or $89. The more expensive the plan is, the better the package you will receive.

And remember, these will just contain investment tips and strategies. Nothing more.

How does it work?

Forget everything you have read in the website and watched in the promotional video.

You will not be given checks twice a month just for simply signing up. That is not true.

What it will give you are just tips and investment opportunities. If you don't have any money for that, then this won't work for you.

Cash For Patriots Review: Red Flags

#1 Fake Advertising

You have already read and visited the website of Cash For Patriots. It claimed about the government making this program. Furthermore, President Trump supported this.

There are no such things as those. Zach uses false and misleading advertisements.

So, do not believe that upon signing up you will start to receive money every month! That is just impossible.

Furthermore, the video on the website is very vague. For a 45-minute long one, it does not disclose any real details about the program.

#2 Complaints

There are a couple of complaints against Cash For Patriots. Here are a few of them.

Complaint 1

For instance, above shows the statement of an old lady who wanted to purchase the $49 book. However, she failed to notice that she was signing up for a $99 per month subscription.

She wanted to cancel it but there was no response from the other end, Cash For Patriots.

Complaint 2

Another one is taking money from people who did not even purchase anything from Cash For Patriots.

Complaint 3

Another one is where a guy was not given a refund.

These are all true and thankfully, you are reading this review. You won't suffer the same consequences like these people did.

#3 Just a funnel page

The website that you visited was never for Cash For Patriots. It is simply a funnel page for the firm, Agora Financial.

If ever you sign up for it, you will be joining their stock investment guides. Furthermore, there are a lot of negative reviews of Agora Financial. One of their employees said that they use to scare old people and steal their money. In addition, they also use unethical marketing techniques like overhyping their products or using fake scarcity tactics.

So, do not believe everything they say!

#4 Income claims are unverifiable

If you watched the video, Zach presented a couple of retirees and Army veterans who benefited from the program and earned thousands of dollars every month.

To make it even more believable, he included names. However, these cannot be verified. 

I bet that the pictures he used in the video are just stock photos he downloaded from the internet.

Do you think that you can trust a program whose claims are not even verifiable? I don't think so. That is already a red flag and a reason for you to turn your back away from it!

#5 It is not free

Zach has advertised that the program is for you. You can sign up and then earn money. However, that is just a trick.

Yes, you will be receiving free newsletters each month. But after a year, they will be convincing you and spamming you to purchase a subscription.

And you saw already what happened to the guys who were scammed before!

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Is Cash for Patriots A Scam?

Well, what more can I say? I have presented you everything there is to uncover here in this Cash For Patriots review.

It is a scam. They use misleading advertisements and even make false claims. Seriously, it involved the government and the president himself!

Apart from that, it won't deliver its promises. Instead of giving you money, they will just slowly take it.

Take those people above as examples.

If you want investment strategies and tips, you are better off somewhere. Research about it first and find out whether you can trust them.

However, if you want a great way to earn money online, then continue to read in the next section.

With that, thank you so much for reading my Cash For Patriots review! If you have questions or comments, please leave them on the comment section below. I would love to response!

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