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Cashster.net (2019 Review) The Biggest Scam of the Year!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 6, 2019

cashster.net review

Did you join Cashster.net or you are planning to sign up with it, and you are wondering if it's legit or a waste of time?

In this Cashster.net review, I'm going to show you some red flags you probably didn't notice and reasons why you should avoid site at all costs!

So, is Cashster.net a scam? You'll find the answer below. 😉

Cashster.net Summary Review

Name:  Cashster

Website: Cashster.net

Founder: Unknown

Website Age: 17 Days!

Recommended?  No!

cashster.net review

What is Cashster.net?

Cashster.net is a website who claims that you can make more than $100 a day if you join them which is way too good to be true!

They also claim that you'll be given a $25 sign up bonus and you will get a $10 for every friend you refer!

It sounds like easy money, right? But unfortunately, none of these claims is real! 

I reviewed a lot of copies of Cashster.net including:

These sites have the same $25 sign up bonus, the same claims, and the same BS!

How Does Cashster.net Work?

Cashster.net Is just another fraud site that wants you to sign up and refer people so they can collect as much personal info as possible and sell them to third-party websites and make money!

You will just waste your time promoting them and when you ask for your money they will kick you out of their site and I will prove that below just keep reading 😉

Now, I'm going to explain to you how Cashster.com are going to use you for their own good.

#1 Sign up and Promote Your Cashster.net Affiliate Link

The first thing Cashster wants you to do is to sign up and share their links everywhere.

The funny thing is that I signed up with them using an email that doesn't even exist (thisisascam@gmail.com) and the weird thing is they accepted it as you can see below:

cashster is a fraud site
cashster review

This doesn't happen with legitimate websites, legit sites ask for email verification and if you use an invalid email they won't accept it until you verify it.

Cashster doesn't care because they accept anyone.

#2 The Cashster.net Task Wall

The second thing they want you to do is to complete some tasks.

These tasks are just other fraud sites that are partnered with Cashster.net, and everytime you complete a task cashster.net will make money.

The sites they connect you with are not safe to use and if you give them your email they will spam your inbox!

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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#3 Youtube Submission

Another thing Cashster.net wants you to do is to make a youtube video and say whatever is good about them.

This is really sad because by doing this you will be helping them scam more people without knowing it.

Another thing I want to mention is that if you go to the youtube submission, you will read "Kids Earn Cash" in the tags as you can see below:

cashster is a rebranded scam

Kids earn cash is a copy of Cashster that I reviewed a few months ago that got exposed and a lot of people realized it's a scam!

If you don't believe me just google "kidsearncash.co" and see how many people are complaining about it or just read my Kidsearncash.com review.

Is Cashster.net a Scam? Yes Here's Why!

Below I'll list 4 reasons why cashster.net is a scam you should avoid!

#1 The $25 Sign up Bonus is a JOKE!

Cashster.net claim that they will give you a sign up bonus when you sign up but the truth is that it's just a hook to make you join.

 They also want you to refer your friends so they can scam you all together.

Please don't share their links because they are just using you to get traffic and emails!

#2 Beware of the Cashster.net Tasks!

The tasks that they want you to complete are just fraud sites partnered with Cashster.net who is going to ask for your email and spam your inbox.

Please don't give out your email or phone number to any of those sites because you don't know what they are going to do with them!

#3 This is a COPY of other Big Scams!

Cashster is a just a rebranded scam that was found only 17 days ago!

The owners of these scams have a bunch of copies so whenever people realize that it's a scam they will shut it down and open a new one and scam more people.

Below you can read some complaints of people who got scammed by the old copies of Cashster.net:

cashooga complaint
kidsgetmoney compalint

#4 You Are Not Going To Get Paid!

And this is where the scam happens!

Cashster and its copies never paid any of their members and will never do!

The old copies of cashster.net deactivated their members' accounts when they reached the minimum payout and asked for payment.

But in cashster's case instead of freezing your account they will send you to complete a fake survey or they will keep telling you  "you don't have enough money to withdraw, refer more people".

If you see anybody who claims that they got paid from Cashster.net you better believe that the owners paid them to say so!

The only ones who are making money from this site are the owners, and you are just helping them getting traffic.

This is a big scam that you should absolutely avoid and don't forget to warn your friends by sharing this review so they don't fall for it!

Legit Cashster.net Alternative!

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope you learned a lesson which is: 

always do your research before joining a questionable site!

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