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KidsGetMoney.co 2019 Review – What an UGLY Scam!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 18, 2019


Thanks for visiting & welcome to my kidsgetmoney.co review!

This means you're an honest individual looking for a real online income opportunity and you're afraid that kidsgetmoney.co will scam you right?

Don't worry since you're going to read this review you won't get scammed because you're about to read the exact REALITY of kidsgetmoney.co.

So I want you to turn off any distractions because I'm going to tell you things exactly like they are and also show you legit alternatives!

Sounds good? Then let's find out the truth now!

KidsGetMoney.co Summary Review

Name:  Kids Get Money

Website: KidsGetMoney.co

Founder: Justin S?

Price: Free


Summary: Kidsgetmoney.co is 100% scam, in this review I'll prove what I am talking about by giving you proof why this is nothing but an ugly scam.

You can jump to the conclusion here if you want!

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!


This is an update!

Kidsgetmoney.co now redirects to kidsearncash.com!

It's the same scam but with a different name.

Here's how the kidsearncash.com website looks like!


What is KidsGetMoney.co?

Kidsgetmoney.co is a website that pretends to be an influencer marketing platform that connects advertisers with people that want to make money like you and me.

This website says that you will make over $500 per day if you're willing to sign up to them, share your affiliate link and invite your friends.

You're even given a $25 as a sign up bonus.

This sounds like an easy way to make money right?

But unfortunately, the reality says the opposite because you won't make any money from Kidsgetmoney.co because they are simply a big scam.

This is a link posting scam where the scammers are creating a bunch of websites to scam as many people as possible.

Last year I exposed these scams called Dollargrowing & Super Jobz.

These frauds also used to promise people to earn $25 per referral and make tons of money.

That's exactly what Kidsgetmoney.co is doing here.

In this review, I'm going to show you how it works and also 8 reasons why it's a scam because I like to give proof in my reviews, not just empty talk!

But before we jump into the meat & potato of this review you probably know by now that Kidsgetmoney.co is a scam and you want a legit alternative.

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How Does KidsGetMoney.co Work?

Kidsgetmoney.co wants you to sign up and start promoting their links everywhere in places like Facebook groups, Twitter and Reddit.

They are going to make a lot of money if you promote them like they as ask you.

This is where the scam happens, you will keep promoting them and when you request a payment nothing!

They disappear.

Here's what Kidsgetmoney.co wants you to do in order to make money.

1) Sign up + the Fake $25 bonus

The first step is obviously to sign by giving them your email address, if you did not sign up yet to Kidsgetmoney.co please save yourself and don't do it because it's not legit.

Kidsgetmoney.co claims that they are going to give you $25 as a sign up bonus! But this is a scam bonus because when you want to cashout you won't hear from them again!

This fake sign up bonus allows them to get people to sign up and work their way to cashing out.

But don't be fooled by them because their site is 100% fake!

After you sign up you will see your affiliate links which Kids Get Money requires you to promote in order to earn money.

kids get money referral links

Quick Heads up!

If you're curious to try Kidsgetmoney.co then I recommend you to set up a second email and use it just to sign up for Kids Get Money.

Because you never know what they are going to do with your email.

I know many people that had to give up on their main email because of the spam they received from the scammers like Kidsgetmoney.co.

2) Complete the Kids Get Money Surveys

Kidsgetmoney.co also wants you to take some surveys to make money.

They say you're going to earn $30 to $35 per survey you take.

That's a scam because we all know that surveys don't pay that much!

Legitimate surveys like Swagbucks will pay you $3 to $5 per survey.

If you have a closer look a the Kids Get Money Surveys you will realize they are bogus for example have a look at this survey right here.

kids get money surveys

This survey will pay you $35 if you download Instagram.

Who in the world will pay you $35 to download Instagram which is available for free on the app store or play store?

As you can see the description of the survey is not even in English!

This proves that this is a fake survey which is probably just a virus that is going to kill your laptop or whatever device you use!

3) Make a Youtube Video about Kidsgetmoney.co

If you make a Youtube video about Kidsgetmoney.co, they will add $50 into your account.

This is another way they use their members to bring more victims to their site.

They even give you the description and the tags you need for your Youtube video.

Once you create a Youtube video promoting Kidsgetmoney.co you have to paste the video in the Youtube submission tab in your Kids Get Money dashboard.

kids get money this is bs!

4) Share Your link Everywhere

The first step is to just promote your kidsgetmoney.co affiliate link everywhere, they recommend you paste it literally everywhere you can get people to sign up.

By doing this you're going to give them lots of exposure without any benefits for you!

5) Cash out

Here's where the big Kidsgetmoney.co scam occurs!

Most websites have a cashout limit of $1 to $50.

How much money should you make in order to cash out with Kidsgetmoney.co?


That's a huge threshold!

They made it high because they want you to spend tons of time promoting them until you reach the $150 cashout limit and realize it's a scam.

In their website, they say payments will be issued via Paypal, Western Union, Cash app or via a mailed check.

But the real question is.....

Can You Really Make with Kidsgetmoney.co?

No, you won't make any money from Kidsgetmoney.co because it's a scam!

Unfortunately, no one is going to earn a single cent from this website, because if you join them you will be working for them and make them money.

Don't believe me?

Just keep reading to find out 8 reasons why I think Kidsgetmoney.co is a big scam!

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8 Reasons Why KidsgetMoney.co a SCAM!

1) Kidsgetmoney.co is a REBRANDED Scam!

The first reason why I absolutely recommend you to avoid Kidsgetmoney.co it's because it's a scam that is going to vanish within a few months.

I review this type of scams all the time on my blog and 99% of the time they disappear after scamming people and wasting their time.

Just to give you proof of what I am talking about trying visiting these three sites!

  1. Dinerofacil.gratis
  2. Kidsearnmoney.co
  3. Kidspaidmoney.co
  4. InfluencersClub.co
  5. Viralpay.co

If you have visited these three links then you have noticed that they all send you to kidsgetmoney.co right? 😉

That's because they used to scam people but when reviews and video reviews have popped up they changed their name to start clean and scam more people!

Here's a video I found online about the old name of kids "Get" Money which is Kids "Paid" Money.

You can watch the video about kids paid money below to see that kidsgetmoney.co is a rebranded scam that changes their name when too many people know they are fake!

A Curiosity About KidsgetMoney.co!

I have noticed that Kidsgetmoney.co is using a FREE WordPress theme called Portum to create their scam.

Here's the theme (the screenshot below) as you can see all they have to do is edit the theme and type into it.

That's why they can create different variations of their site easily!

2) Who is Justin S? A Fake CEO!

You're probably wondering who is Justin S? 

Is he really the owner of Kidsgetmoney.co or just a scam artist?

I did my research and I found out that Justin S does not exist!

Kidsgetmoney.co on their site show you a picture of this guy and above the photo, you can read Justin S.

kids get money fake owner

But as I said Justin S does not exist! That photo belongs to an Indian UK based entrepreneur who is a millionaire and his real name is NOT Justin S. but Akshay Ruparelia! 

Just read this press release from Independent.uk to see that Akshay Ruparelia has nothing to do with Kidsgetmoney.co!

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3) Fake Testimonials & Payment Proofs!

Kidsgetmoney.co in their testimonials page they show you some testimonials that are saying sweet words about the site.

And there are also some payment proofs that have been posted on the same page by Kidsgetmoney.co.

But are they real? Nope!

Here's proof that the testimonials are fake!

Have a look at the WHOIS identity of Kidsgetmoney.co 

kids get money domain age

As you can clearly see the domain name has been registered in 2019-02-02 that's when their website got started right?

Now have a second look at the testimonials.

kids get money fake testimonials

So the members have been members of Kidsgetpaid.co before the site was even founded 😀

This proves that everything is fake!

4) The $25 Sign up Bonus is Too Good To Be True!

All the income promises of Kidsgetmoney.co are fake.

You need to run away when someone says you will get a $25 bonus and $10 for every referral you get.

Because reward sites won't pay you that much! Even the most popular sites I know won't give you anywhere near $25 just for signing up.

So don't be fooled by these scammers and go find yourself a real work from home site!

5) Is Kids Get Money 10 Years old?

Kidsgetmoney.co claims that they are a reputable company that has been around for 10 years.

But after doing my research I come to find that's a big fat lie, because Kidsgetmoney.co is not even 1 month old!

Scamadviser.com says that Kids Get Money is 16 days old!

Since it's only 16 days old, you should NOT trust it or give them any of your personal information like your phone number or email address.

In fact, here's what Scam adviser says about Kidsgetmoney.co.

6) Kidsgetmoney.co is a Dangerous Site!

Kidsgetmoney.co is not just a fraud website but also a dangerous one!

I talked about how they want you to download Instagram which does not make sense!

But the problem is there are many surveys that require you to install some bogus software on your computer and there are some apps that want your phone number.

Don't give your number to this site because you're going to regret it big time!

kids get money fask surveys

7) Unknown Business Location!

It's not clear where the Kidsgetmoney.co website is registered, on their website they say they have headquarters in London.

While on whois.com they say the domain has been registered in Panama.

And then some kidsgetmoney.co reviews say that it has been registered in Virginia or California.

While it's not clear where this website is from there is one thing that it's 100% clear which is the fact they are hiding because they don't want to get sued since they are 100% fraudsters!

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8) KidsGetMoney.co Reviews & Complaints!

I see many people promoting Kidsgetmoney.co especially on Twitter & Reddit.

Unfortunately lots of people are promoting it and don't know that they are technically scamming people.

But soon they will realize it's a scam when they try to get their payment.

On the other hand, there are tons of people complaining about Kidsgetmoney.co because when they tried to get paid the system started acting up!

Here are some of the latest complaints!

kids get money negative review
kidsgetmoney compalint
kids get money negative review

Don't forget to share your comments with us if you have tried Kidsgetmoney.co! 

KidsGetMoney.co Legit Alternatives!

Kidsgetmoney.co is not a legitimate website therefore you probably want some alternatives that are legit.

Below I'm going to share with you some great alternatives that will actually pay you!

  • YOUGOV (Earn up to $20 per Survey!)

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If Kidsgetmoney.co is a Scam What Do I Recommend?

There is absolutely no doubt that Kidsgetmoney.co is a scam, these guys are taking advantage of people by fooling them into thinking they will make money if they share the kidsgetmoney.co affiliate links.

People who promote the kidsgetmoney.co affiliate links will find out that they are being scammed when they try to request a refund.

As you have read above the victims of this site are complaining about not receiving payments when they request it.

I highly recommend you to not waste your time because this site is 200% scam.

Let's wrap up this review and look at the reasons why it's a scam.

  1.  Kidsgetmoney.co is a rebranded scam! (Used to be dinerofacil.gratis)
  2. Justin S is a fake name, the founder of this site is hidden.
  3. The testimonials & Payments proof are 100% fake!
  4. Too good to be true income claims
  5. Kidsgetmoney.co is only 16 days old!
  6.  it's not a safe site!
  7. The business location is hidden
  8. There so many negative reviews online!

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It's YOUR Turn! What Do You Think?

Did you receive your Kidsgetmoney.co payment?

Did you come across other variations or similar sites to Kidsgetmoney.co?

Please don't hesitate to share with us your experiences in the comments section!

Don't forget to share! You don't want your friends and loved ones to fall for this scam right?

 So please spread the word and let's make the internet a safe place!

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  • I am a victim of this scam. Two weeks ago i earned $303.00 , and it said that my payday is today (2/23/19) and i havent received it. i am mad that i didnt get my money.

  • Comment doit on remplir Account & Payment Settings je suis déjà à 335 dollars

    Account Settings

    Payment Settings
    Payment Method:
    Payment Details (Enter your full name and address)

    • I’m sorry I don’t speak French but I can see you’re asking on how to get your payment, unfortunately, you’re not going to get paid as I explained in this review Kidsgetmoney.co is a scam!

  • Hello there, thanks very much for sharing this your review about kidsgetmoney I must say u have really helped a lot of people by this your review, some innocent people looking for way to make money online could have fall victim of this ugly scam. Looking at their claim, u get $25 for signup and over $500 per day for, sharing affiliate links, this is absolutely nothing but a pure scam, no legitimate online making platforms can give that per day for just sharing affiliate links, I will do well to share with family and friends for them to be save from this ugly scam

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