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CoinChest.App Review: 3 Scam Signs Revealed!

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November 20, 2018 review Reviewed

Did you watch the video presentation, you're excited but at the same time you're afraid and suspicious?

You don't need to feel that way, because after reading this review you will learn what Coin Chest actually is!

Don't waste time and money and stick to this review, you won't regret it I promise! Quick Review

  • Name: Coin Chest
  • Website URL:
  • Owner: Rob Walker
  • Price: $39 + $49 + hidden costs...
  • Recommended? No, keep reading to know why.

What is

Coin Chest is a website with a long sales page created by Rob Walker, and we have no idea who Rob Walker is.

In the video presentation we can see a man talking who seems to be Rob Walker, but we don't know his background or any info about him or his success.

Rob Walker is probably a paid actor that has been paid to read a script, in fact that's what most scams online do.

They pay an actor to read a script and pretend to be a millionaire that is about to show you a loophole to make money!

The owner of Coin Chest keeps talking about how easy and fast it is to make money using his system and this is quite suspicious.

coin chest BS promises

99.99% of the work from home scams we review here at are get rich quick scams.

Most of the scams we review try fool you into thinking you need no experience to make money just to bombard you with useless stuff to buy eventually.

They do their scamming very well that before you know it you find yourself spending thousands of dollars for a BS program!

How Does Work?

The owner of Coin Chest promises you an effortless and easy opportunity to make money from home.

Rob wants to teach you how to buy and sell crypto currencies by taking advantage of what he calls a loophole and a cash glitch that will make you $1000's.

He explains in the video sales page that there are many websites that sell crypto currencies but some websites have lower prices than the other websites.

The opportunity is to buy cryptocurrencies from the cheap websites and resell it for a profit to other websites.

This opportunity may sound good and easy in theory but in reality it's complete BS.

First of all there no is glitch or loophole to making thousands of dollars and secondly crypto currencies are complicated as well because you need to study them a lot in order to go profitable.

There is no such thing as installing an app and start generating money, this is just some bs that Rob is trying to feed you so he can earn money off you!

Below I'm going to share with 3 solid proof why Coin Chest is nothing but another cheesy scam!

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3 Reasons Why is a Scam!

Below you will read 3 reasons why Coin Chest is a definitive scam.

This is the most important part of this review which you don't want to miss!

1) CoinChest is a Low Quality ClickBank Product!

Just above the website headline you can clearly read that this app is a Clickbank product. is a clickbank product

Clickbank is a network where vendors list digital products they want to sell.

Clickbank is definitely a legitimate place, however there are tons of unethical and shady vendors that sell garbage digital products.

Unfortunately, happens to be one of them.

This is not the first time I review a garbage product from Clickbank, feel free to click on my last Clickbank product reviews to see what a mess these scams are!

These scammy products usually have a similar design, headlines and colors, just like you see in the screenshots below.

ultimate paydays reviewed review

2) The Hidden Upsells Trap! costs $49 to get started but if you take advantage of the discount that shows up in the pop up (when you try to exit the page) you will get a $10 discount which will reduce the price to $39.

Rob Walker claims that $39 is all you have to pay and then you're ready to rack in a lot of money easily.

But think about it for a second, why would anyone sell an easy app that makes tons of money to random people for a price like $39?

Aren't you smelling the scam here?

Yeah that's the catch, you're led to believe this system costs $39, but you're going to be asked to upgrade therefore fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Before you even know it you will find yourself swimming inside loads of digital products that are just useless that costed you TONS of money.

This is unfortunately the trap that a lot of newbies fell into and this is the typical trap used by the Clickbank scammers, just read the Clickbank reviews above and you will read about the same trap over and over!

3) Crypto Currency is Risky as Hell!

Rob keeps talking about how easy it is to just buy crypto currencies and resell them.

He claims that he has a list ready of websites that are safe to buy from and other websites you can resell to so you can make profits.

How ridiculous is that?

Crypto currency investing is something that requires years of experience and study in order to pay off, how can a random person online sell you some lists of websites for $39?

Keep in mind that lots of newbies are going to buy these lists so this whole thing does not make any sense!

So Is CoinChest.App A Scam? Yes!

Yes, unfortunately I have to say is a scam.

I shared with you above 3 reasons why Coin Chest is a scam:

  1. CoinChest is literally a copy of other scams!
  2. There are hidden costs and ugly surprises waiting for you!
  3. Crypto Currencies investment is not a risk-free quick money maker!

To conclude this review I'd like to say that CoinChest is nothing but hype and a big waste of time and money.

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