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Is Copy the Millionaire a Scam? (2022) Simple Truth Here.

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August 31, 2022

Copy the Millionaire review, is Jeff Lerner a Scammer?, Jeff's 6 Figure Business System review

copy the millionaire sales page

Is Copy the Millionaire a Scam?! Welcome to my review of Copy the Millionaire. (Updated 2022)

So Copy the Millionaire is saying that you will be making over $3,598 per day by copying a millionaires proven system

You are promised a step by step training that will walk you through everything you need so you become a millionaire

That’s what basically Copy the Millionaire video presentation talks about.

But is Copy the Millionaire a scam? is that some empty talk or you can really become a millionaire?

Is this another nasty scam like 12 Day Millionaire and the Retired Millionaire?

Since you clicked on this review I am sure you want to know what they are hiding from you.

You’re in luck! because today I’m going to share the truth with you just keep reading!

2022 Update: They have recently renamed themselves into The Millionaire shortcut. Furthermore, their website url now redirects to Now, why would they change their brand name and website? Well, only they know. However, services like this rebrands themselves to create a fresh image and this is usually common with scam websites.

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Copy the Millionaire Summary Review

Name:  Copy the Millionaire


Price: hidden costs inside

Owner: Jeff Lerner

Recommended? No

copy the millionaire sales page

Copy the Millionaire First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Copy the Millionaire is the well-made sales page.

It promises you lots of money.

Jeff says that you don’t even need to put in a lot of work because of the automated system that does the work for you.

He claims that the training has limited spots and only a few people will benefit from this autopilot training that will generate for you over $500 per day while you sleep.

I have mentioned Jeff a couple of times so it’s worth knowing more info about the owner of Copy a Millionaire.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is an affiliate marketer that makes a living online.

He has coached many people and he seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

He has created a lot of systems like the Job Killer System and Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

Is Jeff Lerner A Scam?

I don’t know Jeff Lerner personally the only thing I know about him is his products.

His programs are scams and you can click on the two reviews of his products above to see.

I don’t know if Jeff is a scammer or not but his products are shady and unethical for sure.

Let’s go back to our main topic which is Copy the Millionaire.

As I said before this system has a lot of promises and huge claims.

But I’m here to tell you that those are a bunch of lies and this system confirms that Jeff is a scam artist.

Let me ask you a question

Isn’t making money on autopilot without putting in efforts kind of too good to be true?

If the program will take care of everything for you then why would you need to buy the training and loads of training products Jeff is planning to sell you?

Anis Chity

Hey, I’m Anis!

I Earn $3,000 a Month from home with this legitimate honest training platform!

So What is Copy the Millionaire?

Exactly as I have expected, Copy the Millionaire is not a training nor a product.

It’s just a promotional page that redirects you to two other products that will generate Jeff big commissions in case you buy them.

There are actually two versions of Copy the Millionaire under two domains which are these:


Each domain redirects you to a different program that Jeff wants you to buy will redirect to a page where they will ask you to buy a program called Aspire Today.

While will send you to a sales page where they recommend you to buy the actual Jeff real program that they call Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

So let’s shed some light on both systems that Jeff wants to sell you.

What is Aspire Today?

Aspire today

Aspire Today is a step by step affiliate marketing training that teaches how to buy and resell high ticket products for a profit.

The reason Jeff Lerner wants you to purchase Aspire Today is that of the very high cost!

Aspire Today will cost you in total up to $60,000.

Review Update!

Digital Altitude has been officially banned and sued by the FTC!

As you can see Copy the Millionaire used to promote a big expensive scam.

I told you before the Digital Altitude shutdown that they are a very expensive and a risky business!

They have so many products and extra training that will try to sell you

When you spend that amount of money Jeff will earn a nice commission

Just imagine lots of people spending that much

Jeff will be earning a fortune and that’s exactly his plan

The second system that Copy the Millionaire promotes is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

What is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System?

Jeff's 6 Figure Business System logo

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is a program that Jeff Learner created himself.

By paying $50 you will have access to his system

His training will teach you how to make money online as an affiliate

But the downside of this is you will be taught to promote only one product which is the 6 Figure Business System itself.

You will learn how to create a landing page (exactly like Copy the Millionaire) and how to promote it so you can refer people to buy this system.

2019 Review Update!

Looks like there is another program that this program will send you to which is called 6 Steps to Freedom.

And it looks like another catchy scam!

As you go forward with the training you will need to buy more training and more tools.

You also need to spend money to buy traffic as you need that to make money

So in a few words, you will be promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System and making money doing that.

Anis Chity

With this Program I can make +$3000 a month without risking the company shutting down because I have full control over my business!

How Much Does Copy the Millionaire Cost?

If you have watched Copy the Millionaire sales video you are probably sure like me that you heard this all going to cost you only $50, right?

Unfortunately, that’s just a flat lie

$50 is just a little price that you have bought to open the first door

As I have stated earlier in this review Aspire Today alone will cost you up to $60k!!!!

While Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is very expensive as well and you can expect to invest more than $30,000 if you want to make money with it!

The Truth About Making $1,500 – $10,000 Commissions

I’m sure you have heard that you can earn up to $1.500 to $10,000 per sale.

I want to tell you that is true.

However, there is a catch!

In order to make that kind of commissions, you will need to buy some VERY expensive high ticket items!

For example, if you want to earn $10,000 per sale you will need to buy a program for $30,000 that you can resell.

They call this the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

So you if you want to make those big commissions you have to spend a large amount of money first.

The point is you can make big commissions with Copy the Millionaire but you have to risk and invest a large sum of cash.

Want to Earn “Regular” Affiliate Commissions? 

The Negatives of Copy the Millionaire

What I hate about Copy the Millionaire is you are not thought how to start or run a real online business.

But you are only taught how to promote Aspire today and Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

You need to buy those two programs and you will be taught how to sell them.

What will happen to your business if those two systems get shut down?

That’s why I prefer an Online Business training that will teach me how to make money selling anything not only a particular product.

I know that Copy the Millionaire has done some work for you as you don’t have to create anything just promote and get people to buy.

But there are millions of products you can sell online that have been proven to convert.

That’s why I recommend a training that teaches affiliate marketing in general!

Another negative about Copy the Millionaire is the fact that the success rate of the two promoted systems is low.

Many newbies have lost their hard earned money for those products and failed to earn money.

That’s because they believed what the respective sales pages of the products offered.

Is Copy the Millionaire A Scam?

I believe Copy the Millionaire is a big scam.

They don’t give you any real information about how you are going to make money.

You’re being misled into buying into two systems that cost a leg and an arm.

Final Words

It’s up to you to decide whether Copy the Millionaire is a scam or not.

But I don’t believe a system that claims that everything is automated and done for you WHEN you have to purchase a bunch of additional training courses that will teach how the system works.

Jeff said that the system will only cost you $50 but it’s full of EXPENSIVE HIDDEN COSTS.

This product is full of hype and lies so I don’t recommend it.

I’m glad that you have decided to look up for a review before investing in this site.

That’s a wise thing to d.o.

If you want to earn money legitimately & without breaking the bank Copy the Millionaire is not for you.

I invite to have a look at.

My #1 Recommended Training for Newbies.

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Your Opinions about Copy the Millionaire?

If you have anything to say about this product which I think is a scam please leave your comments below!

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