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Easy Cash Code (ezcashcode.com) 2019 Review – Scam Signs Exposed!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 16, 2019

EasyCashCode sales page

This is going to be a VERY honest Easy Cash Code 2019 review, is Easy Cash Code legit or just another useless program you need to avoid?

The other day I received a spammy email from someone promoting the Easy Cash Code after reading the email I thought the program in question was a scam

But after paying a closer look I realized it was not a scam but neither a great program

This is an honest 2019 review of the Easy Cash Code I recommend you to read every word of it before spending your money!

Easy Cash Code (ezcashcode.com) Summary Review

Name:  Easy Cash Code

Website: Ezcashcode.com

Owner: Reginald Stinson

Price: $18 one-time fee (non- refundable) + Upsells

EasyCashCode sales page

What is Easy Cash Code?

Easy Cash Code is a program that teaches you how to create a WordPress website where you set up squeeze pages that you will use to build your email list so you can earn $18 commissions every time you sell the Easy Cash Code.

They will even give you follow up messages so you don't have to write your own.

  Easy Cash Code 2019 Updated Review

Looks like Easy Cash Code has changed their domain name from Easycashcode.com to ezcashcode.com.

However, the product is still the same and they have the same promo video so if you want to know if I recommend Easy Cash Code or no then keep reading this review. 🙂

The concept of this program is good and it's actually a profitable idea if put in action

However, there is a lot of hype here you are not going to make $500 per day this way and there are a LOT of things wrong about this program which makes it extremely hard to make that amount.

How Does Easy Cash Code Work?

So the training will teach you how to create squeeze pages to build your email list so you can make money by sending people to buy The Easy Cash Code

While email marketing is an effective way to make a living online and it does work The Easy Cash Code puts nothing new to the table

The ECC claims are not true you are not going to make $500 per day or $18 payments in a few days

That's complete BS if you ask me

The information on the Easy Cash Code can be found online for free

How Much Does it Cost?

The product will cost you $18 you will get the rights to promote it as an affiliate, you will get 100% percent of commissions

You won't spend only $18, you will have to pay for the following things that come with different monthly fees

  • An autoresponder
  • Website Hosting
  • Other guides and pieces of training
  • You need to spend money to buy traffic and ads

Note that the upsells amount to  nearly $700

All sales at the Easy Cash Code are not refundable because your sponsor (the person that invited you to the program) has purchased the rights to resell the program so the commissions will go directly to them

If you want a refund you need to seek your sponsor.

With that said what you get for $18 is worth it but when you purchase the upsells then it will become a waste of money.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

This free to Join Training Program thought me how to actually make money online and thanks to it I'm making over $3k/month after months hard work.

There is no hype, no upsells, no BS and if I can do it you can do it too.

Can You Make Money with Easy Cash Code?

You can make money with the Easy Cash Code but I am pretty sure it won't be $500 per day as the program does not teach you something that will pull that amount of money

I believe if you want to make $500 per day you need to start a real online business and not spam people with pre-written email sequences

In my opinion, the Easy Cash Code is not a reliable way to make a passive income as you are promoting a very suspicious program that does not look right at first glance.

What I liked

  • It's not the worst product like I expected it to be
  • Some good training in the member's area
  • The plugin to create squeeze pages is easy to use and can cost you more money elsewhere
  • They take the time to respond to their BBB complaints

What I did not Like

  • The Easy Cash Code is full of hype
  • Making $500 per day is virtually impossible with this program
  • There's absolutely NO way you will make money by next week that's complete BS
  • The name of the program is ridiculous it's similar to the scams I have reviewed called Facebook Cash Code Home Cash Code
  • Not so positive Easy Cash Code reviews at the Warrior Forum
  • There are quite a lot of upsells inside the training
  • You need to pay upfront for a system that offers no refunds ( You can't sign up try the system for free and make sure it's for you.
  • You have to sell the same thing you bought
  • They have some fake testimonials from Fiverr.com.
Easy Cash Code fake testimonial

Is the Easy Cash Code a Scam in 2019?

While I believe The Easy Cash Code or Ezcashcodeis not a scam I don't think it's a great program.

I think it's borderline as you do get some value for the few training guides and the Squeeze pages plugin.

You can make money with this system but you have to sell the program that you bought which is not a great program if you ask me it looks shady and the training is not so good.

Would I Recommend the Easy Cash Code?

I don't think I will ever recommend this program.

People these days are very suspicious and definitely won't buy a program that looks very cheesy.

With this system, it's very hard to earn an amount of money that is worth your time let alone $500 per day.

You have to spend a lot of money on the upsells that they don't even reveal on the sales page.

To make a living online you need to promote products that people love and trust

Everyone loves to shop on Amazon, in fact, they shop on Amazon like crazy because they trust it!

That's why I recommend This Amazing Training because it teaches you how to make money selling Amazon products that are proven to sell and convert!

What is your opinion on The Easy Cash Code?

Would you buy it?

Please leave your comments below to help people out with their decision!

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

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  • It should be a good program….
    However, because of the nonrefund policy I kept looking, and looking….
    Broke down and bought, they was going to put it in UOP and up the price.
    In I go. Then the big switch. Delays, delays… Now they want 44.95 to switch over.
    Something about paypal. Just a small amount… Okay, I am excited now. Plus \my sponsor is to send me some training stuff. Good to go, okay. Now nothing…..
    contact my sponsor. still nothing. I sent my payment thing in to try to get some help. Nothing….Seems they want me to pay and join again?? Silence is not golden.

  • Once you sign up you can refer but after a week even tho you send out your referral link you need to try and sign up your self with your link when you are logged out. You will notice payment is going to Reginald Stinson. The owner of the website. Complete con

  • Hi Anis

    While I tend to agree with your analysis and conclusions. I get turned off that almost everyone that I come in contact from WA always is knocking the other person instead of building themselves based on their own efforts and achievements .This seems to be a strategy used across the board by Wealthy Affiliate members. Personally I’m turned off by this approach.
    If I may add I have been a WA member in the past I’m not attacking them only this specific approach. All the best to u. gerry

  • Hey the young man. I thank you for sharing this valuable insight about ECC. I wish that I had the drive that you did when I was your age, I’d be well off right now. You will go long and far with the attitude and integrity that you possess.

    Warm regards, Jonathan

  • Thank you so much for the information. I tried joining the wealthy affiliate program you suggested but it doesn’t support my country, Nigeria.
    Please is any other genuine affiliate program similar to wealthy affiliate and that will support my country that you can suggest.
    Thank you so much.

  • It doesn’t sound like too bad of program but just the nonrefundable part is a bit of a turn off.

    I think there are many out there seeing the potential to sell off affiliate marketing programs but most them don’t have the support such as Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for your always honest reviews man.

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