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Is the Midas Legacy a Scam? (2022) Fake Promises Exposed?

Anis Founder of

By Anis Chity

September 2, 2022

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam

Welcome to my The Midas Legacy review! (Updated 2022)

Is the Midas Legacy a scam? Or an easy way to make money online like Jim Samson promises you in his letter?

In this full review, I'm going to share with you 7 UGLY red flags that make this opportunity look like a big scam.

So, read this review to find out the exact truth!

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam: Summary

Name:  The Midas Legacy


Founder: Jim Samson

Price: $27 + a $2.95 shipping fee + other fees.

Recommended?: No 

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam

What is the Midas Legacy?

Let me be honest first, of all the reviews I made so far, this one is the most confusing and shady among them.

When I researched about it, most of the sources talked about a certain video of The Midas Legacy.

It was difficult to find since it was not provided. Luckily, with my research skills, I was able to find it. You can watch it here

According to what I found, The Midas Legacy is a financial research service (or is it?), that was started by Jim Samson.

In the said video, Jim was talking about a way to earn money instantly in just minutes. According to him, it is not a pyramid scheme, not an MLM (Juice Plus, Cutco, Beachbody), not even a network marketing or gambling.

The only thing he stated was that you only have to push 5 buttons in your computer, then your back account will be swimming in cash.

Woah. That sounds awesome. But at the same time, VERY cynical.

Would you really believe that? Because to me, I would rather find other ways to earn money online

Quick Facts about The Midas Legacy

  • Earn the Inc. 5000 award in 2007
  • It is located at 1220 Winter Garden Vineland Rd. STE 108, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam: Who Started it?

The Midas Legacy was founded by three people. Namely, Jim Sheridan (Jim Samson), Jordan Bishop, and Mark Baker. Most scam company founders hide themselves behind fake names to avoid backlash and responsibilities.

However, the Midas Legacy founders are real people. Plus, they claim to be great financial advisors. 

So, this means that they can be trusted right? Well, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet.

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam: Products and Services

Apart from the monthly payment that Midas Legacy asks from you, they also offer other services which is also expensive.

  • Magic Words - This program cost $77. They claim that this program will help you get your life in order. However, this sounds like something you can find online for free. Furthermore, there are a lot of self-help materials online that does not require you to spend $77.
  • Retirement Underground - This program costs $27 and they claim this will help you secure your retirement life. Furthermore, they claim to give you a head start with this program. However, this program sounds like something that you can get online for free.
  • System 60 - This is a program that cost $297 and is a ten-part DVD series which they claim to teach you how to trade using their patent-pending system. Furthermore, they claim that this system has won 21 out of 21 deals. Which is a very ridiculous success rate.

How Does the Midas Legacy Work?

Robin Hood?

If you watched the video, then you probably noticed how over time, Jim already sounded like Robin Hood. I mean, look at this.

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam Time for payback

He is implying that this is our time to get back at them. Reap rewards from them.

Yup. Sounds like Robin Hood to me.

Furthermore, he has been saying things about how these rich people know a secret to get money in an instant, just like how magician's take something out from their hats.

Also, he stated that these ways of earning money do sound skeptical. However, that is what rich people want to happen.

They want us to stay doubtful about these stuff so that we remain ignorant about these methods. In this way, they remain rich and get richer every single day.

Lucky for him, he found the secret...

Bank Codes

In the video, Jim was narrating a story about how he was able to find out a secret in the bank he was working for.

He noticed that lots of secret transactions happen in the bank.

People only need to push 5 buttons in their computer and money will be added directly to their bank accounts. However, his boss told him to mind his own business.

Jim, being a very persistent person, still continued his investigation. So this time, he is Sherlock Holmes.

After a few days, he got asked to resign suddenly. And he didn't even hesitate.

But he was able to get a hold of the codes that the minority use to earn money in an instant.

Bank codes email

Notice the 5-letter codes in that email? Yes. That's what Jim was talking about pushing 5 buttons in his computer.

Apparently, these codes he was able to get from the bank, can give you hundreds of dollars immediately after you type them in your computer.

This sounds really funny. If this was true, lots of people would be rich now. But wait, it was supposed to be a secret, right?

He talked about how it should be a secret so that people won't be spreading word about it.

Also, he even said that he will do a screening test for each person who is interested to ensure that he can trust the person.

Jim is willing to give you these codes and tell you other secrets if you reply to him.

But this comes with a payment of $29.95

And in case you don't know, this is 100% legal, according to him. 

Is this true? Or is The Midas Legacy a scam? You will find out the answer in a while and it might shock you.

Magic Words

Apart from the secret codes that Jim talked about, I found out a letter from here. You can check it by clicking this.

Now, this one is 100x funnier than the first one. Magic words. That's all there is to it. Jim, is not only Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes, but he is a genie as well?

Wow. This Jim guy really sounds cool, right?

So, basically, what Jim is implying in that "letter" of his, is that you basically contact him or Midas Legacy.

Then he will provide you the MAGIC WORDS. Wow.

With those magic words, you can immediately earn lots of money every time you use them in any conversation or form of communication.

Be it when you talk with a friend or a loved on. Or even when you send an email to someone. 

The Midas Circle

Ah... The Midas Circle. It is the private club secret organization that Jim runs. Once you join it, you will learn all of the secrets he possesses to earn money.

Man, Jim is really a very secretive guy. Oh well, we can't really blame him. 

In fact, he wrote another letter about it. You can check it here

Encrypted Signals

The Midas Legacy Encrypted Signals

Alright, so this is another thing that I learned during my research.

Based on my source, there is another video from The Midas Legacy.

Unfortunately, this time I was not able to find it. However, I will still share to you what I learned.

In this video, the spokesperson is a different guy who goes by the name, Sean Bower. 

The video started by asking the viewer, "Hello, would you like to earn $443 a week before getting out from your bed?".

Well, well, well. Sounds like another "get-rich-quick" scheme, huh?

According to Sean...

You can earn money using these 3 steps

  • He will send the signal which you will read in your phone.
  • You input the signal into your phone EXACTLY how and where that signal tells you to.
  • GET PAID and you wait for more signals.

That really sounds so easy! But again, skeptical.

I know that Jim talked about how we can be ignorant if we keep on being skeptical. But seriously, would you even believe this?

What did he even mean by these signals?

He also emphasized that this is 100% legal, just like the "Robin Hood codes".

All you ever need is your phone and those signals. Then "easy money".

Oh and, did I mention that you have to pay $997 per year for this one? Yikes.

Is The Midas Legacy a scam? So far, it already sounds like it is.

Anis Chity

With this Program I can earn money WITHOUT any scams! This is 100% legit!

Is the Midas Legacy a Scam: Scam Signs

#1 It is a Fake Get Rich Quick Scheme?

A report was made regarding The Midas Legacy.

The Pasco Polica Department warned the public about a fake "get-rich-quick-" scheme, The Midas Legacy.

This situation alone, tells something about it. 

#2 There's no Such thing as Secret Bank Codes!


During my research, I found out that several people, did try it.

But in the end, there was never any code. Turns out that Jim's story was all made up.

Everything was just a lie. Jim and The Midas Legacy after all is just using internet affiliate marketing.

Behind these codes that you pay for, is just a training for affiliate marketing.

#3 Negative Reviews

Lots of people have already been a victim of this method. Some wanted refunds but they never got it.

These are two of the negative reviews that I was able to find.

Paid for nothin
Professional scammer

#4 The Hidden Income Disclosure...

Jim, wrote another letter which talked about how you can earn a thousand dollars each week.

He will give you a payoff password and then you can easily earn money. Again, the instructions are confusing like the others and very skeptical.

#5 Fake Endorsings

the midas legacy fake logos

The Midas Legacy even use fake logos to endorse themselves. Also, most of the companies in the picture above? They are not even associated with them.

This is getting too ridiculous.

#6 It's Pretty Expensive!

When I watched the video and read the letters, Jim sounded like a very wealthy guy for knowing those codes.

Why does he need to sell these codes and get from the people when he said stuff that implied he despises the fat-cats?

If he wants to help people, why does he need them to pay?

He contradicts everything he said in that video.

These products are very expensive. You have to pay $997 per year for the "signals" and $29.95 for the "codes".

Are you willing to pay for those when it is actually not even true?

Of course not!

#7 They have different Websites!

the midas legacy sales page
the midas legacy review

When I researched about The Midas LEgacy, it was so challenging and confusing because it has different websites!

So far, in all o the companies I wrote reviews on, most of them only have ONE website which contains everything about about.

But nuh-uh. This doesn't apply to The Midas Legacy.

Some of the websites include

  • Is the Midas Legacy a Scam: What I Like

    #1 They Offer some Affiliate Marketing Training

    Personally, one of the best ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing.

    All you have to do is to promote products.

    You can basically work anywhere, anytime. Plus, as time pass by, you can earn a passive income.

    That means that the works you did in the past, will keep on earning money, forever.

    Behind those codes and magic words that The Midas Legacy talked about is an affiliate marketing training.

    This is one thing I like about it.

    #2 They Respond to Members Complaints

    Even though The Midas Legacy is so skeptical and even received negative reviews, they are still very responsive to their members' complaints.

    You can check them here.

    Is the Midas Legacy a Scam?

    First things first, is The Midas Legacy a scam? The answer is yes.

    Even during the start of my research, I already had this gut that this is too good to be true.

    Although Jim noted that it is true, he just lied.

    All of those codes and magic words and "get-rich-quick" schemes made by the company and Jim are nothing but a bait to lure people into their affiliate marketing training.

    So far, the affiliate marketing training is good. You can earn money through affiliate marketing. In fact, that is what I do!

    However, the way they advertised or promoted this training by using false methods to lure people in, is not right.

    To me, they are probably targeting those people who are of old age, who can easily believe anything they can find on the internet.

    I feel bad for them.

    This is How I Make Money Online...

    With those things being said, if you are still looking for ways to earn money online, then hear me out.

    I have been working as an affiliate marketer for a long time now. I can say that it really works. In fact, I earn commissions just like this!

    I earn affiliate commissions regularly

    My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

    Although The Midas Legacy offers affiliate marketing training, I still wouldn't recommend them after all of those lies they made up.

    My best recommended affiliate marketing program is wealthy affiliate. What makes them better?

    • It offers you all of the tools and training you need
    • It has a helpful community waiting to help you
    • They have step-by-step trainings
    • Even offers you your own website
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  • Hi Adrianne Baylin,

    I can tell you what the codes are for. I can also send you the book if you want. I bought the program looking to supplement my income. I have the Robin Hood and like you said it is affiliate marketing. This group of scammers all out for one thing is to get peoples money.

  • Hello, Adrianne.This is so much a scam.  I wonder if his name is even real and how about that so-called Award back in 2007. Is the award actually real or is this just another thing he uses to get people to believe he is legit like how he uses other company logos?Midas Legacy is sooo bad I’m surprised you gave it 1 star but I guess that’s for the training they offer.Thank you for putting this information together.  This another scam I hope many will read about and run in the other direction.Your Best Choice IS the best choice to create a sustainable business that WILL generate a passive income and do it legitimately.  They give you all you need to be a success and you supply the work.Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it in the end?  ABSOLUTELY!Thanks again,Wayne

    • Thank you so much for reading my review, Wayne! Well, I don’t really think if most of the stuff that was said in the video is true. They may be using false statements about those bank secret codes, but they still give affiliate marketing training. I recommend Wealthy Affiliates though, because it is a lot better.

  • Hey Adrianne,First off, I love you’re sense of humor. (Now he’s Sherlock Holmes. Lol). Thanks for writing this. These get rich quick schemes are really getting out of hand. From the secret codes to the magic words this whole program sounds like a big fairy tale. It’s unfortunate there are so many programs like this out there taking advantage of people who are looking to make some extra money. Thanks for sharing. This was very detailed. I can tell you did your research on this. Thanks, Brian

    • Thank you Brian! I appreciate that. I know. I feel sorry for those people who got scammed. I think the majority of the people only paid for the “bank codes”. And by the time they find out it is just an affiliate marketing training, without even knowing what it is, their money goes to waste.

  • This one is tricky because using “secret” bank codes on the internet to get cash in your account just sounds sketchy! If it’s not your money how can you use a code to gain access to it? That’s stealing, isn’t it? Not sure if I would call this one a scam if you lose out on an opportunity to take what isn’t yours. Wouldn’t this Midas legacy just come off better as an affiliate marketing training platform? I wonder about the sanity of today’s society and the thought process that goes with the idea to make money. I’m glad you are exposing Samson and shame on whoever was looking for an easy way to get money.Good jobShannon

    • Hello Shannon! Exactly. The use of secret bank codes and those encrypted signals is too far from “affiliate marketing”. Very sketchy and confusing.

  • Hallo there Anis, I just heard about the program from a guy I sat next to in a restaurant and I just had to check it out for myself to be sure. As he told me the story, it seemed very believable but now I have read your review, I have been laughing all the way to the end.I sure can’t fall for such a blatant scam.If he was really secretive, he would have used the “SECRET codes” to make more money for himself and stop asking people for money.Also, if  bank codes really was a thing, he would have only disclosed it to people he knew (if he was that generous) not the public where the bank that made him resign can trace.I think a bit of reasoning is enough to identify a scam like this.

    • Hello Dave! Haha! I agree with you. The Secret Codes are not even that close to “Affiliate Marketing”. It is such a confusing way to promote it. Thank you for reading my review and I am glad it helped you.

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