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Farmasi Review (2022) Is it an Exciting Opportunity?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

June 18, 2022

Farmasi Review

Hello! Welcome to my Farmasi Review! (Updated for 2022)

A new MLM has surfaced currently and it is revolving around the personal care and beauty industry, called Farmasi.

It offers a business opportunity for you. You probably heard about it. Well, in this Farmasi Review, you will find out if it is worth it or if it is just another scam! Is it a pyramid scheme? Well, read on and find out!

Be sure to finish the whole review before making any decision to join them! Let's get started.

Farmasi Review : Quick Summary

Name:  Farmasi

Website: https://www.farmasi.com/

Founder: Dr. C. Tuna

Type: Beauty and Personal Care MLM Company

Price: One-time fee of $19.99, no monthly sales quota

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? You can try it out if you are interested in selling the products. However, the income potential is low.

Farmasi Review logo

What is Farmasi?

Farmasi Review website homepage

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care company that manufactures and retails products such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances.

Furthermore, it claims to offer a 'direct selling' initiative to people interested in earning money from selling Farmasi's products. This would enable people to generate income as beauty consultants while staying at home. 

However, as you proceed reading this review - you shall discover how Farmasi is actually a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company as opposed to direct selling.

Here's the difference...

Direct selling vs. MLM

When referring to a 'direct sales' model, it is wherein independent 'contractors' agree to sell the company's products to others. Through this, they earn a commission. 

Multi-Level Marketing is very similar. The slight difference is that MLM contractors also earn a commission if they successfully recruit more members for the company.

Seems about right, doesn't it? Both business models are legit and legal. As for a pyramid scheme... it's not.

Is Farmasi a pyramid scheme?

The short answer is: no. A pyramid scheme is a type of model that promises to pay its participants if they manage to recruit new people into the company. This type of business model is ILLEGAL - don't dwell on these.

Farmasi Review Pyramid Scheme diagram

Unfortunately, some pyramid schemes disguises themselves as MLM companies - pretending to sell a 'product or service.' When technically, pyramid schemes don't sell these. 

Luckily, Farmasi is not like these companies just mentioned.

Once you become a beauty consultant for the Farmasi, it expected that you promote and sell the products Farmasi has to offer. 

Furthermore, you could make some decent money just by selling for Farmasi. Moreover, consultants get a hefty 50% commission on anything they sell. That's massive, if you add it up.

You can learn more about pyramid schemes by watching the video below.

Can I be successful with Farmasi?

Success can be rare with MLM companies.

A latest survey shows that 73%-99% of MLM representatives lose money or earn no money at all. Yikes. 

But not every MLM enterprise is the same. 

Considering that Farmasi is still fairly new in the US market, there are no public general income disclosures - so it' not easy to tell if this is the case.

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With this Program I can make money without buying any products, I just promote other people products and earn commissions.

I don't have to recruit or hard sell.

This business is a lot more profitable than MLM and a lot cheaper to start!

The income disclaimer on Farmasi's website though estimates that the average revenue generated is $500-$2,000 annually. 

This sounds reasonable for an international company like Farmasi. So, unless you invest a lot of effort and time into marketing Farmasi's products, with a website or an online shop for example - there is still low income potential.

How does Farmasi work?

Farmasi offers a wide variety of cosmetic and personal pampering products perfect for men, women, and babies.

In addition, it offers common people the opportunity to earn money by selling their products to earn commission or recruiting new people into the company for added bonuses!

This is a strategy Farmasi applies to reduce its marketing and advertising costs. 

What a win-win situation: Farmasi profits, and so do you.

Farmasi Review : Products

It's important to note any MLM company's products before diving into promoting and selling. Furthermore, it must get you interested first.

Here is a list of its main product categories (with further classifications) Farmasi presents on its website:

  • Dr. C Tuna (beauty line) - hair care, foot care, mist, oral care, skin care
  • Makeup - body, face, lips, eyes, nails
  • Fragrance - men and women
  • Accessories - bags and hair
  • Personal care - hair care, personal care, cleansers, soap
  • Men - body wash, fragrance, and moisturizers

Majority of product prices range from $5 up to $50; however, most of these are under $20 (this is the original retail price - if you sign up as a beauty consultant, you'd get 50% off).

Farmasi Review product catalogue

The screenshot above displays the range of product categories offered on Farmasi's website. 

This range of products mirror that of other MLM companies like YoungLiving, Bellame, and SeneGence. However, what stands out with Farmasi is that their prices are VERY affordable.

Best Farmasi Products

As already pointed out, Farmasi has tons of products to sell. However, it isn't known for a core product that the company specializes in - this could be a good or bad thing for marketing.

Flagship products are popular with some MLM companies. Furthermore, companies use flagship products in order to publicly stand out in a vast market, but it can also be gimmicky and thus, not produced to be of great quality.

Below are the retail prices of popular Farmasi products:

  • Foundation: $22.90
  • BB Cream: $15.90
  • Liquid Lipstick: $11.90
  • Gel Cleanser: $14.90

The prices are very affordable. Given you could sell these to a couple family and friends, you'd surely earn a few hundred dollars a month with no problem. Better yet, if you advertise with a website set up, your income potential could be far greater.

It is also worth noting that the company originated in Turkey. It had to adhere to European standards of cosmetics; thus, it claims to have no harsh chemicals whatsoever (otherwise often put in makeup in the USA).

How to earn money with Farmasi?

Simple, be a beauty influencer! This means there are two ways you can get paid to work for Farmasi:

1. Sell products and earn a commission

2. Recruit people into the company and receive bonuses

How much does it cost to join Farmasi?

With a one-time fee of $19.99, you become one Farmasi's registred beauty influencers/consultants/representatives and get your starter kit!

Furthermore, Farmasi does not require a minimum "sales quota" to stay active as an influencer. In addition, they do not collect monthly fees. 

That's it.

Farmasi U.S.A. Kits

Starter Kits: $19.99

  • Welcome letter
  • Dr C Tuna guide English
  • Dr C Tuna guide Spanish
  • FARMASİ opportunity brochure
  • Catalog English 2 PCS
  • FARMASİ Catalog Spanish 3 PCS

Product pack: $49.99

Farmasi Review Product Pack

Activation product pack: $125 ($340 worth of products)

Farmasi Review Activation Product Pack

Welcome product pack: $200 (Over $500 worth of products)

Farmasi Review Welcome Product Pack

The starter kit must be purchased in order to be considered a Farmasi beauty influencer. Furthermore, the following expansion packs are optional. 

Remember, you get a 50% discount for any additional product packs.

Farmasi Review: Compensation Plan

Normally, it is simple to work with a direct sales business model - the company will pay you for every product you sell. 

However, this compensation plan proves, without a doubt, that Farmasi follows an MLM model - which is not in fact the same as the 'direct sales' it claims to be. 

These are the seven specific ways to earn money with Farmasi:

  1. Personal sales (50% commission)
  2. Online sales (50% commission)
  3. Welcome program (incentives to receive free products within your first 4 months)
  4. “Building your team” program ($40 bonus when 2 members join your team and each accumulates 125 Personal Volume [PV] within one month)
  5. Personal bonus (extra % bonus for your downline sales)
  6. Group bonus (extra % bonus for your team's sales)
  7. Leadership bonus (extra BIG bonuses for your downline sales and your team getting promoted)

To clarify, you get paid not just commission from products but BONUSES for recruiting new members and the success of your downline sales. Sweet!

You may view the in-depth Farmasi MLM Compensation Plan here.

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Farmasi Review : Lawsuit

I have searched online for any legal actions or warnings against Farmasi; however, I can't find any, which is a great plus for Farmasi. Unlike some MLM companies like Revital U and Valentus, which have received warnings from the FDA.

Is Farmasi a scam?

No, it is not a scam.

Farmasi has been transparent with regard to its payment scheme and what to expect as the company's beauty consultant overall. Furthermore, its products are clearly delivered and offers a wonderful chance to earn money working from home. 

However, aside from the misleading direct sales notion, no crazy claims give potential members the assumption that they could make thousands instantly with Farmasi. This will highly depend on how much work you put in.

Farmasi Review: Pros 

1. Farmasi is gaining traction

Since the company entered the US market in 2019, its been on the rise. This is definitely the best reason to consider Farmasi as an up-to-date business opportunity. If you invest now, you'd be an 'early adopter.'

Check out its the performance on Google:

Farmasi Review Google performance

It is compared to similar large MLM companies, namely:

Okay, it's not commonly searched as Arbonne. But with the rate it is going, Farmasi is undeniably on the rise and could catch up or even surpass Arbonne soon enough. 

Moreover, unlike Farmasi, these other companies have long endured and are sure to lose momentum. In conclusion, you can expect that it won't have any drastic spikes in the near future, as we can assume from the data.

2. Highly-rated, affordable products

Unlike many MLM companies that sell insanely expensive products, which is cheaper to purchase on websites like Wish or Amazon - Farmasi stands out here again. 

Its products are generally under $20 (again, 50% less if you are a registered beauty consultant).

Farmasi Review highly rated products

Furthermore, Farmasi is cruelty-free! It does nor test its products on animals nor are there any animal-derived ingredients in them. For a company to be cruelty-free, it's rare - especially since 30+ makeup brands still test on animals to this day.

3. Farmasi's longevity

While the Farmasi brand was founded in 2004, it has been a part of the founder's work since the 1950s. They've got a lot of expertise.

Farmasi Review history

So, you do not need to worry about this start-up eventually losing traction and dying out - have no fear! 

Around the globe, Farmasi maintains a track record in 125 countries. Its newest addition, of course, is the US.

And judging from the positive reviews Farmasi receives in other countries too, we can certainly expect the company to stick around.

4. Fixed on selling products, NOT recruitment

As we discussed, some MLM companies are pyramid schemes in disguise. They desperately cover this up by claiming to sell a random product to appear legit. Don't fall for that.

However, Farmasi has a well-structured commission system - 50%!

Let's say you manage to recommend ten people, who collectively buy $500 worth of Farmasi products from you. According to the 50% commission scheme, you would be able to pocket a hefty sum of $250 - half of what you made! 

As suggested, setting up a website to sell these can be a way to double or even triple your profits. With a wide reach in advertising, you could be consulting for Farmasi 24/7.

Farmasi Review Monthly Group Volume
Farmasi Review Monthly Group Volume 2

5. No sales quota

This is a huge win for Farmasi! Many MLM companies require you to meet a monthly quota in sales to stay 'active.' 

However, Farmasi allows you to sell at your own pace without the worry of being stripped of your 'beauty influencer' status or stocking up on the inventory. 

Just do your best, and sell with no worries.

6. It is cheap to join

Basically, if someone can spend more than $40 on makeup, they might as well become a Farmasi beauty consultant since it only costs $19.99 to join!

Even though they do not have any interest in becoming a beauty consultant, becoming a member can give them a 50% discount on the products! Very affordable.

Farmasi Review: Cons

1. MLMs are risky business

In a study conducted by FTC, 99% of MLM recruits end up losing money. Furthermore, it is also revealed in the same study that 95% of the recruits leave within 10 years.

Farmasi Review MLM study

Obviously, Farmasi is an MLM despite it claiming to be a direct selling enterprise. You are not only being paid for the products you sell, but for recruiting people into the company. (Not that this is a bad thing, you just have to be aware.)

Again, if you take selling to a website or other social media platforms and manage to gain a lot of visitors - you have massive income potential! You could even figure out ways to monetize your platform thru other ventures. 

But... the harsh truth is: if your strategy is to approach family and friends personally or host "Farmasi parties" - consider yourself lucky to earn $50 a month.

2. Low income potential

The Farmasi Income Disclaimer can't provide any numbers for the USA... for now.

Instead, they merely gave out an estimate of how much beauty influencers can make annually (which isn't looking too good)...

The average annual gross revenue for Entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. Please note: These numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building an Farmasi business, which could exceed the commissions received.

This income range isn't the type to compel you to "quit your job and work from home." If that's what you want, perhaps Farmasi isn't a good option... unless you know how to pull it off!

3. Competitive market

Ah, the beauty industry. It's evey brand against every brand. 

All at the same time thousands of start-ups try to infiltrate the market, hoping to be the next IT cosmetic line. However, the reality is, this industry is run by a dominant few. 

No matter how cut-throat the competition is, no one can deny the fact that the beauty industry is worth approximately $532 billion. If Farmasi can establish a high reputation in the USA, there is ample money in this market.

4. Review complaints

Farmasi has just been introduced in the USA; yet, its former beauty consultants are already forwarding their complaints.

Take a look at this...

Farmasi Review Complaints

Yikes! Customer service needs to address this, as these provisions for buying selected products from their catalogue could become a serious drawback later on. 

Fingers crossed, these concerns and issues will be recognized and resolved by Farmasi ASAP.

5. Tricky Return-policy

Guaranteed, Farmasi's return policy is bound to be troublesome for its future customers and beauty influencers.

Farmasi Review Return Policy

After reading and re-reading, it's not clear as to what its return policy explicitly states. It can be interpreted that the company only allows 80% refunds, rather than the full 100%.

Farmasi hasn't been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) yet, but you can already predict the endless complaints regarding its return policy. 

Unless Farmasi will change its return policy, people will be really annoyed if they don't get that full refund.

6. Lack of online marketing training

Just because Farmasi grants its beauty consultants ready-made websites to sell their products - from there, you're on your own. 

Furthermore, you will receive no training or guidance whatsoever to properly market Farmasi's products online. 

The truth is... that $19.90 can only get you a Farmasi booklet. Without the skill of online marketing, your business is headed for nothing.

Farmasi Review: Conclusion

To conclude this Farmasi Review, let me express my personal opinion about this MLM company.

Currently, I believe that Farmasi is one of the best MLMs out there. First, Farmasi is still starting out and is on the early momentum phase. Second, its products are surprisingly affordable and reasonably priced.

Apart from that, being a member of Farmasi does not require you to meet any monthly sales quota unlike the others! And yes, the compensation plan is quite good.

However, let's not forget that it is an MLM and it is in the business model's nature that it can be hard to actually earn money. However, you are always welcome to try it out! If not, you can always start earning money online. Read the next section to learn how to do it properly!

Thank you so much for reading my Farmasi Review! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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