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Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly (These Are 100% Legit!) (2020)

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By Anis Chity

December 2, 2019

Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

Hello! Welcome to my "Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly" article!

In the world of earning money online, there is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the best.

Moreover, to most people, there is nothing better than programs that pay weekly or daily! But in this article, I will give you the free affiliate programs that pay weekly.

So if you are interested, you better read the whole article and let me know what you think afterwards! Feel free to leave them on the comment section below.

Without any further ado, let's get started.

Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

As promised, this list will contain free affiliate programs that pay weekly! Check them out.

Max Bounty Logo

Its name is pretty self-explanatory as Max Bounty is known for being generous to its affiliates. Max Bounty is a gold mine where you can find countless opportunities and niches. 

After your registration, you will verify your account via phone interview. Then, you start working.

Max Bounty is mainly about accessing a global network of marketing channels to increase sales. Moreover, it includes leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action deemed essential to evolving your brand. 

As an affiliate, you search your preferred top campaigns and bookmark them. An affiliate manager is assigned for everyone. This Affiliate Manager is shortly known as “AM” and you would have to meet him.

He provides consulting services whenever you need to have a perspective in choosing advertising campaigns. He also assists you in making promotional strategies. 

Max Bounty supplies a convenient and rich dashboard so they can update you with the newest and most trending campaigns. This advancement will help you track your earnings too.

Any affiliate can make a lot of money through Max Bounty because they are very generous and reliable of their remuneration.

And if you have done greatly at your job and are willing to be a regular affiliate, you will be labeled as “exceptional”.

If you help them generate more sales, you earn bigger commissions too so it’s a win-win situation for all. 

They are not limited to a single country because according to them, they work universally. They pay weekly with added incentives.

Adwork Media logo

AdWork Media is basically a performance marketing network that operates globally providing content monetization tools for publishers & developers.

Their global scale, proprietary platform, and scholarly support team gives a sublime experience for publishers and advertisers.

This program has a Mobile Monetization Plan that you can use to monetize your apps and websites, if you have them.

With this network, you are able to numerous mobile-friendly affiliate campaigns varying on your traffic.

As mentioned, AdWork Media has a support team whose function is to review your content and traffic. They assist you in finding the most effective monetization solution in converting that will consequently maximize your earnings.

Like Peerfly, AdWork Media uses Moreso as their Mobile Affiliate Network which claims to provide the best platform for traffic that comes with high commissions, intended to any country based on their devices. 

Furthermore, AdWork Media lets you link to their inventory of mobile-friendly campaigns directly as well as import mobile campaigns from their real-time API feeds.

The S2S Postback & API Tracking will ring conversion notifications whenever there’s a lead.

Information such as commissions earned, IP address, country, tracking IDs and other credentials will then be sent to your website or application for every successful click your audience makes.

 As an alternative, you can also use automated mobile monetization tools like “Offer Wall”, “Content Locker” and others to completely support your mobile and desktop traffic. 

AdWork Media pays either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Some of these payouts are quite competitive. It works globally for over 200 nations worldwide with countless advertisers.

It also supports any traffic from any mobile phone or tool. Some mobile optimized campaigns accept traffic from any type of device. With this, you can effectively monetize traffic. 

Additionally, its web design and tracking contributes to its mobile-friendly feature in signing up and enables you to use it immediately. These free inherent links extremely will then assist your CPA.

Anis Chity

With this program, you can earn 4-figure affiliate commissions monthly!

Moreover, it can provide you training and tools that can really improve your affiliate marketing business!

PeerFly logo

Simply put, Peerfly is a CPA network. Not to confuse with CPA as in Certified Public Accountant, in this context, CPA stands for “Cost per Action”.

Basically, Peerfly takes account the affiliates for numerous online merchants. They are a network, which is totally different from an affiliate program.

A network is more vast than a program because a network is like a marketplace of many different affiliate programs. 

Being vast, you are faced with a lot of opportunities from which you can find the perfect niche that suits you. They have over 2000 offers that you can advertise.

Their in-house proprietary tracking is very impressive and they cater to the needs of their customers very well, for instance, they can address complaints when they need to.

Peerfly offers several modes of payment including Cost per Sale (CPS), Cost per Lead (CPL) and Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS).

Their payment system is quite flexible as they allow you to choose whether you’ll get paid bimonthly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily via Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards. 

Peerfly uses a dashboard that’s similar to WordPress. It turns out that Peerfly gives free training tools for their new members so that they’re well-accommodated.

It is also available universally so more people from around the world can become affiliates.

They claim to be ready with anyone who’s willing to work online. If you’re interested, you will apply and your affiliate publisher application is reviewed in a span of 3 days.

Then, your custom tracking will start immediately once you’re approved or hired. 

Additionally, you will garner rewards if you prove to be a successful affiliate at advertising, special programs and contests through their program, Moreso. If so, you will be notified via email. 

Peerfly is dedicated to provide the best of their services to their customers and their affiliates. By their earnings, it is quite clear that they also intend to maximize their revenues through offering countless opportunities to their affiliates.

Entice Cash logo

Entice Cash is an affiliate marketing program whose mission is to promote webcams and send as many new paying guests to their partner model's cam room as possible.

When you become an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote their product, which is webcams, all around America, Australia, Britain and Canada. 

If you’ll use social media to place your referral ad codes, then you would have an advantage since you’ll have more chances of attaining new paying guests. They would mostly be social media followers who use PC accessories.

For every referral who will buy, you generate up to 15% commission. Plus, you get a $10 bonus if there are new users, that is, for every one who will open an affiliate account with Entice Cash.

They pay weekly, every Monday but it varies on how you can refer customers to their top-partner.

Bottom Line

Well there you have them! They are the best free affiliate programs that pay weekly so far.

As time passes by, more programs will emerge and I will make sure to update this article by that time! So stay tuned.

I hope that this article helped you. Always choose the programs that coincide with your niche so that everything will be easier.

Thank you so much for reading my "Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly" article! If you have comments or questions, leave them in the comment section below!

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