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Increase My Bank Account – SCAM Warning!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 10, 2017

Increase my bank account scam

I was reading some emails the other day and one email, in particular, caught my attention

It said that I will be earning thousands of dollars by simply sparing 60 minutes per day

It was called Increase My Bank Account after I had a closer look at this website

It was crystal clear to me what it’s all about

I reviewed another product called 37 Clicks you will laugh when you see how similar they are 🙂

Increase My Bank Account – Quick Review

Name: Increase My Bank Account

Website: Increase-my-bank-account.com

Price: $97 + hidden costs

Owner: Unknown (They Usually use Fake Names)

Years in Business: New Product

Verdict: Scam

Before You Spend $97

They claim that Increase My Bank Account is going to cost you only a one time fee $97

What they don’t tell you is you will be going through quite a lot of upsells

Where you will have to spend thousands of dollars

The worst part is their training doesn’t work and it’s completely rehashed.

To learn more info about this scam please read the full review

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What is Increase My Bank Account Exactly?

Increase My Bank Account Review

Increase My Bank Account is a scam that is been changing names and websites every time it got exposed as scam

It’s a link posting scam where you are promised to make money by posting links on social media

Here are some similar link posting scams I have reviewed before

Feel free to click on them and see how similar they are

They claim they are going to help you make $379 per day by simply posting links

What is Posting Links?

Posting links is when you get your own affiliate link from the company you are promoting and you post it somewhere so people will buy so you earn commissions

Whenever someone buys from your affiliate link you get paid

The real name and legit business is called affiliate marketing which is when you sell other people products through your link

Increase My Bank Account Link posting

Can You Make Money by Doing Link Posting?

You can make money by posting links as long as people buy from those links

But the problem with this type of link posting that Increase My Bank Account teaches you,

is not going to make you money


Because Increase My Bank Account teaches you to post links to social media groups and other random places

This strategy used to work and people used to make money doing that

But nowadays it’s seen as total spam

Facebook and many other social media sites don’t tolerate spam and you will be kicked out as soon as you get caught doing that

People Don’t Buy from Spammy Links

To make money posting links you need to own your own website where you help people with useful articles, that’s how you start a real online business and make money while you sleep.

Because the articles you write will make you money forever as long as they are regularly updated to stay relevant

If you want to start a real online business that actually makes money

I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate ( FREE TO TRY) they have an amazing training and community

They even Say it’s a Rare Opportunity!

Increase My Bank Account

Increase My Bank Account says that link posting is a rare opportunity where you will be making thousands of dollars

Affiliate marketing and post linking is something that people have been using to make money since a very long time

Affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia was born in 1989

So it’s hardly rare or new

So is Increase My Bank Account going to Make You Money?

I can guarantee you that Increase my Bank Account is not going to Increase Your Bank account

In fact, it’s going to actually decrease it

Their training is rehashed and I have seen it in different products

It’s so confusing that I can tell the authors have zero intentions in helping their clients make money

They want to make money for themselves only

Increase My Bank Account – What is the Real Price?

I have reviewed this scam over and over and I know how they fool people into believing it’s going to cost just a little one time fee.

First of all this scam gets your email address

They get thousands of email addresses then they sell them for a profit to other people

Secondly, since they have access to your email list and other people emails

They will be promoting to you scams left and right hoping you buy them

If you trust Increase My Bank Account and their recommendations you will easily waste thousands of dollars

Without earning a dime!

They Keep Switching to different Websites

If you invest in Increase My Bank Account you will be basically investing in a website that will disappear anytime soon

This happened a lot of times

These sites keep changing their website and design all the time

At the time of this writing

There are three different websites with the same title

Increase My Bank Account not legit

  • The first one is this one increase-my-bank-account.com
  • The second one is increasemybankaccount.org
  • The third one is Increasemybankaccount.net

With that said I’d not invest in a program that is going to disappear soon or switch names.

Increase My Bank Account is a Scam

Unfortunately, this is NOT a program that I’m going to recommend

It’s a fake system with rehashed training

They teach you to post links to random websites which is total spam

Nobody wants spam so there is no money to be made from Increase My Bank Account

If you are looking for a realistic way to make money online

Check out Wealthy Affiliate (FREE TO TRY) training it’s an amazing training to learn how to make money selling other people products!

Your Turn!

Would you buy Increase My Bank Account?

Did you get scammed by them?

Make sure you leave comments below about your experiences and thoughts!

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

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