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Is Advocare an MLM? (The Answers You Seek Are Here!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

May 30, 2019

advocare review

Welcome to my Advocare Review!

Is Advocare an MLM? This is a common question asked by people who have encountered the company.

Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day because I have written this review just for you!

We will discuss the company from top to bottom and answer all of your questions.

Attention: I am only giving out my best and most honest review about Advocare. I am not bashing or promoting it.

With that being said, let’s get started!

Advocare Quick Summary

Name: Advocare


Founder: Charles E. Ragus

Year Founded: 1993

Type: Multi-level marketing (As of May 17, 2019, Advocare changed from being a multi-level marketing company to a single-level marketing company, effective on July 17, 2019)

Products: Dietary supplements and personal care products

Price range: $20 -$80

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? No

Advocare We Build Champions


What is Advocare?

Advocare is a company that sells dietary supplements, as well as personal care products.

A Kansas City Chiefs football player, Charles E. Ragus, had an aspiration to create high quality nutritional products.

When he retired from professional football, he worked as a vice-president for a major insurance company. Furthermore, while working in the multi-level marketing company, Herbalife, he started his own home-based business.

After months and years of acquiring experience and learning the art of selling and marketing, he was able to start his own company, Omnitrition International in the late 1980s with another man, Roger Daley.

However, this company faced a lot of issues which led to the creation of a new company, Advocare. Charles started it in 1993, in the city of Plano, Texas. 

According to him, he chose “Advocare” as the name of the company because he was an advocate who cares.

How creative of him. Ever since then, the company grew exponentially, selling nutritional products and dietary supplements.

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Advocare Products

Advocare products

Having a wide range of weight loss products, dietary supplements and sports nutrition, Advocare makes sure to live up to its name, helping people be healthier and achieve their best bodies.

Advocare has 5 product lines, which can be advantageous to the distributors because they can provide their customers with a wide range of options of products to purchase.

The product lines are the following:


Advocare created this product line to help their customers practice the best weight management together with proper nutrition and exercise.

Some of the products under this brand are:

  • MNS E
  • Advocare Slim
  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • Advocare Catalyst
  • Crave Check SR
  • Active

    This product line focuses on bestowing the customers with lots of energy to fully enjoy any kinds of activities, hence the name, Active.

    Some of the products under this brand are:

    • Spark
    • Advocare Rehydrate
    • Advobar
    • Advocare Slam


    The Well product line takes care of the wellness of the customers. According to Advocare, Well products focuses on helping the customers with stress, digestion, nutrition, as well as the mind.

    Some of the products under this brand are:

    • Sleepworks
    • Advocare Core
    • AdvoGreens
    • Advocare Glow
    • Advocare Cleanse

    Performance Elite

    For those who are into building muscle and doing intense workouts, the Performance Elite brand is for you!

    It focuses on improving the recovery of the customers after working out, the enhancement of the performances of customers, and of course, it helps in building muscle.

    Some of the products under this brand are:

    • Bodylean
    • Biocharge
    • Advocare Arginine Extreme
    • Nighttime Recovery
    • Advocare Muscle Fuel


    The Fit brand was designed to help customers who has workout routines.

    Most of its products help in improving the recovery rate, as well as fueling the bodies of the users before, during and after exercising.

    It is like a sister brand of Performance Elite.

    Some of the products under this brand are:

    • Pre
    • Intra
    • Post
    • Ready-to-Drink Protein

    Advocare Programs

    Advocare One80

    Advocare does not only provide supplements and products. It offers 3 different programs to its customers, depending on what kind of result the customers want.

    These three are:

    • 24-Day Jumpstart

    • Slim and Trim

    • Advocare ONE/80

    To learn more about Advocare products and programs, click here.

    How can you earn money with Advocare?

    Advocare’s business model is a multi-level marketing. Yes, I guess that answers your main question.

    However, there are more things to discover about Advocare. Want to know more about it? Then continue reading.

    As an MLM, Advocare’s compensation plan has ranks. Each rank has a designated amount of money it can earn, as well as bonuses and other things it can get.

    The higher the rank, the better things you can get. Moreover, since it is an MLM, you earn money by establishing a downline.

    Compared to other jobs which you can do at home, MLMs like Advocare, Herbalife, Beachbody, Optavia, and many more require a lot of effort.

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    Compensation Plan

    Similar to almost anything, we all start at the bottom. When you work in Advocare, you start by becoming a distributor. A distributor has only 2 ways to earn income;

    • Retail profits

    • Wholesale commissions

    However, when you reach the Advisor rank, you can start earning from the 5 ways of earning income in Advocare.

    These are the following;

    Retail Profits

    You earn money by selling products at retail. When you work in Advocare, you get a 40% discount when buying their products.

    If you sell those at its retail price, then surely you earn the 40% discounted price.

    Wholesale commissions

    This method pays you 20% commission whenever a customer purchases an Advocare product from your website.

    Override Commissions

    The Advisor rank and above are the only ones who can acquire this source of income in Advocare.

    Override commissions depend on the product sales of your downlines. This commission grows as your team grows.

    Leadership bonuses

    Reaching the level of Silver rank, you can earn leadership bonuses.

    Incentive, trips and other bonuses

    Other incentives and bonuses that the company gives to its employees

    The compensation plan of Advocare is a bit complicated and I won’t go too much in detail about it.

    However, if you really want to learn about it, then feel free to watch the video below.

    You can also download the policies and the compensation plan of Advocare here.

    Advocare Red Flags

    #1 Controversies

    Advocare has been in the market for a very long time. Over the years, it acquired some controversies of its own.

    One of these was when the Olympic swimmer, Jessica Hardy was banned after tested positive of clenbuterol, which is a breathing enhancer.

    The swimmer stated the she doesn’t even know what it is. However, she confessed that she has been taking the Advocare product, Arginine Extreme, which she received for free from Advocare in exchange for product testimonials..

    Another one was when Advocare got a lawsuit because of deceptive trade practices and mistreatment to two of its distributors.

    If you want to learn more about the controversies involving Advocare, click here

    #2 Compensation Plan Con

    Although Advocare offers a lot of ways of earning income, its compensation plan still has cons.

    A huge percentage of its distributors fail to earn money. Personally, after reviewing a lot of MLM companies, this situation happens all the time, mainly because of how the business model is structured.

    Based on my research, in the year 2015,

    • A huge 71.5% of distributors made NOTHING

    • Over 9% of distributors only made 0.1 to $50

    • 9% made $50.01 to $250

    #3 Health consequences

    I stumbled upon a couple of complaints and reviews online from customers stating that instead of helping them be healthy, they actually got health problems.

    While exploring and learning about the products, I found out that most of its products contain at least one soybean product, as well as dairy and nut products, which can cause allergic reactions. Additionally, customers complained about having blood pressure problems, stomach pain and glucose spikes.

    Also, I learned that some of its products that claim to help customers lose weight, contain laxatives. Which means that it only loses water weight which can lead to dehydration.

    What I like about Advocare

    #1 Lots of ways to earn income

    Like I said above, the compensation plan of Advocare offers a lot of ways to earn income.

    It just depends on you whether you will work hard enough to acquire those. Most importantly, you will need patience.

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    #2 Sponsors, Endorsements, Memberships

    Over the years, Advocare has gain some popularity. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

    Moreover, the company sponsored a lot of various huge sports activities such as the Independence Bowl and the Texas Bowl, as well as NASCAR teams.

    Also, Advocare is endorsed by famous people in sports including the NFL’s Philip Rivers and Drew Brees.

    #3 Compensation Plan Pro

    Although the  Advocare Compensation Plan did not work well with other employees, there still had been successful stories with it. Some of these are the following:

    • Danny and Diana McDaniel (1997), earned over $34 million

    • Rodney and Danita Creech (2010), earned over $620,000

    • Zach and Krysta Huckabee (2013), earned over $230,000

    #4 Great products

    Advocare products use vitamins and supplements that are USP grade.

    That means that the products are guaranteed to have some certain amount of potency.

    Also, these products are manufactured properly. Furthermore, according to them, their products do not contain any banned substances (except for that one time that happened with Jessica Hardy. Lol)

    Is Advocare an MLM?

    After researching carefully about it, yes, IT USED TO BE AN MLM. That’s right, you read it correctly.

    But before, I want to emphasize that you can already distinguish it as an MLM just by looking at the structure of its compensation.

    Also, I don’t think it is a scam or even a pyramid scheme, which is illegal. Advocare is legit and it offers real products and just do not focus on recruiting to earn money.

    If you want to learn more about MLMs and pyramid schemes, watch the video below.

    Advocare Business Model Revision

    During my research, I was able to find out that on May 17, 2019, Advocare announced that they are changing their multi-level marketing compensation plan into a single-level compensation plan.

    What made them do this? Advocare did this to save the company. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the company talked about complying with the FTC MLM regulations.

    If Advocare won’t follow it, they will be shut down. The changes will take effect on July 17, 2019.

    What does this mean?

    When this change will take effect, the current distributors in the company that have large teams of distributors will be affected.

    That is because their commissions will only be earned from the downlines they made. They won’t be able to earn commissions from the downlines that other members recruited.

    Basically, you only earn commissions from personally recruited members. You can read about it here.

    Personally, I think you can earn money from working in Advocare, even with this change. However, I don’t think it is enough to pay the bills.

    Working in this company requires a lot of time and effort, with only a small amount of income. Are you going to take your chances?

    Because if I were you, I would indulge in other ways to earn income online, like affiliate marketing. If you want to learn about it, then keep on reading below. 

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