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Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme? The Surprising Truth Here! (2022)

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December 26, 2022

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Welcome to my "Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme?" review! (Updated for 2022)

Have you just encountered a person telling you about how good Bemer is to the point that you are being recruited and promised a good source of income from home. Or maybe you just saw a Bemer advertisement and got presented with promising claims.

Either way, before you make any decisions, you should read this Bemer review to find out everything about it. Is Bemer a pyramid scheme? Or is it legit? Here are the answers that can clear all of your questions.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme: Quick Summary

Name:  Bemer


Founder: Peter Gleim

Type: Health and Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $290 for membership fee and $144 every year

Rating: 1/5

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme

What is Bemer?

Bemer, also known as, Bemer Group, is an acronym of Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation, which is an MLM company the provides medical devices. It was founded back in 1988 in Liechtenstein.

Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation is also a therapy process that was developed by Dr. Wolf A. Kafka. This is implemented in the Bemer devices.

Since then, the Bemer Group has been researching and developing products that are formulated to help its clients attain a stronger and healthier body. Moreover, Bemer has medical devices that focuses on improving blood circulation.

Apart from the products, Bemer has a business opportunity to offer its clients. You shall find out about it later on.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme: Products

Bemer has a wide variety of products. So I will just introduce you to the best-selling ones. Here are they:

  • Bemer Classic Set - This set includes 2 applicators, a control unit, and a signal tester. It costs $4,290 and can help in improving your blood circulation and oxygenation, making your blood flow much better.
  • Bemer Pro Set - for $5,990, this set includes 4 applicators, a signal tester, and a control unit. Moreover, this is Bemer's flagship product. According to them, this is an all-around and complete device due to the fact that it can improve your health by providing nutrients and minerals, and making your blood circulation a lot better.

2022 Product Update: Below, you can find the product set they currently offer.

  • Bemer Essential Set - This set costs $4,990 and contains everything you need to improve your health for just 8 minutes, twice a day. Furthermore, this set has all the tools you need to use their device anywhere, even in your car.
  • Bemer Equine Set - If you own or like to ride horses, then this set is for you. Bemer now has a product line for horses to improve their health. According to their research, a lot of horses suffer from back pain and thus can be a big problem. So, they made this product set to help owners and riders improve the health of their horses. Horse owners can get this product for only $5,240

I must admit, the devices sound unique (and expensive). However, you should know that the health and wellness niche is very saturated. Meaning, you have to compete against a lot of MLM companies. Some of them are:

Can you earn money with Bemer?

Yes, of course you can. However, if I must be honest, the income potential is very low, which makes it not worth it. Just by the fact that it is an MLM, unless you are good at selling and recruiting, you will end up losing money in the long run.

Furthermore, I searched up any Income Disclosure Statements to really see how much Bemer's representatives make, I found nothing. Bemer did not release any statements since it started.

How can you earn money with Bemer?

If you are really confident that you can find success in Bemer, then here is how you can earn money with them. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Sell Bemer products and earn money from each sale you make
  • Recruit other people to become Bemer representatives and you earn commissions from their sales

Just to clarify, you will not be compensated for just recruiting people, rather only when your recruits make a sale.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme: How to Join

To be able to earn money with Bemer, you should pay the membership fee that costs $290. Moreover, there is an annual fee that costs $144. Lastly, you need to purchase a Bemer product for you to use or sell. Remember, the cheapest Bemer product costs $4,290!

This means that you will be spending a lot of money if ever you become a member. Unlike most MLMs, Bemer does not have a monthly PV requirement, which is good. But you still need to pay $144 annually and purchase those expensive products.

Having expensive products tend to give you a harder time to sell them. But on the bright side, selling expensive products mean larger commissions.

Bemer Compensation Plan

The Bemer Compensation Plan is kind of difficult to comprehend because of the fancy and technical words being used. But like I said earlier, there are only two ways to earn money with Bemer: sell products and recruit people. With that, here is a simplified version of the compensation plan.

  • Direct Sales - For every product sale you make, earn between 17% to 28% commission, based on your rank.
  • Residual Commissions - For every product sale that your recruits make, earn between 1.5% to 9.5% commission depending on your rank and your recruits' ranks.

Is Bemer a scam?

No it is not a scam. It is a legit MLM company with legit products. Furthermore, Bemer does pay its representatives like it promises. But the issue is that it has a very low income potential with expensive costs. In the long run, people will lose money, especially if they don't work hard to sell and recruit.

This is why there are some people who will label an MLM as a scam.

Is Bemer a pyramid scheme?

pyramid scheme is a business model that does not involve products and selling. Instead, you only need to recruit people to earn money. It may sound easier than MLMs but it is illegal and very unsustainable. That is why it is nearly impossible to earn money with pyramid schemes. Only the owners benefit from it and most of the revenue of pyramid schemes comes from the representatives.

Is Bemer a pyramid scheme? Well, technically it is not since it does offer products. Moreover, you can earn money just be selling alone. But there are instances wherein MLMs are actually pyramid schemes in disguise. Is Bemer one of them? You shall find out in a while.

Bemer Customer Reviews

Below, you can find customer reviews from Bemer customers.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme Review 1
Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme Review 2

Also, here are some positive reviews:

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme Review 3
Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme Review 4

It looks like there are a lot of opinions about Bemer. However, when you look on the dates of the positive feedbacks they are posted on the same date with also the same date of experience. Unlike the negative reviews which has years in between. However, this could just be coincidence.

Good news is they are a BBB accredited business with an A+ grade. However, their customer review is only 2.33 out of 5 stars based on 15 customer reviews. You can read more about the customer complaints on BBB here.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme: Pros and Cons

Bemer Pros

#1 It has been in the industry for a long time

Knowing the fact that an MLM has been operating for more than 5 years, it is a sign that it is not a scam. If it was, the FTC would have already shut them down. Since 1998, Bemer has been providing products and services to people.

Bemer Cons

#1 Expensive products

Even though the products sound cool, you can't deny the fact that they are very expensive. If you were a representative, do you think it will be easy to find a customer who is willing to purchase a 4-figure cost medical device that does not even have any scientific claims? I don't think so.

#2 It is expensive to be a member

A representative is required to purchase those expensive products to become a member. Plus, don't forget the membership fee and the annual fee! If you can't successfully make sales, well, you will end up losing money!

Remember, you are here in the first place to earn money, right?

#3 False and misleading claims

Bemer made claims that their technology is what makes them stand out among the other MLMs. However, this type of technology is very common. Moreover, these devices are made to improve the blood circulation, right?

You can do this by just having regular exercises, taking nutritional supplements that are way cheaper than these expensive products.

#4 Pyramid scheme in disguise

Yes, it is a pyramid scheme in disguise because majority of the revenue of Bemer comes from the representatives, who are required to purchase the products. It is safe to say that Bemer's customers are mostly comprise of their representatives.

Moreover, the expensive products is a trick to make representatives resort to recruiting people in hopes to have a better and decent income with Bemer.

Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme: Final Verdict

Now let me conclude this Bemer review by giving my honest and final verdict. There is no chance that I will recommend you to join Bemer and hope that you will have a source of income with it.

It is way too expensive and the chances of losing money is very high. Moreover, it does not have any income disclosure statements, which means it lacks transparency of how much representatives averagely make.

But it is not too late for you to earn money from home. You can check out my top recommended method below. It is a lot better than MLMs and the income potential is great.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Bemer A Pyramid Scheme?" review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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