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Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme? (Another One Exposed!) (2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 5, 2020

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme?" review!

Whenever we encounter an ad, post or anything that informs you about a work from home opportunity, naturally we would be intrigued to learn about it.

That is probably how you ran into Jeunesse, if not its products. Well, this company does have a business opportunity for you. However, it does not mean that it is the right one you must take.

In this Jeunesse Review, you will receive all the information about Jeunesse and will greatly affect your decision!

Before joining, you should read this review first and find it if Jeunesse is legit and worth it. Or the answer to the question, "Is Jeunesse a pyramid scheme? Let's get started.

Jeunesse Review Quick Summary

Name: Jeunesse


Founder: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $29.95, $199.95 to $2,299.95 and 60 PV per month = ~$90 per month

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No

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What is Jeunesse?

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme website homepage

Let's start this Jeunesse Review with a brief background information. What is it?

Jeunesse is an MLM company in the Health and Wellness industry started by its founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in 2009.

The word "Jeunesse" is French, which means "the time when you were young". This supports the whole focus of the company. Jeunesse aims to help people look and feel younger with its skincare products and dietary supplements.

Apart from this, Jeunesse also provides a chance for you to earn money with them. The video will tell you more about this.

Jeunesse Products

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme products

Now before we discuss the business opportunity, we shall go over Jeunesse's products since it can also help you. 

Jeunesse sells various anti-aging products, skincare products and nutritional supplements. Here are some of its main products.

  • AM & PM Essentials ($139.95) - Multivitamins Supplement
  • NV (meaning "Envy") ($55.95) - Mist Facial Spray
  • Instantly Ageless ($74.95) - Facial cream for hiding fine lines, eye bags, pores and wrinkles for 6 to 9 hours
  • Luminesce ($44.95 - $137.95) - Skincare products for restoring
  • M1ND ($137.95) - Supplements that can reduce mental distraction and support your memory
  • ZED Bodi ($21.95 - $399.95) - Health drink
  • FINITI ($144.95 - $289.95) - Supplements
  • RESERVE ($137.95) - Antioxidant fruit juice
  • NEVO ($71.95) - Energy drink
  • Naara ($41.95) - Collagen drink
  • MONAVIE ($175) - Health drink
  • MX20 ($85.95) - Blend of 70 trace minerals, humic acids and black organic fulvic
  • RevitalBLU ($137.95) - Botanical blend of blue-green algae, aloe vera, coconut water powder and sea buckthorn berry
  • RVL ($34.95 - $199.95) - Haircare system

Although Jeunesse has an impressive range of products, you must take note that it is not the only MLM company in the Health and Wellness niche.

There are others such as Vyvo, Ariix and Arbonne. This means that Jeunesse has a lot of competitions. However, is there something that makes Jeunesse stand out? That's where its flagship product comes.

Jeunesse Flagship Product

Jeunesse's flagship product is the Instantly Ageless eye-bag cream remover. Moreover, the diagram below provides a clear representation of Jeunesse's real focus on helping people feel and look younger.

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme Product line

Another way to check if it really stands out is to search up reviews of the product. So far, Jeunesse's product have positive reviews online.

How does Jeunesse work?

Jeunesse is an MLM company, which means that it operates similary to the other MLM companies out there.

Basically, they offer products to their customers. At the same time, they have a business opportunity. People can join and sell their products to earn money.

Moreover, the MLM companies can save money on advertising and marketing since these people can sell products for them. So it is a win-win situation.

Can you make money with Jeunesse?

The short answer is yes, you can make money with Jeunesse. However, this does not mean that you can pursue it.

Based on Jeunesse's 2014 Income Disclosure Statement, 98% of the representatives earned less than $2,000 for the year. Apart from that, you need to spend $1,309.90- $3,409.90 per year to "remain active". 

With that information, at least 98% of the representatives lost money. I am not really surprised since most MLM companies really have a low income potential. This business model also requires a lot of hardwork in selling and recruiting.

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Ways how to make money with Jeunesse

In Jeunesse, there are two ways for you to earn money.

  1. Sell their products
  2. Recruit people (earn commissions from their sales)

It is important to know that you will not earn money by just recruiting people. That is against the rules and FTC will shut down any MLM companies that do that.

Pyramid schemes practice this. The only way to earn money with pyramid schemes is by recruiting people. No selling of products involved.

How to join Jeunesse?

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme how to join

To join Jeunesse and become one of it distributors or representatives, you only need to purchase a starter pack. You can choose between the $29.95 package or the $49.95 one.

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme product pack

Afterwards, you will also be encourage to purchase a product pack. The price range is $199.95 to $2,299.95. These packs have products that you can sell.

However, these are not the only expenses that you need to make!

Jeunesse Monthly Cost

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme Be Active

In order for you to earn Team Commissions and other bonuses, you must have the status, "Active". To do this, you must have 60 PV (Personal Volume Points) every month.

As you can see above, you are encouraged to set a 60 PV autoship every month. Failing to do, you will be suspended. With this, you have to set up a standing order for a product that costs around $90!

All in all, your total expenses for your first year in Jeuness is the following.

  • $29.95
  • $199.95 - $2,299.95
  • $90 x 12 months

Total expenses for the first year = $1,309.90 - $3,409.90

Also, this cost does not include the marketing costs, as well as training.

Jeunesse Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are usually so difficult to understand. So, I will share a simplified version in this section. Jeunesse's compensation plan has 7 ways for you to get paid.

Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan

If you are still having trouble understanding the compensation plan, no need to worey. There is just basically two main ways for you to earn money: sell products and recruit people.

Moreover, did you notice that 6 of those ways in the compensation plan require recruiting? Well, this is a red flag and you will know why in the next section.

You can also check out the video below to learn more about the compensation plan.

Is Jeunesse a pyramid scheme?

First and foremost, a pyramid scheme is a business model that only compensates you for recruiting people. This is illegal and unsustainable. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to earn money.

Only the owners and the people at the top of the scheme can earn money. Unlike MLMs, pyramid schemes do not have any products or selling involved.

Is Jeunesse a pyramid scheme? Technically speaking, no it is not. There are products to sell and you can get compensated. Moreover, you won't be earning money by directly recruiting people.

However, there are ways wherein an MLM are actually pyramid schemes in disguise. They do this by giving more attention in recruiting people. It is similar to the compensation plan, right? 6 ouf of 7 ways in the plan involves recruiting people!

In fact, Jeunesse received several lawsuits accusing it of being a pyramid scheme! However, it was settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

Is Jeunesse a scam?

Jeunesse is not a scam. It provides legit products and actually pay you like it says it will. However, a lot of people tend to join a business opportunity in an impulse. They do not bother researching and gathering information about it.

This is why most people tend to lose money. In the next section, you will find out the pros and cons of Jeunesse.

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Jeunesse Pros and Cons


  • Products have positive reviews
  • It has been around for quite some time
  • Distributors are given a free replicated website for selling
  • Quite affordable to join


  • Products are expensive
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise
  • Received a lot of lawsuits
  • Hidden monthly costs
  • Low income potential
  • It is under a downward trend

Final Verdict

To conclude this "Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme?" review, it is time for my final verdict.

If we talk about its products, Jeuness does good in that field. Moreover, they are all reasonably priced. And of course, they garnered online positive reviews.

However, if we talk about the business opportunity, I highly do not recommend you to join and pursue it. Yes it does pay money.

However, its income potential is so low. In fact, in the long run, you will end up losing mone, just like the 98% of the distributors in 2014. Moreover, Jeunesse has a huge number of competitions and is already in a downward trend.

If you are really interested in making money from your home or online, check out my recommendation in the next section.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Jeunesse A Pyramid Scheme?" review! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

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