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Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme in 2019? (Here are 3 Ugly Truths!)

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By Anis

May 16, 2019

Juice Plus Reviewed

Welcome to my Juice Plus review!

Have you ever encountered Juice Plus?​

If you did, you were probably astonished by its colorful and creative posters or its attractive advertisements.

Then you were probably considering on purchasing the products.

But wait! Stop right there! 

Have you even thought if it's actually worth it or if it is actually effective? Of what if, it is just another scam and will just lure you to another pyramid scheme?

 (Don’t have any idea what the pyramid scheme is? Worry not my friend because I will tell you about it in the later part of the review. I got you?)

Juice plus really boasts on how it could improve your health and it is very important to really check it out first before trying it out.

We are talking about our health, after all, and of course our money. So buckle up and sit tight and be ready for my Juice Plus review

(Seriously, a review. I am not promoting it nor bashing it).

Juice Plus Summary Review

  • Name: Juice Plus
  • Founder: Jay Martin (National Safety Associates)
  • Cost range of products: $80 - $350
  • Type: MLM
  • Recommended? NO
Juice Plus Reviewed

What is Juice Plus?

Produced by the National Safety Associates, otherwise known as NSA (don’t mistake it as the National Security Agency), Juice Plus is a brand name of a dietary supplement line. 

Most of its supplement products contain vegetable and fruit juices that are concentrated and are also fortified with the addition of more vitamins and nutrients.

Juice Plus claims that its products can further help one’s body to be healthier and to acquire more nutrients that it needs.

NSA calls it “the next big thing to eating fruits and vegetables”. 

Think of it as an “all-in-one” product since that it contains 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

When it was introduced in 1993, It was said that it produced sales of 6 MILLION USD PER MONTH! That is a lot.

Juice Plus Products

Before moving on to the next part, let me tackle the product line of Juice Plus to give you guys a quick comprehension of what they sell.

Here are two products that they sell.

  • JUICE PLUS+ FRUIT, VEGETABLE, AND BERRY BLEND CAPSULES (Full payment: $313.50 per box containing 2 jars with 240 capsules each)

juice plus products

This product is the one that I mentioned above, according to the NSA, each capsule contains nutrients from 17 different fruits and vegetables.

This product can provide you with the complete and best nutrients that your body needs. Juice plus make the capsules by extracting the juices of fruits and vegetables.

Afterward, the juices are dried and mixed together to create the blend.

Each blend contains the juices of following fruits, vegetables and berries listed below:

  1. Fruit blend - apple, orange, pineapple, cranberry, acerola cherry, peach, and papaya
  2. Vegetable blend - carrot, parsley, beet, broccoli, kale, cabbage, tomato, and spinach
  3. Berry blend - concord grape, pomegranate, blueberry, bilberry, blackberry, elderberry, raspberry, cranberry, and blackcurrant

Furthermore, all of these supplements add more nutrients and vitamins such as:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Carotenoids
  • Soluble fiber (glucomannan)
  • Enzymes
  • Dried probiotics
  • Folic Acid
  • To have a better grasp of the ingredients and the nutritional facts of the Juice Plus blends, click here.

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    • JUICE PLUS+ COMPLETE (Full payment: $271.20)

    The Juice Plus Complete product is a whole-food based drink. It comes in two flavors; Dutch chocolate and French vanilla.

    The drink is made up of all-plant sources such as pumpkin powder and sprouts, just like the other product, this one also contains a lot of nutrients that your body can benefit from.

    The company claims that this can fill in the gaps and help you maintain and even improve your healthy diet.

    I guess it is living up to its name, Juice Plus Complete.

  • The Juice Plus+ Complete contains the following ingredients:
  • Spirulina
  • Broccoli Sprout
  • Radish Sprout
  • Alfalfa Sprout
  • Vegetable Protein Blend
  • Sugar
  • Fiber Blend
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Pea Protein
  • Pomegranate
  • Fructooligosaccharides
  • Rice Bran
  • Oat Fiber
  • Citrus Pectin

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
  • Niacin
  • Gum Arabic
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Guar Gum
  • Lecithin
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • To have a better grasp of the ingredients and the nutritional facts of the Juice Plus+ Chocolate, click here.

    To have a better grasp of the ingredients and the nutritional facts of the Juice Plus+ Vanilla, click here.

    Is Juice Plus A Pyramid Scheme?

    is juice plus a pyramid scheme

    In the reviews above, you often read the words “pyramid scheme”, well, in this part let me briefly explain to you what a pyramid scheme is. 

    A pyramid scheme is a business model, wherein business owners recruit new members by telling them to buy their products first. 

    When they are already members of the business, they are told that they can earn money by promoting their products and recruiting new people to become members by using the same method, purchasing their products. 

    As the pyramid scheme grows, the new recruits will have an increasingly difficult way of earning money due to the fact that the number of new recruits expands exponentially, making it harder to find new people to recruit.

    The owner gets richer, while the members lose their money each day.

    Hence, the pyramid in the name, because of this, the pyramid scheme is unsustainable.

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    Can You Earn Money With Juice Plus?

    Some of you out there probably do not just want to purchase Juice Plus products, but you want to earn income from it too, right?

    Before we dive into that, continue reading as we will investigate Juice Plus and is it really legit.

    I did some digging and I was able to find the compensation plan of Juice Plus.

    Below is a figure that shows the levels of being a member of Juice plus and all the benefits and incentives you can earn on each level.

    juice plus compensation plan

    Clearly, being a National Marketing Director has a lot of benefits.

    But did you think it would be so easy to be on that level? Remember, that is the top level.

    Businesses like this were never designed to be this easy, you should be able to recruit a lot of people to be on the top.

    You have to surpass all of the levels before the top.

    Ways To Earn Money With Juice Plus

    There are four ways of earning money in Juice Plus. ​

    Based on the figure above, these are;

    1- Retail Sales Profit - You can simply earn money from the difference between the price you paid to purchase to products and the price that you charge for your customers.

    For example, if you bought a box of Juice Plus products for $150, you can sell it to your customers for $180. That means that your retail profit is $30.

    2- Commission - Every time you buy products from Juice Plus, you earn points. Yay! Sounds like a game, right? But no.

    It is isn’t. Anyways… As you earn more points, you get to climb to a new level (the one shown in the figure). 

    The higher the level, the higher amount of commission you receive. 

    Let’s take time to look at the figure above.

    At first, you will be a distributor and you can only earn money through your sales profit. 

    Once you acquire 2000 points per month, by selling products, you get to advance to the next level, direct Distributor. 

    If you get to earn 12000 points, then congratulations!

    You will be promoted to Sales Coordinator and can start earning 22% of commission, which is the maximum percentage that you can earn in Juice Plus.

         3- Bonuses - If ever you are doing great in your job, you will get to                              receive bonuses.

    • If you were able to reach the Virtual Franchisee level in just 60 days,you can receive a 5% bonus and an additional $250.
    • If you were able to reach the Sales coordinator level in 6 months, you can receive a 5% bonus and an additional $500.
    • If you were able to reach the Senior Sales Coordinator level in just 12 months, you can receive a 5% bonus and an additional $1000.
    • The SC to NMD levels get to receive a 4% promote out bonus.
    • The SSC to NMD levels get to receive Business Incentive Bonus.

           4- Benefits - In all of the levels, only the NMD gets to receive the benefit                  package. This package includes health, dental, disability and many more.

    Everyone who wishes to join Juice Plus and earn money with it, you always start from the bottom level.

    However, there is like a cheat code or a shortcut, anyone can get to immediately become a Virtual Franchisee.

    3 Juice Plus "UGLY"Red Flags!

    #1 Juice Plus Is Very Expensive

    Juice Plus products are super expensive, you will probably lose more money than earning money.

    For example, one box of Juice Plus Fruit blend costs $81.68 per month, and if you aim to reach the top level, which is very difficult, you will end up losing more than earning.

    Also, this is a sales job, you will be selling the products to people, It will take a lot of convincing and great marketing to make sales, considering the expensive price of the products.

    #2 It is very difficult to earn money with Juice Plus 

    In addition to the one mentioned above, earning money with Juice Plus is very challenging.

    Based on my research, making money with Juice Plus, as well as other MLMs is hard because of its business model.

    Furthermore, by utilizing the 5-step MLM evaluation introduced by Dr. Jon Taylors, it states that Juice Plus will only give people an “amazing” 1% chance of earning money. 

    It's unbelievable...

    That is unbelievable, Juice plus was designed to earn money.

    Even though you think that you will be working with them, you will actually just be another customer, purchasing their products and helping them earn more money.

    That's why I prefer affiliate marketing because it's simply easier to earn with this online business opportunity!

    #3 A Lot Of Negative Reviews

    While I was researching about Juice plus, I bumped into a couple of reviews, both made my professionals and customers regarding the products.

    Below are some of the reviews made by customers.

    juice plus complaint
    juice plus negative review

    In addition to these, I came upon a review from ancestral-nutrition, whose sources are doctors and dieticians, according to the review, Juice Plus products contain all kinds of fruits and vegetable juice extracts. 

    However, one problem is that these products contain folic acid, this acid is the synthetic form of the mineral, folate, which is a naturally occurring water-soluble vitamin B that is found in food. 

    While on the other hand, due to the fact that folic acid is synthesized, our bodies will have a hard time absorbing it. According to a study.

    “…in the Journal of the American Medical Association — suggesting that all the extra folic acid might increase your odds of developing cancer. “

    "The more we learn about folic acid, the more it’s clear that giving it to everyone has very real risks,” says folic acid researcher David Smith, Ph.D., a professor of pharmacology at the University of Oxford in England.”

    “Folic acid and B12 supplementation were associated with a 21% increased risk for cancer, a 38% increased risk for dying from the disease, and an 18% increase in deaths from all causes.”

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    The Good Things About Juice Plus

    #1 Positive Reviews

    It has its own share of positive reviews too.

    Below are some of the reviews made my customers and members of Juice Plus.

    juice plus positive review
    juice plus good review

    I was able to read a review of a dietician regarding the pros and cons of Juice Plus.

    According to the review, Juice Plus is good because of the fact that it doesn’t contain any isolated vitamins. It is all fruits and vegetables. 

    #2 Great Products

    Some customers of Juice Plus have commented about how ineffective the products are and how it couldn’t help their bodies recover from different kinds of illnesses.

    Regardless of that, Juice Plus products are still whole-food based supplements which are proven to contain different kinds of nutrients and vitamins.

    Furthermore, it is made up of fruits and vegetables, It will never be better than the real fresh fruits and vegetables.

    However, it can be a great alternative to those who do not prefer to eat the real versions.

    Also, keep in mind that the supplements were never designed to cure you of different sicknesses.

    #3 Juice Plus Has an A+ BBB Rating

    Amidst all of those negative reviews regarding its products and how it is a scam, Juice Plus still received a great BBB rating.

    juice plus bbb

    #4 It is a well-established company

    Juice Plus started in 1993, for an MLM company, it is impressive that it was able to survive all through these years, still functioning and running as of 2017.

    Juice Plus was ranked 32 among other businesses, having a revenue of $720 million, 600 employees and 24 markets.

    Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme Or It's Worth It?

    After all of those careful research and review about Juice Plus, it does look like a pyramid scheme, you have to recruit and recruit more people in the business to climb up the ranks and earn more money.

    And let’s not forget, you also have to buy their products.

    But, in my research, I was able to read about an Amway Ruling that happened in the year, 1979. You can read about it here.

    Amway managed to avoid the pyramid scheme.

    This led to other MLMs like Optavia, Beachbody & Evolution Travel to do the same thing.

    Even though you have to recruit people to earn money, in the end, you still have to sell their products, which is just a plain old sales job.

    So what is the Final Verdict?

    Overall, their products are great.

    They have their own fair share of positive and negative reviews.

    However, it is up to you whether you will try it out or not. 

    And no, Juice Plus is not a pyramid scheme

    But you can’t take away the fact that it is very difficult to earn money with it.

    Additionally, based on my research, only less than 1% will succeed.

    Are you really going to take your chances on that?

    If you want to sell whole-food based supplements, then sure, you can join Juice Plus.

    However, if you are really looking for opportunities to earn money with Juice Plus, it is not for you because you will likely lose more money than you intend to earn!

    And don’t forget the effort and the time that you will invest in recruiting new people and selling the products.

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  • Hi Anis, I must say that this review is very helpful and full of the necessary information. I actually heard about Juice Plus and honestly, I was suspicious at the beginning which from what I have read here results I was right. MLM is not bad but I know that there are much better opportunities out there to earn money online.

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