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Is Rory Ricord a Scam? What About these RED Flags?! (2023 Review)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 16, 2023

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Is Rory Ricord a scam

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? (Updated for 2023). Recently I came across this site called Rory Ricord and I saw a lot of people wondering if it’s legit or a scam. Therefore, I thought I would check it out and see what is all about.

Just for clarity sake, I did not buy this product. RoryRicord.com website looks legitimate on the first impression but when you dig deep you will see some bad signs.

Without any further ado let’s get started with this Rory Ricord review

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? Summary Review

Website: roryricord.com

Founder: Rory Ricord

Type: Blogging, WordPress & social media training.

Is Rory Ricord a scam

Summary: Rory Ricord is a training for people who want to create a website that makes money. In this review I explain how this program works and give you different reasons (with proof!) why it’s a shady product to avoid!

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

What/Who is Rory Ricord?

Rory Ricord is an internet marketer that owns RoryRicord.com and many other sites which I am going to mention further down in this review.

He stated on his website Roryricord.com claims that he is going to teach you how to make money online doing link posting.

Rory also owns another website called brunettemarketing.com which is another link posting training for people that want to work from home.

Brunette Marketing belongs to Rory & his wife Tanya and this site is not a BBB accredited business and looks it’s being flooded with complaints from members!

The Brunette Marketing website redirects people to follow the training on the other Rory Ricord sites like blogwihrory.com and the Blogging for cash with Rory program.

He has claimed that he has invented the “link post blogging” which is going to help you make money faster. Later in this review I’m going to talk more about link posting blogging and show you how it actually works!

Rory Ricord has created lots of online programs that teach link post blogging, but unfortunately, most of them are confirmed scams. I’m going to show you some of his biggest scams and complaints as we move forward with this review.

If you want to learn more about Rory Ricord and his scams, just watch this quick video below!

How Does Rory Ricord Work?

Rory Ricord is supposed to teach you how to make money creating a basic WordPress website that should help you make money with:

There are a lot of video walkthroughs which are free and after you finish them you will be learning this:

  • How to start a basic WordPress blog
  • Choose a niche like dating or computer games
  • Fill your page with loads of affiliate products & ads
  • Send traffic to your blog & start doing the link post blogging technique.

Your website will look something like this.

rory ricord review

Now that we know how Rory Ricord works, I’d like to talk about the training process. Then, his link post blogging technique which he calls VERY effective & proven to give results!

Anis Chity

Click the image above to learn how I make $$ while traveling the world.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? The Rory Ricord Training

In the Rory Ricord members are there are tons of videos and very long posts that are going to teach you different things like:

  • How to create your WordPress affiliate site
  • How to familiarize your self with Clickbank & Clickpartners
  • Blogging for cash with Rory
  • How link post blogging works
  • How to create offer pages for your blog
  • & a lot more!

On their website, there are over 90 videos to watch and like 20 long blog posts to read. I personally found the Rory teaching style to be VERY long and boring. Some of his videos are 1 hour long.

rory ricord review

They also have a weekly call training which according to members it’s an expensive upsell and the support team is VERY rude and unprofessional.

Their weekly call training focuses a lot on link post blogging which I explain how it works below.

What the Hell is “link Post Blogging“?

So link post blogging is a term you hear a lot in the Rory Ricord training. Rory claims that he invented this and it’s a 100% effective way to make money.

But unfortunately, after you go through the training you realize that link post blogging is nothing but just posting the same ads.

Rory recommends you to post ads on sites like:

  • classifiedsforfree.com
  • advertigo.com

When you start posting ads on these websites you will realize that you’re just wasting your time. Furthermore, you have to keep doing it religiously whilst hoping to make a sale!

Here’s what an actual member of Rory Ricord had to say about link post blogging!

rory ricord review

As you can see link posting is NOT an effective way to drive traffic and make sales!

If you want to build a money making website I recommend you to build a site by using your passion for your niche. Furthermore, you have to optimize it to drive traffic from Google as I do with my site!

You clicked on my site from Google or Bing right? As you can see this is an effective way to drive traffic to your site!

You can learn all of this from the same training that currently makes me over $10k a month from home

The Rory Ricord 1 on 1 Support

In his sales page, Rory mentions that you are going to get 1 on 1 support and access to 7 days a week phone and Skype support.

The Rory Ricord training focuses a lot on the 1 on 1 support and weekly calls; however, I have read many reviews online from actual members that say Rory Ricord is very rude and even some of his staff.

Some members were asked for their credit card budget and were asked if they could invest it in other businesses

There’s a complaint from one member who explains how he got scammed by Rory Ricord, who asked him to invest and do business with Game Loot.

The Rory Ricord student invested $1000, which was stolen as he explains on the Ripoff Report website.

rory ricord review


rory ricord review


Looks like Rory is trying different ways to earn a quick buck from his members!

How Much Does Rory Ricord Cost?

The price is $97 (one-time fee) and $28 every three months to cover your hosting, SEO, and website maintenance.

However, there are many other hidden costs and upsells that Rory does not even talk about in the free videos.

But since you’re reading this review I’m going to uncover everything for you.

The first thing I’d like to say is there are different costs for example if you sign up to Rory Ricord from the Brunette Marketing site it’s $97 but if you join the RR program from an ad the price is $67.

Keep in mind that the prices change VERY often that’s why its very confusing just like their training!

So after you pay the $97 or $67 you’re going to be asked to pay a fee to get your website installed.

Spend Money on a FREE Domain? What?

Your website will have a domain name that looks like this 2RRR7.siterubix.com this is itself a big scam alarm because you’re paying for a FREE Siterubix domain name that you can get for free!

If you just click the image below you’re going to get for FREE:

  • A free siterubix website
  •  FREE training for newbies
  • Support & help from a big community of members.
  • Tools to make your website successful!
  • & More!


So why pay money to get a free domain name while you could click the image above and get even more Siterubix features for free?

You’re Buying a Website with COPIED Content!

Basically, Rory is selling you a website with a domain name that looks VERY spammy!When was the last time you bought a product from a website with a domain name that reads “RRR478?” Well, these are the kind of websites you’re going to buy from Rory to make things worse these websites come with COPIED content.Every RR member is buying the same website with the same content the only difference is a different domain name!A website with copied content has NO chances of getting traffic from Google as my website does.So with the Rory Ricord websites, you’re missing out on TONS of high quality and FREE traffic!Instead of free traffic from the search engines, Rory wants you to spend even more money on these 3 methods to get traffic to your site!

Invest TONS of money on Paid Traffic!

Rory Ricord wants you to spend $500’s every single month on paid traffic. Well, paid traffic is a reliable way to get traffic but there is a problem.

The traffic you buy needs to convert into sales and that’s not easy! If you’re NOT offering any value to the traffic you’re buying, they are not going to buy anything which will result in spending money on nothing!

As I explained above no one is going to buy or trust a website with copied content and a spammy domain name!

Rory Ricord suggests buying traffic from sources like:

  • Bing Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads

These websites are legit but they are NOT going to generate sales since the Rory Ricord websites look VERY spammy! We all know how much paid ads websites are risky!

If your website is not converting traffic into sales you’re going to waste a huge amount of cash!

If you want to create a legit website from your passions then I recommend you to use the same program that newbies like you and I can use to generate generous monthly paychecks!

Get Backlinks from Authority Websites

Rory Ricord also wants you to buy backlinks from authority websites to increase traffic.

Backlinks are simply getting other websites to link to your site so you get traffic. However, there is nothing wrong with buying backlinks in this case (since your site is not SEO focused)

The problem is I don’t think any authority website would want to link to a spammy looking website full of ads.

Did I mention how expensive it is to get backlinks from authority websites?

Increase Rankings with Google Authorship (Outdated Info!)

Looks like Rory Ricord is teaching you stuff that used to work in the past!

In the training, Rory wants to sell you a service that DOES NOT work anymore.

Google authorship used to be a metric that Google uses to rank your content. If you have a decent Google authorship status it means all your content is going to rank well and be trusted by the search engines.

The idea of Mr.Rory is to get you to pay someone and post your articles under their Google Authorship profile which will allow you to get traffic and sales.

But there is a big problem here!

Google Authorship is DEAD in 2014.

rory ricord review

Even if Google Authorship was still on business, no one will ever risk their Google authorship status by publishing content that links to these spammy websites.

So in a few words, you’re paying for a service that Google has stopped back in 2014!

Below you’re going to read about even more 6 red flags on why you should avoid the Rory Ricord program!

Here’s how I make over $10k a month at 28 of age, traveling the world and enjoying life by building legit websites Im passionate about!

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? 6 Rory Ricord Alarming Red Flags!

1) Link Post Blogging Doesn’t Work

Link posting is something overused by scammers.

It just doesn’t work.

Scammers do link posting on legitimate classified ads and employment sites to steal innocent people’s money. Most scammers teach people they recruit to spam those sites with their products.

I’m not saying that Rory Ricord link posting is a scam but honestly when I hear the word link posting I only think about scams.

Just a do a Google search and you will learn more about link posting.

When you buy his link post blogging he will try to sell you a more expensive program called Rory Ricord Fast Track Training which claims to make you reach your goals faster.

This is by the way another upsell I forget to mention, click here to check out the other costs involved with Rory Ricord.

2) Brunette Marketing Is not BBB accredited

Brunette Marketing is a company owned by Rory Ricord if you check their profile on BBB you will see they are not accredited that doesn’t mean they are a scam.

But there are complaints out there asking for money and honesty, BBB says that Brunette Marketing failed to respond to the complaints, which is quite concerning.

Update 9/5/2017

This sounds very strange, in the BBB in one single day 5 positive reviews popped up saying how amazing the program is. Kind of suspicious.

Update 10/06/2017

A new program called 37 Clicks seems to belong to Rory Ricord but the program is presented by a fake name ” Kelly Scott”.

The program promises easy riches and it comes with fake checks and endorsements.

Rory Ricord 2019 BBB Update (Even More Complaints!)

in 2019 there are even more complaints on the BBB page of Marketing Brunette.

Here are some of the complaints which are still not resolved by Rory Ricord!

rory ricord complaint

rory ricord complaint

UPDATE 2022!

On the BBB page of Brunette Marketing it seems like they have lots of positive rating. With a rating of 4.46 out of 5 you might think that they can be trusted right!

Well that is if you ignore the fact that they are rated F by the BBB and still not an accredited business.

Maybe they bought some of these positive reviews?

3) Rory Ricord is behind Some Scam Sites

This one is actually a big red flag.

Rory Ricord owns a couple of sites that are scams which are:

One guy on Youtube did a video review of Profits Master Academy and said it was a scam.

He received a bunch of comments from people that were scammed by the program. Check out the video. You will also find Rory Ricord himself replying with a ”rude” comment.

His sites are very similar to scams I have reviewed before like:

Rory Ricord 2019 Review Update!

rory ricord review

I have just discovered a new scam by Rory Ricord it’s called Online Income, it’s just another bad link posting program.

If you click on the orange link above you will read about Rory using fake advertising tactics & even paying FAKE testimonials to lie and say they made lots of money from his site!

Rory on this scam even promises people the same $500 money back guarantee and the 1-1 support!

4) Unhappy Customers

If you had a look at those comments on that Youtube video, the RR BBB profile, and his other programs, you will notice there are a bunch of dissatisfied members.

RoryRicord complaints

In the video description, there is a link (blogwithrory.com) if you click on it you will be taken a sales page where you will be sold on his program.

But right away I noticed there are some new logos.

Have a look at the screenshot below!

rory ricord fake news logos

I review scams all the time, and all of them use the same exact news logos to fool people, just visit any of these channels official sites and type Rory Ricord in their search boxes you won’t find any info!

I was Threatened by Rory Ricord!

Rory Ricord has personally threatened me and asked me (with total rudeness) to remove this review or he would sue me.

He does not sound like a professional person at all.

I had talks with a lot of people who used to be his clients say that he is very rude, his staff also!

Definitely, I’m not taking down this review because I only share my personal opinion, and this is the internet and anyone is free to say whatever they want.

Rory is better off creating some more valuable training rather than just insulting people and lying to them!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know how honest I am with my reviews. I say things exactly like they are and I’m NEVER biased.

Yes, I do promote my stuff here but I’m honest with my reviews! Just click around on my site and see.

This review is negative because honestly, the Rory Ricord program is bad! It’s just the truth, Rory!

08/07/2018 More Negative Reviews

I have noticed a lot of reviews and complaints about Rory Ricord are popping up like crazy. The average loss at Rory Ricord is $288.

Rory Ricord reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews (which are a lot more than the positive ones)

negative rory ricord review

You can read all the RR negative reviews on PissedConsumer.com

Rory Ricord & the Constant Demand for Money!

Looks like Rory Ricord is continually asking his members for their credit card info and constantly offering them expensive products to buy. Let alone the more expensive upsells and hidden costs I have talked about earlier in this review!

I have read many reviews where RR staff calls the members and asks them to invest in some expensive stuff like MLM programs or sometimes even illegal pyramid schemes!

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? The Bogus $500 Income Guarantee!

If you don’t make money with Rory Ricord in 90 days there is a money back guarantee.

But money RR members have confirmed that there is a huge catch in the refund policy.

Many people complain about not being able to get a refund from the upsells.

But the catch is if you want your money back you need to prove that you actually went through the training.

So far no problem, you have to prove to Rory that you have promoted your blog on 25 different websites.

The second catch is to be eligible for a refund, you have to be approved by Google Adsense. We all know it could take up to 5 months to get your Adsense account approved because the Adsense team is so picky!

That’s if, you get approved because Google Adsense does not approve blogs with copied content!

Here’s what the Google Adsense guidelines says about copied content!

rory ricord review

source: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348737?hl=en

Can You Make Money with Rory Ricord’s Program?

Maybe you can earn something from this program, but I don’t think it’s going to be something reliable. There are so many red flags within the Rory Ricord program.

  • Rory Ricord program is VERY expensive
  • The staff and coaches are rude
  • There are many complaints and negative reviews online
  • Link post blogging is just spam!

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? Pros & Cons!


  • Some videos are good
  • Rory Ricord offers some free training


  • VERY expensive.
  • Spammy marketing methods.
  • Low-quality training.
  • Copied content = failure.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

I don’t recommend Rory Ricord because I don’t believe it’s an ethical company. As you can see there are so many red flags out there. There are also tons of complaints.

With that said, you are free to buy any program you want. I just don’t recommend Rory Ricord and that’s my opinion.

Before, I was always on the hunt for legitimate opportunities until I came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the most ethical company I have ever worked with. They can really teach newbies how to start a real website that makes money!

This training is the reason Im able to earn monthly paychecks like this!

My affiliate commissions on my Paypal account

Their training is simple and easy to follow most importantly it works!

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is You Can Get Started for Free (No Credit Card Required!).

All I can tell you is try it for free and see for yourself if it’s the right program you have been looking for or not.

What is Your Experience with Rory Ricord?

If you have any feedback or questions don’t forget to drop comments below!

PLEASE leave your comments and experiences below so you can help people decide if Rory Ricord is worth it or not!

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

About Anis

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • Thank you for your review on Rory. I, myself, was very close to being sucked in. I did however, pay $47.00 to get to speak to a somewhat rude man, who was supposed to be a consultant. The first day I couldn’t get any information about this “program” so we scheduled a second session. All I heard was how much I could make. Then finally, I heard, for $4k you can get this and make $5k a month. Well, being in my financial situtation, which isn’t bad as I’m on retirement income. I didn’t want to do anything till I fully thought this over which he didn’t like at all. Red Flag. Next day, I read an email from this so-called consultant that totally made me angry. Then and there I knew this had to be a SCAM!!!!!. I started an internet search on the company(companies) and all I saw was negativity. Then an article popped up. Your article!!!! Thank goodness someone actually wrote about this scam. I will, however, review the information you provided on this website and hopefully I may be able to engage with you through the information you provided.

    • Hey Gram, it’s good you did your research, the consultant being rude and pushy is definitely not a good sign, even if it’s not a scam just the fact someone is not polite with me I would not want to do any business with them, thanks for sharing and stay safe!

  • I definitely should have researched Rory Ricord and RRR247 instead allowing them to reel me in, but I’m relieved I got out when I did. I knew this would cost some money, but definitely not as much as it did, which you don’t find out until AFTER you’ve made it through the initial registration. They hold out A LOT of information until then. Also, the promises of a 1-on-1 mentor are FALSE. My mentor was nowhere to be found when I needed her. She only conveniently popped up to continuously ask me if I’m ready to invest in some BS affiliate program such as Wine Ambassador. Which, by the way, they will obsessively hound you and upsell you about with promises that it’s the holy grail to fortune. “All roads lead to wine”. A statement that Rory says way too often in his pitches and speeches. That initial $97 is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get in, they’ll immediately start hounding you about other programs you need to invest in to start making money. Not to mention the trainings are totally worthless. I am appalled I paid that initial almost $100 to sit and watch them write and post blog links on FREE advertising sites. I understand needing to pay for the WordPress website itself, but to pay for something that is FREE is totally bogus. That’s when I had one foot out the door, but I pushed myself to continue on. So, they make so urgent that newcomers get their PBS’s up and running all the while having you attend these worthless weekly meetings and “events” that really has nothing to do with you. Not to mention that all it does is take time away from the attention you can be paying to actually completing the PBS so that you can get up and running. While in the middle of trying to get my blog pages moderated and my “mentor” hounding me about affiliate programs, I finally just said screw it and abandoned it. I would be trying to reach for days to see what’s the next step or what I need to do, and not even so much as acknowledgment from her. Then she magically spawns up to ask me if I’m ready to invest in affiliate programs. They will completely abandon you and throw you to the wolves and not give a crap about you or how you’re doing unless you invest. My “mentor” was total crap. She didn’t teach me anything of value. Only showed me how to make a blog post which I already know how to do. It doesn’t take a genius to write a blog post. They will never get another cent out of me. I think I’m about $120 in and I almost went to my bank for a dispute but just decided to leave it alone and walk away.

  • Rory Ricord is an absolute vile piece of sh*t!

    He tried to threaten me with the term "libel" for actually speaking the truth about his SCAMMY program – saying he will sue for damages.

    It just so happens that the scumbag threatens any reviewer or even customer lodging a complaint against him and getting a refund.

    If 'Mr Wine Ambassador' (LOL) was confident about his training program, why all the aggression and threats?


  • Wow, that was a really cruel review. I am a product of Rory Ricord with link post blogging. I have NOT been scammed for anything. Everything that I have invested in and purchased I have used and really really enjoy. Anyway, I am a former victim of the former Digital Altitude, LLC. I lost thousands of dollars and you would think that I would not do any more internet marketing. Well, I don't give up.

    When I found Rory's program, RRR247, I read it for two months or more before I decided to join. The reason I joined was because he answered a lot of my questions and also it was different. I have great support with RRR247 staff. The videos are long and yes, some are boring :), but so is my daily job, that I cannot wait to leave.. Videos get the word to more people. I listen, so I can learn. What I have learned is nothing happens overnight. You have to consistently and persistently work at it every day. It's a business, not a hobby. As Rory would say, "we have a system, it's not a suggestion." Best of luck to anyone getting involved in internet marketing using whatever platform you chose. I enjoy the family of people I am currently involved with at RRR247, Good Luck to All.

  • Unfortunately you are so far off base you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!!! You have just been following what you have been trained to do and that is to write negative reviews about other businesses to make your offer look good!!! But in all reality you are doing the same idea as what he does only you are doing it in a very unethical way.

    To talk bad about other businesses or offers to claim a keyword that people are looking for and then write an article full of lies is just a bad business practice!!! This is literally called keyword spamming!!! Writing misinformation and lies about something you have no idea about at all only to advertise your similar business idea is just wrong and you should be totally ashamed of the way you do business!!! And anyone reading this article should be cautious of what you are enrolling in!!!

    So just saying you should just learn SEO and how the internet works then follow proper business practices!!! WA is not a bad hosting company and they have a lot of great information!!! But the way they teach to attack others businesses with no quality information at all is just sad!!! I am sorry to say but I would never join an opportunity after reading your pages!!! Have a great day!!! And try following good business ethics just saying!!!

  • I do not know where you received your information, but it is not accurate. I started with Rory in October 2018. I had to take a few months off due to the fact that my mother was dying. I restarted in January with a very good instructor. The only money that I paid was the $97.00. After I had rewritten the pages that I had received for my blog. (Which came already set up and was a copy of Rory’s Blog) I was directed to a program that I have been receiving an income monthly since September. Our weekly conference meetings are wonderful and full of information. As are our weekly “Wine & Dine Show” where we are entertained by our members cooking different meals and the wines that they pair with the meal. With Rory we have multiple streams of income. Maybe you should re-evaluate your opinion by taking another look at his weekly conference calls. I looked up OnLine Blogging with Consumer Affairs and Rory’s site was the only legitimate site there.


      NOTE: Anyone reading this article should be warned that it is libel. In other words, it is illegal. One cannot lawfully write and print false information about another living person without penalty, should the subject of such falsehood choose to retaliate. If Rory did threaten to sue as the author claims, he is certainly within his rights to do so. However, I believe he would see a better way to use the money than going after an obviously unethical, immoral, obtuse whoever/whatever you are. The only thing you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is that for some reason you are totally threatened by RRR247. Is it because it is succeeding where you are failing? I cannot think of another reason. Please do share what your motivation is. I’m sure I am not the only person who would be interested in hearing your excuse for blatant libel, disinformation, and crude content.

      I do not know where the writer(s) got the information presented other than from a very active and hostile imagination! RRR247 is totally legitimate and I hope anyone and everyone reading this will go to the RRR247 website and read about the program for themselves. Rory and Tanya Ricord have done more for the world — literally — than most people ever even dream of. Shame on you. Hopefully readers of the aforementioned content will think for themselves. One can also hope that those responsible for this erroneous content will take it off the Internet.

      Thank you for reading my comment but I’m afraid I’ve been wasting my time writing this.

      • All I did is share facts, why would someone legit use fake news logos and be behind other scams, did you read what the other NEGATIVE reviews say? Like I have shared with you every reason why it’s not ethical and the facts speak for themselves.

      • Oh, shut the f*ck up Triumph! Another one of Rory's pathetic narcissistic followers!

        Learn real "internet marketing", why don't you?!

  • Im new to RRR 247 program as of 12/4/ 2019 2 days ago. When I initially seen the page it asked for 97.00 and I didn’t take the offer so it asked me for 67.00 and I took the offer. Immediately after payment I was asked to pay 37.00 for search engine submission center.

    I received my email and items and I was instructed to call a number for support and was asked about me and then about the money I had and a red flag went up. I figured if I already paid for the program why is my financial status. I would rather be told of total cost up front. But Darius stated I wouldn’t be charged they would take it out once I started making money. Sounds promising. He told me to hold on. he came back the phone a few minutes later and told me to call another 1-800 number for support staff. Another red flag went up. He never accessed my assigned id but he telling me my fees will be paid through my earnings.

    I got to the support rep who will be my mentor and learn I need to pay 87.00 for the website. I paid and hoped that was it. Now I paid 97,37 and 87. Its adding up. Today I spoke with my mentor and I was asked to pay 436.00 for the Wine Business which most of the links in the blog post is the Direct Cellars program.

    At this point I asked how much more will this cost. And why wasn’t this stated up front. I have worked other online businesses that had a small membership fee or maintenance fee but I made money and was not hit with spending not a hundred dollars let alone 500. I wish I researched this 3 days ago. I clearly feel if I stay there will be a fee for more stuff even though im not making money. It seems like they feed on your desire to make money but taking all of the money in your accounts.

  • I have been with Rory for about a year now. At first I was confused and did not understand things. I did pay a lot getting in. More than most. $4000. It has turned out to be very good for me. On one of the things he has in his system has made me over $7000 and that is just to help me get to where I need to be. Another thing there is multi-level marketing on a couple of the things of many he has going and it is nothing illegal at all. It is just multi-level and if you do the work you would be making much more money than one who is just doing nothing. Those are NOT A PIROMID SKEEMS. That would be illegal. Yes it is a longer process then I would have liked to get his system up but there is a lot to it. Not as cut and dry as this blog has made it to seem. I cannot say anything about others experiences but mine are all positive. And he also is open about praising God and as far as I can see he truly tries to help. He has cleared the way for success and I am looking forward to working with him for years to come.

  • If you can’t be totally 100% correct and truthful in your reviews, why bother? You are pushing your site a lot and that is the reason why your review if Rory Ricord is slanted. You state a lot of things incorrectly or make generalizations which aren’t true. This is especially true of your 2019 review. Come on and get real, get the correct facts. Quit giving us this “fake news”! I joined in April 2019 and have not found your statements to be 100% correct, especially when it comes to the money. I have not been asked to pay for anything in addition to what I was told when I joined. I paid $87 to join and get my PBS System. It was suggested when I applied to Direct Cellars and Valentus that I join them also to be able to get bonuses. It was not suggested that I choose a particular plan – that was up to me. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding and this review with others is based on those and not actual facts.

      • There are always going to be a few unhappy members, employees in every field, every business. I cannot speak about what I don’t know in some cases. However, it seems like people want a refund and it either isn’t happening or not happening soon enough. If this Performance Link Blogging System is so bad, why are we having such an influx of people joining and working it? And why are so many making money?

        I was never promised any amount of money or to be making money in a certain length of time. A lot of the information passed down to the new members is through instructors. And if they are giving incorrect information, I am sure once Rory or others know what is happening, the instructor is retrained. And the training is really good.

        I am sure there are/were some unhappy members around. As I said, you can find them everywhere for whatever reason. And belonging for 2-3 weeks isn’t long enough to pass judgment.

        I have learned so much and am very happy doing what I’m doing and meeting so many people from everywhere, globally. Am I making a lot of money? No. Do I expect to bring in 5, 6 or 7 figures monthly, yearly? No, I do not expect that. It would be great, of course, but not realistic expectations. And if it were to happen, it would take months or years.

        If someone starts a business, the rule of thumb seems to be it takes 5 years before a profit can be realized, taking the owner from the red to the black. 5 years!

        Sorry Anis, not all of your complaints or negative remarks about this business ring true. And some are very suspect because you are pushing your business. And from the little I read, some of the procedures and wording sounds very familiar: a step by step plan, proven system just to name a couple. Did you learn from Rory by any chance?

        Sorry, I don’t buy all you say. And nor do I buy all the dissatisfied members are saying.

          • I’m more than happy to provide a list of 100+ individuals who have been ripper off by Rory Ricord. In addition, he is under investigation in multiple states for taking elderly people’s money. Now, he is the CEO of a company called Wine Ambassadors. I know alot about Rory Ricord and his scams.

          • I did not research Rory as much as I should. But after reading their intro it sounded so marvelous. I should have known never to pay for a job but thought if he was legit then it would be worth it. I agree with all the others that all he wants is more, more money. That alarmed me after I signed up when asked for more $$ and having already spent around a $100 dollars. Seems the trainers are so nice, caring and helpful BUT I don’t have endless money to invest. She is very correct on starting a brick and mortar biz and that is not what this is. We weren’t told to wait and see and oh, yes, you must pay for more programs, especially wine programs. I don’t even drink it AND my state is a no ship to state??? I am so unhappy right now. I needed a job and now I’m out money and no time to wait several years.

        • I have been with Rory for a year now. And it has helped me so much. I made a comment earlier today but I still don’t see it. I have not done all he asked me to do but his system has brought me over $7000 this year and I see the potential of where it is going. Yes…. you got to put in work but get rich quick is not this. It is get rich smart. It take time. God blessed me when I came here. And I saw you said he had fake people saying good things….. Well im not fake.

  • Funny but I find this review really inaccurate. My experience has been great.

    Of course, I really applied myself, reached out when I was stuck and had questions. I listened to the training calls, paid attention and applied myself.

    No one was going to do it for me and I wouldn’t expect them to. Rory’s system works if you work.

    I’ve personally known Rory for over 2 years, so I never doubted his character.

    I only went searching for the reviews when a person that I followed back up told me about the negative reviews and that he was no longer interested.

    Shame that people that claim the victim card have to ruin it for others. My advice to anyone reading this:

    Give it a shot and work at it.

    Don’t expect to get rich overnight, it takes time but it certainly does work and is not a scam.

    • Hi, Matthew thanks for your comment, can you please elaborate on what’s inaccurate on this review? Is it the fact that Rory Ricord gives out websites with copied content or the fact he still uses marketing tactics that are shut down by Google? Is the fact that RR has scams under his name inaccurate?

      I understand that the one needs to be patient and hardworking to achieve success in any field, but putting hard work and patience in a system that won’t work is not going to get you anywhere.

      Just read the reviews from the customers inside this review.


  • WOW WOW WOW ANIS and those who commented too. Anis did his homework very well. And yes he does advertise on his website. Who doesn’t? Dude you so far are the best informant on the R R deal. Alas I was ripped off by the program too. However I simply cut off my credit card from paypal so they could not bill me anymore after locking me out of my so called own website. I knew right from the point of not being able to get the site SSL that I was being taken for a ride. Why couldn’t I get SSL for it. Simple answer it as well as all the other spammy sites is a sub domain! I could easily provide better and more honest coaching for sub domain usage myself. And at a 1.00 a pop. Now I am also going to add that Wealthy Affiliate did not get me anywhere either. And they also are under scrutiny but hey who isn’t these days. And you so far are the only one who has come to the conclusion of some of Rory’s process. Shady but clever. Both Rory and Steve accosted me on skype threatening to sue me if I did not stop contacting other so called students via email offering advice or seeing how they were coming along with their sites. They said I was trying to steal them away and trying to sell them my services. Imagine that the Mentor striking out at his pupil because the pupil might be coming the master! Anyways I hope that more people read this review and follow your advice and mine as well. Like you said get your own site with your own niche and passion and go like the wind! Excellent review bro. Good luck

  • I am 66. Former special agent! We all experienced the same. You will make money with RORY if you become an instructor.

    I WOULD NOT AFTER SEEING THIS. Because it is a lie. It is before the fact.

    Thus, mail fraud, wire, fraud, bank, fraud, fraud, financial abuse of an elderly person over 65! GET YOUR MONEY BACK! I GOT EVERY PENNY.

    We all heard it. Call Compliance at Direct Cellars if you are not happy with the wine deal.

    They refunded me and took me out of Rory’s pyramid and promised free enrollment in the future.

    I live in a NO LIQUOR SHIP state and my instructor in Texas took my wine so my web site would flourish. Bullshit! Not one penny in 3 months.

    Does this sound familiar?

    “The Flow” Script
    From Prospect, into PBS, and then through THE FLOW into Anchors and into the Duplication and Success Process here at RRR247

    Keystone Presentation http://rrr247.com/keystone


    You should be calling a Prospect that agreed to an Appt to hear about our Opportunity.

    They are people that came in through our Marketing with interest to have a Coach to work with them in Online Marketing Success.

    This is the most important part because
    Hello (FIRST NAME), this is (YOUR FIRST NAME) and I am looking forward to seeing if we are a fit to work together!

    I am super excited to show you this awesome system that literally opens up several income streams!

    I’m going to do an Intake – I wanna get to know you. What your background is, and more importantly where we want to go with this.

    I’m a big believer that if we don’t know where we are going… we’re sure as heck not gonna get there. So, I want to make sure we get there, I wanna know how fast I can push you, how much will be required of me to instruct you to get to where you want to go.

    Define the number or $ amount
    I want to know what you expect so I can give you the proper push & attention to get there.

    Ya know if we gotta move really fast…let’s move really fast. But if we can slow it down at a different pace.

    I wanna know where things need to be, to make sure that we are doing the things we need to do to get your goals.

    I’m not here to be your best friend and tell you cozy things to make you feel good. I’m here to get you going… we’ll build a bond as we work this together and make $ together & grow together. We’ll build a bond there but I’m here to guide you to success!

    Now, are you looking to supplement your income, replace your income, or are you looking for education…or maybe you are just bored and you wanna learn how to do this internet thing?

    (as many notes as possible-the more you know the more you can truly help them)
    $500-$2,000 /wk I can get you there, we have the people and the team to get you there, you just gotta do what I tell you to do. I wanna make sure you will be teachable with me.

    Anything above $3,000 /wk… Well that’s a pretty big or tall order right away…we have ways to build up past that but realistically here is what we can do. $500 – $2,000 completely doable but you gotta put in the work.

    Initial Goal $

    How much time do you have available to work on this?

    Be realistic – Set Expectations according to what they say

    If you can spend 1-2 hrs. a day and 5 hrs. on the weekend…Fantastic… I think we can get you to $3-$400/wk and probable more once you learn how everything works better.

    **We can’t guarantee anything because it’s based all on your efforts following a proven program**

    It comes down to this…how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do?

    Ok, now that we have at least the initial needs and direction figured out, please tell me about what you are doing for income now and give me some background on what you do, and have done – so I can get to know your skills and experience so far?

    You need to ESTABLISH 3 POINTS of conversation… and the more you drill them down to the details of them the better.

    This is VALUABLE time spent getting to know them. Confirm (or get) their Cell and Email. Be sure to add to your Cell and text them so they have your info… do this exchange here before going forward:

    OK…I’m gonna show you how to get there! If you can go online, I am not only going to tell you how this works, but show you the very System that you’ll be using to duplicate success. This is the very same System I am succeeding with, as are Thousands of others.

    Several of whom you’ll be hearing from when we get you into the Community and Training.

    This is very real. Ok, let’s get you to the presentation, please go to http://rrr247.com/keystone Get them there, then: Okay this is only 11 minutes long and will give you a full overview on how this system works. I’ll stay on the line and commence with you when it’s done. Stay on, multi-task, and then when done…

    “Pretty Great Right”, this is something that is brilliant, it works, and it is without limits. We are constantly adding and making it more and more AWESOME all the time. Now, this is where we get to help a lot of people.

    The way this is set up, is you get access to this for peanuts, it is only $87.95 to get it up, which consists of $59 activation (includes the domain, and complete set up) and then $28.95 for the initial 90 days of hosting.

    After which it is just $28.95 every 90 days or roughly $9.60 a month in overhead for something with incredible potential.

    We call it Performance Blogging, or PBS for short.

    I have sent you an Email and you’ll see the link to get this up and going for just $87.85 on http://rrr247.com/go where you’ll be able to get this activated, and we’ll have it up in a day or so.

    Walk them through the activation. Set up for follow up if needed… once they get it up, you’ll be here to walk them through it.

    THEN SET APPT FOR THE FOLLOWING 1-2 DAYS. PBS are set up in 1-2 days and if you have them in by the evening, they are typically up the following morning. So an appt for next day or 2 is sufficient.

    Once their PBS is set up, you’ll receive notice through TRELLO. As you do, send the PBS #1 email immediately. Text them to confirm the appt, and that you just confirmed their PBS is set and ready to go.


    Ok, I want you to go to your website. Your website is (repeat from their Trello Card). This is a 4 digit (or 5 if that is the case) domain. This is extremely valuable with the way we market.

    Shorter domains index better with what we are trying to do. Our job as a PBS owner is to connect a product or service with a customer…that’s our simple business description. That’s what we are getting paid very well to do.

    And it doesn’t matter how great that product or service is if we aren’t out there or somebody like us to market it and inform people about it. They’re not just gonna find it out on their own and buy it, they’re not gonna run to it.

    It doesn’t matter how great it is…we are always going to have a purpose because that’s what we do.

    Ok…Now look at your system that you have pulled up just like that Keystone video. I’m gonna review a couple of things so that you understand how this works, how we get traffic, how we monetize this.

    This works on the basis of 2 marketing principles or theories, but to us they are marketing facts because we prove that it works this way each and every day. Your web system is the best employee you can have. Your PBS is working 24/7, and holidays, it never whines, bitches or complains, and it’s never late! It’s always on. We just got to make sure it’s programmed with the right stuff!

    Now you have a completed copy of the latest and greatest that works for Rory. What’s great is you don’t have to build this from scratch. You have something to modify, and it’s so much easier to modify than it is to create it from scratch. Saves you months & months of time.

    The bad news is, that system is a complete copy of what Rory has, but it isn’t going to make you any money being a copy.

    We are going to be modifying each and every page to make it your own. Because when we do that…you now can get indexed and get keyword search engine traffic and gain traffic in the exact proven model we know works!

    Your gonna be able to do that and guess what…your gonna start out and go slow your gonna get faster and faster at it, but it’s really simple. In fact, I’m going to show you how to do this, that’s what we do on Skype. Ok.

    I’m gonna show you. In fact, I’m going to show you by getting you involved with our #1 anchor offer, so let me go back.

    We work on 2 marketing principles Ok…Now
    The 1st one is the Marketing House- in the Marketing House, every product and service that we have represents a doorway to our system.

    The more doors we have the more potential to get visitors into our system. Doesn’t matter how they get there…once they’re there, they’re gonna see everything. They’re gonna see all your categories, and everything within those categories we get paid on.

    The other theory that works kind of hand to hand with this is the shopping mall theory. Shopping malls have anchor stores (Macy’s, Nordstrums, Neiman Marcus, Kohl’s) well these stores are huge traffic creating anchor stores.

    Malls place these anchor stores in the corners or ends of the malls and there is a big corridor from one anchor store to the other anchor store where all sorts of smaller stores and kiosks that would not survive on their own are in between. If they were in a strip mall, they wouldn’t have enough traffic to stay open and they would go out of business.

    But in a mall environment, where you got these big anchor stores driving the traffic from one anchor store to the other anchor store…they thrive.

    Does that make sense? Well we have anchor offers. And I’m gonna start you out with Anchor Offer #1 today and the reason is for 2 reasons really
    1st- It’s the most relevant offer we’ve ever had. Ok-Rory the creator of this had been marketing for 29 yrs. and has never had anything as relevant to market as this offer…Ever!

    2nd- we rolled this out in the student base in Dec. 2016. It took Rory a few months to get it up and going. I proved to be very successful and he rolled it out to us and that’s how things work here.

    We have training calls every Tues. & Wed.
    The Tues. call, you wanna be on every single week because it’s not the same call, it’s new information.

    We never know what new things we’re gonna add…this is where we are hearing about it. But sometimes when we add new things…Man they can pop and bring in extra $ right away. And the learning about it and understanding of it is critical.

    It’s like having a business meeting in an office only we’re all remote…we’re all working from our homes or across the globe and yet we can all come together and hear from Rory what’s happening and what to add, and how to make things better so we can increase what we wanna get. $$$

    Ya know we have a system here that can generate multiple streams of income, every offer represents an income stream that we can make $ from. The more income streams that are making $ for us…the more we make and the more secure our incomes are.

    Multiple incomes are always better than one and sometimes things spark up!

    We added a Travel Program in Dec. of 2017 (so last year), our students collectively, we’ve all made more than $4 Million today.

    Now the Anchor Offer #1 we rolled out again in Dec. 2016, now I started to bring it up and I paused, now I’m going back to it. When we added it in 2016, it literally doubled & tripled our income and it did so because it’s super relevant.

    Not only does it pay out really well and it monetizes because of what it is. but it also increases the relevance and the traffic to everything else in our system. Again, it doesn’t matter how we bring them there…it’s just getting them there.

    Every article we write, every offer page that we write has the ability to bring in 10,000 new visits each month, each week, each day based upon the relevance of that and how to get it out there and the successful way we write things. The more users…the more we make and we just build on it, and we build on it and build on it.

    K… I’m going to show you something
    You’re on your website _____________
    K… you see how we have the categories on the left…Right, OK…I want you to click on Cooking Food & Wine.
    Does it show 9 Reasons for Cooking with Coconut Oil on the top? Yes…Perfect!

    This is a category page. A category page is like an index of a book. It’s got a summary of the chapters in this case it’s got a summary of every offer that we have in that category. And when they go to it, it goes to an offer page.

    That offer page is going to promote a product we get paid on. this type of navigation makes it clean and precise. Notice our sites are really crisp…there’s not a lot of graphics and moving flash…it’s for content related purposes. We partner with Google. We partner for content, so we get search engine traffic, so we can monetize with the Google Adsense…Right. We did this to make $ in our process. We don’t need to look great & flashy to make $. We gotta be easy to navigate and simple.

    Google is what we care about. Now when you go see Google, is it a flashy page? Is it unbelievable and you’re like oh my gosh that Google page is the best…NO! It’s simple…there’s a search bar in the middle…it’s as simplified as it can get…because simple works!!! People can navigate easy. Google won the war on search engines when they came out because they were simple…Ingenious! We’re not gonna reinvent the wheel when the wheel has already been proven.

    And Google is our partner…we care about what Google wants and what Google wants only…because they are the ones that are gonna help us get the traffic that we are gonna get organically for Free! Does that make sense? OK…Great!

    The next thing I’m gonna cover is, I want to you to go to that offer page…about 1/2 way down on that category page…Do you see where is says “Fine Wines Delivered to your Door”? I want you to Click on that.

    Now you’ve got everything that Rory does, this page this anchor offer right here…you have at least 9 or 10 pages on your PBS around this anchor offer. The more relevant it is, the more keywords we can go after, the more pages we can create, because every page represents a keyword that we are gonna use to get traffic on. We have students that have as many as 40-50 or more different offer pages for this anchor offer because of how relevant it is. What I want you to see is, this is laid out exactly the way that Rory has proven that markets. We don’t just market by saying what things are, we market based on what the benefits are. We have a thing in which we learn it’s called ascension marketing.

    People buy based on emotions and the benefits that are there. And when marketing is done properly…the self process begins order taking. Rory knows how to build these landing pages and these explanation pages to help us do the heavy lifting so that they just order. If people get the value and they see the benefit, they sign up for something. This helps the whole process. So, I want you to see that.

    Now you’ll notice that we’re available in the US, UK, AU, & Germany, with this. A lot of the things we market, we can market worldwide. We can create revenues from all over the globe.

    Now I want you to scroll down, your gonna see an image it’s actually a video presentation.

    This is like a video self page if you will or a video marketing page rather. Your gonna see 4 women on there, all holding glasses of wine and they’re all extremely happy because that’s what happens when you have women and wine.

    OK…this video is 11 min. long. I’m gonna have you watch it, I’m just gonna hold or I will just mute myself out and as soon as it’s done…I’ll explain more. OK
    I’m showing you anchor #1 because it’s extremely important to me.

    I’m here to work with you and I will work with you for as long as it takes.

    As long as you show up to get help, I’m gonna help you. And the reason being is that this is build into a win/win situation. The more $ you make, the more I make. I have everything to invest in you, time wise and to get you up to speed to do what we do because when you make $ I make $. The more you make the more I make. Does that make sense? Are you OK with that? Perfect!

    I’m gonna show you this offer, and I want you to watch this video because this particular offer, not only is this the most relevant thing we have, but I’m going to literally get you set up in it right now. we’re gonna add it to your PBS. I’m gonna do it for you.

    I’m gonna modify the links so that you get credit and we’re gonna start marketing this and from this point forward, all of my marketing that’s going on, and I’ve been doing this longer than you obviously right.

    My marketing is already kicking in and I’ve got lots of resources, and I’m an instructor here with RRR247 that I can apply to you.

    And I’ll talk to you about it later, but I’m literally gonna build half your business while you’re getting up to speed. Ya know it might take a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks maybe even longer to get your system up and going.

    I don’t want to wait to make $ with you.

    I don’t wanna wait. So, let’s watch this video and I’ll walk you from there.

    *While watching video* Send out 3 emails (PBS #2, Conference Calls & Homework – Help)

    Then wait for them to finish the presentation:

    Pretty Great Right! Now do you know how it talked about the Dual Team Pay with the Left and Right Teams? Well I will be working with you to build your LEFT/RIGHT (whichever you are going to be working with them on) team starting now. This way, while you are getting your PBS up and going, I can be effective in getting your business going, and literally can be building 50% of it while you are getting up to speed. This way you are not starting at ground zero and you’ll gain access to everything as you get set up. OK I need you to go your email. I sent you three of them. The one I want you to pull up first is PBS Session 2. OK great… there is a bunch of things in there that we’re going to go over and you can go over later but I want you to go down to the very bottom link and it says directcellars.com/ and then there’s a #. Perfect, click on that link.
    OK, Now look…I’m gonna walk you through this process.

    This is you know, you’re gonna sign up for other Affiliate programs, now if I spend the time and walk you through this your gonna know how to get through some of the nuances of enrolling in the Affiliate Programs. Once we do this you’ll be able to understand those as well.
    Ok so you go ahead and select your country and language.
    Are you over 21? YES!!!

    (If they do not see over 21, ask which browser they are on…we need to use Google Chrome)

    OK now we are on the order page. Your gonna see the VIP now you know in the presentation you know how it talked about 3 customers and your wine is Free. Well I get my wine for free every month, I get 6 bottles a month for Free, that’s 72 bottles a year of FREE wine I get just to market this program. That’s 72 bottles of wine I can use to promote my business and celebrate with! It’s the most incredible perk ever!

    Now I’m gonna show you on the order page, we start with the VIP customers. You will see a 2 bottle/mo. customer, a 4 bottle and a 6 bottle/mo VIP customer. It doesn’t matter what customer you have, they could all be at 2 bottles, it doesn’t matter if they are mixed, it doesn’t matter…once you have 3 customers your wine is now Free!
    Now I want you to scroll below that.

    Now every time we sign up a customer we get $20 and we get paid on their monthly order. Wine of the month Club users have a life span of around 7 years. We get paid every month with this program. We get paid very well up front and we get paid every month.

    Before we go here do you remember how it talked about a left and a right and the Dual Team pay? Well from this point forward I’m gonna be building your left team. Everything that comes in from my marketing is now part of your business as well. And when you get your marketing going you’re not gonna start from ground zero, your already gonna have 1/2 your business built. Your gonna start applying what I have and we both win!

    OK, so I want you to down until you see Brand Partners right below the 6 bottle VIP Customer, there’s 2 options here. Most of the students come in at the $499 Elite option because it comes with more value. However, you can upgrade at anytime. So, whatever feels comfortable with you, I want you to do that right now, I just need you to get one of these positions, click on the box on the left of either the Premium Wine Lover or the Premium Wine Lover Elite. Just choose one and then click the continue button on the bottom right. (Did you click continue?)

    Now you’re gonna choose your wines, you can choose between all reds, all whites or what I recommend a mix of both. Ya know I didn’t even ask you…Do you drink wine? Well then you should just get a mixture of both. (talk a little about wine…if possible…refer them to an article page)
    Ok now that you selected that…it’s time to select your monthly order.

    That Initial Purchase is a one-time purchase, now you’re gonna get just get 4 bottles or 6 bottles. Now it doesn’t matter which one you get…ya know, 6 bottles is a better value it’s like $16 a bottle…but once you get 3 customers your wine is Free! If you want…you want the 6 bottles I recommend getting it right away…if not get 4 bottles and once you get your 3 customers…go back to your back office and upgrade to 6. Cuz whether you get 6 bottles or 4 bottles, your wine if Free when you get 3 customers.

    It doesn’t matter, either way your gonna get 4 or 6, you can do the blend or whatever you want to do and if you start out with 6 now…Great! You start out with 4 make sure you upgrade to 6 because at 6 bottles that’s another 24 bottles a year that you’ll get for Free once you get 3 customers.
    K now I’m gonna walk you through this. This is a form your gonna be filling out. Have you ever been in business for yourself?
    -YES…Ok then you understand how the taxes work and they are gonna need your SS#

    -NO… Ok 1st & foremost this is a business expense, you can write this off against your earnings. As an employee, you pay the highest tax possible because you pay taxes before you get paid. They take it out 1st. As an Independent Contractor…your own business in this case…you pay taxes after your expenses. And because it is required that we get that monthly shipment…that’s also a business expense. Uncle Sam is literally paying for your wine! Pretty crazy! Now again it doesn’t matter cuz once you have 3 customers its free. But still it’s a business expense.

    *We don’t have a lot of things that cost $, if we do it’s because Rory knows it’s gonna make a lot of $. I’m gonna tell you based on relevance…this is the cheapest marketing cost I could ever tell you for how many clicks and visitors this actually brings in to help us make $ in everything else we do.

    This is why we are so excited & adamant about this offer because of its relevance this works like nothing else Rory has ever seen.
    Ok your gonna be filling out other forms and if I walk you through this one, you’ll have a good understanding… and it will probably save some confusion when you sign up for Clickbank & CJ.com & other Affiliate programs.

    So, your gonna start out on the top and fill out your name and information and if you have a co-app. you can add that otherwise you can skip it. If you don’t have a company name ready now…no problem, leave it blank. We can always cross that bridge down the road when you are making some $.

    We can deal with that later.
    Make sure to fill out your birth date…a common problem I have with a lot of my students is they forget to change the 2018 that’s set by default. Obviously, you weren’t born this year so make sure you change that appropriately. And then you gonna get down to the phone #’s now for whatever reason they require a home phone #. Most people don’t have a home phone # anymore…if you don’t have one, just put your mobile # in there because it is required. Alright then continue on down and enter your SS# that’s for the tax purposes we were talking about earlier.

    They gotta report that to taxes…we got to have that done. Go ahead and fill out the rest of the information and when you get down to username or website name let me know it’s a little confusing on how they have it worded. Ok this is basically a username for your site…ok you’re going to have programs like Clickbank that’s gonna want a username and Clickbank is gonna want a username that is 6 digits or more no #’s, it’s all letters. So you need to come up with a cute username that your gonna use (combo of 1st and last name) anyways I am going to need it, so let me know what you’re gonna use. Ok and when we complete this process, your gonna be given an ID#…I need that, so I can complete the rest of this work for you. Cuz I’m gonna do this for you today.
    (TRELLO CARD- Bottom of Description: Type DC’s Username: DC ID#:)

    Enter address and billing info. (We gotta pay for it? – Yeah you gotta pay for it of course right! Again, it’s a one-time fee, business write off…let’s go!) (It’s not included in PBS? – No, it’s not included. Yeah, it’s a separate business thing, don’t worry about it, let’s get it going)
    Ok when your all done hit submit. Then it’s gonna ask you to confirm your order. (check if any problems – fix and submit) Confirm again. And when that goes through, your gonna have an ID#. I just need that. GREAT…Now let’s have some fun!!!

    Now let’s get you onto SKYPE and make some changes to your PBS already. I am going to modify your Wine Pages, and show you how some things are done. Then you’ll be more clear as you get going with the Homework Email I sent you.

    Get onto Skype and do a Screen Share. (Choose contact (left side), start video chat (top right), + button (bottom right), Share screen!) Log into their system pull up their wine pages (Open all 10 tabs – wine, wine magic, UK, AU, US, Germany, memes, saying, coffee, coffeewine)
    OK…So ideally your gonna wanna change these up, you’re going to want to change the verbiage on them and add content to them…and I’m gonna let you do that later…but right now, I’m gonna show you how to change a hyperlink.
    Now that I am logged into your site see at the top it says edit page…your gonna see training videos on it but I’m just going to go through it with you quick and have you done a few…Ok?

    Word Press has a glitch, one of the glitches is it takes the % sign and it makes this bracket. As I’m going through showing you how to modify your hyperlinks, I will show you how to fix this too. Highlight the bracket and put a % sign in there. Be careful to only highlight from one bracket to the bracket – no more- no less…so it doesn’t mess up. And if it messes up…and you can’t figure it out, call me and we’ll fix it Right…but here’s a bracket. Update when you’re done or often to save your work. Now this has an auto save feature…don’t ever trust it…word press is not trustable for that and when in doubt update. Update is the version of save…it’s going to update the page and right the changes. Until you do that they don’t save.

    Go over when doing hyperlinks how it says open in a new tab…so the rule of thumb goes like this. If we are sending them from one of our offer pages to another page inside of our system…we don’t check that box. We don’t wanna open up new tabs and insult there intelligence and make them frustrated because these tabs open up…however if we ever leave our PBS system and go to an offer direct where it leaves our system… then we always wanna make sure that is checked because we spent a lot of time getting them there, we spend a lot of resources, we don’t to have them easily leave… so when they go to that new tab that opened up and they go there and they’re done with that or they exit out…then they are back on our system.
    Ok I’m gonna work on getting the rest of these pages done for you and message you when they are completed.

    I’m gonna show you the training…you have access to this that was provided to you in the emails I sent you Session 2/Homework. And what I’d like you to do is go through the 1st, 2nd & 3rd steps of the training. The 1st Step your gonna do is go through what Triple R’s is all about, our core values, Rory posts a lot of things here, basically a lot of mind set things that’s gonna help you understand how to be successful. You know if you want to be a millionaire you gotta know how millionaire’s think…this is gonna help you a lot. Go through this. Ok…it’s 48 min. – listen to it at night, listen to it in the morning. The more you understand that the better your mind set the better this is going to help you succeed. We do it all the time.
    (take them torrr247.com/vip-training/)

    Core Values: We are all part of this big family. We love everyone! We constantly strive for Awesomeness!!!

    This is how we run here, we have a lot of small groups, you’re not alone, we have a community here to help support you. Right now, you’re working with me, but we’ve got a lot of people that help, and we build in a community. There’re thousands of us doing this. You’re not a Ginny Pig…you’re in a proven process. Just trust the system and use me for guidance whatever you need it.

    Step 2 – we can take of right now to register to receive emails to get updates from Rory directly. So, you get updates on when the calls are coming and if there is anything really remarkable that your gonna want to know about. You’re not gonna get a lot of emails, he does send out a couple a week, that’s it.

    The next thing you wanna do is the 3rd step. This is really important and it’s actually one of the biggest hurdles we have to get done… it’s the set-up. You’re gonna sign up for these various affiliate programs. Clickbank, Brunette Marketing, CJ.com, & Roboform. Now from this point down, these are individual programs where you’re to be given your personal referral link upon enrolling.

    • Hi Gregory, thanks a lot for your comments, that was the longest comment I have ever read thanks a lot, it will definitely help people learn more about Rory Ricord.

      • This guy is point on!! If I can I am going to paste what my trainer just skyped me after I asked her if their plan included me spending lots to make money:

        No, this is our way of getting marketing in the least expensive way. Other programs require paying for your own marketing costs which can be thousands per month, but when we do our anchor offers, for just the cost of membership, we get tons of free traffic and these pay the highest commissions. Also, Rory gives us marketing leads for the anchors that he pays for, not us. It costs him millions, but not us. We also have other affiliates that we do not pay for, but again, the anchors are the highest commissions for us.

        Next her comment after I posted that I was too broke for this program:

        understand completely, I started the same way as you, I had to borrow money from my sister. It does take patience with this process, but it does work. Especially with Rory giving us leads. We are able to text these leads and when they are interested, we send them to our Valentus link. They upgrade, out team increases and so does the commissions. But again, it does require patience.

        The key thing she said if “VALENTUS” b/c u have to pay to use that service!! They already told me it takes money to make money!! Biggest pyrimid scheme and I was a tupperware dealer back in the day promoted to a manager. I’m too old for this and yes they pry on the elderly.

  • I was also a victim of RoryRicord!

    At the first day or two, I felt something is fishy! But I kept on going for two weeks until I finally found out what they are up to.

    After they aggressively asked me to pay right away, they gave me my website, they created my own username, password and website URL which all of them I CANNOT CHANGE! I then realize and asked her, this is not my website then. They said, it is my own website I can do whatever I want in there. But this is not BUT NOT TRUE. They control everything on that website since they have access to it. You can only add your own affiliate links. You cannot change theme and add plugins which I hated because the website is poorly created, not secure and it’s a duplicate to many other websites they owned!

    The mentor, Donna of course is trying to make money from me. If you cannot reach her, you have to wait until she is available. I called and talked to other representative but they are not willing to help you unless you are their student. Donna warned me, “You cannot talk to other mentor” but I did anyway because I needed help that day. Opps, I got in trouble!! The mentor of course is trying to sell her stuff and make commissions and told me that’s how I make my commissions too. Very expensive stuff. I told her why would I buy it I am not making anything from my website yet. Teach me something I can make money off and when I do, that’s when I buy your product!
    We’ll I am trying to be smart and she did not like it! (I am sure she will defend herself!)

    Anyways, after all that trouble and waste of time, I did not make anything on that website as they promised to wait for 3 months! I asked for a refund 3 weeks later because there is a 90 days money back guarantee. But They will not refund you and keep telling to wait for 3 months to get revenue. I did not want to wait I want my MONEY BACK as they promised. BUT NOPE. No refund until now!!


      • You advertise on your site Anis ! So what are you doing ? Let me tell you . You are eliminating competition by giving bad reviews, which is shameful . Everybody wants that get rich scheme which isn’t out there . I have always reached my Mentor and we love and help all members which we look at as family . We hold seminars all over the country and are expanding globally . You get what you put into it and as all careers, it takes money to make money .

        • Hi Danny, nope I’m not advertising my site, you know I published this Rory Record review back in 2017 and I did not provide any alternative (I did not advertise my site as you say) but when my email got flooded with emails and complaints from Rory Ricord members I did decide to give people an alternative I recommend which is Wealthy Affiliate.

          The facts speak for themselves Danny. Just read the comments to see what the RR members are saying!

  • This “scam” is still going on in August 2018- exactly as stated in all of the previous comments – including the logos from CBS, FOX NEWS and others. I searched Top Work From Home Jobs and a site came up with todays date showing Top 3 jobs as blogging programs and the 5 star program listed first was Computer Oasis which once purchased for $97 takes you to Rory Ricord videos and numbers to call for 1 on 1 training as first step. The call back took nearly 2 hours when I was told it would be 15 minutes and the pressure selling began for the Mentor. It took nearly 2 hours of conversation and calls to find out that this would cost $10,000 to $12,000. These people work for a company named Kreative. They say they are a marketing company and not part of Computer Oasis. I then called the 888 number back again and the phone was answered by someone who said they were with Performance Blogging System – again they say they are not part of Computer Oasis or Rory Ricord. She stated that Computer Oasis is a lead generation company. Thankfully the credit card purchase of $97 did not go through as verified by Performance Blogging and my bank. At least I only lost 4 or 5 hours on this – lesson learned.

    • Hi Tresa, thanks for your in-depth comments, I have read many reviews from people saying that this system is very expensive as you will spend thousands of dollars, they basically call people on their phone, ask them how their financial situation is, how much money they have in savings and then offer them to invest all their savings on some third party site!!

      Thanks again for your comments and hope people won’t fall for this!

  • Hi Tem, I really appreciate your insightful and very helpful comment, it seems like Rory Ricord is way more expensive than I have expected, regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I’m pretty surprised to hear you didn’t get help, it’s a very helpful community.

  • I was almost part of this “scam”.. i was “approved” for the mentor/supervisor at the last stage.. There was a massive red flag for me when they asked me to fill out a credit card app.. but i did it just to see where it went..

    once i was approved for the card and had card number I was told someone in the upstairs office would call me for more information and better info then what you get from the member area.. so i read and watched all the info they tell you to..

    downloaded all the required info and programs and waited for my call to come in.. It came in and after over an hour (closer to 2) i said i was not willing to spend $7,500 for a program until I saw that it was worth the money…

    normal right? well not to this company. After i told this person.. i never caught his name.. i was not willing to spend money i didnt have for something i was yelled at, disrespected, told that i waisted his time and that my time was worthless compared to his and that I was blacklisted for this time waist.. It may not be a “scam” as i didnt spend the cash but buyer bewarned..

    they are nice til you tell them NO.. then they will be rude, disrespectful and in the business world if you are mean to a customer..which you are… the customers leave..

    and if anyone has any kind of business ettiquette they know not to be vulgar with a customer as more people that had a bad experience at the place of business to write and tell people about it then the people that had good ones.. so if you have to ask yourself..is this a scam?

    dont engage it as you are more then likely right.. if its right it will feel that way. In my way of thinking this is not right to mislead anyone to make a dollar and if they were doing as well as they said they were why be this upset at one person saying i wont do it.. at the very least its very misleading and full of false information..

    i am just giving my comments on my experience.. i would recommend staying away from this company. Before you spend any money.. do your research and you will find out that this Rory guy has been in scams before and it would not surprise me to find out that this new “program” turns out to be one..BUYER BEWARE!!

    • Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your experiences with us, your comments will definitely help people make the right decision

      I have heard many experiences like yours where people get yelled at and disrespected when they start questioning the Rory Ricord program

      That’s definitely not professional

      Thanks again and have a great day


  • Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit send your information to classaction18gmail.com. I know excellent attorneys who will file a class action suit.

  • I joined Rory Ricord a few days ago and the very first thing they asked me about my financial situation and what credit cards I have. Then they wanted me to apply for 2 more credit cards and put that I am self employed and that my annual income is $72,413.00. I asked why do I need these credit cards are they trying to get me to charge things to them? He said it was an option and they were for charging business expenses and paying for them. I do not feel this is legal and I will be requesting a refund for $77.00 for training and $47.00 for a search engine to automatically post to 100 sites. They are supposed to call me today @ 1:00 PM EST so I will see what they say about a refund.

    • Hi Judith, a lot of people told me that they were asked about what credit cards they have, they say they do this because they want to offer you some good investment opportunities, that’s bs.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us and hope you will manage to get your money back.

  • Dear Anis I require your assistance regarding the Rory Ricords program. This matter is a private matter and I would appreciate you contacting me via email thank you.

  • I have been through the R.R. training and have been link post blogging for 2 years now. I have not made a dime. Why would I keep doing it? I love my website and am very proud of it because I was illiterate to affiliate marketing when I first started. When I first started, my mentor was Bryan. I talked with him often . Then one day I was told, “Bryan isn’t here anymore.” I was promised Gavin (R.R. son) would give me a personal telephone call at a certain day and time and set me up. Never Happened. Next was Paul. He wanted to get me involved in peddling wine and suggested I start with the 1st level (at $500 cost to me). The only reason I’m still there now is cause I already paid my hosting fee til May but after that I’m history. R.R. makes it sound so good in the training but other than learning a lot about my computer, R.R.com has been an exercise in futility for me. Well, Live & Learn!

  • I tried Rory Ricord and was immediately frustrated. All the trainings were on link posting and when I called number provided, I was never given a mentor. I kept asking when I would speak to my mentor and though he seemed confused at my request, the gentleman finally said he would be my mentor at which point I was refunded the $97 and charged an additional amount to have a blogging site set up. Now the focus was on link post blogging. I asked several questions and was given different videos to watch but never did I receive the support he claims we would receive. Unfortunately, this left a bad impression and I just cannot recommend this program…False statements and false promises.

  • Here is the truth. If you are a Christian stay away from Rory Ricord’s system as you will be required to promote products that no person of faith should promote. New age and fortunes and numerology are a short list. There are also male enhancement products that are out of bounds. You will not know this until they have your non refundable money for setting up you system. Then you will have to decide on shutting it down or promoting sin. The mentors will try to tell you that different people have different beliefs but remember that believing something does not make it true. There is too much evidence to show that Christ is the only way to eternal life and his blood sacrifice for pour sins. My belief is based on real evidence based in verifiable science and historically valid research. Don’t be swayed by a so called easy way out. Which it is not. Rory’s training is all over the place and very time consuming and frustrating to set up. Stay away.

    • I already signed up for the system and am saddened by your comment. I didn’t know I would have to promote products like that. I, too, am a Christian and will not promote such products. I guess I just lost my money.

  • I had to quit my wonderful job in a career spanning 36 years. After countless interviews and doors slammed in my face, I had to turn to the internet. Rory Ricord’s site teaches you link post blogging. This means you need to write essays about products you don’t know anything about and don’t care about. I never read blogs because they are so boring. I always cut to the chase in a lengthy ad. I should have seen the red flag right there. The mentorship is a joke. I had Paul, who was supposed to be the #1 mentor in the place. They are supposed to “hold your hand and guide you through and answer all your questions”. OMG that is so far from the truth!! When I asked for help, all I got was “read the email I sent you”. The email routed me to further boring videos but never answered my questions. I had technical issues on my site. I texted him (through effin SKYPE

  • You first sign up to be a member so they can teach you how to make money online by working from home. They tell you , you can make anywhere from 3K to 10K per month by just doing blogging clicking, copy and past of links, social media advertising for big companies like Amazon, etc. all that sounds harmful right! Well the second day of signing up, you get a phone call from what they call a “specialist” to guide you. Then they say that they will interview you to be chosen to be one of their success stories. They ask you how much money you owe in credit cards and they give you goals to meet. Ofcourse you get chosen only to speak with another person that starts going over charts etc. if you say you have a credit card with a limit of 4K, they tell you, you have to invest the 4K on something ( I didn’t get that far to know what it was that I had to buy with my CC for 4K) to make a profit of 4K. In other words, it takes money to make money” so why would I blindly give a stranger my CC to charge 4K!??? When I said I wasn’t sure about it. The guy changed his tone of voice and became irritated and rude and ask why was he on the phone with me and that I would never be successful! At that point I hang up on him and called the 1800 number to cancel the membership to get a refund. So it goes from them telling you, you will be making lots of money by doing some clicks and copy and paste, To you have to invest credit card money to make money! This is a SCAM big time! Don’t fall for it . Despute the membership charge because they have no intention to give you your money back even though it says “ money back guarantee if you are not satisfied”

  • Thank you for this article! I recently was a member of Rory Ricord but got out upon doing further research. My first “red flag” was when it was never mentioned how I got paid from the companies I would be advertising for. Never was this discussed in all his boarding info or in the training videos. The second “red flag” was when I had to pay for a webpage that I would be link blogging on. These webpages are “cookie cutter” pages and every member’s page looks the same. The proof is in the amount of time it took for the webpage to be completed (one hour). You also don’t own the page, he does. Also, it was never discussed whether or not I would need to obtain a business license, tax ID#, etc. to perform this work. I would assume one would need these legally, again, never brought up. I owned my own event planning company several years ago and know this is required. Too many red flags for me!

  • Hello how do I get my 57.00 back from Rory Ricord. I’m not happy eighth this at all never did I receive my url to start and I am in no financial area just to give out 57.00 to a online money scam. I fell hard for that ine . P!ease send me info on how to get my refund.

  • Hi Anis,

    Thank you for posting all this valuable information, I am a little confused in red you stated did you mean 9/06//2017?

    Update 10/06/2017

    A new program called 37 Clicks seems to be owned by Rory Ricord but the program is presented by a fake name ” Kelly Scott”

    The program promises easy riches and it comes with fake checks and endorsing

    My opinion: After reading all comments my gut decided not to involve myself with the “Secure-Job-Position” aka Home Internet Careers by Rory Ricord. Canceling the appointment which was scheduled for today. Will be trying to receive a full refund. Thank you for your updates.

  • I signed up with Rory Ricord about 9 months ago and have been learning ever sense. He provides almost a college degree in internet marketing. I started from ground zero and have had help from Rory and other mentors the whole time. It does take work and attention to detail, but Rory is working every day to put new information on and getting more mentors to keep up with the many people signing up. I’ve tried a lot of internet marketing scams and lost money. However, this is an education site that teaches you a skill and you make as much as you want by learning the skill and applying it. It’s not a scam.

  • Anis –

    I just got off the phone with “specialist” who put me in touch with another “specialist” at Rory Ricord to see if I “qualified” to be offered a special opportunity (this is “Step 1” of making sure your goals are aligned for what you’d like to accomplish). After I was told the call was being recorded and was asked if I was married, single or divorced, what my credit score was, what my income was, where I worked, I said that the questions being asked were pretty intrusive. “Joe” said he had NEVER run into a problem with ANYONE thinking that these questions were intrusive, “most” people he talked to understood exactly what he was doing.

    Right… I understood EXACTLY what he was doing. Scam.


  • Looks Like I caught there post sales scam quickly and will be getting a refund. I was told by phone rep of Roy Ricord ” your life can’t be that good if you ordered a kit to make money” ( when in all actuality I paid to see the inside and provide an avenue of additional income when I retire in 10+ years)This was post asking one detailed question that he didn’t have a logical answer to. I should see a refund within 3-5 days.
    If they are truly a business that plans to teach and assist be up front about it.

    As I was typing this I received a call from Kevin Kennedy the director who proceeded to berate me with insults. If they were that busy and that successful, a simple good luck, hope you change your mind and return would have been the close. Instead of profanity and insults. Only for him to close with I make $800k a month off of people like you.

    • I have heard many complaints about the support team Gary, I’m sorry to hear you had that experience!
      Please let us know if you manage to get a refund
      thanks for stopping by

  • I am ashamed to say that I am a victim of the Rory ricard scam. I have emailed twice about my refund of $67.00 and have heard nothing. I am going to complain to the BBB and my local agencies. I have never done anything this stupid before and never will again.

  • I am with RoryRicord and I can say that the videos or training (as they call it) you get well are worth the 97 if you have never played on the internet much. He gives you knowledge and the know how to maneuver around the internet and clickbank. However the knowledge he gives is straight from the videos and the rewind button. The 97 is supposed to be for 1 on 1 support and training.

    The mentors are rude and don’t have the time for you unless they are selling you product, like the 88 dollar website that they claim is yours, with a fee every 3 months as the hosting platform for your site.

    Here’s the problem with the site you get, you pay 88 dollars and you don’t own the domain, you cant change the passwords, do your own updates, you cant make it http secure, as you don’t have permission to do so.

    When you get the site they are complete sites, all pages and content already there, you are told that you have to add at least 20% more content as they are already indexed to Rory himself, you also need to change all the links to your own, so you get paid.

    You spend hours trying to make the site your own, which it never really is. He has hundreds, maybe thousands of these sites out there and they are all exactly the same, with some different content, that others have added.

    You get a site that you are perfecting for someone else, with no payments to you in sight.

    I signed up in March and didn’t get the site for 2 months and that was when I was calling to get my 500 dollar guarantee, instead they took more money, after stating I would be reimbursed the initial 97, which didn’t happen.

    You are supposed to follow his instruction to a tee, without skipping parts and you are guaranteed to generate an income or get 500 that he personally will pay you.

    They want you to push people to sign up for Gameloot at 125 a month, Direct Cellars at 500 to start up, HytenGlobal another 250 to start, oh wait and they want to charge you 300 so you can add Amazon to your site, even if you already are an affiliate for Amazon,

    without the 300 the content will crash your site and now they have these new gadgets they want you to buy, that will send your links to any android phone, walk through a crowded mall and they will send your links to all android phones, you will get sales, Royaltie Gems or hacking devices, Apple has already blocked them from their devices, so…

    So if you want knowledge on how to maneuver around the web, then pay 97 dollars, don’t pay for the site, as they are all owned by Rory and you will never own the domain. I have sold one product of clickbanks and I had it posted in classifiedsforfree, not my site 11.40 for 200 spent.

    Wealthy Affiliates, this is another one that I joined.

    They are real eager to get you to go premium, as it is mentioned all the time, until you do. I was lost there and didn’t get the help I sought because I didn’t have the knoiw how on what I was seeking.

    I was new to online business So I was using the RoryRicord videos to create my site through Wealthy Affiliates. However my Bank Account was hacked and when Wealthy Affiliates didn’t get their 47 dollar monthly payment, I lost my domain that I paid almost 13 dollars for.

    Instead of booting me back to the free part of wealthy affiliates, they removed my domain. So I paid for a domain and have no hosting platform for it, so no way to retrieve it.

    My suggestion to anyone out there, for 97 dollars through RoryRicord, you get some great knowledge to start your own online business and for 47 dollars a month you can get some great knowledge from Wealthy Affiliates.

    For less then 50 dollars a year, you can use wordpress and create your own website with the knowledge that these two businesses can teach you.

    97 you own the videos from RoryRicord and have access to them as refreshers. For a monthly fee of 47 you have access to the training at Wealthy Affiliates, you stop paying, you lose all access to the training that you had, and any domains that you may hae bought.

    Suggestion pay all that you need to succeed and then start your own business. Don’t continue to pay others, if you have to pay to work, its not a good career. You should not have to pay others for your hard work. Clickbank, amazom, ebay, all these affiliate programs are free and you will get paid to promote their products. You should own your business, not someone else…

    I hope this is helpful!

    • Hi Tem, I really appreciate your insightful and very helpful comment, it seems like Rory Ricord is way more expensive than I have expected, regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I’m pretty surprised to hear you didn’t get help, it’s a very helpful community.

      When I first joined WA I have paid $49 for 5 months only since then I have been making more than $49 every month 🙂
      Thank you again for your amazing comments!

  • I was with Rory Ricord for 3 months. only cost me $87 to get in and get things rolling within 1 month I was a Mentor and taking inbound calls from disgruntled people wanting their money back. The sole job of the Mentors which happen to be the same people that answer the phones is to convince you that it isn’t a scam and to get you to signup for their “Anchor” Programs underneath them so they can make you money. They will also try to get you to UPGRADE to VIP. For that additional $299-$499 you will get an Amazon affiliate link (that you can get for FREE from Amazon) however you will get exclusive access to 3 little videos that will tell you how to do your Amazon link… Again get the same but better training directly from Amazon for FREE. There is a $500 guarantee from Rory if you don’t make money he will “Pay you himself”. That being said he Openly Boasts that he has never paid it out.

    BEWARE !!!!!!

    • Hi Sam I really appreciate you taking the time and sharing your experience with us that will definitely help a lot of people
      Paying $299-$499 to get an Amazon link is one of the shadiest things I have ever seen in my life.
      You can learn everything about Amazon and how to market your links by simply performing a quick Google search!
      Thank you again!

  • I just wanted to say one thing about Rory, 4 years ago I worked for Rory from home answering calls for one of his programs. I was broke and had nothing, Rory knew nothing about me but he gave me a chance he got me all set up with what I needed to do my job. On several occasions he would call me and ask how I was doing and if I needed anything if I told him my electricity was about to be shut off ten minutes later he called and paid my bill or if I needed groceries and could not wait until payday he instantly gave me a advance. I live hundreds of miles away from him and once again this man knew nothing about me. I had some addiction issues and I took advantage of him. We parted ways and just recently Rory sent me a message he did not say anything about he was doing just wanted say hello and let me know they were doing something amazing and that was that. He did say no worries about what happened last time and wished me the best of luck. I do not know much about his program now but I checked it out today and that is how I ended up here. Rory helped me in so many ways and I messed up big time. He is a great guy. I am not saying to sign up and give him your life savings in hopes to make allot of money. I just wanted to let you know he is not a scammer he works very hard and will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.You guys are pretty swell too for working diligently to expose scammers and saving us from there intentions.
    Thanks, Gary B

  • Spending about $100 and many hours of frenetic videos at roryricord was a waste of time and money. Without advanced computer skills you WILL get lost in the sheer volume. The mentors are not very helpful. And then you awaken to the notion that you are placing more ads on an already overloaded web … not anything to be proud of and certainly no source of satisfaction.

    • Sorry to hear about that Phyllis I believe splashing offers in a page offers no value, to make money you need to help people and give them value first, thanks for sharing your experience with us

  • Alright I have joined both programs. I see benefits in them both, information is good regardless where it comes from. It is what you do with that information that counts.

    Wealthy Affiliate cost more per month but seems to have a lot of info. on their site. If you do not buy the premium ($49 monthly) you have lost a lot of the ability to learn from some of the expert programs and coaching. But there is still plenty to do with the free membership.

    The Ricord site has a lot of videos and info as well. There is a $9 a month membership fee for your site’s upkeep and so forth. You get a personal Mentor to help you thru it all. Not sure if there is a premium membership like Wealthy Affiliate has.

    I am not tech savvy to say the least and have just joined WA and been at Ricord for a couple weeks now.

    If my prices are wrong above for either WA or Ricords monthly fees then I am sorry. You can search Wealthy Affiliate.com or Roryricord.com and find out for yourself.

    I think both programs can teach you a great deal of knowledge. Just always watch out for #1( you) when your going to invest money.

    Thanks for listening

    • Hi, Lance thanks for your comments! I’d like to update the costs, some people claim they have spent over $280 on RoryRicord.com plus other fees like $89 to get the page set up (which I think it can be set up for free elsewhere) let alone the $97 you have to pay to get inside.
      I don’t know why they don’t make the prices clear.
      Thanks again for your comments! Hope this will help people a bit 🙂

  • Sounds like this Rory program is a classic scam to me.. Or maybe more correct something NOT worth buying into when there are much better opions out there.

    There are programs that make claims like this everywhere online and you really get tired of seeing them.

    Sure there might be a possibility to become millionaire…
    However, it is also possible to become a millionaire if you are out on a lake and fishing.. Your hook might get caught in a golden chest and poof!

    Thanks for your review, will check out your recommendation instead as I understand exactly what you mean.

    Hopefully this review will help alot of people to avoid “programs” like this one!

    /Keep helping people

  • Anis,

    While I can appreciate your direction here to Market a competing product by BASHING my hard work and dedicated time to my Students, I am strongly seeing what you have on here as liable and slanderous.

    I put my program together to HELP everyone I could. We have an amazing program that is a win win, and have thousands of Students making money in my Link Post Blogging System. Which is clearly something you have an Opinion about, yet you have NO CLEAR UNDERSTANDING or knowledge about.

    I will be pursuing legal actions against you, and believe me, I am successful with that as well. You are tarnishing my name, and have created all sorts of harm, and losses to my hard work, advertising and potential business.

    I will HAPPILY prove validity of my program that has been succeeding for years in court, and will happily come after you for any and all damages proven.

    This is my only attempt to have you REMOVE any and all things related to Rory Ricord, RoryRicord.com, Brunette Marketing or anything related to me directly.


    Rory Ricord
    Owner and Creator of Link Post Blogging, RoryRicord.com and all properties owned and controlled by and through Brunette Marketing.

    • Hi Rory Ricord, thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment on my website.

      It is my opinion that I don’t like your program and I have included some facts as well, it’s not my fault that is harming your business.
      People at the end of the day, do their research and buy whatever they like.

      I’m glad to hear that you are successful in pursuing legal actions seems like it’s working and that’s why you can hardly find any Rory Ricord negative reviews, that’s not my business though.

      I’m sorry but I am not deleting this review as I’m only sharing my opinions and findings with people.

  • I signed up with Rory Ricord.com A month ago… I have had Great support since iv started. I have 2 mentors who are great at responding in a timely manner for any questions. I have paid $97 & thats all I Paid to start up. I have started link posting… And the same concept here as far as marketing offers from other sites is the same concept with Rory. I am an Affiliate Associated with Affiliate Programs and I add links into my content on the blogging page. I do not see where a Scam exists if the same concept applies. I use WordPress And I am preparing for my blog to get approved by Google AdSense. And after that we submit the website into free search engines sites. I have not seen any reviews where any of this is being explained or really how a customer was spammed using Rory Ricord. This Online job popped in one my job listings in my email. I had a great conversation with one of the staff. I have had a Good experience with Rory Ricord & my mentors so far. They keep up with my progress. But What makes Wealthy Affiliate Different From Rory Ricord?

    • Hi Jakena, thanks for stopping by and glad to hear you are having a good experience with Rory Ricord, we have seen a LOT of sites like these where you have to pay $97 to get in, you have 2 nice mentors coaching you, then start upselling you a bunch of stuff, if you think by paying $97 only you will have those mentors with you forever you are wrong, Rory Ricord has some huge scams out there that you can look up online one of them is called home job placement have a look at what people are saying about it, the funny thing is after I published this review, someone went to the BBB and wrote and left a positive review there, it’s the only positive one though the rest are pissed customers that have no idea what they paid for, regarding your question about Wealthy Affiliate I saw that you joined a couple of minutes ago, it’s a great and CLEAR affiliate marketing training for newbies that actually works.

  • I am looking into Roy Ricord did buy the 97 dollar package. Link posting is what I want
    to do. But I have had troubles with their support team. There phone numbers are always
    busy and they don’t call back when you want them too. Finally one did call and talk to me then he said he needed me to talk to someone else to see if i qualified to do the business.
    He called and he would not tell me how much their program would cost. They want me to sell a product on my own website. I am not interested in selling. I just want to promote by
    doing link posting. What does Wealthy Affiliate have to offer?

    • Hi Darrell, I’d definitely stay away from a program that doesn’t have a clear business model, they say their program is about link posting now they are trying to push you into selling a product on your site after you paid $97? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      Wealthy Affiliate is online business community where you learn how to start a website, how to drive traffic and how to monetize it, you can promote your own product or affiliate programs (like Amazon associates)

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to start a website from your passion, WA basically is everything you need to start an online business, they also have a big supportive community full of positive members that communicate with each other and help each other.

      You can join WA for free no credit card and see if it’s for you then decide if you should go premium which is the only thing you need to run a successful online business, learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

  • Rory Ricord doesn’t sound like a person that wants to help his members very well. With all the red flags, not sure why anyone would use this kind of program especially with his past history of his other scams.

    I agree with you Anis that Wealthy Affiliate’s training works and I have seen so many success stories coming out of there. There are many that make a full time income from their sites from the training at WA, whether they are promoting WA or not. This is why they have two types of courses, one for promoting WA, and another one for any niche you’re passionate about.

    There are several Amazon sites like by Branton (@bthiel), Vicky (@Veronica.l), and Josh (@Josh from Oz), that are earning consistent income in the thousands a month.

    There’s another member, Leo (@leoemery), who’s in a different industry all together and had already made $35K by 2/3’s into 2016.

    These are all real members you can look up if you just sign up for the free membership and read their stories.

    And of course, there are numerous people making a full time income promoting WA itself and gets rewarded by Wealthy Affiliate with a free trip to Vegas for a 3 day conference. I mean, what other program rewards their members’ successes like this???? NONE.

    Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best place to be if you want to use the affiliate marketing model for your online business! You not only learn from their top of the line training but you also learn from other members in the very active community inside.

    I love it there!

    • Hi Grace, thanks for stopping by, I love Wealthy Affiliate too and I believe in its power, their training simply works, they teach how to start a website that Google would love and rank and therefore get free targeted traffic.

      What kills me is that people say Wealthy Affiliate is all about selling WA memberships that’s wrong because when you first join WA you will be guided to start with the online certification course which teaches you how to start an online business from your passion, if you’re not sure about your passion or your passion can’t be monetized you can promote WA.

      Wealthy Affiliate is like a family to me now I have made many great friends that I learn from every day.

      Thanks Grace for stopping by and have a great day 🙂

  • It sounds like you are here to promote wealthy affiliate but I can’t help but to notice your wording “try” “practically all” the features for free. I myself have paid the $97 to roryricord .com or online business solutions and the training videos are available so the fee appears to be for the one on one mentoring. I have heard nothing mentioned regarding a monthly fee. I am willing to update you on my experience as i move forward with roryricord .com I will provide honest, unbiased feedback for those interested. I am actually contacting customer service in the morning so i will know if company gives refund, if customer service is what they say they are if the support of this online posting is what they promise…… stay tuned.

    • Hi Julie thanks for visiting, yes you are right I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate because I know it’s a legit program, yes you can try a lot of their features for free and if you like what you see you can upgrade, the first month is $19 then $49 per month

      No upsells or anything, I love Wealthy affiliate because their training really works, the owners are passionate internet marketers they love what they are doing, they are always hanging on the live chat to help the folks

      I have reviewed Rory Ricord. com and I’m sure it’s not an ethical company and I have provided the facts, if it was legit I would say so, I never bash other programs just to promote WA, I care a lot about my reputation.

      I’m looking forward to hear more from you


    • Hello,
      I have signed up with RoryRicord for the $97 initial fee and I am about to sign up for the rest of the program. I was assigned a consultant but he was rude so I had decided to cancel and get my $97 refunded and called to Customer Service and Rory Ricord answered. I liked what he said. I intended to get it ago. The cost is minimal incomparison to what a startup business could cost. Let me know your experience and I will share mine.

  • How is Weathy Affiliate such a great Program? From everything I see, any income derived from that program is based on selling Wealthy Affiliate Memberships as their Affiliate. I don’t see where there is any serious attempt from their Affiliates to do serious product marketing.

    • Hi, John, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate affiliate marketing training where you learn how to start an online business from your passion when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you have the certification course which will teach you how to start an online business from your passion and by promoting Amazon products or any product related to your niche.

      Then there is the Bootcamp training where you learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’m so proud that I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate because it’s definitely an amazing program which is second to none, the best part is you can try practically all the features for free without credit card.

      I have yet to find any product that can compare to WA that’s why it’s my number one recommendation.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment.


      • I have been a student of his program for approximately a month now, and not one penny earned. Every time I have asked my Instructor, Paul Feldman to absolutely tell me what needs to be done to start getting some for of income back, I get redirected to someone else for more training. Most recently it’s Paul Rankin. He now informs me that I am being trained for becoming an Instructor, follow the Instructor training. But! where is my income coming from, and when does that get started??????? I never get a true reply, only directed for more training. Every site I get directed to, I am being asked to invest more money, but nothing on any income!!!!!!! I am going to request all my money back. Including $599 for joining Direct Cellars. I believe is another SCAM!!!!!

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