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The Stuffing Envelopes Scam Here’s the UGLY Truth!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 25, 2019

is stuffing envelopes a scam or legit work from home job

Chances are you have been looking all over Google for a legitimate work from home job and you stumbled upon an ad that promises you to earn hundreds of dollars per week stuffing envelopes?

But it looked too good to be true and that's why you're here wondering if stuffing envelopes is a scam work from home job or not?

I love digging and learning about different ways to work from home, It's just my passion that's why I have this blog where I help people avoid scams and find legitimate work from home jobs!

That's exactly what I'm going to do here with the stuffing envelopes schemes!

Without wasting time let's find out what stuffing envelopes works!

What is stuffing envelopes?

Stuffing Envelopes simply means you open up an envelope put a letter or a card inside it and lick it. That's pretty much what it means to stuff envelopes.

As you can see stuffing envelopes does not require any experience, no degrees, in fact, there are machines that will stuff 1000's envelopes in 20 seconds.

So why would anyone hire you and pay you $1000's when they could buy a $500 machine and do all the stuffing envelopes work for them?

Is Stuffing Envelopes a Real Job?

Stuffing envelopes used to be a real job in the past, I'm talking about the times where there was no internet or technology. Now it's not even a job and VIRTUALLY no one is going to pay you to do it from home.

In the past, you could work in the US Postal Service and stuff envelopes because there were no machines to automate the process for them.

Nowadays while there are companies that might pay you to stuff envelopes they are pretty hard to find and if you have happened to find a legit job you better believe they pay is peanuts.

With the evolution of the internet & technology more people buy stuff on the internet, so for example if you see an ad in your mailbox advertising a product I'm pretty sure you're not going to even look at it.

What about when you see a product advertised on the internet or on Amazon you would buy it right? Well, that's the point.

Sending mails is not an effective marketing strategy anymore and many companies are moving to the internet!

Can You Get Paid to Fill Envelopes at Home?

There is absolutely no way to get paid to stuff envelopes from home, anyone promising you that you will earn money from home stuffing envelopes is a scam artist you should run away from!

But howstuffworks.com say that there are ONLY two ways to work from home stuffing envelopes which are:

  1. Apply for a job or business that does a lot of mailing like a printing shop.
  2. Start your own direct mailing service.

Legitimate Stuffing Envelopes Jobs

There are some jobs online that include stuffing envelopes but I'm talking about companies that are looking for office administrators or an executive assistant.

This job require some specific degrees and special requirements such as good eye coordination & multi-tasking.

Jobs like these pay you to:

  • Assist with preparation of mailing material.
  • Preparing labels.
  • Typing & copying.
  • Sending out mailers.
  • Moving & stacking boxes.

You can find such jobs on websites like:

So Is Stuffing Envelopes a Scam?

Stuffing Envelopes is not a scam, it's a real job that people used to pay you for, but as noted above it's impossible to get paid to stuff envelopes from home! Because there are machines that do better, faster & cheaper!

However what you should know is that there are THOUSANDS of stuffing envelopes scams that are waiting for innocent people looking for work from home jobs.

Below I explain to you how these stuffing envelopes scams work and even show you examples of scams.

Legit Work from Home Job with No Start-up Fee?

How the Stuffing Envelopes Scams Work!

  • You search for a work from home jobs online
  • You see an ad that says you can earn $1000's stuffing envelopes
  • To get started you have to pay a fee & buy the start-up kit!
  • You will receive a kit that will ask you to post ads online instead of stuffing envelopes!
  • You will start recruiting members to do the same! (Pyramid Scheme!)

The stuffing envelopes scams also known as the envelope-stuffing schemes.

These are shady websites (that, unfortunately, are everywhere online) that offer you easy money for stuffing envelopes.

They usually make claims like this:

the envelope stuffing scam

In fact, even BBB warns you against these envelope stuffing schemes!

Envelope-Stuffing Scam

BBB in 2015 has also published a press release about the top 10 scams of 2015.

And one of the top 10 scams is the envelope stuffing schemes!

Feel free to watch their video below! 🙂

Basically, they pretend to be stuffing envelopes work at home jobs and once you pay the small fee they ask you're going to be asked to post ads online!

What kind of ads?

You will be trained to promote the same scheme you fell into!

You're going to make people pay a small fee and also start promoting the same scheme!

That's what they do to newbies and this is an illegal scheme which is called a pyramid scheme!

Stuffing Envelopes 3 Scam signs to Watch out for!

Below I'm going to share with you the most common scam signs that you can use to spot a stuffing envelope scam quickly!

1- They Require an Upfront fee!

Most envelope stuffing schemes require a fee in order to get started making money stuffing envelopes.

As soon as you see a stuffing envelopes offer that asks for an upfront fee it's straight up a scam.

To make the scam look legit, these scams promise to give you a starting kit which costs around $30 to $70.

After you pay that fee they will say goodbye and disappear!

If you're lucky they will send you a kit but as I explained above you will be misled into promoting a pyramid scheme which is illegal!

2- Does it Sound too good to be True?

Most of the stuffing envelopes schemes give you bold promises.

Here's an example! 

stuffing envelopes scam

Easy money doesn't exist!

Don't let these scammers take advantage of you!

They make these false claims just to get you excited and therefore pay the fee!

Legit Work from Home Opportunity?

3- Are there any Negative reviews online?

If you're not sure if a stuffing envelopes offer is a scam or not you can simply read reviews online and you will quickly know if the offer is legitimate or not.

Let's say you came across 1200weekly.com (an envelope stuffing scheme) and you're not sure if it's a scam or legit.

With a quick Google search, I was able to find these complaints about 1200weekly.com

stuffing envelopes scam
stuffing envelopes scam

The 6 Biggest Stuffing Envelopes Scams to avoid!

Below you can see the names of the biggest sending brochures & stuffing envelopes scams if you come across any of the 6 sites mentioned below you need to run away because they are scams!

  1. 1200weekly.com
  2. Hazel pepper Good 
  3. IncomeStation.net
  4. Stuffing Envelopes
  5. Easyworkhomejobs
  6. processingenvelopes.biz
  7. incomemailer.net & Mailing network

If you know any scam that should be in this list please us know by leaving a comment!

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs With No Fees!

If you are looking for legit work from home jobs you need to forget stuffing envelopes because they are things of the past and not worth your time!

There are better ways to earn extra cash like doing surveys!

By the way here are my top 3 recommended surveys!

They are 100% free!

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  • I wish I had seen your site when I was a young, stupid and impressionable college student! I fell for a lot of these types of scams from the stuffing envelopes thing to making jewelry and doll’s hair! My experience with the envelope stuffing thing was a bit different. What I had to do was place the ads in newspapers (the Internet wasn’t such a big thing 30 years ago) then when people sent their money requesting info, then I would “stuff” the envelope with the same bogus scam that I had fallen for! I made exactly $0 doing any of these things! It really made me mad because I was already broke! Do people really still fall for these things? I guess they have to learn the hard way! Thank you for your site! Hopefully it will keep some people from falling victim to these things!

  • This is new form of scam to me  I come in Africa and I can you tell this kid of scam has not  been introduced but it can’t as you have said it has been over taken by events . But it is good to know that we have envelopes staffing jobs  that has been turned into scams  without this blog I would have never known such a thing exit and wherther it was real or scam thanks for so much it do help

  • Stuffing envelopes to get paid??  Hell no!!  It’s not gonna be possible. What kind of business or platform would want to pay you simply to stuff envelopes for them when there are machines that can do it for them and they would spend less for doing so. The most legitimate online business I know is wealthy affiliates and almost  every other online jobs are scam.

  • I have had many offers similar to the letter you show in this article. It is basically sending out the same ad you got to other unsuspecting individuals to ask them to post off similar ads.

    It’s Ludacris as posting these envelopes costs so much money and most of them are now turning to spam people on their email addresses.

    i am sure in this smarter time we live in, not many people will fall for this anymore, so you could be doing a lot of work for nothing, and I would feel embarrassed promoting this sort of business in any case.

    There are far more productive ways to earn money online and also far more enjoyable ways.

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