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Is Textbroker A Scam? This 2023 Review Goes over 6 Red Flags You Need to Consider…

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

February 15, 2023

Is Textbroker A Scam

Welcome to Textbroker review! Is Textbroker a scam? That is the question we will answer here! (Updated 2023)

This topic is somewhat personal, because as an avid writer, I had challenges before just like you!

Textbroker is one of the outlets wherein writers can do their thing and earn money. However, is it really legit? Or is Textbroker a scam?

You have come to the right place because we are going to examine Textbroker and find out if it is the real deal or is it just another scam.

P.S. I am neither promoting or bashing Textbroker. I am simply giving my honest and unbiased review about it for you.

I’m going to share with you 6 red flags we have found.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Is Textbroker A Scam: Quick Summary

Name: Textbroker

Website: https://www.textbroker.com/

Year founded: 2007

Founder: Jan Becker-Fochler

Type: Internet content marketplace

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? No

Is Textbroker A Scam

What is Textbroker?

Textbroker is an internet content marketplace founded by the SEO provider, Jan Becker-Fochler in Germany in the year, 2007.

In the year 2008, the platform was launched in the United States. The following year, their headquarters in Las Vegas opened up.

Who is it for?

The Textbroker marketplace was made for two persons:

  • Writer – the one who writes the content
  • Client – the one who demands for content

This marketplace serves as a bridge between these two.

They can collaborate and work together on projects that require writing, such as product descriptions, articles, website content, social media posts, news stories, and many more.

How Does Textbroker Work?

Textbroker is pretty much the same as other websites that pay you to write.

The client demands something, the worker complies.

Afterwards, the worker gets paid by the client upon the completion of project.

However, before starting writing, there are 4 steps that all of you should accomplish.

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The Textbroker long Registration Process

You have to register first in order to be a part of Textbroker.

During my research, I noticed that Textbroker actually requires A LOT of information for you to register.

First you need to provide your name and email address, of course. Additional info include your full address, your gender, your birthday, your contact number, and guess what?

You also need to provide your US residency as well as a picture of you holding your ID in front of the camera.

If you live out of US you are out of luck, but honestly I would recommend you to put in effort in a business that actually makes you money anyway.

Provide Sample of Your Work

After registering, you need to provide Textbroker a sample by either using a write-up you wrote before, or you write about a topic that you want.

2 Weeks to Get Answers for your Sample…

When you pass your sample, you will have to wait for a week or two, while the Textbroker management read and rate your sample.

Yes, they will rate it, by giving stars between 2 or 5 stars.

This one is very important because your rating will determine what type of projects you will work on.

The better the rating, the better that projects, the better the income.

Below is a video explaining the ratings of Textbroker.

Set up your Textbroker Profile

The last step before you start writing and earn money is to set up your Textbroker profile.

It usually takes a week or more for the staff to review your writing sample and rate it.

You really have to be good at setting up your profile because this is what the client will see.

It will be the one to attract the clients to give you projects. It is a bit long process, but you must go through it.

Below is a screenshot of a sample profile of a writer.

Textbroker sample profile

As you can see in the picture, you need to upload a profile picture so that the clients will know how you look like.

There are other areas that can track your history with Textbroker.

However, there are 6 main parts in your profile; General Info, Abilities, Writing Samples, Languages, Interests and Travel.

General Info

This is the tab where you put your resume.

Furthermore, other info such as your pay rate and availability (how often you can work) will be found here.

This is a very important part of your profile.


It highlights all of your abilities and skills that will be useful in your future projects.

This is where you will also input your education, occupation, experiences and what kind of writing you are good at (articles, news, editorial, etc.).

Writing Samples

In this tab, you provide 3 of your best original writings.

The whole purpose of this is to show the clients what kind of articles or writings you can do and how well you can do it.


Another important thing to include in your profile are the languages that you can speak and write.

Some clients will require to write in other languages, other than English.

If you know other languages, the better chances of you having more projects.


This is where you highlights all of the interests you love, especially the topics you love to write about.

This is also important because most clients search writers by topics.

If a client searches an interest of yours, surely you will be one of the people he/she will choose from.


You may be wondering why this tab is included in your profile.

However, it is also of importance to provide your travel history. This can give a background of yourself and experiences to the clients.

Furthermore, other projects include writing about specific locations. Our travel history will be a big help in that case.

So basically, this last step is where you should do your best to “sell” yourself to maximize the opportunities you can get to be hired by clients and accomplish their projects.

Below is a tutorial video that can help you set up your Textbroker profile.

The Textbroker Projects

There are several ways to find projects in Textbroker. These are the 3 common ways to land on a project.

Choosing a project

If you are still starting out, this method is the best way for you to work on a project.

Clients post their projects and the instructions and they request writers who was the quality and experiences to accomplish it.

Additionally, these projects will go into open order queues.

Then all you have to do is to search for these projects, especially the ones that fit your skillset.

Direct Order

This one usually happens if you gain enough experiences over a period of time in Textbroker.

Usually, you will be able to establish relationships with different clients over time.

When they like your works, they can request you to accomplish certain projects and tasks for them.

Basically, they will personally hire you. Also, you can set your own per-word-price in those projects.

Moreover, Textbroker will add 30% to your rate. So you have to consider that when you will set your rate. Make sure it is considerable.

Team Orders

Being a part of a team, according to the ones who experienced being in one, pays a lot better than being a lone wolf.

Basically, you work with other people in certain projects. You can all set your own rate.

So, if you already reached this part of the review, you probably noticed that Textbroker takes a lot of time, effort and patience.

Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing, which is a lot better.

3 Textbroker Quick Success Tips

In order to maximize your earnings with Textbroker, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

    1.  Don’t plagiarize or even use quotes – Plagiarism is a big issue with services like this. Furthermore, since quotes are a word per word copy of a text, it might get flagged by the plagiarism checker. So, I recommend you paraphrase quotes instead.
    2. Always improve your writing skills – You might think that your writing skills is already adequate enough. However, you should always be looking for ways to improve since it will give you the opportunity to earn more. Textbroker offers many videos and tutorial that you can access. Furthermore, they have a helpful community.
    3. Watch your self – You can only work your best if you’re body is in the best condition. So, do not push yourself too hard and take breaks. Do not forget to eat and hydrate regularly. Furthermore, as you will be sitting for a long time in front of the computer, always check your posture to avoid back problems.

How Much Can You Earn with Textbroker?

After researching about Textbroker, I realized that the chances of you earning enough to work full-time are low.

with Textbroker, your rating (2-5 stars) is very important, just like what I mentioned above.

It determines the types of jobs you will have and how much you will earn.

Based on my research, an example of how much you earn for a 500-work article based on your rating is:

  • 2-Star – .7 cents/word (500 words pays $3.50)
  • 3-Star – 1 cent/word (500 words pays $5.00)
  • 4-Star – 1.4 cents/word (500 words pays $7.00)
  • 5-Star – 5 cents/word (500 words pays $25.00)

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Reminder: Be really careful with your rating because even if you received a 5-star rating, there will still be instances wherein you will rank down.

One factor is choosing the kind of projects you will work on.

For example, you excel at writing editorial write ups and opinion articles. While on the other hand, you are not so good at writing technology articles.

If you chose the jobs that you think you are not good at, the clients will likely not like your work and can reject your work.

This will lead to ranking down and you won’t get paid.

However, as of June 2016, an update was made.

When a client rejects your work, don’t worry. The Textbroker staff got your back. They will review it first. If they think that your product rejection was unjustified, then they will overturn it and you will be paid!

Yet, it still sounds pretty challenging and difficult, huh? Well, that’s life. There will always be ups and downs.

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The Textbroker Fees

This one goes to all of the ones out there who wants to become a client rather than a writer.

Textbroker is also for you. And I have something to say to you, and all the writers out there, you have to take this into consideration too.

Because during my research, most writers had the same complaint, which was that their clients did not pay the expected amount. This is the explanation.

Textbroker collects a fee every time a client pays a writer after accomplishing the project.

That is the reason why other writers could not get the full amount of the payment. That is because a portion was collected by Textbroker as a fee.

Above, I showed you an example of how much you earn for a 500-word article based on your rating.

That is what you earn. However, that is not the exact amount that the client will pay. Below are the exact amounts.

  • 2-Star – 1.3 cents/word (500 words cost is $6.50)
  • 3-Star – 1.8 cent/word (500 words cost is $9.00)
  • 4-Star – 2.4 cents/word (500 words cost is $12.00)
  • 5-Star – 7.2 cents/word (500 words cost is $36.00)

The Textbroker fees range from 30% to 47% based on that information.

How Does Text Broker Pay You?

I mentioned above how Textbroker is very specific with the requirements.

But I tell you, it doesn’t stop there. Even the payout is very distinct.

First, there is a minimum amount of $10 for you to be able to request the payment.

Second, this must be done and submitted by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) on Thursdays.

Afterwards, your money will be transferred via Paypal on the end of business Fridays.

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Is Textbroker A Scam: Red Flags and Concerns

#1 There is no passive income potential

When you work in Textbroker, you can only get paid ONCE every time you finish a project.

After that, you will have to find another project.

It is the exact opposite of affiliate marketing wherein you can earn a passive income.

#2 Low Pay

If you don’t have a 5-star rating, your salary is too low. The examples I provided above is a proof.

Furthermore, it is not a good source of stable income. You won’t always easily find projects too.

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#3 Specific Requirements

Textbroker is very strict with its requirements.

The income you earn is not enough and Textbroker requires a lot of information from you.

If you are really anxious about giving out info about yourself, then Textbroker is not for you.

#4 Clients can either be your friend or foe

In Textbroker, your clients play a very important role in your journey in this marketplace.

If you can meet their expectations, you might rank up. If not, then you might rank down.

P.S. In the new update in Textbroker, clients can’t rate you anymore.

They will evaluate you and rate you. However, the rating will not only depend on that. It will greatly depend on the editor, who will be one of the staff of Textbroker.

The editor is the one who will give your rating. So you better make sure your grammar and punctuation marks are correct.

#5 U.S. Residents only

During my research, I found out that Textbroker only caters U.S. residents.

That is why they require your U.S. residency. But for those non-U.S. residents, fear not.

I found out that there is a small tab that says “International” on their website wherein you can choose the language you want.

However, I am unsure whether non-U.S. residents can have the same clients that U.S. residents can have.

#6 Negative reviews

High Attrition Rate, garbage companyIt's good for some extra cashThis company is a joke

Is Textbroker A Scam: Pros

#1 Positive Reviews

I'm so happy and fun and enjoyCasual steady workGreat platform to work on

#2 It is reliable

Yes, I agree that the income is small.

However, it gives credits when it is due. Textbroker will pay you on time and you can count on them.

#3 It is comfortable

You can freely choose and accept or decline projects.

Plus, you can also work anytime and anywhere.

#4 Good environment

Personally, I think it can be a great place to enhance your writing skills.

You can use all of the feedback from your clients and the staff to improve yourself and your skills.

Additionally, working in Textbroker can surely provide you with so many experiences and exposure in the writing world.

Textbroker Reviews and Complaints

The good reviews that employees leave about Textbroker is that mainly the work is stable and that you can freely choose jobs. However, employees also complain about the low pay and the unrealistic expectations that clients set sometimes.

Is Textbroke a Scam?

Although some companies have hidden schemes, such as Herbalife, fortunately, Textbroker is not a scam! Yay!

Yes, you can earn money and experiences with it. It is your choice and it is up to you whether you want to try it out or not.

However, my advice to you is that there are other ways to earn money online.

Textbroker does pay you, but it is not enough for you to have a stable income.

If you have a low rating, then I don’t think your earnings can pay the bills. It takes a lot of time and effort but there are chances you won’t get paid if the client doesn’t like it.

And don’t forget, you will almost be opening up your personal life to Textbroker because of the very strict and specific requirements they have before starting to write.

There are better ways out there to earn money in your home.

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Personally, I love to write. And I want to earn some cash doing it, which is my passion.

Textbroker may be a nice platform but it is just nothing compared to affiliate marketing. What makes it better?

  • Flexible time
  • Free
  • No clients/bosses

If you want me to be honest, because of affiliate marketing, I earn commissions like this thanks to Wealthy Affiliates.

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  • Thanks for this helpful clarification through this post. I love freelance writing and I’m looking forward to adding up more websites to the ones I am on before and surely this is a great place to be. But then, the text broker charges is just too much for me. Almost 40% is much though. I will look it up and try to get myself engaged in it nonetheless. I wouldn’t pass away an opportunity to earn extra income. Thanks

    • Hi! Yes, I agree with you on that. The fees are too much. Nonetheless, it is a great place to enhance your skills and earn an extra income. However, if you want to earn more than just an “extra” income, I suggest affiliate marketing.

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