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Is Trivita A Scam? (2022) Learn The Simple Truth Here.

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By Anis Chity

July 29, 2022

Is Trivita A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Trivita A Scam?" review! (Updated 2022)

When it comes to MLM companies, health and wellness is one of the best niches. In fact, a lot of MLM operates up to this day, when they started in the 1990s.

In fact, there are people out there who succeeded with MLMs.

However, this does not guarantee that they can be a good investment and a nice source of income. Some of them do not even provide high quality products. I have reviewed them too.

But in this review, let's turn our attention to Trivita. What is it? Is Trivita a scam? Find out all about these in this review!

Please do know that I have no relation or whatsoever with Trivita. So rest assured that I am not pitching you with any sales.

With that being said, let's get started!

Is Trivita A Scam: Quick Summary

Name:  Trivita

Website: https://www.trivita.com/

Founder: Michael R. Ellison

Price: $50 Monthly PV

Type: Health and wellness MLM

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

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What is Trivita?

Trivita landing page

Trivita is another health and wellness MLM company created by Michael R. Ellison in the year 1999. Furthermore, it is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to its website, Trivita is a fusion of three words, Tri which means three and Vita, meaning life. This is to remind us that all of us are physically, emotionally and spiritually connected.

Furthermore, Trivita sells "science-based nutritional supplements". As time progressed, they have extended to providing medical content using their online web series and podcasts.

This is where they feature their professionals in the field of medicine. Apart from that, Trivita has their own quarterly magazine that they publish, themselves.

Moreover, they have the "Trivita Clinic of Integrative Medicine", wherein their physicians can help people treat their illnesses.

Out of all the MLM companies I have reviewed, Trivita is one of the unique ones because of that.

 Is Trivita A Scam: Trivita Products

As for the Trivita products, they really focus on health and wellness. This is evident because of their various products and product lines.

Discussing them one by one can take a very long time. Instead, let me break down to you the categories of Trivita's products.

However, if you really want to check out their products, click here.

Herbal Supplements

Trivita Aqua Algae

Their herbal supplements are products that are extracted from herbs, of course. Furthermore, these are not ordinary ones. They are all found in the Amazon rainforest.

Some products in this category are Aqua Algae, Rejuvenate, Fiberzon Capsules, Rainforest Treasure Tea, and Zamu Protect.

Targeted Nutrition

Trivita Adaptuit

In this category, targeted nutrition products have a specific nutrition that it can give to the buyers.

The flagship product is called Adaptuit. It is a nutritional supplement that was designed to help with fighting against stress-related illnesses. These include heart diseases and diabetes.

Furthermore, they have sleep-related products such as Adaptuit Sleep. Also, Trivita offers Joint Complex, which is a medicine for the joints.

As you can see, these products are very specific.

Healthy Aging

Trivita product Nopalea

For this category, their flagship product is called Nopalea. Basically, it is a fruit drink that contains a nutrient called Betalain (extracted from the pear called Nopal).

Another product under this category which focuses on the healthy living of people are the TriVita Slow Dissolve B-12 tablets.


Trivita MyoHealth™ Essential Amino Acid Complex Berry Crush

For increasing performance, Trivita has various of them! Moreover, these products are designed to help you build lean muscle faster!

Some of them are MyoHealth Lemonade 2 Pack, MyoHealth™ Essential Amino Acid Complex Berry Crush and MyoHealth™ Vegan Capsules.

Do these products actually work?

If you really got to check out their product catalog, then you know how amazing these products sound. They look like they are the answer to all of our health concerns.

However, there are still people who say the opposite. WebMD, one of the best, reliable and top medical blogs out there, stated that Trivita products may deliver side effects. You can check out the article here.

Yet, Trivita were still able to garner a lot of positive reviews.

Is Trivita A Scam facebook page

A visited Trivita's Facebook page and I was able to see a couple of reviews made by customers.

Mostly, the reviews state that the products worked for the people. As for the negative ones, the common thing they have is that the Trivita products were in effective.

But then again, all of us humans are designed differently regarding health supplements. That means our bodies react in a different way when taking these products.

It could either work or not. This is also the same explanation why other people have allergies, while others do not.

Wow. Another useful knowledge stored in your brains, huh?

How do you earn with Trivita?

Is Multi-Level Marketing A Pyramid Scheme

Since Trivita has a multi-level marketing business model, then of course, you can earn money with the MLM compansation.

There are two ways for you to do it.

First is through selling Trivita products to other people. Basically, you will purchase these products at a retail price and sell them with a much higher price so that you can earn a profit!

The second way is to recruit people into becoming one of the distributors or workers of Trivita. You will also be earning commissions from your referrals.

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With this program, I only need to promote

products and then I can earn commissions when people purchase them!

I won't even have to sell anything or recruit anyone!

Now, I am making a 4-figure monthly income! Check it out!

How to get started?

If ever you want to earn money in Trivita being a distributor, well, guess what? There are no membership fees that you need to pay for.

Instead, you will only need to maintain a personal volume each month which is 20. Furthermore, this can be guaranteed through Trivita's autoship program.

Trivita Autoship Program Requirement

With the Autoship Program, you can actually get the most payouts and commission rates.

The only thing you need to do is to purchase their product, Nopalea on autoship. It costs around $50 per month.

Furthermore, after that, you will be provided with your own website, as well as back office access. And of course, there will be no additional fees for these.

Trivita Compensation Plan

Trivita Monthly Compensation Plan

Above, you can see the monthly compensation plan of Trivita. The structure works in a unilevel marketing.

You don't need to sell or recruit to earn money with this program!

Income Accelerator Weekly Bonus

This is a weekly bonus in which you will be qualified for whenever a new member joins Trivita.

Moreover, that member must make a purchase within the first 60 days upon signing up.

The commission that will be earned will be based on the rank of that member.

Unilevel Commissions

After the first 60 days, the member can then start earning unilevel commissions.

As you can see on the picture of the compensation plan above, there are seven tiers. Furthermore, the commission rate will increase as the ranks get higher.

Affiliate Member Ranking Qualification

  • 1 Star - 40 personal qualifying orders and at least enrolled one affiliate member.
  • 2 Star - 100 personal qualifying orders and at least enrolled two affiliate member. In addition, you must also have a monthly TGV of 2,500.
  • 3 Star - 100 personal qualifying orders and at least enrolled three affiliate member. In addition, you must also have a monthly TGV of 5,000.
  • 4 Star - 100 personal qualifying orders and at least enrolled three affiliate member. In addition, you must also have a monthly TGV of 10,000.

Monthly Group Compensation

Another compensation in Trivita is the Monthly Group Compensation.

This is basically the accumulated sales made by your team up to the 7th tier. Furthermore, you will be eligible for this compensation after the first 60 days.

  • 1st Level - 20% commissions
  • 2nd to 6th Level - 4% commissions
  • 7th Level - 3% commissions

Monthly Leadership Bonus

Is Trivita A Scam monthly leadership bonuses

This bonus is available when you become an affiliate.

The amount of the bonus will increase each time you climb up the ranks.

To put the compensation plan simply, the more you recruit and sell products, the more money you can earn.

You can check out the video below to understand better the plan.

Affiliate Member Benefits

  • Career Plan Recognition
  • Fast Cash Bonuses Paid Weekly
  • Free Pre-Paid Debit Card or Direct Banking Deposit
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Leadership Training Events
  • Periodic Promotions and Incentives
  • Residual Monthly Compensation
  • Special Team Building Events

Is Trivita A Scam: Trivita Ugly Truths!

#1 No Income Disclosure Statement

Whenever I review MLMs and other job opportunities online, I always look up their Income Disclosure Statement.

It purpose is to provide information and transparency to the public about the salary or income of the workers. Furthermore, it shows the sustainability of the business.

Basically, you can figure out if it is worth it by checking the amount of the annual income of the lowest rank. If ever it is indicated that it is less than a thousand dollars, then basically, they earn an average of a hundred dollars per month!

An IDS is very important and helpful. However, Trivita does not disclose any info about their IDS. This is something to be concerned about since there is no transparency. You don't know your potential income.

#2 Products are expensive

If ever you got to check out the products of Trivita in their website, you probably noticed that their prices are expensive.

To elaborate on that, let's use their product, 60-count Trivita Omega3 Prime capsules as an example.

60-count Trivita Omega3 Prime capsules

This product costs $29.99. If you compare it to the generic brands, it is really expensive!

Check out other marketplaces like Amazon, generic ones would cost less than $30. Furthermore, others are usually priced at $9.09.

Having expensive prices can affect both the members and the customers. No matter how good a distributor at pitching sales, it might still be difficult to make them because of the price.

Furthermore, I found this statement from the Trivita website.

Michael R. Ellison Statement

It says there that Michael's purpose is to help people mitigate their lifestyle-related diseases.

However, how can this be possible when only a limited number of people can have access to their products because of the high prices?

#3 FTC violations

Although Trivita has been around since 1999, providing health and wellness products and opportunities to people, it still become a subject of a lawsuit back in 2014.

Specifically, it broke the FTC act that prohibits businesses and companies from using deceptive acts that can affect commerce.

What happened is that Trivita released false advertisements and claims about their flagship product, the Nopalea.

Is Trivita A Scam: What I like about it

#1 BBB Rating

Trivita BBB rating

Trivita has been around for quite some time and just like I expected, for a company like that, it has a good BBB rating.

It has an A+ rating. What this means is that it is satisfactory and received a lot of positive reviews from its clients.

#2 Diverse product line

One thing I like about Trivita is its diverse product lines. It has been serving and providing products since 1999. With a long period of time, they managed to innovate and create more to be added into their catalog.

Each one of them are also designed to focus on one part. Just like the categories I mentioned above.

Furthermore, as an MLM, having a diverse product line is good for the distributors. They have a variety of options to choose from to sell.

#3 FDA-Approved

In the year 2003, Trivita was FDA-approved. Furthermore, it was recognized that it produces high quality products along with excellent business operations.

Is Trivita A Scam?

One of the common questions I hear is "Is Trivita a scam?"

No, Trivita is not a scam. It is a legit health and wellness company that has been operating since 2009. Furthermore, it produces high-quality products.

Although it was sued for violating the FTC act, it is not enough to say that it is a scam. Furthermore, since it is an MLM company, a lot of people ask if it is a pyramid scheme since the two business models are similar.

No, Trivita is not a pyramid scheme. There are two ways for you to earn money which is to sell products and to recruit people. It does not focus only on the recruiting unlike pyramid schemes.

Even though it is a great company with great products, as an opportunity, it is not that great. It does not disclose any IDS however, if you look at the compensation plan and the prices of the products, you will not be making much money.

Therefore, I do not recommend it as a stable source of income.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Trivita a scam?" review! If you have comments or questions, please leave them below on the comment section. I will gladly respond to them!

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