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Product Testing UK Review. All You Need to Know Here (2022)

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December 17, 2022

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product testing uk review

In this Product Testing UK review, I will talk about this company that gives out expensive products like the iPhone 7 for free in exchange for your review.

The big question is can you really review and keep those fancy gadgets with Product Testing UK?

There are many companies that give you free products like chocolate tablets or shampoo samples. However, when you hear that you can get the latest MacBook retina for free you are like whoa! Is this real?

Today, I am going to review Product Testing UK for you to see how it works and what other people say.

Without wasting time let's dig in the review!

2022 Update: Product Testing UK has now been shutdown and their website cannot be accessed anymore. However, if you still want to make money online then read this article!

Product Testing UK Review Quick Summary

Name:  Product Testing 

Websites: - -

Product Testing UK review

Summary:  Product Testing UK is legit however to get products to test you need to be very lucky!

In this review, I'll also talk about how you get paid, what the members are saying and everything you need to know about Product Testing UK!

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes

What is Product Testing UK?

Product testing UK is a site that gives you expensive items in exchange for your honest reviews.

This site has been online since 2012. So, with Product Testing UK you can also earn money as a mystery shopper and as a secret dinner.

They are also available in other countries:

  • Product Testing US
  • Product Testing Australia
Product Testing UK Review iPhone 7 Review and Keep

There are tons of products like laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, every piece of electronics you could think about.

Plus, you can also get paid as a mystery shopper, all you have to do is visit a selected supermarket and shop as you would normally do, then write a review with pictures about your experiences.

However, I think this website is not something you just get into. You need to know what to do when reviewing and testing products. So, this will make you into a reliable tester and reviewer.

I published a post recently about how to get paid to test electronics and Product Testing UK made it into the list.

Now, I am thinking about removing it from the list because I came to know about some red flags which I'll share with you in this review.

How can you get free products to review? And how can you become a mystery shopper? Is it worth your time?

I will cover all that in the rest of this review.

How Does Product Testing UK Work?



Sign up to the Product You Want

You will see all the products that you can sign up for as soon as you enter the Product Testing UK site.

Note that when you sign up, you will need to fill out a long and tedious survey. They will ask you to give out lots of details like:

  • Where you live
  • Your email address 
  • The devices you use
  • Your education
  • Your phone number and some other info.

To get started, you need to choose a specific product to apply to as a tester.

For example, today they offer many products to test like the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Samsung Galaxy fold.

These are some VERY expensive electronics that cost +$2000 and you better believe that NOT everyone will be able to receive a free Samsung Galaxy S10 to their doorstep.

With Product Testing UK you can test and keep for free any product you can think of.

There are different categories you can browse and then decide which product you want to order and review.

With Product Testing UK you can choose products from the following categories.

product testing uk review categories

Let's say you want to apply to become a tester for the new Galaxy Fold you need to sign up from the Product Testing UK website (you can sign up using the orange link above).

You will need to provide the info I talked about above and also complete a questionnaire

A Quick Note!

Product Testing UK doesn't give free items to anyone but to only people that they think will provide the type of feedback they need.


Receive Your Product (If Selected)

If you get selected, then you will receive your product or you will get a gift card that you can use to buy the product you have selected.

They will contact you via email if you get selected.


Test & Keep Your Product for Free

At this point, all you have to do is use your product and test it very well.

If you have ordered a Smartphone, then you need to test it in all areas like how fast it is in multitasking or if it freezes up during video calls.

Product Testing UK gives you free stuff because they hope you will point out some flaws on their products they are not expecting you to write a fake review saying how you love your new smartphone.


Leave an HONEST Review

Know that you have tested the product you have ordered very well it's time to leave a good review where you explain what you have liked and what you did not.

The review you write needs to to be:

  • At least 500 words long
  • Make a video review ( at least 1 or 2 minutes long)
  • Different photos about the product.

Here's an example of a good video review that Product Testing UK are looking for.

Product Testing UK Review: Who Can Join?

To join Produte Testing UK you need to be at least 18 years old and live in the UK.

While Product Testing UK only accept people from the UK they do have sites that are available in the US and Australia.

Here are their links:

Product Testing UK Review: Payment Method

Product Testing UK pays you in two ways:

You get products for free or you get the price value of your chosen product as a gift card.

For example, if you choose a Playstation 4 Product Testing UK will either ship it to you directly to your house or send you a gift card that you can use to buy the PS4 from your local electronics store.

If you apply to become a mystery shopper you will get a gift card usually a £100 to £200 gift card that you will use to shop.

If you apply to become a secret diner you will receive cash around (£60) that you can use to eat on restaurants.

There are no Paypal payments within Product Testing UK which is a payment method that is preferred by many users because it's easy and fast.

Why Would Product Testing UK Give Products For Free?

Chances are you're wondering why would Product Testing UK give out free products to people and how they make money?

It's normal to ask such questions because there are so many product testing scams out there.

Product Testing UK is a professional market research and an online opinion polls company they help big companies like Sony and Apple to get people to test their products before they get launched to the market.

Product Testing UK Review: Is it Safe & Spam Free?

I have signed up for one of their products just to see how the site works since I am not from the Uk, USA or Australia. I used a VPN just in case they won't let me in as I am not from the the countries they want members from.

First, I had to fill out lots of forms and obviously I did not use my real contact information.

After a few days, I would get tons of emails that are full of spam like "you won big numbers in the lottery" spam emails and stuff like that.

Then I came to know that Product Testing UK do send tons of spam to all applicants. So, they would send you offers and spammy emails like'' you are a possible winner of £1.00000.''

I would never click on the links they send as they are complete spam.

Plus, I did not give my real phone number, just imagine if I did!

Here are some Product Testing UK members that complain about the spam they get from this site.

product testing UK review complaint
product testing uk review

Another important thing you need to know is that when you sign up for Product Testing UK you're technically agreeing with their privacy policy.

In their privacy policy page they clearly say that as a product tester you agree to receive the latest promotional emails. Furthermore, your information will be sold to third party websites.

product testing uk privay policy
product testing uk review privacy  and cookie policy


I received an email from a Product Testing UK member who says that he recently applied to receive a smart watch. First, he went through the surveys but he was asked way too many questions.

The survey was so long that it was even asking questions not related to the smart watch.

This Product Testing UK member also says that he was asked many times to sign up for other sites like which is a Bingo site.

The member also told me that he has been receiving tons of spam on his phone and email inbox!

I have also read some similar Product Testing UK complaints on the Money Saving Expert forum.

Can Everyone Get FREE Products?

The reality about Product Testing UK is they do send products for free in exchange for your review.

However, they hype things up & make everything look so exciting. So, when you visit the site you will feel like they are going to give free products to everyone.

Thousands and thousands of people sign up to get free products or to become a mystery shopper or diner; however, very few people are selected.

I assume that from every 5000+ applications they would only select like ten people that they feel they can provide the kind of feedback they are looking for.

But when I had a look at this page I found out that ONLY one reviewer is chosen per day!

For example today 27th February this person was chosen as a review.

product tester uk chosen reviewer

As you can see tons of people are applying but only one person a day is chosen.

You can also see the daily chosen reviewers and new products to test on their official Facebook page.

Product Testing UK Review 2022

I have looked on the internet to see what kind of feedback people who tried this site have. Negative feedback was the norm as people complain about the same spam emails I have received.

I have also stumbled upon some positive reviews but they sound biased.

Are the positive reviews from people that actually received products or just from product testing UK agents?

Anyway, here are some of the Product Testing UK negative reviews I found.

Product Testing UK Review: Pros and Cons


  • You can get expensive products for free
  • Product Testing UK Is free to join


  • They send you lots of spam
  • You need to be very lucky to be accepted as a tester

Product Testing UK Review- Is it a Scam?

I don't think Product Testing UK is a scam because it's pretty obvious to me that not everybody will get the expensive stuff. Furthermore, no one can afford to give out fancy expensive gadgets to thousands of people.

However, the site is a bit misleading since they could have made things a bit clearer. Plus, those spam emails they send makes people that did not qualify to get free products more frustrated and skeptical.

To be honest, I would not register on this site and I think you shouldn't either as you don't know what they will do with your private information.

If you have any experiences with this site, feel free to share them with us here in the comment section below.

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  • I’ve learned a long time ago that if sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I once thought I was going to make extra money doing surveys, but I soon got tired of answering the same questions over and over again and being bombarded with all of the spam, like you said. I also never give out my real phone number. Thank you for reviewing this and sparing folks from wasting their time.

    • Dear product testing USA are you a scam I never got my product if I get my product you might be a scam if you help me get bitcoins I can buy Buy your product

  • Enjoyed reading this honest review that you have posted here today. I think it is important that we have people like yourself leaving real honest reviews like this because people new to this kind of thing can get misdirected easily.

    I dont imagine it is a scam as I used to work in retail and mystery shopping and shoppers is a real occurrence. As already mentioned people selected to do so are either popular in some way already, or one of a few lucky ones to be selected.

    If you do decide to go ahead with this site, make a new gmail account or something not a personal one as spam is most definitely going to happen and as you mentioned I would be careful using personal information too. Great Review !!

  • I would have to agree with you. I have not signed up with something like this, because it seemed too good to be true. I am sure some do end up with expensive items to test, but as you say, they are probably few and far between. I think that all I would get is a bunch of spam. And as you say, who knows what they are doing with your information.

    • That’s right Matts, I’m better off working my tail off on something that is apparently legit that pays me so I can buy stuff I like, thanks for dropping by and have a great day 🙂

  • yup, I stay far away from these type of sites.Very misleading. They remind me of the survey business where you “get paid to take surveys”. Not a scam but definitely not worth it and very misleading. The only type of person that i see would actually be making money off of this would be popular youtube review takers that actually make a living off of this. Those are probably the 10 out of thousands that product uk review would choose from anyway..

    • Hi Ilario, people that run popular Youtube channels are the ones that enjoy free stuff and therefore make a living doing reviews, companies love people like those, thanks for leaving a comment and have a great day 🙂

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