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Qmee 2019 Review-Real Cash or An Unsafe Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 19, 2019

Qmee Reviewed

Hi there! Thanks for clicking on my Qmee review!

Chances are you want to learn more info about Qmee, you want to know if it actually can help you earn extra cash or not!

Well, let me tell you in advance that Qmee is not a scam but is it the best place to earn cash? I don't think so!

If you want to learn more info about how Qmee actually works you want to read this full review!

Qmee Summary Review 

Name:  Qmee

Website: Qmee.com

Owner: Jonathan Knight & Nick Sutton

Price: Free

Qmee Reviewed

Summary: Qmee is an app and a browser extension which will allow you to save money and earn some little cash searching the web. In this review, I will share with you tricks and tips to make the most out of it and some alternatives that are a lot better.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes, if you want to earn some extra tiny cash searching the web.

What is Qmee?

Qmee is a browser extension and a mobile application where you can earn some little money doing some simple tasks like shopping & taking online surveys.

Qmee was launched in 2012 by Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton.

While Qmee won't make you tons of money it's a good way to save and earn some little money without putting in any extra effort.

However, I have heard some complaints about it regarding your privacy when using the browser extension. I'm going to shed more light on this in this review.

Other than that Qmee has a pretty good reputation and it's popular for working with big companies like:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Yahoo
  • Google

Qmee was even endorsed and featured on big magazines that include:

  • CNN Money
  • Forbes
  • Mashable
  • The Huffington Post

With that said, I don't think a lot of people question the legitimacy of this app.

But there are some burning questions that many people have.

Is Qmee a real app that is worth your time?

Is it safe to use their mobile app or browser extension?

These are just some of the questions I'll go through in this review!

Keep reading if you want to read the answers! 🙂

How Does Qmee Work?

To get started with Qmee you have to firstly download & install their browser extension which is available for the following internet browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox 
  3. Opera

Once you install it it will work like your online shopping companion, as you search the web it will show you targeted and related products to buy.

Qmee review

You will also find coupons which will help you save some money.

Qmee also has a mobile app for both IOS & Android devices. Just a few years ago Qmee had no phone app, in fact, you can still read some reviews online saying that they don't have an app.

The Qmee app is 100% free.

To start making money with it you need to fill out your profile with some information that includes:

  • Employment information
  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity
  • Background

How to Make Money With Qmee

You can make money with Qmee in 4 different ways:

  1. Search the web
  2. Take Surveys
  3. Shop Online
  4. Refer your friends

I'm going to give you more details on that below!

1- Search the web

Qmee review

You can get paid to search the web by installing the browser extension I have talked about before.

The browser extension only works on Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome if you want to earn money with Qmee and you use a different browser than the ones mentioned above you will need to download and install one of the supported browsers.

The Qmee browser extension allows you to track what you're doing and also helps Qmee show you targeted ads that you actually want to click on.

You can earn money with Qmee searching but only when you are searching using the following search engines and websites.

  • JCPenney
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Bing 
  • Google
  • Amazon

Let's say you use a browser that is different than Google and Bing and shop from a website that is not listed above you're NOT going to earn any rewards.

When you search using the Qmee extension you will notice a sidebar with products of the participating websites mentioned above.

Qmee review

Anytime that you search and click the ads of the sites associated with Qmee you will earn cash.

You can also earn searching the web using the Qmee app. 

2- Take Surveys 

is Qmee a scam?

Another way to earn with Qmee is taking surveys, but I have to admit that the Qmee surveys are the worse surveys I have ever seen.

The pay is miserable & you get disqualified all the time.

Maybe the surveys are terrible because of my demographics I don't know if you live in the US or UK. I have tried the Qmee surveys make sure you let us know your experience with them!

I have read some reviews online that say the surveys are pretty fun and short and if you take 4 to 6 surveys you might earn some considerable extra cash.

But I can't comment on that because my personal experience with the Qmee surveys is terrible I was even kicked out from many surveys when I answered no to some questions.

For example, I was asked if I have kids I answered no and immediately were told that I'm no match, this actually happened many times as I was trying out their surveys.

However, what I liked is whenever I was disqualified from a survey I was rewarded with a few cents for the time I put on the survey.

Yeah I know it's not much but there are surveys I know where you could spend half an hour on a survey only to be told you're out and they don't even give you a reward for it!

Are the Qmee surveys worth it?

I'd say it depends on your demographics! Later in this review, I'll share with you the countries where Qmee is available.

3- Shop Online 

Qmee is not a cashback shopping website like Shop smarter or Trunited but you can also earn some cash when clicking on their ads or by using their coupons to save money when shopping.

After you install the Qmee browser extension or the mobile app you will be seeing coupons on the left side of your screen.

Qmee review

These coupons will allow you to save up to 40% when you do your shopping from the Qmee partner sites. 

Qmee does not pay you to shop, you will earn cents when you search for the products you want to buy and by clicking the ads. But you do save money thanks to the coupons.

4- Refer Your Friends

This is the best way to earn some usable cash at Qmee, you can earn some extra cash by referring people to use Qmee.

There are no limits to how many people you can refer, the more referrals you have the more you can earn.

Each person you refer that cashes out their first earnings you will get $1.

If you want to earn with Qmee decently without wasting time and effort I recommend you to focus on referring people.

My #1 Recommendation Training will teach how to get tons of referrals from Google by building a website that promotes Qmee. This is an amazing way to build a solid income online.

 How Much Can You Earn with Qmee?

With Qmee you can't expect to earn a decent income because you're not doing any efforts at all, you're earning some little cash for doing something you have been doing for free your whole life.

After doing some intense research it looks like the average Qmee member earns around $5 per month which is nothing impressive.

The average earnings are $5 per month because most members can't refer many people to join Qmee. If you do you will be looking at some $100's monthly payments or even more if you refer a lot of people.

Below I will give you details on how much you can earn by searching, clicking ads and taking surveys.

How Much Can You Earn Searching & Clicking Ads?

By searching the web Qmee will give you from $0.3 to $1 per search or per ad you click.

How much you earn also depends on where you live and what type of searches you do, yeah there are some types of searches that pay more 🙂 I will share some of them by the end of this review.

And obviously the more you search the more you will earn, you don't want to get crazy about it otherwise you will be banned or you will start seeing fewer ads.

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How Much You Earn Per Qmee Survey?

As I said before my experience with the Qmee surveys is not good. But people from the countries supported by Qmee claim that you can earn $0.30 to $1.50 per survey.

However, the disqualification rate is pretty high and there aren't so many surveys but the good thing is the surveys are NOT so long as most of them are 3 to 10 minutes long.

Again how much you earn per survey is greatly affected by your demographics.

With that said, Qmee is not going to make you rich, the earnings are a bit miserable but if you invite people to Qmee you will drastically increase your earnings.

How Does Qmee Pay you?

Qmee payments

You can request a payment via Paypal, there is no minimum cashout limit. I have seen many people withdraw cents from their Qmee account.

You can also request gift cards from companies like:

  • Amazon 
  • Itunes (Apple)
  • Starbucks

You can also give out your earnings to a charity if you wish to.

The most important thing is Qmee is legitimate and it pays, there are so many members online that have posted their Qmee payment proof!

Qmee Complaints & Concerns

I'm happy to say that there aren't many negative reviews about Qmee as most reviews found online are positive.

However just like anything in life Qmee is not perfect and there are some problems, concerns, and complaints that come with it.

1- No International Love

Although Qmee supports Paypal this app is only available in a few countries that include:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia

There are many people that try to use VPNs and fake addresses to hack the app and get access to it even if they live outside the countries mentioned above.

I would not recommend you to do that because you will be banned immediately when you get caught.

With that said, Qmee is about to expand their site to other countries soon.

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2- Sometimes The Qmee Ads Don't Appear

Hey a banner ad

I have read many complaints from people who say that they have been doing Qmee searches that resulted in no ads.

If you use Qmee to make money searching the web but there are no ads showing up then you're not going to earn anything.

The ads will show up only when you do some particular searches, you need to be searching about products especially products related to the companies that are Qmee partners.

3- It's Very Slow To Earn With Qmee

Another very common Qmee complain is about how slow it is to earn with Qmee, well, as noted earlier in this review by searching the web you're not doing anything special that's why the earnings will reflect that.

Each search (with ads) will earn you a few cents, the surveys pay is miserable too but it is what it is that's how surveys work and you can't expect to earn decent money searching the web.

qmee complaint
qmee member complaining

4- Privacy Concerns - Is Qmee Trustworthy & Safe?

Qmee is 100% trustworthy & safe and they are pretty clear about it, they have a page on their blog where they promise you the top privacy.

However, there are many people concerned about their privacy with this site because they are afraid of the browser extension.

I also hate those browsers extensions you install that will change your browser default search engine and start showing you annoying ads everywhere!

Only God knows how I hate those!

Fortunately, that's not the case with Qmee, the latter does track some of your info but they do that because they want to show you targeted ads.

At the end of the day even Google and Facebook are tracking us every day. What I like about Qmee is they are 100% clear about any tracking they do.

5- Limited Referral Program

Most referral and affiliate programs will continue to pay you as long as your referral is active.

But unfortunately, that's not the case with Qmee because their referral program is pretty limited.

I will explain what I mean.

If you refer a person you will earn $1 when they cashout, they could cashout 2 cents or $100 you will always earn $1 after they cashout.

And that's pretty much it, all you can earn from each referral is $1, that's not very good enough. 

There are many better affiliate and referral programs to promote that pay a lot better! We all know it's not easy to build referrals so a good paying referral program should be your #1 priority.

Qmee Pros & Cons

Qmee Pros 

  • Qmee is 100% free & Legimate.
  • You earn money doing what you usually do for free.
  • Good & easy to use the mobile app
  • You can save money as well.
  • No minimum cashout limit
  • Can get paid fast via Paypal

Qmee Cons 

  • Low earning potential.
  • The surveys are annoying. (high disqualification rate)
  • Qmee tracks your online searches.
  • Only available in a few countries.
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Best Qmee Searches, Cheats, Tips & Hacks!

Below I'm going to share with you some nice cheats/hacks and tips you can use to make the most out of Qmee!

These are NOT by any means cheats or hacks like those hacking tools you find online (which are total spam!) 

These tricks I'm going to share with you are genuine tricks that are going to make you earn MORE money from Qmee the smart way that's it!

With that out of the way, let's check out these best Qmee tricks & cheats to earn more!

Tip #1 Click on Ads & Wait 30 Seconds

When you click on ads you will earn some cents but remember after you click an ad you want to stay on the ad page for at least 30 seconds.

When you click on an ad and stick for at least 30 seconds it tells Qmee that you were genuinely interested in the ad.

If you keep doing this you will see ads more often which will increase your earnings.

Tip #2 Don't Perform Spam Searches!

If you think you can earn more money by doing tons of searches per day you're wrong, Qmee has a team that is tracking members and making sure no one is trying to fool the system.

If you start doing spammy searches or click ads multiple times, you will start seeing less ads which will decrease your earnings.

Your best bet is to do genuine searches so you can keep the Qmee ads coming.

Cheat #3 Don't Forget the Hot Surveys!

While I'm not a fan of the Qmee surveys I have to admit that there are some surveys that are worth it.

I'm talking about surveys that are 3 minutes long and pay at least $1.

I'm a big fan of such surveys.

To be able to see these surveys you want to make use of the hot surveys notification feature on the Qmee app.

You can enable the app to send you push notifications about new surveys, once you set it up keep an eye out the surveys that are short and pay well.

This is the best method, in my opinion, to increase your earnings doing surveys without wasting time and effort on low paying surveys that are everywhere in Qmee.

Trick #4 Best Qmee Searches that Pay in 2019

I noticed many people talk about the best Qmee searches that pay in 2019, below I'm going to share with you what kind of searches will result in more earnings for you!

  • Product related searches (especially Amazon!): Product related searches will have a lot of ads in the search results that's why it's a good idea to use Qmee when you're looking for a product to buy. I also see members talking about Amazon searching and how it's one of the most profitable things to search on.
  • Electronics searches: electronic ads pay the most money that's why it's a good idea to search for stuff like IPhones or ipods using Qmee, according to members you can earn around $0.10 per search related to electronics.
  • Searches that include numbers: Some members claim that searches that include numbers pay very well if you can confirm this let us know us the comments section 🙂
  • Insurance & Mortgage searches: If you search on Google and type in the most expensive AdWords keywords, insurance & mortgage, and some other keywords will come up. If you search such keywords on Qmee you will find some high paying ads 😉

Is Qmee A Scam?

seems legit gif

Qmee is NOT a scam, it's a legitimate site that is going to make you some little extra cash. It's 100% free, safe and trustworthy!

While Qmee is legitimate there is another good question...

Is Qmee Worth Your Time?

Well, Qmee is not that type of site where you have to do some specific tasks to earn money, here you earn money searching the web which is something you already do.

But it still may waste a lot of your time, for example, I see many people looking for the best searches to put on Qmee, the best hacks or when you take surveys these things do waste your time.

I don't recommend to spend all your time with Qmee because at this point it's not worth it unless you're focusing on their referral program because there you can earn some good extra cash.

Me personally I'd never use Qmee to search the web, for me it's not worth it, I don't want to spend time looking for the best searches to type.

If you're looking for some Qmee alternatives that pay more I would recommend you to check out my top recommended reward sites below.

My 3 Qmee Best Alternatives!

  • YOUGOV (Earn up to $30 per Survey!)

I hope you have found this review useful!

Feel free to share and leave comments below! 🙂 

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  • Thanks for the insightful review of Qmee! Nice to hear from you that Qmee is not a scam, though not a good place to earn. Thanks for making me know that it’s an app & a browser extension. I was initially thinking that it’s an online business community where I could build a website or blog. It’s interesting to know that one can earn $0.3-$1 per search and up to $1 per referral.

    I would have loved to promote their program but maybe it would be difficult to get people who will be serious with the money making system for me to qualify for referral earnings. What discouraged me further about promoting Qmee now is the limited referral program.

    Israel Olatunji

  • Hi Anis! Qmee seems a good way to add a little extra cash by doing thing we already do online. I’m glad I read your comprehensive review. And am calm knowing it’s a legit site. I like you can get paid via PayPal and that there is no minimum cashout limit. I’ll also consider your warning: Qmee can become a total waste of time the very moment we start to do surveys or do research about the best searches to put on Qmee. I’ll also take a look at these alternatives you have mentioned: Swagbucks, Inboxdollars and Yougov. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks for making a review on this website it is a cool way to make little cash as said in your article by taking surveys and making Search online but this site surely won’t make you enough money as expected and also this site allows few countries which in my opinion isn’t good enough should have done better and not recommend by me.

  • This is a great Post! I like the idea that Qmee has so many ways to earn. It is sad that they don’t offer international support yet. I like that they pay to PayPal or they give you gift cards. I think that the surveys sounds quite good because even if you screen out you get a few cents. In other surveys I have done they don’t do the same.

    I also like that is is compatible with the main browsers. Even if you don’t make a lot of money I think that it will add up over time.

    Thanks for sharing this great info!

    • Yes, Renton, I agree with you, you can install Qmee on your browser and search the web normally like you always do and you might earn an extra $150 per year which is not bad for doing nothing.

  • Thank you for reporting on this new way to make some money online. Please clarify for me if I must buy something after clicking on an ad,or if I would be paid just if I click on an ad and stay on the ad for at least 30 seconds like you recommend. I assume that the app owners get paid by the advertisers for every click they generate.One concern that I have is that since I would have to give my personal information to get the app, can I expect to receive a lot of spam as a result ? The same concern applies to surveys.I tried some surveys in the past but invariably I became the target of multiple business solicitations.I agree with you that there are more efficient ways to make money online.I personally have found the training at Wealthy Affiliate to be a very good way to learn the business of affiliate marketing which could lead to reliable earnings if you put the effort.Thanks for the review.I found it useful.

    • Hi Carlos, Qmee is not a cashback site you don’t have to buy anything, all you have to do is click the ad and wait for 30 seconds to make it look legit. 

      Regarding your personal information, I can assure you that it’s safe with Qmee, the latter on their blog say that you should never give too much info to the surveys you take within the platform if a survey asks for too much info you need to exit it, take a screenshot and report it to Qmee.

      Yeah, the Wealthy Affiliate training is what I highly recommend to newbies that want to build a real income from home! I give all my success credits to it!

      Thanks for your comment Carlos.

  • Thank you for this honest and unbiased review, I find it really helpful. Thou am always cautious of venturing into all this online schemes, but your review has provided great insight into this. I will soon download the qmee app and check how things goes. I will be back on this page for more reviews.

  • Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Qmee.There are many apps which help people earn money through taking surveys but the payment is very disastrous but I found Qmee as  paying high even if the disqualification rate is high too.

    I would like to earn money through Qmee the problem is that I do not live in those mentioned countries.

    Good work.

  • Thanks for this review on Qmee. I appreciate the honesty and have the same experiences with surveys as you on other sites. I get so frustrated to get kicked out after spending so much time on it.As far as shopping apps, there is plenty of competition out there. Qmee is going to have to step up their game and payout in order to stay competitive.It’s too bad they aren’t available in other countries. They are probably missing out on revenue there.Anyway, I think I’ll pass for now. Thanks again for the advice.-J

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