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Trunited Review: A Scam or Good Cashback Site?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 17, 2019

Trunited review

Chances are someone is trying to get you to sign up for Trunited or maybe you simply stumbled upon it on social media but you're not sure if it's a scam or not?

Now you're looking for a non-affiliated review that will tell you the truth about it?

You have come to the right place! In this review, you will find all your questions answered! So keep reading to find out what Trunited exactly is!

Trunited Summary Review

Name:  Trunited

Website:  Trunited.com

Owner: Dr. Nicolas Porter aka Dr. Nic.

Price: Free.

Best For? People that shop online frequently.

Trunited review

Summary: Trunited is a legitimate socialized commerce and cashback website where you save money and also earn money by inviting other people.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? Yes

What is Trunited?

Trunited is a socialized commerce platform where you will earn cash back from the shopping you do within the Trunited platform.

With Trunited you're able to earn rebates by shopping from 300's of online stores where you probably already do your shopping.

There are so many stores within Trunited where you can shop and earn some money back I will breakdown for you some of them below.

Trunited Affiliated Brands

Everyday Selling Stores:

  • Walmart
  • Staples
  • Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Bloomingdales
  • Amazon
  • True Value
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Camping World
  • PetSmart
  • Target

Shop & Service Providers:

  • Straight Talk                                                 
  • Destination Maternity
  • Vista Print
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • GoDaddy.com
  • Lending Tree
  • VistaPrint 
  • VistaPrint 
  • Sprint

Specialty Shop:

  • Forever 21
  • Straight Talk
  • Guess
  • Hanes
  • Lorna Jane
  • See’s Candies
  • GNC
  • Destination Maternity
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • GameStop
  • Lids

Niche & Specialty Products:

  • SoComm Apparel
  • Oregon Tail Jerky
  • Oats Overnight
  • Healthy Vida
  • Organifi

Within Trunited you can also buy gift cards from 300+ companies like:

  • Department Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Concert Tickets
  • Travel offers
  • & more!

As you can see there are a lot of companies and stores where you can purchase the same products that you usually buy except you're going to earn cash back this time!

If you want to learn more about what Trunited just watch this short video below.

Who is Behind Trunited?

The founder of Trunited is called Dr. Nicolas Porter aka Dr.Nic, he founded Trunited in 2015.

Dr.Nicolas struggled a lot when he was younger as he grew up with dental problems that apparently cost a lot of money to take care of. He relied on his parents to fix his teeth but he felt guilty about the money his parents gave him.

He felt so guilty that he went to a dental school to learn the skills of the trade after a few years Porter started to give dental care to people who can't afford it.

Trunited review

The first dental clinic he started was successful that he expanded it to other locations where people struggle financially.

Dr. Nicolas to pay the dental schooling fees he used to do direct selling to make money aka MLM schemes. 

Dr. Nic was successful at direct selling too but he did not like the pyramid scheme look of it because his success was at expenses of other people who were left down in the bottom without any earnings.

That's why Dr. Nic has decided to partner up with his direct selling mentor and partner up into creating a platform where average people make money without the expenses of other people.

In a few words, Mr. Nic did not like pyramid schemes and with his friend's partnership in 2015 they have launched the social commerce platform Trunited.

Now Dr.Nic net worth is $100 million.

How Does Trunited Work?

As I said earlier, Trunited will pay you to shop they use an algorithm called Pay Plan 360 which determines payout earnings to the Trunited members.

The Pay Plan 360 allows you to earn points (aka profit points) from all the purchases you make using the Trunited Platform or the people you refer to the platform.

Profit points is the currency used by Trunited to pay its members, each activity you do will earn you profit points.

Within Trunited there are 3 types of profit points.

Instant Points: You will earn instant points if you shop directly from the Trunited.com by using their shopping cart & check out page.

Pending Points: When you buy products from other stores using the Trunited affiliate links.  These points take 3-5 to be processed.

Bonus Points: You will earn bonus points on top of your purchase points if you make Trunited save money on shipping and payment processing fees.

You can help Trunited reduce expenses and create a larger payout pool from the Trunited community by using services like:

  • The TurboTax Club: TurboTax club is an auto-ship program, basically it's a membership where you choose products to be delivered to you on a regular basis without having to order them every month. This allows Trunited to save money on the shipping fees as TurboTax club takes care of that.
  • Local Pick up: instead of getting products shipped to you can pick them up on a location that is close to you. This will earn you bonus points.
  • Trunited Gift Cards: Instead of getting paid via check or Paypal you can save Trunited the processing fees by requesting a payment via Trunited gift cards or the truWallet.

The Trunited Compensation Plan

There are different ways to earn profit points with Trunited.

I will breakdown for you all the ways in which you can earn points:

  • Earn a Trunited cashback percentage (up to 70%) when you go shopping in your favorite stores and online stores.
  • Earn points by referring people.
  • Earn points by watching ads & completing offers.

Quick Note: in order to earn referral credits you need to refer at least one person which has to make a least one purchase per month. You will earn whatever your referral earns.

Let's say you invite your friend and in the first month he/she manages to earn 100 points you will also earn 100 points. This is called the match point reward system.

There is a bonus of $60 if you recruit 10 people and each one of them earns at least 20 points. 

You can request payments via gift cards or via the Trunited truWallet.

How Much are the Profit Points Worth?

Well the Trunited points worth and value depend on many factors that include:

  • How much money you spend on shopping every month.
  • How much money other members spend per month
  • The expenses of Trunited in a particular month.

All the money that the Trunited members earn goes to what they call "the piggy bank" at the end of the month Trunited will deduct the expenses of that particular month and the rest of the piggy bank money (aka payout pool) will be divided between members.

Each members earnings will depend on how many points they generated in that particular month.

To know how much money you have earned in one month you need to take the payout pool (the profits from the piggy bank) and divide it by the number of points earned by all the members and multiply it by your personal total points of the month.

After doing this calculation you will know how much money you have earned, I know this looks complicated but just read this section twice and you will understand πŸ™‚ 

To learn more about this please check out their value point page where they explain this with examples.

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How Much Can You Earn with Trunited?

Trunited uses a ranking system that ranks its users.

The customer level is the last in the rankings and when you reach the influencer level you will earn a lot more money because that's the highest rank at Trunited.

There are 5 levels and to advance to a higher level you should earn specific amounts of points and refer people who also need to earn a specific amount of points. 

The more points you and your referrals earn the more you advance in the rankings.

Here are the 5 ranking levels:

  1. Customers
  2. Marketers
  3. Promoters
  4. Pacesetters
  5. Influencers

For example, customers are the members who have joined Trunited and did not refer anyone but simply earned cashback from their shopping.

Pacesetters are members that have earned at least 30 points and have invited 3 people who have earned the same amount of points.

Influencers are Trunited members that have invited the most people to the company.

In a few words, how much you earn depends on your ranking level with Trunited if you are ranked as a customer you will be earning a few bucks from cashback.

While pacesetters average $500 month and influencers since they invite a lot of people they average around $4,000.

What you can get from this is the more work you put in the more money you will earn, looks like if you want to earn a decent income from Trunited you need to focus on inviting people to the platform.

I know it's hard to refer people but if you want to learn how to invite a lot of people to Trunited I recommend you to try the Wealthy Affiliate Training which will teach you how to build a website that brings targeted referrals to your affiliate links from Google for free!

How Much Does Trunited Cost?

Trunited is 100% free to join, this website allows you to save money by purchasing products from the same stores where you usually shop the only difference is you're going to use their affiliate links when shopping.

Why is Trunited free?

It's free because they actually make money from you when you use their affiliate links to shop, they earn affiliate commissions from the stores they are partnered with.

If you want to increase your earnings there is an affiliate program that allows you to earn more by referring people to Trunited.

However, the affiliate program will cost you $99 per year.

What I Like About Trunited

1- Trunited has a Good BBB Rating

If you're that kind of person that uses the BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings to judge the legitimacy of a company then good news because Trunited has a good BBB rating.

This means the company does not do any shady or illegal stuff that makes its members unhappy.

2- Trunited is 100% Free

Trunited is 100% free, you can enjoy cashback without having to pay anything, recently I have reviewed a cashback website called Shopsmarter where you have to pay $12.95 a month to use the service!

That's not the case with Trunited! πŸ˜‰

3- You Save Money Shopping Like You Normally Do

I like the fact that you don't have to do anything new to earn cashback, if you usually shop from Walmart, for example, you can earn cashback from the same store if you use Trunited's link.

The prices are exactly the same, literally, nothing changes, you only save money.

That's really good! Isn't? πŸ˜€

4-The Trunited Customer Support

Another thing I like about Trunited is their customer support if you have any questions, issues to fix or something like that you can just shoot them an email and they will reply back within a few hours.

Although they don't have a phone number to contact, they are pretty responsive if you email them or shoot them a message on Facebook or Twitter.

What I Don't Like About Trunited

1- Trunited Does not have an App

It's pretty strange they don't have a mobile app, come on Trunited it's 2019, everyone and his mom now use a mobile phone to shop online.

Personally 99% I use my smartphone to buy something from Amazon so if I want to use Trunited I have to turn up my laptop which is an extra effort from me.

I hope Trunited will soon launch a mobile app where you can shop and earn cashback on the go!

Even their website looks cheap and like it has been created in 1999. I think they could use a fresh well-designed theme. πŸ˜€

2- Trunited is Only Available in the U.S

Unfortunately, if you live outside the US you won't be able to sign up at Trunited, but I read on their website that Europe, Asia & Oceania are future expansions.

If you live outside the US and you want to make money don't worry here is a  better alternative which is My #1 Work from Home Recommendation!

3- You Won't Earn Much

Yeah, you will earn rebates but just don't expect to get rich using Trunited.

If you want to earn any considerable money you need to focus more on recruiting and you know referring people to the company is easier said than done.

4- The Trunited Members Complaints

There are different negative reviews about Trunited.

Some complaints are about Trunited being a pyramid scheme & an illegal MLM scheme! To be honest, the Trunited compensation plan although it looks like a pyramid scheme it's not.

Because unlike a pyramid scheme or MLM Trunited doesn't have members on the top earning money while people on the bottom are working without earnings.

Trunited has a unique compensation plan where everyone earns money based on their efforts and spendings.

Some other complaints are about the terms & conditions of Trunited where they say they may remove the service anytime they want.

That's a bit worrying, what if you work hard refer tons of people to the company and then Trunited removes their services and you lose everything?

trunited review

That's a red flag in my eyes.

Other complaints I have read from the Trunited members are about the compensation plan, people think that the piggy bank and how the points are calculated and the Trunited expenses are NOT clear and might not be fair.

Trunited should be more open and give proof of their expenses every month because according to members they have no way to tell if the expenses that Trunited deducts from the piggy bank are legit or not.

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Best Trunited Alternatives

If you live outside of the US and you can't use Trunited or even if you don't like the compensation plan of this company and you're looking for a cashback website that is more clear and straightforward don't worry below I share with some of the best rebate websites on the internet that are 100% free!

  1. Ibotta (It's a mobile app  where you can earn cashback)
  2. Ebates
  3. Swagbucks
  4. BeFrugal

I have created a full post where I share with the 8 rebate websites!

Is Trunited A Scam?

Trunited is NOT a scam nor a pyramid scheme or MLM, this is a legitimate cashback where you can save money shopping online.

If you use the platform you will earn rebates as promised, I like the fact they are partnered with a lot of stores and pay good cashback rates.

However, you should not see Trunited as money earning opportunity because it's not even though you can refer people and earn.

If you're looking for a reliable income opportunity online that is better than Trunited I invite you to check out My #1 Recommended Training for Newbies.

You will learn how to start your own money making website by selling other people products and learning how to get FREE targeted traffic from the search engines!

Did you sign up for Trunited? Do you have anything to say about them?

Don't be shy! Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

Please don't forget to share this review with people that might find it useful!

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  • Hello and thank you for this informative review. It was really thorough. I heard about Trunited from a friend of mine, but I was not sure what this was. That is why I find your review very helpful.

    I am glad that this website looks legit. Cashback websites are becoming more popular these days, and there are a lot of frauda as with any trending Internet platforms.

    I am definitely going to join this website because it is free and every day stores are included. Thank you for recommending me this.


  • Hi! I like cash back sites, and I’m always in the watch out for these opportunities. So when I saw Trunited on social media I immediately decided to research about it.

    I liked the background of it’s owner, Dr. Nicolas Porter. And the system seems fair, rewarding those that work most with higher earnings.

    I know cash back sites can’t give us much profit. But I find them useful because we earn by doing things we are already doing. I’ll give Trunited a try. And I may even recommend it to my friends. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks for your thoroughly researched post about Trunited, Anis.  I think my major maladjustment is the lack of clarity about how the payments are configured, but you also suggest good alternatives to an otherwise good program.  

    I think I need to look at it more closely and see whether it is worthwhile despite this flaw. 

  • Hi Anis – great review about Trunited.  You provided a lot of great information about how the program works, and also about the background history.  I enjoyed reading that and thought it was very informative.  I had heard of Ibotta and Ebates, but had not heard of Trunited.

    Thank you for the great review.


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