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Societi TV Review – Watch. Play. Win or Get Scammed?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 1, 2019

Societi.tv review

In this Societi.tv review, I'm going to tell you exactly the truth behind this money making app!

Is Societi.tv a scam? Does Societi pay you?

You will find the answers to these questions in this review!

So without any further ado let's get into this full Societi.tv review 😀

Societi.tv Summary Review

  • Name: Societi
  • Website: Societi.tv
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended? Yes, but you will find a more profitable opportunity to earn online by the end of this review.
Societi.tv review

What Is Societi.tv? 

Societi is an app that is available in both the Play Store and the Apple Store where you can make some cash by answering quiz questions based on reality TV shows.

This app is only available in the US because the questions you need to answer are related to American TV shows.

To earn money,  you need to get your answers right, and I'll be talking about this more below, keep reading 🙂

How Does Societi.tv Work?

Societi is available on Android and IOS, so all you need to do is to go to the app store or Play store (if you have an Android device) and download Societi for free.

You can sign up using your Facebook account,  if you don't have one don't worry because you can sign up via email as well

PS: Societi says that they will have more sign up options soon.

As I mentioned above, if you want to earn money, your answers should be right.

But I think it's okay because the questions are related to your favorite shows like The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, and more.

This app is cool if you love watching shows and love to compete with friends to see who can answer more questions and earn more.

Who Can Join Societi.tv?

This app is great for Reality tv shows lovers to earn some extra cash.

So if you are 17+ who loves reality TV shows and you are from the US, then this is for you.

If you don't love TV shows, the good news is you can still earn cash by sharing your referral code with your friends.

If your friend uses your referral code both of you will get a $5.

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How Much Can You Make With Societi.tv?

This depends on how much questions you answered right and how much friends you referred.

Each quiz game pays around $1 to $2 and, it takes only 3 minutes.

The downside of this app is that you won't get your money if your answers are wrong and you won't know that until the end of the show.

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How Will You Get Paid?

And this is my favorite part, and certainly yours too!

The minimum payout is $40 if you want to get your money via Paypal.

But you can still cash out to Amazon gift cards when you reach $10.

Once you reach the minimum payout, you'll receive your money from 2 to 7 days after cashing out.

Societi.tv Reviews - What People Are Saying

Societi has a lot of positive reviews, and a lot of people liked it.

You can read the reviews on Google Play and Reddit.

After reading these reviews I realized that Societi is still working on their app and they are going to add more features to make it better.

If Societi adds any features, I'll make sure to update this review. 🙂

Anyway, Below you can read some of the Societi reviews I've found.

societi members review
societi positive reviews
societi members review

Societi.tv Pros & Cons

In this section I will share with you what I liked and what I didn't like about Societi.

Societi.tv Pros

  • Societi.tv is free to join.
  • It's fun!
  • You can make some bucks with it.
  • Good referral program.
  • Available on Android and IOS.

Societi.tv Cons

  • Societi.tv is only available in the US.
  • you won't earn money if your answers are wrong.
  • High PayPal payout threshold ($40).
  • Some reviews say that the referral program doesn't work sometimes.
  • You can't get your money until the end of the show.

Societi.tv alternatives

Societi is great if you love to guess what is going to happen on a tv show.

But if you want to make extra without watching any tv show, I recommend you to join Swagbucks because it's one of the highest paying reward sites out there.

Swagbucks is easy to use, and you can make extra cash doing different things like watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, and more.

The best part about Swagbucks is that it's not only available in the US, but it's also available in the UK, UK, AU, CA, DE, FR, and IE.

When you sign up for free, you will get a $5 sign up bonus, and you will also get $5 for every friend you refer

I really love Swagbucks because it's a lot better then Societi.tv!

If you are not from the countries where Swagbucks is available then check out these +39 survey sites that pay through Paypal and join the survey sites that are available in your country 🙂

Is Societi.tv A Scam?

No, Societi is 100% legit, and it can make you some extra cash so yeah I recommend it if you love to guess what is going to happen on the TV.

In my opinion, this app is fun to use, and it's a great way to compete with your friends to see who's going to earn more.

And because it's a bit a slow to earn I recommend you to join both Societi and Swagbucks to increase the earning potentials.

If you use them both, you will be able to make something like $150 per month or more if you refer a lot of friends 🙂

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We all know that reward apps and sites like Societi and Swagbucks are just for extra cash so don't expect to get rich or something in this way.

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I hope this review was helpful and if you want to share your opinion or your experience about Societi then feel free to drop a comment below. 🙂

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  • Thank you for this article. I always have friends looking for better (or more) ways to make money. I like that you gave an honest review of the app in question, but also gave a few very reputable alternatives for those that are looking for better.

    I am going to share this to a few of my friends and I hope it helps you.

  • Society TV show is good just like similar programs or platforms I have tried but such platforms can’t give anyone financial freedom. Though it’s not a scam but I personally do not like the program society TV show. High withdrawal threshold and you can’t earn when your answers are wrong. I rather stick to Wealthy Affiliates platform where success is guaranteed. 

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