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SurveyTime.io Review (2022) Is the Money Worth Your Time?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 18, 2022

Surveytime.io Review

Welcome to my Surveytime.io Review! (Updated for 2022)

These days, the internet is actually full of opportunities for you to earn money online. However, scams are lurking everywhere too.

One of these opportunities are completing surveys. There are a lot of websites out there that offer these. One of them is Surveytime.io! Perhaps you have stumbled upon it.

Well, in this Surveytime.io Review, we will be discussing everything about it and find out whether it is legit or a scam!

So without any further ado, let's get started.

SurveyTime.io Review Quick Summary

Name:  SurveyTime

Website: SurveyTime.io

Price: Free

Type: Paid survey

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes  if you want to earn some extra cash.

Surveytime.io Review logo

What is Surveytime.io?

To begin this Surveytime.io Review, let's get to know it.

SurveyTime.io is a platform where you can get paid to give your opinion and to put it simply, complete surveys.

Furthermore, it is owned and operated by Persona.ly, a US-based mobile ad-tech company that is partnered up with large market research companies. It was launched in June 2018.

These market research companies want the opinions of a lot of people from around the world because they can use these to improve and become better!

I'm not going to lie. At first, it looked suspicious to me. But after joining and taking some surveys, I found out that it's legitimate and it will pay you.

Below, I will explain to you how it works.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

Surveys may give you money but those are only for extra! You can't have a full-time source of income completing surveys. 

If you want to, this program is all you need! You can earn a 4-figure monthly income!

How does SurveyTime.io work?

SurveyTime.io is free and easy to join. But before I show you how you can make money from it, let me show you how the sign up process works.

#1 Sign up

The sign up process is easy. First, all you need to do is to sign up with your email or with your Twitter, Facebook , or Google account.

After this, you will need to fill out a profile survey that will take you 6 minutes.

#2 Fill out a profile survey

surveytime survey

After you sign up you will need to answer some questions so SurveyTime.io can send you surveys that will fit your interests, age, etc.

These questions took me 6 minutes, but it can take more (max 150 minutes) according to other reviews.

#3 Choose Surveys

Once you finish answering these questions, you will get some surveys so you can take them and get paid!

surveytime surveys

When I finished answering the question, I got more than 5 surveys in different sections.

Furthermore, each survey is worth $1 and if you qualify in all of them, you will earn more than $5.

However, this is common among the survey companies. You will get a lot of surveys when you sign up, but then you will start to get 1 or 2 surveys per day.

#4 Dashboard

Surveytime.io review dashboard

This is an example of a dashboard, which you will have your own once you have signed up.

If ever the platform found a survey suitable for you, you will see that start button. So, simply click it and you can answer some surveys!

Who Can Join SurveyTime.io?

What I liked about SurveyTime.io is that it's available worldwide which doesn't happen with all surveys. Furthermore, another good thing about this platform is that it's available in different languages.

There are no requirements to join this platform. Presently, all you need is to be 13 years old and above. Moreover, when you answer the questions, Surveytime.io will send you the surveys that will suit you.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

If you are looking for a way to earn money online full-time, then stop completing surveys and start with this program!

Because of it, I now earn a 4-digit monthly income!

SurveyTime.io Review: Mobile Accessibility

No SurveyTime.io doesn't have an app, but their website is mobile friendly.

So, if you are planning to take the SurveyTime.io surveys from your phone, then yeah that is possible.

How Much Can You Earn?

Well, the earning potential depends on the country you live in, the available opportunities, and how much time you'll spend answering the SurveyTime.io surveys.

Each survey pays $1. The average survey length can range from 5 to 15 minutes which is not bad in my opinion.

How does SurveyTime.io pay?

Surveytime.io review payment

The best part about SurveyTime.io is that they pay instantly. Once you complete a survey, you will be asked how you want to get your money.

After completing a survey, you can get your $1 via paypal, or you can redeem it for a gift card.

There are different gift cards available; however, it depends on your country, in the U.S, for example, the options are Amazon, PayPal, Target and Decathlon.

However, if you just finished your FIRST survey, you have to undergo a verification process. So, you have to provide your email address, phone number, and a message like this will appear.

Surveytime.io review delay

SurveyTime.io Review: How's the support?

If you need help about anything you can always ask your questions on Trustpilot.

A Surveytime.io customer will answer your questions pretty quickly.

Furthermore, I also read that you can contact the support by writing to this email: Tommy@surveytime.io.

I think that you won't face any problem with this platform since you are going to get rewarded instantly, but if you have any problem then you can contact that email.

SurveyTime.io Review: Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly.
  • Free to join.
  • Available worldwide.
  • No payout threshold.
  • Available in different languages
  • A lot of payment options
  • $1 per survey


  • The opportunities are not the same worldwide.
  • Verification issues
  • A lot of disqualification criteria

Is SurveyTime.io a Scam?

To conclude this Surveytime.io Review, it is time for my final verdict! Is it a scam? Fortunately.

SurveyTime.io is 100% legitimate, and you will get your $1 everytime you complete a survey! 

But you need to put in your mind that SurveyTime.io or any survey site won't make you rich or something, but it's perfect if you need some bucks ASAP. However, if you do want to know a way, then read the next section!

I hope this Surveytime.io review was helpful, and if it was, don't forget to share it if you know someone who's wondering if it's legitimate or not. And you can always leave your comments and questions below!

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • This site is 100% a SCAM! You will NEVER receive any money from them. Nor will they respond to you. First off, there’s no support on site. You have to go to Facebook, where they’ll tell you to DM them. And NEVER reply. Ditto e-mailing Tommy. No money, no response. SCAM!

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