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The Super Affiliate Network Review – Here’s the 2019 UGLY Truth!

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May 13, 2019

Is the Super Affiliate Network a scam

Welcome to My Super Affiliate Network Review!

First of all, it's great that you are looking for reviews before buying a seemingly good looking product online!

That's how to avoid scams and find a legit work from home opportunity!

Is The Super Affiliate Network a scam?

Is it going to FINALLY make you money?

That's exactly what we are going to go over in this review!

The Super Affiliate Network Summary Review

Name:  The Super Affiliate Network


Founder: Misha Wilson

Price: $1 trial then $47/month + upsells

Recommended? No

The Super Affiliate Network review

What is the Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network aka SAN is an affiliate marketing training that focuses more on these three things:

The Super Affiliate Network review

  1. High Ticket Products
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Solo Ads

#1 High Ticket Products

High ticket products are products and items that are expensive.

The Super Affiliate Network recommends selling high ticket products in order to earn a lot of money from each sale generated.

High ticket products are very profitable but the bad thing and the reason why most people fail is the fact they cost a leg and an arm.

Not many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars.

#2 Email Marketing

The Super Affiliate Network has some great video tutorials on email marketing which is a proven way to get leads and convert them into sales.

Email marketing is something every affiliate should master, and The Super Affiliate Network does a great job in teaching you that.

#3 Solo Ads

This seems to be the preferred and the only source of traffic you will master with the Super Affiliate Network training.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is when you ask an affiliate marketer to promote your products to their mailing list.

Solo Ads are not cheap, and you should expect to spend hundreds of dollar if not thousands.

In my opinion, it wouldn't be bad if The Super Affiliate Network training included some SEO or website building training.

That's a reliable and super effective way to make sales online, and it's free.

You can learn more about Solo Ads here.

How Does the Super Affiliate Network Work?

To get started and have a look at the program you can grab the $1 trial.

After the $1 trial is over you will need to pay $47/month.

You can pay only $37/month but you need to pass up the $1 trial.

Anis Chity

Hey I'm Anis!

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The Questionaire

Before you get started with the Super Affiliate Network training you will have to answer a questionnaire.

You are going to be asked about your money goals and how much money you want to earn.

Your Personal Coach

After finishing the questionnaire, you can ask your personal coach to unlock your first 3 lessons.

You will have to ask them for a password everytime you complete a couple of lessons to move on to the next ones.

The Training

As I said before the Super Affiliate Network training is quite good.

The training is in video format.

To get started you will have to watch 5 videos.

These 5 videos are mostly about testimonials that had success with the same training.

There are also some very informative webinars with informative Q&A sessions

The core training is divided into a 3 weeks plan.

As I said before the training focuses on email marketing and Solo Ads.

Email marketing is great however Solo Ads are very expensive.

How Much Does it Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, you will have to promote high ticket items which will bring in high commission per sale.

But did you ask yourself Where the Money Comes From?

By paying $1, $47/month or $37/month you're not going to earn high commissions.

In fact, you're going to earn peanuts unless you spend thousands of dollars for the other memberships which are the following.

  • The Annual Membership - $200
  • Plus membership -  $200/month
  • Yearly VIP Membership - $2000
  • Diamond Coaching Program - $9,000 (one-time fee)

The more you pay the more commissions you will earn.

If you invite someone that upgrades to a higher membership than yours then your sponsor will enjoy the commissions not you.

This is something specifically done to force you to upgrade to the highest membership so you don't miss out on any commissions.

Anis Chity

This free to Join Program will teach you how to build websites and promote people's products and earn commission without spending thousands!

I don't have to recruit or hard sell.

This business is very profitable and a lot cheaper to start!

The Compensation Plan

In order to receive commissions you need to be part of the membership you want to promote.

If you are a basic member you will earn 100% of commissions.

But if you are part of the memberships mentioned above you will earn 50% of commissions.

Here's a video that goes into details regarding the Super Affiliate Network compensation plan.

What I Liked About the Super Affiliate Network

1) Offers a $1 Trial

There are a lot of scams out there that charge you upfront without even letting you try the system.

I'm glad to hear The Super Affiliate Network has a $1 trial so people can try the system and the training to see if the program is a good fit for them or not.

2) Great Training

The training is really good.

It's in video format, everything is clear and easy to follow.

3) 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

It's always great to have a money back guarantee.

The Super Affiliate Network also promises you $100 if you don't make money just for your time.

However, we don't know how easy it is to get that money back guarantee.

All we know there are lots of programs that make it very tough to get a refund.

4) It's Misha Wilson's Brain Child

Misha Wilson is a successful entrepreneur that has been in your shoes before

He was constantly looking for legitimate affiliate training programs before until he found his way online.

Misha Wilson Reviews

That definitely makes him the best person to turn to when it comes to learning this stuff.

I have seen a lot of people looking for Misha Wilson reviews so I thought I'd include some of his backgrounds here.

You can also learn more about him and some complaints from these links

4) The Live Webinars

Every week there are regular live webinars full of value and useful information.

Sometimes you will even find Misha Wilson doing the webinars.

I think the live webinars alone are well worth the basic membership investment.

5) Support

The Super Affiliate Network comes with some good support.

You can expect your questions to be answered by qualified people.

They also have Facebook Groups where you can connect with fellow members.

Anis Chity

This free to Join Program is perfect for newbies who are looking for a way to start their  own online business on a budget!

What I Liked About the Super Affiliate Network

1) A Potential Pyramid Scheme?

In order to make money with the Super Affiliate Network, you will need to recruit people and get them to buy the same program.

You will essentially be selling a dream by hyping things up so people will believe you and join under you.

And this looks like a pyramid scheme, because typically pyramid schemes require you to heavily recruit new members.

If you are a newbie I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you how to make money from your passion.

2) Very Expensive

The Super Affiliate Network is not a cheap program.

It's going to cost you thousands of dollars (up to $9k to be all in)

You will have to spend thousands of dollars on Solo Ads alone.

There is no success guarantee.

That's why I recommend newbies to join a Legitimate Online Business Training that doesn't require massive investments upfront.

3) The Videos are Password Locked

Whenever you complete a couple of lessons you will have to ask your personal coach to unlock them for you.

Nothing wrong with that except sometimes it takes hours to get a response from the coach.

4) No SEO Training

The Super Affiliate Network focuses on Solo Ads to drive traffic which is very expensive.

Building a website and getting traffic to it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is super effective and free.

Sure it takes a while but it's very reliable and long-term.

Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network is definitely not a scam, they offer some great training which will definitely help you start an online business if you take action.

Do I Recommend it?

I love affiliate marketing that's how I make money and I am doing it full time.

I'm sure I did not spend thousands of dollars when I first started.

So I don't see any reason why the one should spend massively online.

Especially if it's a newbie that has never made a dime online.

I started my online businesses by paying $19 then $49/per month.

That's literally all I needed to pay to make a full-time income online.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I managed to start a successful online business without spending a fortune!

Final Review

The Super Affiliate Network is not your typical get rich quick scheme.

It's a legit opportunity where you can earn money.

The owner is a successful entrepreneur that can help you succeed online.

However, in my opinion, you don't have to risk thousands of dollars on the training let alone how much money you will need to spend on Solo Ads and the high ticket products.

It's going to cost a leg and an arm.

You know there is no guarantee that you are going to earn money.

If I were you I'd learn how to walk before I fly.

I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which is an amazing affiliate marketing training.

I earn affiliate commissions regularly

My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

You can try the training for free to have an idea of what you're buying.

You can Learn More about Wealthy Affiliate here.

What do You Think?

I hope my Super Affiliate Network review was useful to you.

Did you try The Super Affiliate Network before?

Do you have anything you want to share with us here?

Your opinions are very welcome!

Feel free to drop your comments below to help others make the right decision!

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  • This seems like a semi legit program if you put in the work but you better be careful that you are intent on following this program. If you try to do too many programs at once you will not know what to focus on. Do you prefer super affiliate network to wealthy affiliate or what does it do different?

  • Hi Anis,
    Im looking to avoid scams, in the online business world, but it is a bit of a minefield!
    Thank you for your website!
    lots of practical tips and information.
    I will certainly be back to learn more from you, you certainly seem to know your stuff!
    many thanks

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