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Transcribe Anywhere Review (2022) Is it a Great Opportunity?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 5, 2022

transcribe anywhere review

Hello! Welcome to my "Transcribe Anywhere Review!" (Updated for 2022)

Not sure if Transcribe Anywhere is a legit transcribing course or a scam? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of it?

I have done all the leg work for you and have put together this Transcribe Anywhere review, this is a brutally honest review!

It's time to find out what the good, the bad and the ugly about Transcribe Anywhere so let's get into business! Shall we?

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Quick Look

Name:  Transcribe Anywhere

Website: transcribeanywhere.com

owner:  Janet Shaughnessy

Price: Free to $697

transcribe anywhere review

Summary: Transcribe Anywhere is a very good course for people that want to do transcribing for a living, but if you're not good at transcribing and you're doing it for the money, then it's not worth it there are many better things to do.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? Yes!

Transcribe Anywhere Review: What Is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is a course that will teach you how to make money transcribing audio files into written text. Plus, this course will also show you how to find transcription jobs online and offline.

Transcribe Anywhere has a really good in-depth course written by a 10 year experienced lady called Janet Shaughnessy. Furthermore, she offers professional transcription services on her other site called Zoom Transcription.

If you're looking for a legitimate way to make money and you're a newbie, then transcribing may be for you.

Janet promises you that you're going to be an excellent transcriber after you finish her courses. Furthermore, her transcription courses will give you access to literally all the resources and tools to start your own transcribing career.

The Transcribe Anywhere course focuses more on the general, medical & legal areas of transcription. However, if you learn general, medical & legal transcription, then you will learn all the basics of transcription. Plus, these specific transcription areas offer more opportunities and revenue.

On top of that, Janet also offers great support when you get access to her courses even the free ones. So, you will be able to get 1 on 1 email support.

Plus, if you buy the paid courses you will get access to her Facebook group where you can get support as well.

Support is VERY important especially for someone that has no idea how transcription works but want to learn it and build a business around it.

But what is transcribing? Is it worth it? Can you make enough money or there are better things to learn? 

I'm going to talk about that below! 🙂

What Is Transcribing?

Transcribing simply means converting an audio, a song or even a video into written text. So, basically what you have to do is listen and type into a document what you hear.

While this sounds simple, many companies and people are willing to pay you to transcribe their files into written text.

For example, a Youtuber may need to transcribe his/her video's audio into text. Someone will probably need some subtitles for his video. Plus, you can also transcribe a video into text for someone to use maybe in the courtroom as proof.

The point is, there is a big demand for the transcription jobs and if you learn it you will find many opportunities.

However, when it comes to opportunities the medical & legal transcription jobs seem to offer more money. So, Janet focuses more on that in her course.

There are some things that make a difference between a good transcriptionist and a bad one:

  • How fast you can transcribe.
  • How accurate you are.
  • Your listening skills.
  • Your equipment

Fortunately, thanks to the Transcribe Anywhere course you will get the confidence after you finish the course and eventually be a fast and more accurate transcriptionist.

Equipment You Need for Transcribing

There are equipment that you must have if you want to do transcribing. So, these are the 4 essential equipment you can't do without.

I'm going to break them down for you below:


Decent Transcribing Training

You can't excel in transcribing if you don't master the basics and the fundamentals of it. 

So, you need a real course that will guide through everything and also give you all the shortcuts you need to make your life easier. 

Later on, you will read that the Transcribe Anywhere course will get you covered when it comes to training.


A Transcription Software

A transcription software will save you a lot of hours and will also reduce a bit the pain and the headaches that transcribing gives.

The best and most recommended transcription software that is also recommended by Janet (Transcribe Anywhere founder) is called Express Scribe and it looks like it's not even expensive.


A Laptop

This sounds pretty obvious I know and please don't call me captain obvious. 😀

However, I just want to point out here that as a transcriptionist you will need a laptop because you need to be able to transcribe whenever you want and wherever the work leads you to. So, a laptop is better than having a desktop only.


High-Quality Headphones

You know your job is to listen to audio and video files; so, along with your laptop you probably want to invest in some high-quality headphones that will allow you to listen to audio in a very clear way without noise.

However, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars, there are many good headphones under $50 that will do the job pretty well.

These are the most essential equipment you will need. Plus, there is even more equipment out there that will make your life even easier!

Furthermore, Anna from Real Ways to Earn has written a good post about other Transcription Equipment that will make things easier for you.

How Does Transcribe Anywhere Work?

When I had a look at the Transcribe Anywhere prices, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit turned off by the price. It's not a cheap course for sure; however, after I had a look at the training and who is behind it I started to understand that is worth every penny!

So, there are two main courses at Transcribe Anywhere:

  1. General Transcription Course.
  2. Legal Transcription Course.

However, since these courses are not cheap and Transcribe Anywhere DON'T give refunds, you will get access to two free mini-courses:

  1. General Transcription Mini-Course.
  2. Legal Transcription Mini-Course.

These mini-courses are created for you to see if transcription is for you and to see if Janet's teaching style suits you.

Since Transcribe Anywhere does not give refunds, you will be able to get an overview of both the General & Legal courses. So, you will only invest in the course once you're 100% sure that transcription is what you want to do.

At this point, it does not even make sense to get a refund because you've already consumed the free mini-courses and agreed that you're ready for this. So, you're not going to want a refund.

Below, I'm going to give you more details about all the courses and what you can expect to learn.

General Transcription Mini-Course

The General Transcription is basically an email series that you can access to from this link all you have to do is enter your email address.

Then you will get 7 free lessons that are going to be an overview; plus, a good introduction to the General Transcription paid course.

These are the 7 free lessons that you get with this mini-course:

  • 1st Lesson: Learn about what transcription actually is why it's profitable and also get to meet your instructor Janet.
  • 2nd Lesson: Learn what it takes to be a transcriptionist & the keys to success in this field.
  • 3rd Lesson: The Biggest Myths about Transcription
  • 4th Lesson: 9 Reasons/signs why Transcription is NOT for you.
  • 5th Lesson: How Much Can You Earn as a transcriptionist? This won't make you rich but there is good money to earn here
  • 6th Lesson: Where to find transcription jobs. 
  • 7th Lesson: What Equipment you need to do transcription & an invitation to talk with a Transcribe Anywhere student.

As you can see the TA mini course gives you a SOLID overview and a great introduction to what transcription is and if it's for you or not.

I highly recommend you to go through these free lessons first before you buy the general transcription course.

On top of that, you are able to email back Janet every time you want, so if you have some burning questions related to the general course this is the right place to ask!

janet Shaughnessy

Janet Shaughnessy

" The Mini-Course is not a free trial or a sneak peek of the paid course, it's just an overview of the industry designed to help you decide whether this is for you or not."

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Legal Transcription Mini-Course

This is the second mini-course but it's specific to legal transcription. Furthermore, this mini-course is for people that are interested more in the legal transcription jobs.

I think this course is more suitable for those that know a thing or two about transcription.

So as Janet suggests, you're better off to start with the general course if you're new to this because that's where you learn all the basics.

This mini-course is shorter than the previous one as it only comes with 4 lessons in for days. You will learn some basics here too but more about the legal transcription.

Here's what this mini-course will cover:

  • What is a legal transcriptionist & how it works?
  • How popular the legal transcription is and who are the main people.
  • How much you earn with the legal trascription & it's requirements.

This course is also an email series and exactly like the general mini-course, you have the opportunity to email Janet whenever you want so don't forget to ask Janet she has 10+ years of experience in this!

She is probably the best person to ask in this world about transcription! 😉

Transcribe Anywhere Review: The General Transcription Paid Course


1st Module - The Foundation

In this module, you will learn in details what General transcription is, what jobs it does offer, what equipment you need for it.

You will learn about different styles of transcription and other things like:

  • How to format a transcript.
  • Type of general transcription jobs.
  • How to submit support requests.


2nd Module - The Most Essential Skills to become a Pro Transcriptionist

Here you will learn as the title suggests the most essential skills to become a great transcriptionist.

And according to Janet, the most essential skills are:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Critical Thinking Skills

If you master these skills you will be a great transcriptionist.


3rd Module - Best Time-Saving tools for more efficient transcription

You will learn about all the tools you will ever need to make your transcription process smooth, fast and very efficient.

You will be able to download some transcription templates that will make your life easier. Some commonly used transcription notes, time coding and a lot of shortcuts.


4th Module -Practice Dictations

This module is all about practicing dictation, you will start easy and with more and more practice you will be practicing with harder dictations.

Practicing dictation is the core of a transcriptionist, that's why this module important.

This module contains 60+ audio and video files for you to practice with!


5th Module - Building Your Transcription Business

This is another amazing module, this is where you learn how to start your OWN transcription business, how to set your own rates, how to find clients and how to market yourself using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also learn how to use paid traffic & social media to find clients.

There is also Youtube video inside this module that goes into details on how to find clients using the three traffic sources I mentioned above.

This module really covers everything you will EVER need to know about building your transcription business.

For example, you will even learn how to handle taxes, how to create a support team, how to develop a business plan and more!

This module is basically an A to Z training on how to create your own transcription business. I think this is the best transcribe Anywhere module in my opinion.


6th Module - Final Exam + Certification

Once you complete all the course, you will be asked to take a test just to see if you have understood the course well or not.

You're not obliged to take this exam and you can follow this course at your own pace, once you finish the course just make sure you take the exam just to test yourself if you are ready to start your transcription career.

The good thing about the exam is that you will receive valuable feedback and you will also receive a certification if you pass the exam.

Transcribe Anywhere Review: The Legal Transcription Paid Course

This is the paid transcription course and it focuses only on legal transcription; plus, this training is longer than the general course as it comes with 16 modules.

The first 4 modules will give you an introduction to the legal transcription world, the tools of the trade, what job this offers practice exercises and more. 

You will also get access to shortcuts like easy to use Microsoft word templates and the commonly used transcription notations.

Plus, you will be able to download some software that you will need to make your work more efficient.

From the module 5 to the 9th you will start learning about the types of law, the transcription guidelines for a court transcript and a lot of practice on demurrer, mock trials, verbatim testimony, and multivolume, basically you will practice everything related to legal transcription.

You will even practice by using some law enforcement transcripts like police interrogations and 911 calls, radio interviews & legal conferences videos to transcribe.

And exactly like the general course, you will get learn how to build your own Legal transcription business and learn how to get clients from the search engines and the same things that I mentioned earlier in the general course.

So at the end of the course, you will have to pass an exam and you will receive a certification if you do.

How Much Does Transcribe Anywhere Cost?

As I said before this course is not cheap, but honestly compared to the value you will get from these courses it's really a NO brainer, especially if transcribing is one of your ambitions and you want to build a career around it!

With that said here are prices of the two courses:

  • General Transcription Course: $597
  • Legal Transcription Course: $697

If you finish the General course and pass the exam you will even get a discount on the Legal course as you will be able to get it for $500 instead of $697.

And if you want to get an even bigger discount (of $200) you have to buy both the general & the legal courses and will cost you $1,100 versus $1,300.

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Payment Plans Options

If you can't afford to spend all that money, Transcribe Anywhere gives you some payment plans so more people can afford their courses!

They have what they call "pay as you go options"

They have "pay as you go options" for both the general & the legal course.

The General Transcription Course Payment Plans:

The general course is split into 3 levels, you can actually pay only for parts of the course, there are three parts and for example, you can buy the first part of the course and later on you can buy the second part (or level as they call it).

Each level has its own price and here's a breakdown of the level's prices:

  • 1st Level: You will get the first and second module for $127 for 30 days.
  • 2nd Level: You will get modules 1 to 4 for 60 days, the price is $362.
  • 3rd Level: This level will give you access to the whole course and all the levels for $597 but if you upgrade from level one the price will be $470 and $235 if you upgrade from module 2.

The Legal Transcription Course Payment Plans:

The legal course is also split into 3 levels and here's a breakdown of the prices below:

  • 1st Level: You will get modules 1 to 4 for 30 days for $197.
  • 2nd Level: You will get modules from 1 to 9 for 60 days the price is $497.
  • 3rd Level: You will get access to the whole course here for $697, you will pay $500 if you upgrade from level 1 and $200 if you upgrade from level 2.

Why are there are time Levels on the 1st & 2nd Level?

You have probably noticed that there are time limits on the first 2 levels of both the general & legal courses. You're probably wondering why is that?

Janet is very serious about this course, she really wants her students to succeed and build their own transcribing business!

That's why she put time limits on the first levels because she does not want you to rush or skim through the lessons.

She also does not want you to come up with excuses, this is done to make you more motivated and take action. It's actually a smart idea in my opinion.

Who Is Transcribe Anywhere For?

Transcribe Anywhere is for anyone that is looking for a source of income, it's best for people that want to create a career in transcribing because Transcribe Anywhere is seriously a good course and I think it's the best when it comes to transcribing.

The course is both good for beginners or even experienced people that want to brush up on their skills.

This course is good for work at home moms too because there are many works from home transcription jobs which makes it flexible and location free job as well.

Retired people can do this too to supplement their income!

You can grab the free mini-course to really see if this is for you or not.

How Much Can You Earn?

First of all, Transcribe Anywhere gives you training that you can use to become an excellent transcriber.

TA is not going to pay you, but they are going to give you lists of websites where you can find clients and they also teach you how to bring targeted clients via SEO, paid traffic and social media.

That's why how much you earn depends on how much you learn, how good your critical/listening skills are, how fast you can type and other factors.

There are some jobs the pay more than the others, for example, it's known that the legal & medical transcription jobs pay more than any other transcription jobs.

According to Payscale, the average medical transcriptionist hourly pay is $15.42.

Transcribe Anywhere Reviews & Complaints

The good thing about Transcribe Anywhere is there are virtually no complaints or negative reviews about the course.

I review different programs on my site and I can guarantee you that the programs with so many positive reviews and a few to no negative reviews are pretty rare to find.

Most online work from home courses are really rubbish and only focus on your pocket.

Below in the screenshot, you can read the only TA negative review I could find online if you have anything to say don't be shy to share with us your experiences with Transcribe Anywhere in the comments section!

transcribe anywhere reviews

Image source: https://momismore.com/

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Alternatives

Below, I'd like to share with you some alternatives, places to find jobs and competitors of Transcribe Anywhere, I just want to do a quick comparison to see what's better when it comes to the best transcribing courses.

TCI vs Transcribe Anywhere

Transcription Certification Institute is another popular transcription course, the only difference I see is Transcribe Anywhere is more in-depth but more expensive while TCI costs only $400 but comes with less info compared to TA.

Another difference is TCI is also a search engine and a job board where you can find transcription jobs.

TranscribeMe vs Transcribe Anywhere

One more website that is similar to TA is called TranscribeMe; however, the latter is more like a transcription service. They do offer some education for transcribers but I think only for the experienced ones.

During my research, I was able to find more alternatives to Transcribe Anywhere that you can find below.

If you have anything to say or share with us about these sites please leave comments below.

  • Dailytranscription
  • Go transcribe 
  • Quicktate

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Pros & Cons


  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Learn other important skills like SEO & Paid traffic!
  • You will learn how to build your own business.
  • There are different payment plans.
  • Janet has 10+ years of experience that you can tap into.
  • The support team is good (you can expect support within a few hours).
  • This course will feed you years of experience that will crash your competitors.


  • Transcription jobs may become non-existent in the future with the evolution of technology. Take Google Assistant as an example.
  • TA markets transcription as something that newbies can do, but honestly not everyone has or can learn the skills required.
  • Transcription jobs don't pay very well even Janet says that you won't get rich doing this, the average hourly pay is only $15.
  • Transcribe Anywhere offers no refunds, but they give you free mini-courses where you can make your decision.

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Verdict

If you read any of my reviews I post on my website, you will read that I don't usually say a lot of positive things about the products I review. 

But I'm really impressed with Transcribe Anywhere, definitely NOT a scam! This course is VERY good, in-depth, they even offer you free mini-courses to see what you can expect to get.

If you want to start your Transcribing business or get more clients and this is what you want to do I seriously recommend you to invest in Transcribe Anywhere it's really worth it!

Plus, if you have found my Transcribe Anywhere review useful I would really appreciate it if you Join Transcribe Anywhere by using my affiliate link. Thanks for the support and I really hope my review helped you make a decision.

If transcribing is not your ambition and you're looking for a better and more profitable opportunity to make money I invite to read the report below.

A Better & More Profitable Opportunity to Make Money!

Transcription jobs are not bad, but if you're not good at transcribing or you don't have the required skills (laser-sharp focus, good listening skills, fast typing skills...) you're not going to do very well.

On top of that, transcription jobs don't have a bright future, as I said earlier in this review technology is evolving pretty fast and some services like Google Assistant and Alexa are getting better & better every day at transcribing.

What I recommend for newbies that want to build a solid income source online is affiliate marketing, the latter is a VERY profitable opportunity that is a LOT easier than transcribing

Affiliate marketing means selling other people's products online, you basically build websites about topics you're passionate about, write about stuff you like and drive visitors from Google, Yahoo or Youtube...

You can monetize this traffic with ads, affiliate links and make a really good income online.

This is what I personally do and it's really simple. If you want to learn more about this just check out My Recommended Training for Newbies!

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  • Thank you for this vital set of information that you have provided. I like the sound of this Transcribe Anywhere review you done here. It is a vital illustration of a great opportunity to earn some extra money without any hassle or long term waiting. 

    But does this Transcribe Anywhere is the privilege for all countries across the world?

    What are the payment methods as to how an individual gets commissions? 

    Should I be interested to join that platform? how much will it cost me to get going?

    • You’re welcome Peter, you should be interested into Transcribe Anywhere only if you like Transcribing and you want to make money doing it, as far as I know, this platform is available anywhere in the world and regarding the payment methods that’s something that you and the client can agree about no problems there.

       Paypal will do the job.

      Thanks for visiting!

  • Good article for those interested in transcribing or trying to turn passion into money because though the cost of training is quite expensive and time must be devoted to this, but something i do not understand is why transcribe anywhere only tutor and gives you a list of website to make cash?? 

    • Seun, Transcribe Anywhere offers you tutoring and support, they teach you how to do transcribing and how to find websites that pay you to do so. It’s a very good course and I recommend it.

  • This is very in-depth course I have not heard of transcribing before and it’s seems very okay but the only lowdown is the price it’s not economical for someone who is looking for a job to pay 1000 dollars but it depends if you are someone who wants to improve your financial situation it’s very okay and good lesson to take .

  • Hi Anis! Thank you very much for this post concerning Transcribe Anywhere! I’ve wanted to start transcribing but I don’t know where to start. But Transcribe Anywhere seems to be just the right place to begin!

    I’ll immediately go over to the General Transcription mini-course. And after that I’ll do the Legal Transcription mini-course too. I’m glad I can get an overview of the industry before I decide whether this is for me or not! I’m excited about getting started! Thank youuu!

  • Hi – thanks for sharing this in-depth review. I am a freelance web writer and proofreader and have thought about transcribing as a side income, so I was interested in reading what you had to say. My spelling and grammar skills are definitely pretty good and I type fast, but I am not convinced I wish to pay the price of this course. All the best, Diane   

  • Great and in depth review, well detailed and easy to comprehend,i have once try transcribing as a means of earning extra bucks online but I found it stressful and time consuming. Your review about transcribe anywhere is nice and I look forward to try the trainings out. I will get back on your blogs and share how the training goes with everyone.  Thank you. 

    • Hi Clement, yeah transcribing is pretty stressful and time-consuming and the pay is not even that great, but Transcribe Anywhere is really a good course for people that want to make money doing this. thanks for the support and have a great day!


  • When it comes to transcribing, I’ll say I’m quite experienced in it also. I’ve been into transcription for a while mow and I’ve been earning some money from transcription HITs and some transcription jobs. Sites like Amazon Mturk and CrowdSurf has made transcription jobs readily available for transcribers to make money. 

    • Hi Dhayoursm, yeah there are many transcribing jobs at Mturk and Crowdsurf, but I think you will earn better if you take this course and follow Janet’s advice, thanks for stopping by.

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    • Hi Tony, there are many opportunities online, it depends on what you’re passionate about and what kind of business you want to start online, you can make money writing, proofreading… there are so many opportunities out there.

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