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What is Four Dollar Click? 100% Scam! [2019 Review!]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 26, 2019

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What is Four Dollar Click? Is it a Scam? 

This is a question that many people ask, they want to know if this company is legit or not!

In this Four Dollar Click review, I will unveil the truth and tell you what four dollar click is all about.

Four Dollar Click Summary Review

Name:  Four Dollar Click

Website: FourDollarClick.Com

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 0 out of 10


What is Four Dollar Click?


Four dollar click is a paid to click website that promises you to make $4 for every single ad you click, they have been online since 2012 and they are still there somehow.

They claim that they have paid out all their members more than $10 millions as you can see in the screenshot below.


If this was true, you would find all their members happy praising the company everywhere, right?

Seriously who would trust a site that has a minimum cashout of $4000?

You need to even spend money from your pockets to cashout!

In fact, you will read later on this review the complaints that this site has received.

Keep reading to learn how Four Dollar Click scam works!

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How Does Four Dollar Click Work?

To register, you need to fill up a form with your

  • Name
  • Email
  • Country

You don't know what they will do with your email, they will probably sell it.

Another RED FLAG is they don't have a privacy policy which means they will surely sell your info!

When you register and verify your email you will see a bunch of ads available for you to click

In the first days, you will have a lot of ads to click and your balance account will look promising and profitable.

But after a few days, you will start seeing fewer ads!

That's because they want you to start buying into their premium memberships!

The Four Dollar Click Premium Memberships

Now you have clicked all the ads available and earned $4 for every single one.

You would say oh my god I have just earned $150 in 20 minutes!

Since the number of ads becomes very limited, you would want more ads to click so you keep earning more!

This is when their scamming will start!

They will push you to upgrade all the time and tell you that you can not withdraw your money until you upgrade.

They have different memberships and all of them have different prices as you can see below.

Does it make sense to pay to withdraw your money or to see more ads? Hell no!!


The Four Dollar Click Premium memberships

As you can clearly see you have to pay $100 a month to use Four Dollar Click!

The funny part is, they have a Clixsense banner on the top of their website beside the logo.

If you click on it, it will take you to clixsense sign up form and at the top will see something written in red.

what is four dollar click

ABN must be the owner of Four dollar click.

Apart from the money he/she makes from the victims of his site, the owner of Four Dollar Click tries to make some extra cash by referring people to clixsense which is a legit company, at least he is doing something honest this time.

You SHOULD never trust any website that asks you for money in order to withdraw!

Four Dollar Clicks asks you for money because they are a scam, they are just using the "withdraw money" excuse to get your money!

Increase Your Earnings with Referrals

They say that you have the possibility to earn more money by referring other people and you get 100% of their earnings.

If you register for Four Dolla Click they will try to sell you referrals so you can make money off them.

If you upgrade they say that you will earn 200% of your referral earnings.

Don't ever get tricked by these things, because they are clearly trying to steal the most money POSSIBLE from you by offering you that tempting stuff.

You are obviously not going to earn any money from Four Dollar Click.

Four Dollar Click Terms of Use - What the Hell?

Did you have a look at the Four Dollar Click terms of use page?

I bet you did not.

It's not your fault, Four Dollar Click don't want you to see it!

If you read their terms of use page you will read this!

four dollars click red flag

As you can see they have all the excuses in the world to NOT pay you!

They clearly say that they are going to shut down your Four Dollar Click account without any notice!

So how the hell are you supposed to make money with a website like this?

Here's another one!

another four dollar click red flag

Let's say you want to visit your grandma that lives in a small village for 6 days and she does not have wifi or any network to connect to the internet.

After you come back to your house you will find all your Four Dollar Click earnings wiped out!

Why in the world do they need to clear out your earnings? Because they are a scam and they build all the excuses to not pay you!

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Does Four Dollar Click Really Have a +BBB Rating?

On their homepage Four Dollar Click have an unclickable image of the BBB logo with an A+ rating!

fake bbb rating

But I did all my research and I did not find any BBB profile attached to Four Dollar Click!

They have literally added a fake BBB logo with a fake rating to their site!

Four Dollar Click Reviews - Are the Members Happy?

There are a lot of people complaining about Four Dollar Click because they have paid for the membership and trusted this scam!

Because of Four Dollar Click, people have lost their hard earned money and time! you definitely don't want to be their next victim!

If you go to the payments proof of Four Dollar Click, you will see this:


As you can see there is a bunch of usernames and invented numbers.

This payments proof page looks very fake like their site.

Here is what other people say about this huge scam!


There are many other people complaining but I think these screenshots are more than enough.

The excuse they would use is, you did not follow the rules!

Please don't fall for these sites like Four Dollar Click and also Three Dollar Click which are the same! 

They will make you work for nothing.

There is no easy money, you need to work hard to make a living, you can't make 4000$ clicking ads, that doesn't exist at all.

Scams Similar to Four Dollar Click

There are lots of similar scams to Four Dollar Click running around with similar names.

Is Four Dollar Click a Scam?

Four Dollar Click is absolutely a huge scam, you must stay away from them, these guys laugh when you buy a membership or something from them expecting to earn money!

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Do you know any other scam similar to Four Dollar Click? Please let me know so I can write a review about it so people don't fall for it!

Please share this post with your friends so they don't register on Four dollar click because it's a big scam!

If you have any question, just drop a comment below!

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • I have not heard about the Four Dollar Click so far, but nothing from that article is surprising. The Internet is full of thieves and cheaters.

    I read your recommendation for WA and it would be great if I got over you in WA. Your page


    It is a great promotion for WA.

    Also, your earnings are for me SF. Congratulations.

  • Wow I have never heard of four dollar click until now and I am happy I found out what its all about before I did.  I can’t imagine having to pay to withdrawal your own money LOL.

    It sounds like four dollar click has burned a lot bridges and still continues to run.  Scary thought really and I hate how these “companies” target people who really need money.

    I noticed that where you start your four dollar click review your sentence reading “I will unveil the truth and tell you what is four dollar click all about”….I think you meant “what four dollar click is all about”. 

    Also From where you talk about four dollar clicks terms of use, your saying four dollars-plural the rest of the article.

    Other than that this article would steer me and many other people far from it, great job.

  • Hi Anis,The most painful of this whole thing is that despite the obvious of the scam, many people continue to risk their money with the hope that it is something real, only to find later that they lost their time and money.This hope of people is the main reason why these scams are still working; they promise wealth in record time.That is why it is imperative to transmit to new entrepreneurs that online business is something real and very profitable, but it requires learning, training, hard effort, time and patience.

  • Fantastic article. I really like your way of writing and how you explain how it’s a scam with lots of examples. Keep at it! You’re like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes!

  • Well it is great you wrote this post, it looks like a huge scam. Do you have a good online program that you can suggest? by the way I can only work 3-4 hours in a week so it needs to suitable for that 😉

  • Wow, awesome post! I have never signed up for something like this before because I do an intense amount of research before joining anything online. Unfortunately, so many people don’t even realize that a company can continue to operate even though it is a total scam! If it was not for people like you, sharing such valuable insights and cautionary tales based on solid research, many more people would be scammed! You are totally awesome, as is your site! Thanks for being you! Joy

  • There are many scams around the paid adds clicks theme! Almost all of them are scams, although few remain paying and hence cannot be proven to be scams, yet. I have not personally looked at dollar click before you highlighted it. Thank you for your review

    • You are right Xena,there are lots of sites that will pay you and kick you out the other day,I have been a member for such sites! thanks for stopping by and have a good day ahead! 😀

  • Hi Anis,

    First of all, I didn’t read this post in its entirety as I can almost SMELL a scam a mile away. This is why I wouldn’t recommend anything that I have never used or scrutinized before. This four dollar click thing is a joke. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the world to know.

    • Just from the title, you can tell that it’s a huge scam! really who would pay you $4000 just to click ads? no one! The other days I have also written a post about Paid 2 Youtube it’s another scam!

  • Thank you for this. I am sure it will help in getting these people shut down. Their system does not make sense. If they can pay $4 per click how much do you have to pay to place the ad? If you compare this to other PPC sites like Clixsense it is just ridiculous. Other PPC’s pay at most $0.10 per click.

    • I forgot to mention in the post that advertisers can place an ad and pay 5$ for 1000 hits,then how would they pay 4$ per click! This is totally crazy,these thieves are targeting people that are new to the internet marketing!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  • Wow, I don’t know how they keep getting away with it, thanks for your post Anis. I will share your post to stop anyone else getting scammed. Great site, thanks

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