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Writer Access Review (Is It Worth It? Here Is The Answer!) (2019)

By Anis Chity

August 22, 2019

Writer Access Review

Hello! Welcome to my Writer Access review!

The internet is a vast place where we can almost do anything, including earning money online.

Furthermore, there are a lot of ways to do it. Who would've thought that we can actually earn money nowadays by writing?

That's right. You probably know that since you are here. In this review, we will talk about one of the freelance writing websites we have today.

Writer Access has been operating since 2008. What is it? How does it work? Is it a scam? We will find out in this Writer Access review!

Let's get started.

Writer Access Quick Summary

Name:  Writer Access


Founder: Byron White

Year founded: 2008

Type: Content marketing agency

Rating: 4/5

Recommended: Yes, for some people

Writer Access main page


What is Writer Access?

Writer Access logo

In the world of content marketing, great content is very important. Although anyone can do it, but some people prefer to trust the work to professionals.

That is when Writer Access comes into the picture.

It is an online content marketing agency that provides content to people. Furthermore, it makes sure that the products are tailored according to the needs of the clients.

Writer Access is not only for businesses looking for well-written content. It is also a freelance writing website. That means people have the chance to work with them and earn money.

It is similar to another site called "Textbroker".

It was founded by Byron White in 2008. Furthermore, it is run by a content research and marketing company called ideaLaunch, who was also started by Byron.

What does it offer?

Writer Access products

Writer Access makes sure that its contents are well-written. They hire experienced, professional and great writers to ensure that.

The company offers a wide variety products and services. Some of these are:

  • Articles
  • Video scripts
  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Banner ads
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Product descriptions

Writer Access also offers editing and translation services to clients.

Furthermore, for business owners, the company will offer no-cost tools and services once they reach a certain amount of deposit. This is for prepaid content.

This means that the more and large they deposit, the more freebies they can enjoy from.

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How does it work?

Upon creating an account, you will be given two options: to be an employer or to be a writer.

Writer Access sign up option

For clients

You can join Writer Access for free. With this membership, you can use the site's services for 2 weeks.

But you can also join the company and make an up-front deposit right away. With this, you can request an order for content immediately.

Both option will give you the opportunity to experience Writer Access, including the writers, content types and the flow of the projects.

The moment you have created an account, you are required to verify your email address. Afterwards, you can start searching for writers and posting orders.

Each writer has a rating that you can see in their profiles. It can be between 1 to 6 stars. Furthermore, you can see more information about them in their profiles.

These include their names, skills, experiences, sample works and many more.

Clients can either place an order to a single writer or a team of writers.

Put your writing skills to a better use with this method! It pays better too!

For writers

Again, signing up in Writer Access is completely free. However, in order to keep the website running, they must take a portion of your payment as a fee.

This is also to compensate them for using their services. 70% goes to the writers and 30% goes to Writer Access.

One important thing in the application process is the writing test that will be provided. You must pass this one in order for you to be accepted as a writer in the website.

Afterwards, Writer Access will ask you to provide resumé. With it will be a photo of you and some background information.

You will have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks for Writer Access to review your application. Once it is accepted, you are good to go.

One more thing, once you are accepted, you will be given a star rating from 1 to 6. It will depend on your information provided, skills and experiences.

The higher the rating, the higher the chances of you being hired and the larger amount of money you can earn.


Apart from being a writer, Writer Access also hires people for other positions.

These are:

Writer Access other positions

Who can join?

Before, Writer Access only hired U.S.-based writers. However, they expanded at the end of 2018.

Today, it accepts writers from Canada, New Zealand, U.S.,  Australia, U.K., Republic of Ireland and South Africa.

How much does content cost?

Writer Access content pricing

The content pricing in Writer Access entirely depends on the star rating of the writer.
The higher the rating, the higher the cost. Furthermore, there are certain services that are only available for a specific star rating.

  • Two Stars: $0.02 per word
  • Three Stars: $0.04 per word
  • Four Stars: $0.06 per word
  • Five Stars: $0.08 per word
  • Six Stars: $0.10 to $2 per word

You can learn more about this here.

How much can you earn?

Again, the star rating is really important. Even the amount of that writers earn will depend on it.

According to Writer Access, this is the pay rate of each rating.

  • 1.4 cents per word – Level 2
  • 2.8 cents per word – Level 3
  • 4.2 cents per word – Level 4
  • 5.6 cents per word – Level 5
  • 7.0 cents per word – Level 6
Writer Access pay rate
Anis Chity


Freelance writing is great. However, it is nothing compared to affiliate marketing.

You can earn more and you are free to do what you want!

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Payment Method

Writer Access sends its payments to freelancers through Paypal for every two weeks.

Furthermore, payments are done on the 9th day for the jobs that are paid at the end of the previous month.

While on the 22th day, for jobs to be paid by the 15th day of every month.

Also, for you to get your money, you must have a balance of at least $10 in your account.

Writer Access Benefits

Strategic words

Writer at Writer Access are very creative and intelligent. They will make sure that the content they will deliver is great for search engines.

Furthermore, they will guarantee that each word in their content is created to target their clients' customers.

With this, businesses and companies will surely grow.

Reward system

Like I told you above, the more deposit a client does, the more rewards and freebies will be received.

These will include advanced tools, no-cost services and support that will greatly help them.

Tailored content

To the clients who ordered, rest assured that the finished content is tailored according to your expectations.

What I like about it

#1 BBB Rating

Writer Access BBB Rating

#2 High pay than other companies

Compared to other freelance writing websites, Writer Access pays more than them.

Other websites can easily hire anyone. However. Writer Access will make sure that they will sort out their applicants.

Furthermore, because of the star rating system, other writers, deserving ones can earn up to $40,000 a year.

What I don't like about it

#1 Takes long

As I made my research about Writer Access, most complaints made by writers is how long clients take to approve their work.

Other websites usually take around 2 or 3 days.

Before getting paid, you must send your work and your client will check it. You will only be paid once it is approved.

Clients have a maximum of 14 days to approve it. If not, Writer Access will automatically do it.

But then again, 14 days is a long time. It can be so frustrating for some people.

#2 May not be enough for some people

The moment you are accepted in Writer Access, you will be given an initial rating. If you got around 1 to 4 rating, you might have a hard time earning enough.

That is why this is not recommended to some people. If you got 5 to 6 rating, then lucky you. You have a higher chance of earning more money.

Is Writer Access a scam?

To finish and complete this Writer Access review, it is time to answer, "Is Writer Access a scam?".

The answer is no. Writer Access offers real services and is great for both clients and writers.

Furthermore, it does not have much negative reviews. Except for the ones I pointed out above.

But overall, Writer Access is great. In fact, it pays better than most freelance writing websites.

I recommend it to people who are really great at writing. You might receive a star rating of 5 or 6. But for those who do not, I don't recommend it.

You will not be earning enough.

This is How I Make Money from Home!

Thank you so much for reading my Writer Access review! If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

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 Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home, you can learn more about him here.

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