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Your Dream Websites Review – 3 Big Red Flags Revealed!

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By Anis

December 16, 2018

This is "Your Dream Websites" review where you will learn the ugly truth that this program is hiding from you.

If you want to build an income stream online while staying safe from these scams, this is a review you want to read entirely!

Your Dream Websites Quick Review

  • Name: Your Dream Websites
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 + hidden upsells
  • Owner: "Jake"
  • Recommended? No
your dream websites reviewed

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What is Your Dream Websites?

Your Dream Websites is a work from home training program that claims they are going to teach you a "weird trick" to make $1000 a day.

Jake is the person voicing the video presentation of Your Dream Websites and he claims that while you're watching the video he has already set up your system that is already making you money.

Jake claims that he's going to give out his secret websites to you so you can make money doing nothing.

All you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy the money rolling in.

But is this realistic? To me, it sounds too good to be true.

Yes, in fact, that's why you're reading this review because you're pretty skeptical about Your Dream Websites ​as it sounds too good to be real.

Jake says that if you finish watching the video you will get $175 that your account has generated. But in order to get your money, you have to pay $37.

He also claims he charges $37 just to see if you're serious or not!

This all sounds good in theory but the reality is another thing and below you're going to learn how Your Dream Websites actually works!

How Does Your Dream Websites Work?

Your Dream Websites does NOT work at all, the video presentation is basically full of deception, lies and empty talk!

First of all, there no way Jake can create an account for you and make you money while you're watching.

Well, it says the same thing to anyone that watches the video, because it's just a Youtube video it's not live.

I can assure you that even if you pay that $37 you won't get any money from Jake.

your dream websites review

The Secret Websites Lie!

Jake claims he is going to let you copy his successful websites so that you can make $1,000 a day too!

That's total BS because we all know that websites cannot be copied, in the sense that if you do, your site will get penalized.

Google and all search engines hate copied content if build a website and you plan to copy a successful website you're not going anywhere because Google won't send any traffic towards your site.

Secondly who in the world would sell or let their site get copied for $37? It's clear that Jake is trying to fool you just to snatch that $37 and he's going to do the same with many people.

Below I'm going to share with you 3 definitive reasons why Your Dream Websites is nothing but a scam!

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3 "Your Dream Websites" BIG Red Flags!

1) Who is Jake? A Scam Artist?

Seriously, who is Jake? Why doesn't he show a picture of him or his identity?

That's a big red flag because scammers are everywhere and it's very common that they hide their identities like this!

Jake does not show his face or identity

Scammers tend to hide their identities because they don't want to get sued once their scam gets exposed.

Another reason why they hide their identities is that they want to keep creating several scams under different fake names.

In one hand this keeps them anonymous and on the other hand, they keep making money over and over from different innocent people.

And Your Dream Websites is definitely no exception!

2) Look at the Fine Print!

The video keeps talking how it is easy to make money and stuff, but the reality is that Your Dream Websites is hiding what is written in the fine print!

The guys at Your Dream Websites desk don't want you to read the fine print because if you do you would run away instantly.

Here's what is written in the fine print at the bottom of the Your Dream Websites official site.

the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system

SOURCE: fine print

As you can read the typical purchaser DOES NOT make any money using Your Dream Websites.

This proves that this system is ONLY after your money and has no intentions to help you make money!

Another thing that you can read from the fine print is this:

the easy internet plan

Source: fine print

As you can see the text of the Your Dream Websites fine print is written in a dark color and it's buried in the bottom of the sales page.

They are doing everything to hide the fine print from you, they are forced to have the fine print in there for legal reasons, but you need to always read the fine print before you buy anything.

Because after you buy Your Dream Websites you're technically agreeing that you know the typical purchaser does not make any money and that you're going to buy another program called the Easy Internet Plan!

And by the way, the Easy Internet Plan is a scam I did not review it on my site but my friend Andrew has written a good review where he explains why it's a scam!

Legit Training to Make Money?

3Your Dream Websites is a Replica of Other Scams

Your Dream Websites is LITERALLY the same as the following scams I have reviewed several months ago.

If you read the above reviews you will realize that they are LITERALLY the same as Your Dream Websites.

The only thing that is different is the name but other than that they are just rehashed scams created by this fake persona Jake!

Final Review - Is Your Dream Websites a Scam?

In my opinion, Your Dream Websites is 100% scam and below I wrap up the reasons that I have already talked about in this review.

  • Jake is a fake persona, the real owner is hidden
  • The fine print of the site says that no one makes money!
  • Your Dream Website is a replica of older scams
  • This system is only after your hard earned cash

So these are the reasons why I don't recommend Your Dream Websites because, in my opinion, it's a scam.

If Your Dream Websites is a Scam, What do I Recommend?

Your Dream Websites as you have read in this review is a scam, if you're still looking for a legit training then look no further.

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