7-Figure Franchise Review – Smart Scam?

7 Figure Franchise Reviews

So you really want to buy the 7-Figure Franchise but you are still skeptical because it kinda looks like it’s too good to be true?

I bought one of Micheal Cheney products, The Commission Machine 2017 and as I was going through the training I was sick and tired of the 7 Figure Franchise promotions

Plus I’m receiving literally three to four emails per day just from Micheal Cheney and his 7 Figure Franchise

7 Figure Franchise scam

I get the feeling like Michel Cheney desperately wants to sell his product.

With that said, I did NOT buy the 7 Figure Franchise

Lots of people looking for reviews so today I’m just going to share my opinion as to why I don’t like the 7 Figure Franchise and I  why don’t think it’s the fastest way to make money online.

7 Figure Franchise – Quick Review

  • Name: 7 Figure Franchise
  • Website: commissionology.org/7-figure-franchise/
  • Owner: Micheal Cheney
  • Price: $1997 one time fee or two payments of $1100
  • Verdict: Legit but it’s not that great.

What is 7 Figure Franchise?

7 Figure Franchise as I said before it’s a product that Micheal Cheney promotes a lot

Basically, it’s a package that contains all the products he created

As a 7 Figure Franchise member, you will be promoting all his products and get 100% of commissions

These are Micheal Cheney’s Products

Is 7-Figure Franchise a Scam?

I don’t believe this program is a scam

However, I do think it’s full of hype

Micheal Cheney is using hype to promote it

It means it’s not going to be easy to make money

You need to go through hours of training

Nothing wrong with that

But the hype is not ok, it’s dishonest in my opinion.

7-Figure Franchise Micheal Cheney hype

What I don’t Like about the 7-Figure Franchise

1) Micheal Cheney Products are NOT Good Enough

If you look up for reviews of Micheal Cheney products you will see that they have bad reviews

What I don’t like about his products is the fact they are so similar!

  1. The Commission Machine
  2. Commissionology
  3. Copy Paste Commissions
  4. Commission Partel
  5. Commission Black Ops

These products could be one great product

But Micheal Cheney prefers to give limited info and tons of upsells

It makes me feel he cares more about his pockets than giving value.

2) The Testimonials Seem too Good to be True

The testimonials claim the 7-Figure Franchise is the system that made them the easiest commissions

This honestly made me very skeptical because there is no way the one would earn commissions right away as soon they set up the system.

3) You Only Need Traffic to Make Money?

The only problem that prevents people from making money online is traffic

Traffic is the hardest part of the game

So saying you only need traffic to make money does not make sense to me.

I have bought The Commission Machine 2017 and the training on traffic was really disappointing

It was mostly about doing posts on Facebook so you can attract your Facebook friends just like Micheal does on his Facebook Account.

Micheal Cheney Facebook Profile

Would You Invest in 7-Figure Franchise?

I just wanted to share my opinion about the 7 Figure Franchise

This program is not going to scam you, if you follow the program you will make money

Thousands of dollars per day? I don’t know it’s unlikely, so much hype around this program.

If you have tried I’d love to hear your reviews below in the comment section

So you can help people make a good decision 🙂

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