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7-Figure Franchise 2019 Review: A Smart Expensive Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 26, 2019

7 Figure Franchise Reviews

So you really want to buy the 7-Figure Franchise but you are still skeptical because it kinda looks like it's too good to be true?

I bought one of Micheal Cheney products, The Commission Machine 2019 and as I was going through the training I was sick and tired of the 7 Figure Franchise promotions.

Plus I'm receiving literally three to four emails per day just from Micheal Cheney and his 7 Figure Franchise!

7 Figure Franchise scam

I get the feeling like Michel Cheney desperately wants to sell his product.

With that said, I did NOT buy the 7 Figure Franchise.

Lots of people are looking for reviews so today I'm just going to share my opinion as to why I don't like the 7 Figure Franchise and I why don't think it's the fastest way to make money online.

7 Figure Franchise - Quick Review

Name: 7 Figure Franchise

Website: commissionology.org/7-figure-franchise/

Owner: Micheal Cheney

Price: $1997 one time fee or two payments of $1100

Verdict: Legit but it's not that great.

7 Figure Franchise Reviews

Summary: The 7 Figure Franchise is not a scam, however, there are many shady things that Micheal does to convince you to buy his system.

In this review, I'm going to share with you over 8 red flags and concerns about this system.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? No

What is 7 Figure Franchise?

7 Figure Franchise is an affiliate marketing training and package that contains all the products that Micheal has created.

It's called 7 figure franchise because it's basically a franchise.

Let me explain that!

So Instead of creating a business from scratch and invest tons of time and money to build it, you can buy a franchise which is basically a business that is already making profits.

When you buy a franchise you are buying their:

  • Their Brand 
  • Their Logo
  • The resell rights
  • Business model

Examples of franchises are:

  • McDonald's
  • Subway
  • UPS

Here's an example:

McDonald's is a franchise if you want to take over McDonald's and buy their brand and resell rights you have to pay the Franchise fee which is $45,000.

After you buy the whole McDonald's you can do whatever you want with their restaurants and all their products!

That's the concept with 7 Figure Franchise after you pay the franchise fee of the 7 Figure Franchise you will own the resell rights of all the Micheal Cheney products.

The difference between McDonalds & 7 Figure Franchise is the fact that the latter is completely online which means you will earn the resell rights of all their digital products.

Below I'm going to talk about how 7 Figure Franchise exactly works and literally everything you need to know about it is in this review!

How Does 7 Figure Franchise Exactly Work? 

Here's how 7 Figure Franchise works in a few lines.

  • Pay the 7 Figure Franchise fee ($1997)
  • Get the resell rights of all the 7 Figure Franchise products
  • Follow the training & start promoting their products
  • Micheal Cheney will close the sales for you.
  • You earn $1,000's in commissions whenever someone buys from you

Basically, once you buy the resell rights of the 7 Figure Franchise products you will earn 100% of all the commissions.

You're not going to earn 60% or 40% in commissions because in this case, you're not an affiliate you're the owner of Micheal Cheney products if you buy his franchise.

/ Figure Franchise review

Micheal Cheney

" You'll get 100% of the commissions when you make sales on all the products as a 7 Figure Franchise member.

The 7 Figure Franchise Funnel

As noted above as a 7 Figure Franchise member, you will be promoting all his products and get 100% of commissions.

The 7 Figure Franchise products you get are 121 products!

7 Figure Franchise Review

These are some of the Micheal Cheney's Products

  • The Commission Machine 2019
  • Commissionology
  • Commission Black Ops
  • Copy Paste Commissions
  • Commission Partel
  • How to Scope for Cash
  • Child's play profits
  • The Fan Page Money Method
  • Email Black Ops
  • List Building Black Ops

These products could be just a single product, as you can see they are all related to the make money niche.

What does that tell you about Micheal?

He focuses more on making money for himself!

The 7 Figure Training Walkthrough

Now that you know what kind of products Micheal Cheney offers, below I'm going to talk about the training in details.

In case you're not interested in the Micheal Cheney training but you just want to see the things I don't like & red flags just click here.

Step 1: The Welcome Video

After you purchase the 7 Figure Franchise you will get access to a video where Micheal Cheney welcomes you and gives you an overview of how the system works, the compensation plan and the products you will get...

7 Figure Franchise review

Step 2: Become a JVZoo Affiliate

In the second step, you will learn how to become a JVZoo affiliate and learn how to get all your affiliate links that are going to track all your sales.

These affiliate links are going to give you 100% of the commissions.

I like the fact that Micheal Cheney explains in details and clear way how to get started with JVZoo.

If you're a beginner you will appreciate these step by steps training videos that are included in your 7 Figure Franchise membership.

Step 3: Traffic Generation Methods + Free 1000 Visitors

In this module, Micheal Cheney talks about different methods to drive traffic to your 7 Figure Franchise products.

Here you will learn two traffic generation methods which are:

  1. Free traffic methods
  2. Paid traffic methods

The free traffic generation methods that Micheal is going to teach you are:

  • Forum marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter & Pinterest marketing
  • Guest posting

Micheal even gives you a bonus in this module which is 1000 free visitors.

Micheal says that he is going to send 1000 free visitors to kick start your 7 figure franchise business and start earning commissions asap.

That sounds good but in my opinion, the traffic generation methods that Micheal uses are NOT so reliable especially the Facebook marketing method he uses.

The Facebook Traffic Method (meh!)

I have personally bought his product the Commission Machine and I was disappointed about his Facebook strategy to get traffic.

In the sales page of the Commission Machine, this is what Micheal says about his Facebook traffic generation method.

Facebook secret the commission machine

But after going through the training I was told to do this to get traffic!

  • Join Facebook groups related to making money online.
  • Add 50 friends that are interested in making money online
  • Start creating Facebook posts on your Facebook profile that promote the 7 Figure products.

While this method might work it's NOT a reliable way to drive traffic! 

And personally, I don't want to friend unknown people to my private Facebook account and start promoting stuff that all my family will see!

I prefer SEO (search engine) traffic which is in one hand VERY reliable and in the second hand when you make it work it will continue to pay off forever and generating revenue while you're sleeping!

That's why I canceled my Commission Machine account, got my refund and moved to Wealthy Affiliate training!

Which is the reason why I work full-time from home now!

Solo Ads from Igor Kheifets (Too Expensive!)

7 figure franchise review

The second traffic generation method that Micheal Cheney will teach you is paid traffic.

You will have to spend money to get traffic but Micheal in this video only talks about solo ads.

Micheal recommends solo ads from Igor Kheifets.

I'm familiar with Igor solo ads because I was personally interested in solo ads for my business to increase traffic and sales.

But I was turned off by the Igor solo ads services because, in my opinion, his services were too good to be true.

Igor will teach you how to build an email list and how to get sales but looks like they have some crazy expensive upsells.

For example, I was continually asked to pay over $3k to get the email list built for me and learn how to use solo ads to make sales.

The Igor solo ads services are VERY expensive and sound too good to be true as well because I personally get turned off whenever someone guarantees me to be successful!

Within this module, Micheal sends you to the Igor website through his affiliate link which is going to make him big commissions.

Bonus: Free Products + Resell Rights

After you buy 7 Figure Franchise you will get access to even more products for free along with their resell rights.

Bonus: Free Pre-written Email Swipes

Another bonus is the free prewritten email swipes, Micheal says that these are worth $7000 and you're getting them for free.

So basically you're going to get the same email swipes that he sends out to his email list.

I used to be a subscriber on his list but after 3 days I decided to unsubscribe because I was getting literally 3 emails per day and honestly they were so spammy and promise you the world.

Micheal Cheney says that he generates 1.1 million dollars thanks to these email swipes though.

Bonus: 30 Days 1 on 1 Screenshot Consultancy

Micheal Cheney offers 30 days of 1 on 1 support, he says that he charges $1000 per hour for this kind of support and you're going to get it for free as a 7 Figure Franchise member.

So basically whenever you have a problem just send Micheal a screenshot and he will help you.

I think this 30 days consultation is very good and you will learn a lot of new things by talking to Micheal directly but the problem is after 30 days who's going to support you when you have questions?

Bonus: Micheal Cheney Live Events Recordings

As a 7 Figure Franchise member, you will also get access to the recordings of the Micheal Cheney seminars.

There are 7 live events recordings of Micheal revealing his multi-million dollar business strategies to the audience.

Micheal says that people paid $1,000's to attend his live events.

Bonus: $1000 Commissions

Here you will get access to some high ticket products which are going to earn you $1000 per sale.

It's not easy to sell these high ticket products but if you do you're going to be enjoying some nice commissions into your PayPal account.

Is Micheal Cheney a Scam Artist?

I'm pretty familiar with most of the Micheal Cheney products and to be 100% honest with you most of them are low quality.

For example, Commission Black Ops is one of the Micheal Cheney products.

This product is VERY basic, it teaches you how to find JVZoo products and promote them to earn commissions.

The sales page is FULL of hype but when you get inside the product nothing, as soon as you get to the membership area you will be welcomed with multiple upsells and downsells.

Basically, all his products are the same they are only designed to earn him commissions and not actually provide enough value to the members.

I also don't like how Micheal Cheney helps his students. Sometimes he is rude and cocky when replying to his members.

So in Facebook, he is very active making success posts about his students that have earned commissions through his products and what I have noticed is all the people that comment on his posts are his friends and not actual students.

Also, all the Micheal Cheney products have testimonial videos of his friends and not actual members that have tried the products.

For example, when he launched the commission machine he asked his friends to do testimonial videos to make the products look legit. 

With that said, I don't think Micheal is a scam artist, his products are legit but he certainly does a lot of shady & misleading marketing and he thinks more about his pockets!

How Much Does 7- Figure Franchise Cost?

Yes! That's literally my reaction when I saw the 7 Figure Franchise's cost! šŸ˜€

It's so damn expensive that you would turn away just like the guy in the gif above!

You have two payment options:

  1. Buy the 7 Figure Franchise by paying a one-time payment of $1997 
  2. Or the 2 part payment plan ($1100 now and $1100 within 30 days)

But as you can see in the screenshot below there is a $4,997 upsell.

7 figure franchise micheal cheney

Its called insiders and if you buy it you will get:

  • Phone support from Micheal Cheney
  • Micheal will help you promote 7 Figure Franchise better to earn more.
  • You will earn $2,500 if you manage to sell the insider upsell to other people.

You can pay $997 first and then pay $4000 within a week if you can't afford to give out $5000 immediately.

On top of that, you need to keep in mind that there are even more costs involved for example in the 7 Figure Franchise traffic generation training you're taught how to buy solo ads from a specific company.

You need to expect to spend at least $400 per month just for the solo ads!

As you can see 7 Figure Franchise is pretty expensive and you have to spend $7000 to get access to everything!

And I won't be surprised if Micheal comes with even more upsells because that's what he always does!

Can't Afford to Spend $7000? A Cheaper Alternative? 

Here's My Top Recommendation!

What I Like about the 7-Figure Franchise

1) Micheal Cheney is Real & Succesful Person!

7 figure franchise review

Although I don't like most of his products as I have explained above, I have to admit that Micheal Cheney is a really successful person and by just getting those 30 days of 1-1 support you're definitely going to take your business to the next level.

In the subheading above I said that Micheal is a real person because I know different scams that use fake owners to represent their product and I appreciate the 7 Figure Franchise owner is actually real and on top of that a successful person you can learn a lot from.

2) Good Video Training

The video training that comes with 7 Figure Franchise is pretty good, there are a lot of things that are explained in a clear way.

I especially like the live events recordings from these the one can be sure that Micheal Cheney is not a scam artist.

I don't think a scam artist would do any live seminar and events šŸ™‚

What I don't Like about the 7-Figure Franchise

1) Micheal Cheney Products are NOT Good Enough

If you look up for reviews of Micheal Cheney products you will see that they have bad reviews.

What I don't like about his products is the fact they are so similar!

  1. The Commission Machine
  2. Commissionology
  3. Copy Paste Commissions
  4. Commission Partel
  5. Commission Black Ops

These products could be one great product.

But Micheal Cheney prefers to give limited info on each product and tons of upsells.

Micheal Cheney's products are sold on JVZOO and they are created just for the affiliates to promote and make commissions!

This raises many red flags as it kind of looks like a pyramid scheme when the business is all about promoting!

It makes me feel Micheal cares more about his pockets than giving value.

2) TONS of Hype & Misleading Advertising!

Literally, all the Micheal Cheney products are advertised to be VERY easy ways to make money.

When you make some false claims like these you're taking advantage and fooling a lot of newbies!

I don't think it's honest to lie to people like this and take advantage of them, and then you give them some half baked program full of upsells!

Here are some of his unrealistic claims!

7-Figure Franchise Micheal Cheney hype
The Commission Machine 2017

If you have tried any of his products then you know how they actually are and how these claims are UNREALISTIC & FAKE.

No Hype No Lies - Just GOOD Training for Newbies! 

Here's My Top Recommendation!

3) Limited Training on Traffic Generation

The most important thing is traffic and the 7 Figure Franchise video on traffic is VERY limited.

You're learning a few strategies that are NOT that effective, for example, adding 50 friends on Facebook and making Facebook posts is not a reliable way to get traffic!

4) You Don't Have Control over Your Business!

With 7 Figure Franchise, you're basically relying on the Micheal Cheney business and help him take his business to the next level.

You're not learning any skills that will benefit you in the future and if the 7 Figure Franchise business falls apart you will fall too.

That's exactly what happened with similar companies like Mobe & Digital Altitude when they have been shut down by the FTC, all the members' businesses fell apart like they were nothing!

I personally don't recommend you to follow any of these done for your online businesses because they are usually VERY expensive and most of their members don't even earn $500/year!

5) Spam Spam Spam! Lots of Spam!

As soon as you subscribe to the Micheal Cheney email list, you're going to be bombarded with emails with lots of stuff to buy!

I signed up to his list and was annoying by his spammy emails!

3 to 4 emails per day are too much!

7 Figure Franchise scam

6) The Testimonials Seem too Good to be True.

The testimonials claim the 7-Figure Franchise is the system that made them the easiest commissions.

This honestly made me very skeptical because there is no way the one would earn commissions right away as soon they set up the system.

Think about it, the training itself will take at least a day to complete, comprehend and get used to the products to promote.

So how can the one earn $1000's commissions in 12 hours? That's exactly what the testimonials claim.

I have no proof that these testimonials are fake but there is no proof either that they are legit.

But by using logic, they seem fake to me or maybe all these testimonials have large email lists and experience so they can earn money with 7 Figure Franchise fast.

Either way, this is fake advertising because newbies will think that they can earn easily and fast online and this is definitely not the case.

7) You Only Need Traffic to Make Money?

The only problem that prevents people from making money online is traffic.

Traffic is the hardest part of the game.

So saying you only need traffic to make money does not make sense to me.

I have bought The Commission Machine 2019 and the training on traffic was really disappointing.

It was mostly about doing posts on Facebook so you can attract your Facebook friends just like Micheal does on his Facebook account.

Micheal Cheney Facebook Profile

9) It's HARD to get a Refund!

7 Figure Franchise does offer a refund in case you don't make money, he even says that he will add money from his pocket and give it to you to say sorry for wasting your time.

But there is a catch!

The refund policy is tricky because if you want a refund you need to prove to Micheal that you have genuinely used the training and did not make a sale within 60 days.

There are some requirements you need to meet in order to request a refund which are:

  • Send at least 35 clicks to the 7 Figure Franchise Funnel using free traffic
  • You must have published 3 Facebook posts per day and added 100 friends per week!
  • You need to document EVERY single Facebook post and its date on a Google spreadsheet and share the traffic data and the clicks that you got within 60 days!

If you miss a single detail of these requirements your refund request won't be accepted!

This is just so risky!

Is 7-Figure Franchise a Scam?

I don't believe this program is a scam. However, I do think it's full of lies Micheal Cheney is using hype to promote it. 

It means it's not going to be easy to make money.

You need to go through hours of training

Nothing wrong with that. But the hype is not ok, it's dishonest in my opinion.

Can You Make Money with 7-Figure Franchise?

Yes, you can, just remember that most the promises made by Micheal are complete BS. You need to forget about the turnkey solutions and making money easily.

Yes, you have the products, you only need traffic but where is the email list?

If you don't have an email list it's going to be HARD to make any reliable money.

To be honest, the 7 Figure Franchise is all hype, because it does not offer anything new to the table, you have the products so what?

There are millions if not billions of products to promote that offer VERY nice commissions.

And guess what? 

You don't need to spend $7000!

At the end of the day, you need an email list or content that is continually generating sales for you while you're doing other things!

Would You Invest in 7-Figure Franchise?

I just wanted to share my opinion about the 7 Figure Franchise.

This program is not going to scam you, if you follow the program you will make money.

Thousands of dollars per day?

I don't know it's unlikely, so much hype around this program.

If you have tried it I'd love to hear your reviews below in the comment section so you can help people make a good decision šŸ™‚

If you're a newbie and you're looking for a cheaper program that is going to teach you how to build a real email list where you can promote products and earn commissions feel free to check out My#1 Recommendation it's Free to Try.

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

About Anis

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • I so appreciate your detailed review on 7-Figure Franchise. I have heard of it and I think I already saw it on the internet but wasn’t quite sure why I didn’t bother to look deeper into it.

    Ah, yes, now I remember, it was the fee. 

    Reading your review something popped up in my mind and I even had to smile. Of course, Micheal Cheney is desperate to get you on board when I seeing these numbers. I did a bit of math, not that I am that great with it. However, when selling only to 10 people he makes already $ 19,970, pretty smart on his part.

    Creating a low key program and selling it for a one time fee, how better can it get?

    Well, I am with you I actually like to create for myself. I have a vision, a passion and I like the world to know about it.

    That’s why I too chose to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate which actually does teach you the right steps and how to implement them so you can create and grow your own business.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, appreciated.

  • One of the things that really makes me suspicious around 7-Figure Franchise, or any result of this sort is that they don’t make reference to the price straight ahead of time to people. I don’t have that huge whole essentially laying around to purchase their bundle likewise, paying little mind to whether I have, I would place it into something logically sensible

  • Thank you for the above post,  Do you sell this 7-figure franchise?  

    As long as it’s legit it would be of great value to give a trial. I like the way that it’s a one time expense not on a monthly basis you just pay once and forget. The problem come with the high amount of money required for one to have it it’s quite expensive plus some other additional fees. I think it would work appropriate with people who have adequate savings that can afford the 7-figure franchise,

    On my opinion I would suggest to join hands as a group maybe a relative and purchase it due to high amount of money of which we are sure to get back with time.kindly attached some affiliate links for people willing to buy can buy it easily via your site.

    Thank you.

    From Joy gateru.      

  • I have no reason to be skeptical when I first stumbled on the 7 figure franchise landing page because I know straight of that it is a complete waste of time and a scam. I get about 20 mails from Micheal Cheney per week and not a single review online talks positive thing about the program and products being promoted. I won’t advise anyone to venture into it. 

  • Hey thanks for making this honest review. I personally am tired of all those programs that gives so much hype and spam you with unnecessary emails messages. The program like this may work for someone who already has money to spend $2000 and have so much time to make this work, but not for the general public who has no knowledge of how to make business online. Too risky to spend that kind of money for a program that is not for everyone or who doesn’t like his style of making business. Thank you for recommending Wealthy Affiliate, that program really works for anyone!

  • Hi Anis, I have recently sat through a few hours of Michael Cheney 7 Figure Franchise marketing videos. It all sounds fantastic. I am glad I came across your review, which has given me food for thought, Alan

  • Hello Anis, your review is quiet honest, I have several products by michael as I have tried to promote it before, now those looking at promoting his stuff, know that it will make money, but those who buy, unless they are total newbies will not be very happy. Having said that just go on Jvzoo and apply to promote his stuff if you wanna try if his funnels work, thats free, coz of the hype they really do work.
    So how do people make the 1k commossion, by promoting 7 figure franchise period.
    If in all honesty he gives 30 days one on one coaching then this would be worth.
    Remember making money online is not complicated, keep it simple and you will start seeing results.
    I have one problem with Anis Review, You review a product and then give your own recommendation. Negative promo on launched products to get exposure of your own promo.
    You might ask if 7 figure franchise is making 7 figures then why does he sell, simple coz selling it will make him 7 figures, now let me breakdown for you, lets say I have a method that genunely makes me $1000 per day, and In 30 days that makes me 30,000 so I take this method n make a product sell it for $2000 giving affiliates $1000, I get big affilates sending 1000 visitors and only 100 buy that means instead of me making 30,000 a month I make 100,000 in 3-7 days coz I sold my 1000 a day method.
    This is the online world, adopt it, money is made by learning implementing, getting results amd then selling.

    • Thanks a lot for your comments Sameer, yeah you will make money if you promote this to gullible people, but it’s sold based on hype and unrealistic income claims, I’d rather sell something that actually helps people and gives them satisfaction in what they are doing rather than manipulating newbies.


  • Hi

    No doubt that Michael Cheney is smart & sophisticated biz man , he probably use all tactics to promote his interest at best, or stretching the rules to limit , its not scam , I know nothing about his product’s performance nor after sale service quality , he said that he have 20 years experience & successful results, the 7 figure looks good as he offering double refund with personal guaranty which nobody else (as I know) offer

  • I have bought some of Michael Cheney products got refunds for them didn’t like his training and I know for a fact that Richard Leg is in with him as he is in one of the products in the training!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,
    Michael marketing idea’s stink.i’m on SSDI and barely make it month to month.
    After bills food is barely there to take me to next month.
    I was checking my email and notices that i had on that said my credit card was declined. Kinda hard i know who i charge to but after opening it up to find details about it. I notices it came from Michael C. It was an ad to get in to his business not any thing like subject credit card declined.
    I find this a cheap way to do marketing.
    I would never join his program because of the way his email was address to me.
    If any one decides to follow this guy i hope u don’t do marketing like he did about a declined credit card.
    Hope this helps in your decision.
    Thank u

    • Hi Alfred, I think Micheal’s marketing is pushy and cheesy, if you join his email list, you would get 20 emails per day.
      Thanks for posting a comment here and have a great day

  • i sat through the webinar. i asked the chat box guy “why can’t we see a live view of how these funnels look?” he said you just have to trust michael cheney. well it was nothing more than hype. if you can see the actual product they are selling, that makes it hard to trust. I also asked, if this system is so great why doesn’t Michael just keep it a secret and earn millions and not share it? what does he need me for? He just wants to be nice? oh WOW how kind!

  • This has been interesting. I sat through the promo last night and it all sounded too good to be true. I’m from a traditional marketing/social media background and looking at options to stop constantly going and seeing clients. IM looks interesting. I’m not after an income just a few extra $.
    I’m total newbie but have the time to learn. However, the whole industry seems full of people praying on others.

    • Hi David, I also thought that the 7 Figure Franchise is too good to be true, instant $1000’s is not something very realistic in my opinion
      There are some legitimate ways to earn money out there to make extra money.
      Best Wishes

  • Hi Guys
    No wonder even after 8 years of trying soooo many programs I am still where I have been for all these years – a NEWBIE! Frankly I do not see Wealthy Affiliate to be my way out. I can see it is a non-specific info-overloaded, with steep learning curve to overcome. After all these years I have yet to find a specific ‘do this first then this’ step by step tried and tested program that I can confidently follow to earn some decent income. What a shame!
    I had high hopes with the Seven Figure Franchise but looks like this too is NOT the way to go….

    • Hi Azeem looks like you’re still looking for the easy way out, nothing is easy, if you want to make money you need to go through that learning curve, there is no way around that, you need to change your mentality if you don’t want to be a newbie anymore.

  • Hi,Anis.
    Thanx for your review.Your opinion has been very helpful to a lot of people researching a bout, how to make money online.

  • Highly disappointing. Sat through two and half hours of hype and then 2000.00 for it. How many people took the bait. Highly disappointed.

  • Not “attacking” you. Criticizing you. The Commission Machine was released at least a year before there even was a 7-Figure Franchise, so again you’re wrong. He has since added to TCM a video promoting the 7-Figure Franchise, but it’s not part of the main training.

    There is not a single word about 7FF in the entire Commission Machine training, I repeat.

    So this means you did not go through the training. You never intended to. Your purpose, as with all Wealthy Affiliate scammers, is to give other people’s products a bad name, so you can triumphantly trot out Wealthy Affiliate as the true solution to people’s problems.

  • Hi Anis

    I am on this guys email list and the only reason is that despite his over hyped products (and they are over hyped I bought one and was really disappointed), the emails are quite entertaining. You know how you can tell some of his products don’t work? he has a course on creating highly engaging Facebook fan pages and yet his fan page is completely dead!!! lmao. And these are the types of products you get to promote if you purchase the 7 figure franchise.
    If you follow his personal page, you will see the only people making big commissions from this are people with big email lists.

    • Totally agree brother, the testimonials are internet marketers with big experience and email list, they can make millions promoting anything
      Thanks for stopping by

  • ANOTHER affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate trashing a program he hasn’t even purchased. What a surprise.

    Almost everything in this review is wrong. Cheney’s products get bad reviews? Only from Wealthy Affiliate scammers. The Commission Machine is the best affiliate training you’re ever going to get for $20. You honestly can’t see that?

    I have made a small fortune with the 7-Figure Franchise. But by all means, don’t join. Be another Wealthy Affiliate whiner.

    • Hi Tom, I have only shared my opinion about the 7 Figure Franchise, I bought The Commission Machine 2017 and it was just a promotion of the 7 Figure Franchise.

      All Micheal Cheney’s products have very similar names that could be one product but he seems like he cares more about his pockets.

      This is my opinion and you really didn’t have to attack me for that.

      Thanks for stopping by


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