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Beware of these Amazon Work-at-Home Job Scams!

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By Anis

November 29, 2018

amazon work at home jobs scam alert

Since summer, scammers are using the Amazon name illegally to fool people online and steal their hard earned cash.

These scammers are calling victims on their phone and offer them jobs that don't even exist but only to fool them.

Here's how the Amazon work at home jobs scam works, how to stay safe and how to actually work from home with Amazon the legit way!

Please Share to Warn Your Friends & Family!

Beware of These Fake Amazon Job Sites!

There are tons of fake work at home Amazon websites that illegally use the name of Amazon and Jeff Bezos photo (Amazon owner) to pretend they are a new work at home job from Amazon.

They promise you to earn up to $40/hour or $6k a month.

I have reviewed some of these Amazon Fake work at home sites before on my website and have received a lot of feedback.

You can find these fake Amazon job site reviews below:

These fake Amazon work-at-home job offers have literally the same design as you can see below:

amazon cash websites fake news article scam
amazon cash websites scam

Warn Your Friends & Family against this Scam!

These sites are basically news reports that look like legitimate news reports that claim they are a new hot opportunity from Amazon to work from home and earn thousands of dollars.

These Amazon scams initially charge you a tiny price like $47 or even $97 initially but once they get your credit card and information they will do whatever they want with it.

These fake Amazon sites are going to promote to you different programs that cost a lot of money and sometimes they even charge your credit card before even telling you anything.

Here's a Legit Amazon Opportunity!

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Fake Amazon Work at Home Job Offers

There are literally hundreds of fake Amazon work at home job offers websites around the internet that call people on their phone offering them a job to test and review Amazon products.

Many victims have left comments on my Youtube video of an Amazon scam. I took a screenshot of some comments.

fake amazon work at home jobs scam comments


After receiving tons of comments and reviews from victims I was able to put together this list of the Amazon work at home job scams websites you need to avoid.

Do NOT give out your identity card copy (they ask for you it) or any of your personal information to any of the websites listed below:


Please Share to Warn Your Friends & Family!

These Amazon scams would call the victims and offer them work at home jobs but the catch is you have to spend up to $200 for a kit to get you started.

But once you buy the so-called kit the scammers will disappear!

Final Words

There is no such thing as making $1,000 a day from Amazon easily, don't believe anyone that gives you such promises.

Of course, there are legitimate ways to earn with Amazon, if you're looking for legitimate Amazon Jobs just visit  their official site. Don't be fooled by the fake Amazon websites I mentioned above.

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