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Warning Review! is a Scam!

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By Anis

December 1, 2018

Did you get contacted by and you have no idea if this is a legit opportunity or scam?

Look no further as you're going to discover all the ugly truth inside this review! Sounds interesting? Let's hop into it! Scam Overview

  • Name: Amazon Profits
  • Websites: &
  • Price: $47-$200 + upsells
  • Owner: unknown
  • Recommended? No amazon scam Alternative?

What is is a website that is pretending to be an amazing work from home opportunity that has been launched by Amazon.

This website owners are calling people on their phone and asking them to visit the website for more info. claims that you can make up to $7,000 every month or $20 an hour thanks to their system.

The or website looks like this (the screenshot on the right)

If you click on the screenshot and have a deep look you will notice that there is a headline that reads "Amazon Cash Websites" amazon scam

But there are many different versions with the same design, but with a different headline like:

How Does Work?

The end goal of is to take advantage of gullible newbies and fool them into thinking they are a legitimate offer from Amazon.

The scammers create fake news reports and sales page that look legit and take advantage of the Amazon name and reputation to sell some shady work at home training products to newbies.

Many people fell for this scam but since you're reading this review you're safe! Below I will show you 3 scam signs that you need to keep in mind whenever you encounter an Amazon scam in the future! Scam Signs!

1) Fake Reviews & Testimonials! and all the scams similar to it seem to use fake testimonials.

For example, say that Chris & Karen have been invited to beta test their system and now they make a lot of money from home.

But after doing some research I realized that the testimonials are not even real people, the picture of Chris & Karen or Karol & Paul are just stock images that have been bought from stock photography websites called Shutterstock &

Below you can see the proof!

amazon cash websites stock photo
amazon cash websites fake stock photo
fast income generator fake family photo
fast income generator fake stock photo

Don't let your friends fall for this scam Please share!

As you can clearly see the testimonial photos have been bought from stock photography websites. For me, this is a huge red flag.

I'd never trust a website with fake testimonials and you don't even know who is the owner of this program!

Legit Training to Earn with Amazon!

Scams that promise you the world and that come with fake testimonies and owners are no way to go!

To make money with Amazon you will need a legitimate training program that can teach you all the basics to making money online.

I know a great legitimate training that you can try for free and learn how to create an online income stream using Amazon.

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2) It's Risky & Very Expensive!

These scammers at will do anything to steal your money and once they do they will disappear.

They do anything to scam you like:

  • Call you on the phone to promote their site.
  • Offer you a bogus online job
  • Ask you to buy a starting kit before working!
fake amazon work at home jobs scam comments


For example, one of these Amazon scams websites used to call people on the phone and recommended to buy a website called Money Sucking Website system

The latter is an absolute big scam that has ripped off many newbies it promises people to earn $500 a day with a push of a button which is total bs.

Here's a video where I show you how cookie cutter site promotes the Money Sucking website system scam!

The scam that these Amazon bogus sites promote is VERY expensive as it will cost you lots of money if you're not careful.

The second type of scam that leverages is calling people on the phone and offering them online jobs like receiving free Amazon products and reviewing them.

But the catch is you need to buy a kit which will cost you around $49 to $200 as soon as you buy the kit you will never hear again from these scammers and they do this to everyone that falls on their trap!

3) There are tons of versions!

I have recently written a warning post against these fake Amazon work at home job scams. I have explained how they are pretty much the same.

They basically create different versions of the same scam the only thing they change is the name and the color. Here's an example below:

amazon cash websites scam
fast income generator is similar to amazon cash websites

The above websites are the same scam, they both send to the same scam product they promote, the only difference is one is named Amazon Cash Websites and the second is called Fast Income Generator.

And there are many other versions with other names which include:

  • And many others!

Is Really a Scam? is a total scam. First of all, they illegally use Amazon name to promote their bogus system.

There is no reason to try a system that leverages fake testimonials and that steal people money.

I recommend you to run away from

If you want to find a legit way to make money with Amazon then read below!

How to Make Money with Amazon!

You can make a lot of money from Amazon, you just need to find a training that works and that teaches you the basics of making money online.

Making money online is not easy as scammers make it look! You need to work hard, have discipline and be patience!

Today I invite to try for free the training that allows me to work from home and make a full-time income.

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