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Best 4 Plagiarism Checker Tools To Check For Content Duplication! (2020)

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By Anis

January 13, 2020

Best 4 Plagiarism Checker Tools to Check for Content Duplication

This is a guest post by Miss Amber Jones from Duplichecker.com

If you have copied content in your research paper or in your content writing work that you have to submit on a short deadline, then you can get into serious trouble if your it gets detected of plagiarism.

If you have zero details about plagiarism, then you must know that the detection of plagiarism in your document can have serious consequences on your career and on your academic life, especially when you are submitting a research paper!

If you are accused of plagiarism or if plagiarism is detected in your content that exceeds the allowed percentage then you can an F grade in your subject.

Moreover, you can even get suspended from the institution for breaching the rules! On the other hand, if you are a content writer then ask yourself this question:

"How can you expect yourself to get more work from a client who knows that you are an expert in copying content from other websites?"

If you publish a copied content on a search engine, then you must know that you can get yourself or your client blacklisted for life, and this is a risk you shouldn’t take!

Well, here are the best 4 plagiarism checker tools to help you out! Finish the whole article to find out about them.

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Free Plagiarism Checkers and Their Use!

If you don’t know about the free plagiarism checkers, then don’t worry! I will talk you through them in detail.

After that, I will tell you about the top best free online plagiarism checker tools that you can use to check your content for plagiarism!

Now, first of all, let us just clear the misconception that you can only need the best plagiarism checker tool when you have committed plagiarism.

No! you need to use free plagiarism checkers even when you are damn sure that you haven’t plagiarized a word from the web or from a book.

The reason is that out of billions of textual content available on the web, there is always a chance that your content will match some content that is already published!

So if you use the free plagiarism checker, then you can easily make sure that your content is error and plagiarism free and can be submitted and published wherever you want!

The plagiarism checker is responsible for checking your content in small portions.

This is because of the reason that if you compare whole documents, then you can always get away with plagiarism as you can copy different parts from different sites and make them a unique content.

To remove this ambiguity your content is checked in the form of small divided sentences or phrases.

Now there is always a chance that a sentence or phrase can match the content that is already on the web.

So when the free plagiarism checker highlights the text that is said to be plagiarized, you must always try to rephrase or change it!

The Top Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

Here is the list of the top three plagiarism checkers you can use to detect plagiarism in your content and to make it plagiarism free!

#1 Duplichecker.com

Duplichecker logo

The first free online plagiarism checker on the web is the duplichecker.com.

If you want to check your content for any errors, including the detection of plagiarism, and if you have no money to purchase an advanced version of plagiarism detectors, then you don’t have to worry about this.

You can easily use the DupliChecker for this purpose. Now, this is one of the most trusted tools for plagiarism checking that you can find online for free.

I recommend you use this, especially if you are new to the usage of these tools, and then you can learn easily with the help of this tool as it has the best built-in guide that will help you learn all about it!

Not only this, but you must also know that DupliChecker is one of the oldest tools for plagiarism checking.

You can easily perform plagiarism check by copy-pasting content in the search box, or you can easily also upload your document directly from your document gallery.

There are two more options to check your content for plagiarism with DupliChecker.

  • You can either copy and paste the link of the document published on the website.

  • Or you can also use the cloud platforms for writing and upload your work directly from there!

After checking your document for plagiarism, you must know that you can easily convert it to PDF and can also check it from binary translation, all of these are the default features of the free plagiarism checker tool!

#2 Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools logo

The plagiarism checker by the Small SEO Tools is one of the best and user-friendly choices you can make while looking for the best plagiarism checker online.

Out of hundreds of other free services, the plagiarism checker tool is on the top when it comes to small SEO services!

This is a very reliable and easy to use the tool when it comes to checking copied content.

The free plagiarism checker by Small SEO tools is one of the only tools on the web market that allows you to check not only unlimited documents but also multiple documents at a time.

You don’t have to worry about petty issues like the format of the written document or the size of it.

The tool allows you to paste the text simply or to upload the documents one by one by using the upload tab.

You can also upload your documents from online platforms like one drive and Google drive.

The tool allows you to enter URL of pages that you can easily check for plagiarism.

Moreover, it is not only capable of checking website plagiarism, but it is a free plagiarism checker that also tells you about the duplicate content in your article.

Yes! Duplication can also be identified by this plagiarism checker, and duplication is actually a repetition of the same word or phrase in one article.

If you are writing 100 words and ion those hundred words, 10 words are repeated, then the content would be said to be 10% duplicated.

Another feature is that it can check the similarity between multiple contents.

That means that you can easily check two or more articles for similarities in them; this is a feature that is enjoyed by many teachers and instructors to check class assignments and research work of the sort!

The tool offers many other exciting features like grammar checking, article rewriting, and paragraph rephrasing that can help you make your content more professional and your work more genuine!

#3 Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports logo

Now the free plagiarism checker tool is one of its kind. If you have no experience in plagiarism checking and are just starting your career in writing, then this is the best platform for you!

It will help you optimize your content in the best possible way and will also help you check your document for plagiarism free of cost.

There are no limitations in the use of the tool, and you just need a valid internet connection to use this amazingly reliable tool.

The free plagiarism checker by Search Engine Reports is also a web-based program and that is why its results are more secure and reliable than other downloadable and paid tools.

The tool has a great database that is capable of checking even the smallest trace of plagiarism in content.

I can't just simply give a number, but it has been reported that the tool has more than 15 billion web pages saved on its database that are being updated on a regular basis just for checking the purpose of content!

The reason that this plagiarism checker tool has gained so much importance is that it is not only a free plagiarism checker, but it is also a complete guide for learning about plagiarism checking.

The tool will guide you in detail to use it and will not only check duplication of content in your article, but it will also help you in checking it for grammar and other human mistakes that are not seen by the human eye!

Using this tool will not only provide you results for plagiarism, but it will also help you in maturing as a better writer.

#4 Grammarly

Grammarly logo

Grammarly is yet another plagiarism checking tool that you can use to remove copied content from your content. If not removed, then you can at least make sure you detect the smallest traces of plagiarism or duplication in an article.

Basically, Grammarly is a writing platform that is very famous because of its features that helps you improve your writing style and not only that, and you can also check your content for plagiarism with complete reliability.

Now, this is a tool that you can download and use with your MS word as an ad-on. This will help you know whether you are duplicating an already published content while you are writing it

If the content is highlighted in red, then it means that you have to change it; this checker also tells you about the percentage of plagiarism in your content!

Bottom Line

Having a great plagiarism checker tool is very beneficial especially to the content writers out there who make a living online!

It will save you from being in trouble and can easily make your work a lot easier. These plagiarism checker tools that I have presented you are the best so far.

Feel free to check them out! And of course, if you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading my "Best 4 Plagiarism Checker Tools To Check For Content Duplication" article!

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