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Is Brands Need You a Scam Survey? Yes! [Full Review]

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December 8, 2018

brands need you reviewed

Brands Need You Reviewed!

Can you earn $350 per survey with Brands Need You? Or is it a scam? This review is going to give you 3 definitive reasons why this survey is not good at all.

If you want to earn online and avoid scams all you have to do is read this review! So let's get into the business, shall we? 😀

Brands Need You Summary Review

  • Name: Brands Need You
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Owner: Reward Zone USA, LLC
  • Recommended? No
brands need you reviewed

What is Brands Need You?

Brands Need You is a new survey site that wants to give you $350+ by just sharing your honest opinion with big brands. Brands Need You acts as the middleman between you and the big brands that are looking for opinions.

Brands Need You belongs to a company called Reward Zone USA, LLC, I'm familiar with this company because I remember reviewing some of their old survey platforms (that are not so legit, more on that later)

Brands Need You also claims they can offer you other opportunities than surveys like part-time work at home jobs.  But after a closer look I realized, Brands Need you are not a middle man or a research company but they only act as an affiliate.

The owner of Brands Need you is an affiliate of different surveys, so all he/she does is give you a list of surveys with his/her affiliate links. So when you sign up using their affiliate link they will earn affiliate commissions.

This is called affiliate marketing and there is nothing wrong with it, I personally make a living with affiliate marketing and it's a legit business!

With that said, there are many red flags and shady things they do that a legit site would never do, I explain everything in details below!

How Does Brands Need You Work?

The way BrandsNeedYou works is NOT like they say, you're not going to make $350 easily by taking your first survey because that's unrealistic. Brands Need You are only hyping things up to get your email address.

Once you give out your email address, BrandsNeedYou will send you a list of surveys that they recommend, they will also send you a list of random work at home opportunities that cost money.

They do that because as I said earlier, they earn referral and affiliate commissions when you join or buy the products they suggest you. That's basically how they work.

Below I'm going to share with you 3 big red flags on why you won't make money and why you should NOT give out your personal information on websites like these.

1) Brands Need You is COPIED FROM other Scams!

Brands Need You is literally a copy of an older scam called Survey Voices, the latter is owned by the same company that owns BrandsNeedYou which is a big red flag in my eyes.

BrandsNeedYou has the same design of Survey Voices and they send you to the same list of surveys, they are basically the same.

Just have a look at the screenshots below to see how similar they are. 

brandsneeds you - take surveys get paid
big brands want to pay you - BrandsNeedYou scam website

BrandsNeedYou is also similar to scams that are named:

The owner of these surveys create different versions of the surveys and publish them on the internet to see which one pulls in more victims!

survey bucks website

Legit Surveys for Making Extra Cash!

2) Brands Need You Connects You with Scams!

Brands Need You gives you a list of surveys they recommend, I have to say most surveys they recommend are legit although their pay is misery, the big problem is there are some surveys that are scams!

Here's the current list of surveys that I was suggested to join:

This is obviously not the full list, I just wanted to share with you examples of surveys they recommend, for example, I'm familiar with Inboxdollars and One Opinion as you can see I have already reviewed them.

I never tried I-survey but National Consumer Center is a website I know and that is well known for their fake advertising and misleading offers

In fact, here's a screenshot of how many losses and damage that site caused to their members! I have included the source of the screenshot if you're interested to read the complaints.

national consumer center is related to the brands need you scam


In the bottom left of the screenshot, you can read that Reward Zone USA is related to this scammy website, Reward Zone USA is the company that owns BrandsNeedYou and Survey Voices.

3) Brands Need You is a Spam Galore!

If you give out your email address or phone number to BrandsNeedYou you will be bombarded with spam calls, texts and emails. If you read the fine print of BrandsNeedYou or SurveyVoices you will see this.

Survey Voices review

Basically, Brands Need You is going to sell your personal info to other people, which will only increase the amount of spam you receive. 

These guys even link you to insurance and personal loans sites just to make a quick buck. This means that you're NOT going to earn anything the only thing you will earn is spam!

Is Brands Need You A Scam? Final Review

In my opinion, Brands Need You is a scam, as far as I know, a legit website would NOT send you spam or recommend you dozens of shady offers and trials.

There are many legitimate surveys out there, but remember, surveys are not a reliable way to earn money, you may earn a few bucks here and there but nothing much really, let alone $350+ in your first survey.

I personally promote surveys, the three surveys listed below are the best in the game, but they are only pocket money websites nothing much because that's what surveys can offer.

A Better Opportunity than Surveys!

I used to take surveys, but now I focus more on creating websites like this which do make me a solid income every month.

I create websites that bring me visitors from Google that I convert into people that buy the stuff I promote. I basically sign up for affiliate products and start promoting their products on my site.

People come from Google and purchase using my affiliate links, this is called affiliate marketing and it's a very profitable and simple business which is perfect for newbies!

If you want to learn more details and learn how to start doing this too even if you're a beginner then you're in luck because I have created a make money online guide that will explain everything to you in details! 

Check it out below!

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