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Desktop Commission System Review- This is a Scam to Avoid!!

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By Anis

December 12, 2018

Desktop Commission System Scam!, Does Desktop Commission System Work, Is Desktop Commission System real
$1,000 daily deposits are pending

This is going to be a Desktop Commission System review, this system claims that you can start generating loads of money by simply clicking a few buttons.

Is Desktop Commission System a scam or a real push button system that you can actually trust?

 Here at we make sure that you never fall for scams. Make sure you read our honest Desktop Commission System review to see what you are getting into!

Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Desktop Commission System Review

Name: Desktop Commission System


Price: $37

Owner: Jeff Carr

Recommended?: NO

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What is Desktop Commission System?

After watching the whole Desktop Commission System video

I have yet to understand what the system is and how it does work other than how much money I will start banking in the next few weeks.

From what I understood from the video, I don’t have to work or anything, all I have to do is to enjoy the next paychecks coming after the sales video.

For me, all of this sounds too good to be true and a complete load of BS. On top of that, you’re told that $37 will be enough to enjoy all of this

 Who in the world will sell you a dream maker system for $37?If you are not skeptical about the Desktop Commission System yet

You should be.

In this system, there is no training or real information about HOW you will be making money. You are told a bunch of promises that don’t even belong to the real world

Here at, we have reviewed different scams. Desktop Commission System looks no different than the following scams.

How Does Desktop Commission System Work?

Desktop Commission System is a rehashed program off an old product called Push Button System.

That old system also promised the same stuff as Desktop Commission System. You can even read their disclosure at the bottom of their page.

It clearly tags the Push Button System scam.

Desktop Commission System and Push Button System

If you have never heard of the Push Button System it’s known to be a scam.

Now it’s notorious as it was exposed online by many reviews, the crazy thing about Push Button System was also named EZ Money Team!

These scammers just create multiple variations of one scam and sell it to scam as many innocent people as possible!

Below you can see how the Push Button System scam looks like it’s also a sales page with a cheesy video inside!

push button system scam that looks like desktop commission system

To learn more about Push Button System and why it’s a scam I will leave a link to a review written by my friend Jason who explains why PBS is nothing but a scam!

I will also link to an EZ Money Team review written by my friend Alex who also explains why this program is a scam!

But it seems like it’s back to the scamming ways with a new name which is the Desktop Commissions System.

In a few words, Push Button System is back with a new name that does not have negative reviews online yet.

How Much Does Push Button System Costs?

Desktop Commission System claims to be free and it will let you in their system for free after you pay a little price of $37.

But this is complete BS because the scammers behind this products are planning to rip you off financially later.

After having a closer look I realized that they are partnered with a notorious payment platform.

Clickbetter processes the payments of Desktop Commission System. f you don’t know what Clickbetter is, its a payment system that is known to host scams

You can learn more about clickbetter here.

With that said, Desktop Commission System will cost you $37 upfront. Then you will have to buy other unnecessary products just to make the scammers richer.

The video presentation was long as hell full of BS and lies. In a nutshell, this system can be very expensive because they just want to sell you as much stuff as possible gradually.

If you can’t afford to spend loads of money, here’s a Legit & Affordable Work at Home Training

Can You Make Money with Desktop Commission System?

This system is only going to waste your money, in fact, it was designed to make the people behind it richer.

They first make a very long video where they tell you all the things you like and want to hear. You get so excited and get so pumped and really want to start making money online.

Then when you decide to swipe your credit card you will get into a system that has no training and no one to help you. That’s exactly what Desktop Commission System is all about.

Save your $37 for something else, go grab a good sandwich rather than giving it to these scammers.

 So can you make money with this system? The answer is on their website!

Have a look.

The typical purchaser does not make any money

That’s exactly the opposite of what they were promising you on the sales page right? You might be wondering why would they put that sentence in there?

That’s how they get away from legal troubles. The next time you suspect a product simply scroll to the bottom of the page and see if you can find a sentence like that.

If you want a program where you can actually make money, here’s the Training I recommend

Desktop Commission System Pros & Cons


  • None


  • Fake
  • Does not make money
  • No training
  • fake testimonials
  • Hidden costs

Is Desktop Commission System a Scam?

Update: December 2018! 

I tried accessing the Desktop Commission System website and I was redirect to a scam called My Mobile Money Pages, I tried again and I was redirected to the Free Money System (FMS).

Unfortunately, there is nothing good about Desktop Commission System. I can assure you that this is a scam.

You are not going to earn any money. They have no training or support so how can you earn money?

They even say the typical purchaser does not make any money. If this does not convince you to run away, I don’t what will.

Everything is fake about this program, from the owner to the paid actors that can be purchased from

They have a 60 days money back guarantee but unfortunately, their scam is processed by Clickbetter. which is notorious for hosting everyone no matter what their background is.

Spending your money to buy Desktop Commission System is literally like giving away your money for free. There is no reason to give this system a try.

Even though it costs only $37 to get started. They start upselling you more products gradually.

So don’t fall for it.

Here’s a Legit Alternative

If you want to make money online, Desktop Commission System is definitely not the right system.

If you are looking for an affordable, real and honest training that will actually make you money check out this.

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  • Desktop Commission System Pros & Cons
    Pros !!!!!
    Cons ********
    Does not make money
    No training
    fake testimonials
    Hidden costs
    Is Desktop Commission System a Scam?

    How much did you pay the people who gave testimonials !! So glad I vetted this site.

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