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Easy Online Business Ideas in 2020 (that Even Your Mom will Love!)

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December 13, 2019

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easy online business ideas

How to create an online business?

Entrepreneurs are increasingly surfing the Internet in search of an answer to this question. In addition, online business, in principle, does not require any additional investments and therefore is an ideal option even for students.

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Returning to the topic of online business, this article contains the most relevant online business ideas in 2020 that are suitable for everyone.

Online Business 1: SEO Agency

If you are an active Internet client, you most likely ran over the words: “SEO“, “promotion” and “search engines.

Is there something familiar and close to you? If yes, at that point you have the chance to run your business online, becoming the supervisor of a SEO office.

Obviously, explicit knowledge is required here. Regardless of whether you plan to do this work yourself or don’t, you should examine the point.

You will communicate with clients – and you have to obviously comprehend the particulars of the activity. And when you select SEO, then without knowledge in the sphere you will not be able to check the quality of his/her work.


The advantage of the business is the lack of start-up capital. Rather, you can start a business without spending a dime. Your knowledge and skills will become your starting capital.

It is important to always remember that you need to have someone to work with. You cannot run an entire agency on your own. At first, you can manage it alone. However, as time goes by you will need to ensure that you get a team to work with you. The importance of having an experienced team working with you is that you will deliver better quality work to your clients. Furthermore, a team provides a wide array of ideas to work with. You could even be lucky to have intrepreneurs as part of your team. They will go a long way in ensuring that your business always has a competitive advantage. 

Online Business 2: Online Copy Center

The substance of the possibility of ​​online business is straightforward yet unique.

Most likely you have confronted a circumstance where you have to print any records, however, you didn’t have a printer at home, and there was no copy center close by. What to do? The online copy center service will be the best solution.

The thought is as per the following: the customer sends you an electronic document with content by email.

It can be research papers and theses, electronic tickets, photos, and so forth. You print them, stitch them if essential, pack them and send them to the client through the courier. That’s the whole scheme.

For a fee, you can also edit documents. Easy and original!

Online Business 3: SMM Studio

SMM is an online business that gives successful advancement benefits to Internet sites. When organizations showed up on social networks, SMM became widespread and today is an important piece of the promoting tools for some organizations.


Presently the service is extremely famous in the market. An able pro will have the option to make an effective business on this. You can begin with a zero spending plan – and autonomously look for orders. And afterward, later on, having built up a customer base and gained experience, open a full-fledged SMM studio, uniting quite a few specialists.

Business Online 4: Application Development

The mobile application market is growing steadily daily. In the past few years, mobile applications have played a big role in the life of any smartphone or tablet user. There are a huge number of applications; some of the downloads in the AppStore or GooglePlay, bring their developers a decent profit.

If you have the necessary aptitudes, at that point you can actualize an online business on the development of mobile applications. To do this, you just will need to purchase licensed software with which you will work.

Business Online 5: Website Design and Promotion

Speaking about programming, if it is close to you and you have experience in visual editors, then you can start making money on creating sites and blogs, as well as promoting them.


It is not so difficult to open such a business to succeed in it later.

Now the market is littered with such offers – in order to reach your client, you need to try.

Place ads, send commercial offers to potential customers, reduce the price, take on small orders. Start with a simple one, gain practice, accumulate a client base, develop a portfolio and gradually develop your business.

After a few months of practice, you can look for a serious order to create and maintain a site.

You can start creating sites on services such as


Business Online 6: Tutoring Services

Tutoring is usually related accurately with the preparation for exams, however, exercises in music and drawing, acting and vocals are additionally, in essence, also tutoring.

You can sort out programming courses for the littlest, different imaginative gatherings, English courses, and so forth.

Figure out what expertise you have and what you can teach, in which area you can turn into a specialist, what experiences you are eager to share. Answering these questions, you can pick the direction.

Tutoring can take in substantial income for you. There is likewise the chance to share your knowledge and experience without getting up from your PC.

You can create a training digital product.

There is only one problem: to promote your product, you need to create an audience from scratch that will trust you and is ready to buy your services. Such an online business does not require additional costs.

Sometimes it is enough to place an offer of your services on the announcement site and wait for customers to call.

Online Business 7: Promotion of Internet Projects

Today, pretty much every entrepreneur has his/her own project on the Internet.

What’s more, obviously, everybody wants to monetize it. But for this, you have to advance the project and expand the audience. Therefore, it showed up service to promote Internet items.

There are numerous ideas available, yet not every person can boast of quality. You can regularly find dubious individuals who use obsolete, primitive strategies for advancement, causing individuals not interest, but just annoyance. In such economic situations, experts are extremely valuable.

If you comprehend this field, you can offer cooperation to interesting ventures for you. From the outset, you should work creating a good reputation for your online business, and after some time, clients themselves will begin reaching you.

Online Business 8: Webinars and Online Learning

In recent years, the popularity of pieces of training, webinars and other educational events have been observed.

The topic of self-improvement and advancement is pertinent right up until the present time.

If you have any knowledge and skills, you have a chance to capitalize on this by implementing a personal online business. You can organize your own master class, training or run an online course.


On this basis, you can start a real business online from scratch, because all you need to work is an intellectual, authoring product developed by you. At the same time, it is important not only to create an interesting product but also competently present it to the audience.

Business Online 9: Technical Support, Remote Consulting

This is a great idea for those who are computer savvy.

The fact that the computer seems elementary to many people is a totally confusing thing for many people.

You can open technical support and repair services. A mobile phone will be enough for work. Your task is to provide consulting services by phone and solve technical issues remotely.

Such a scheme works great not only with computer users. It can be easily adapted, for example, for motorists who need help on the road. The same scheme is used by lawyers, psychologists and other specialists who can provide advice online.

Online Business 10: Blogging

Blogging was declared a “real business” not so long ago. And today, some universities are introducing into the program disciplines that are dedicated to the blogosphere. Thanks to the active development in just a few years, blogging has become a profitable business.


The most popular and promising sites for blogging today are Instagram and Youtube.

Starting a personal business online with Instagram is easier, you only need a telephone and an app.

Your earnings will consist of advertising revenue, cooperation with various companies. And in the case of Youtube, monetization for watching videos is still possible.

But to get a decent profit, you need a big audience (at least 20 thousand subscribers). To recruit them, you should put resources into promotion and content creation.

The success of the project will be built solely on your personality, which generates unique content.

Business Online 11: Buying Sites

Recently, such a type of investment has been gaining popularity as the purchase of a finished site in order to extract passive income.

The online business of buying sites is somewhat similar to acquiring securities on exchanges.

Some are valued highly, others are considered garbage; some are profitable, others are unprofitable. Therefore, sites are constantly selling and buying.

Where to buy sites? There are various services that allow you to buy or sell a site and ensure the security of transactions. Services act as an intermediary and receive their percentage of the transaction. Exchanges where you can buy a site: Flippa, Trustiu, etc.

Buying a site can be a profitable investment that can quickly pay off and make a profit.

Having developed one project, you can buy a second, third … Of course, not every site will bring a lot of money.

But over time, you will gain experience, and it will be easier for you to analyze offers on the exchange in order to make the right decision.

Business Online 12: Attracting Subcontractors

The idea of ​​an online business is simple: you are looking for freelance orders and turn them over to other freelancers.

The scheme will be effective if you have already established your freelance business and have a certain status in the field. Then attracting subcontractors will be a way to expand your customer base and increase revenue. So, without investing a dollar, you can earn on mediation.

Business Online 13: Group / Account on Instagram

The Internet and social networks today are an integral part of the lives of many people. Advertising has moved to the Internet, so creating an advertising platform based on social networks is a good idea for making money.

The essence of such an online business is simple: you create a group on a site on Instagram, post content that is interesting to a certain category of people, gain subscribers and then earn money by placing ads in your group.

For this business to produce results, it will take some time to gain an audience.

If you want to save time, you have to spend money.

Now you can buy already promoted Instagram accounts. Their cost is formed due to the number of subscribers.

Decide on the theme of the group, think over the content – and more. By the way, you can develop a group to a certain number of subscribers, and then sell it to another owner.

Business Online 14: Copywriting Agency

Each business may need a competent text: to create a catalog with a description of the goods, publish the history of the company on the site, use in promotion, etc.

All these tasks are best left to copywriters. Services cover a wide range of activities: SEO-copywriting, articles in online magazines, group management in social networks.

You can begin an online business all alone, and expand it after some time.


Business Online 15: Logo Studio

If you are a creative person, versed in design, able to work in appropriate programs and have artistic skills, you can earn money on creating logos.


Today people are ready to pay good money for logo design.

One order takes 2-4 weeks. In addition to the logo, you can develop a corporate identity: business cards, letterhead, etc.

Corporate identity development costs $ 3,000 on average.

And the amount of work for an experienced designer increases slightly. The increase in cost is associated with the complexity of the service. As a result, you can earn $ 1,500 per month on developing a “turnkey” corporate identity.

Sum up

There are a ton of online business choices. An individual of any profession, with any abilities and knowledge, will be able to find an appropriate choice for him/herself.

Along these lines, first, you have to decide your qualities, interests, abilities – and dependent on this, search for a business idea.

Many start-up entrepreneurs commit a genuine error while picking a business, concentrating on the degree of anticipated productivity.

As practice shows, in the correct hands, even the most straightforward idea can bring a decent profit.

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