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Freelance Marketing Secrets Review – 6 Scam Signs!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 22, 2019

freelance marketing secrets

Recently I came across this free PDF called Freelance Marketing Secrets, I noticed many people are wondering if this is a scam or not.

Although the PDF is free, there are many ugly things about it which I don't mind sharing with you in this review.

Read this review to see how Freelance Marketing Secrets actually works.

Freelance Marketing Secrets Summary Review

Name:  Freelance Marketing Secrets

Website: freelancesecretsdownload.com or http://freelancedigitalsecrets.com

Founder: Keala Kanae

Price:  Free but it promotes VERY expensive products.

freelance marketing secrets

Summary: Freelance Marketing Secrets is a handbook that gives you a basic overview on how to start a freelance marketing career. 

While it's free it's end goal is to promote to you EXPENSIVE stuff to buy, in this review, I'll talk about 6 ugly red flags!

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes, if you can afford to spend $15,000 in order to make money.

What Is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

Freelance Marketing Secrets is a free to download PDF created by an internet marketer called Keala Kanae, this free handbook is supposed to teach you how to start your OWN freelance marketing career.

This PDF is 16 pages long and includes some step by step information on how to create a sales page where you get people to sign up (with their email address) and earn money by promoting affiliate products to them.

Chances are you're a beginner and you're looking for a legitimate and simple training to get started, that's probably why you came across Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF. 

The latter will talk about 3 basic things you can do to start your own successful freelance marketing career.

I will summarize the 3 steps below and help you understand them better.

#1 Find Visitors with Google's Keyword Planner

freelance marketing pdf

The first step that Freelance Marketing Secrets pdf will talk about is how to find visitors that have problems that need to be solved.

So basically people when they have a problem that needs to be solved, they type in a keyword on Google.

I'm going to use you as an example 🙂 Yes you, you're a beautiful human being reading this review because you have a problem.

What is your problem?

You're NOT sure if Freelance Marketing Secrets is a scam or not!

So what did you do to find a solution to this problem? 

You have typed in Google or any other search engine a keyword like this.

  • Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a scam?
  • Freelance Marketing review

Then you have found my review and now you're reading it 🙂

I have written this review because I want to solve your problem which helps you figure out whether Freelance Marketing secrets is a scam or not (which is something you will  know by the end of this review)

Then after I solve your problem I am going to give you a solution to your problem which is, in this case, My Recommended Training for Newbies.

If you decide to sign up and buy my recommended training I'm going to earn commissions.

Keala recommends you to use a keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner.

This tool helps you find keywords that people are actually typing in the search engines.

This keyword tool will help you find people like you who have problems and are using the internet to find solutions.

The idea is to create a web page where you send these visitors to & recommend them affiliate products to buy (that's how you will make money) which leads me to the second step of the Freelance Marketing Secrets handbook.

#2 How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote

freelance marketing review

Keala will talk about how to find products to promote to your visitors.

Before you start looking for products to promote you need to figure out your website's niche which is just a fancy word for topic (your website's topic) 😉

Keala uses the weight loss niche as an example. 

Let's say you want to start a website about tennis.

In this case, you want to promote affiliate products related to tennis and in the first step above you will need to find visitors that have problems related to tennis.

Makes sense?

In this second step of the Freelance Marketing Secrets handbook, you will need to find products to promote to your audience. 

Keala recommends you to use Clickbank because it's the biggest digital products marketplace and I agree with that just make sure you pick some legitimate and high paying products.

#3 Create a Sales Funnel

freelance marketing pdf

The last thing that this Freelance Marketing Secrets ebook is going to go through is how to create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a buying process that your visitors will go through.

A sales funnel allows you to promote your affiliate products automatically and multiple times without spamming your visitors.

Keala recommends you to create a sales funnel by using a software called Leadpages which is an alternative to Clickfunnels (my favorite one).

He also recommends you other tools to help you with your sales funnel which are:

  • GetRespose (Email autoresponder)
  • Clickmagick (a tracking software)

Below you will find a video version of the three steps I have just explained to you by the man himself Keala Kanae.

Who is Keala Kanae? A Scam Artist?

freelance marketing review

Chances are you come across Keala Kanae on a Youtube ad or you just want to learn more about him and you have found this review.

Either way, I don't think Keala Kanae is a scam because he's a successful internet marketer and has helped many companies become successful too.

However there are a lot of complaints about him online and I do agree with most of the complaints, Keala uses misleading advertising to market his products.

His products, by the way, are overpriced and VERY expensive, I'm going to talk about how this PDF is just a teaser to get you into buying a VERY expensive program.

By the way, Keala has been featured on Forbes as a success story.

Freelance Marketing Secrets Biggest Red Flags!

Below I want to talk about 6 big red flags on why I don't like or recommend Freelance Marketing Secrets.

#1 Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF is SO Vague!

The Freelance Marketing Secrets is nothing but a 16 page long PDF with VERY limited and vague info about how to find visitors, products to promote and an overview of how to create a sales funnel.

Everything is explained VERY briefly but this is done on a purpose.

If you went through the PDF you have probably noticed that there are like 16 links that continually promote another program which is called Freelance Marketing Secrets masterclass and it's a 2 hours long webinar.

Freelance Marketing review

The latter promises you to earn $10k in 90 days which sounds too good to be true!

Now let's move to the red flag #2!

#2 This PDF is a Gateway to AWOL Academy Products!

Keala's main product is called Awol Academy which is a program I'm familiar with.

Freelance Marketing Secrets is just a sales funnel to Awol Academy.

Keala is using Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF as a bait to get you to purchase the Awol Academy products.

Below you will learn about how much the AWOL Academy products cost.

#3 This is VERY Expensive + Upsells!

Keala uses the Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF as a bait to make you buy his VERY expensive products which are the following:

  • AWOL 101- $67
  • Pro Academy - $99
  • AWOL Community - $49.95/month
  • Inbox Academy - $447
  • Conversion Academy - $1.797
  • Traffic Academy - $2.997
  • Masters Academy - $5.497
  • AWOL Elite - $17.997

These are NOT even the only costs, there are more costs involved:

  • spend $400/month to buy traffic
  • Purchase Leadpages ($37/month)
  • GetResponse ($15/month)
  • Clickmagick ($393/year)

You Don't Need to Splash $1000's to Earn! 

Check out My Top Recommendation Here!

#4 It's SO Hard to Get a Refund!

The Freelance Marketing Secrets and the AWOL academy products are so expensive but you know what is the worst part?

It's HARD To get your money back, their products are so expensive, there are no free trials or anything.

The least you could do is to make the refunds easy.

I have read so many complaints even a reader dropped a comment on my AWOL Academy review complaining about how difficult it is to get a refund.

Here's a screenshot of the comment!

freelance marketing complaint

There are many people complaining about the same problem.

I have included some screenshots of their negative reviews below for you to read.

freelance marketing review

Source: https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/las-vegas/profile/training-program/awol-academy-inc-1086-90048337/complaints 

freelance marketing review
freelance marketing review
freelance marketing complaints

#5 Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Yeah, the Freelance Marketers Secrets and AWOL Academy do sound like pyramid schemes.


First thing first, AWOL Academy teaches how to promote their program to other people more than choosing your own niche.

The second thing is, AWOL Academy prices are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE this is something very common with pyramid schemes who make no value stuff overpriced just for the affiliates to promote it and earn big commissions.

The third thing is, AWOL Academy sounds exactly like MOBE & Digital Altitude!

What happened to these companies?

They have been completely shut down by the FTC!

What did they have in common?

  • They teach you how to promote them.
  • Their prices are CRAZY expensive.

This program sounds exactly like those pyramid schemes, don't get surprised if one day the FTC takes action on AWOL Academy too.

#6 Guaranteed to Earn 10k? Seriously?

Another ugly scam sign is the fact Freelance Marketing Secrets handbook and the product it promotes LITERALLY promises you to earn $10k within 90 days.

freelance marketing complaints

This is a common scam move, scammers do like to promise people unrealistic claims just to get them to spend as much money as possible.

No one can guarantee you how much money you can earn, there are so many variables!

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Freelance Marketing Secrets Pros & Cons


  • Their training is very good
  • Keala Kanae is a successful internet marketer


  • VERY expensive
  • Misleading advertising
  • Too good to be true
  • Hard to get a refund
  • lots of negative reviews

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets A Scam?

Freelance Marketing Secrets is NOT a scam, it's just a free PDF that gives you some information about starting your own freelance marketing business.

It's designed to sell you some VERY expensive products from AWOL Academy.

The latter is NOT a scam either because they do offer you some good training and have the possibility to earn money but I don't recommend it because you don't need to waste all that money to work from home.

Another thing I don't like about them is their false advertising, there is no way you can be guaranteed to earn $10k in 90 days.

Unfortunately, that kind of advertising is the reason people will fall for it and spend $15,000+.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets For You?

Freelance Marketing Secrets is for you if:

  • You can afford to invest $1000's every month

If you're a looking for an alternative that is better and cheaper than AWOL Academy and Freelance Marketing Secrets then have a look below.

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  • Thanks for sharing alot about freelance marketing and giving us signs to know a site that isn’t legit when we see one most times we become a victim to our circumstance due to lack of information but I’m glad that people like you who helps beginners with good choices to make.

  • Wow, what a ride.  I started reading this and I was totally into it. I was thinking That this was something that I might want to look into.  But no. You dropped the velvet hammer and brought me back to reality.  Chasing the green stuff doesn’t make me happy,  but if I can share what I already enjoy, I can learn how to first make ends meet, and then get deeper into my niche.  Incidentally, your niche is not just a topic or subject.  

    A niche was an area set aside, usually in a wall; a garden, hallway or library,  where you displayed something of value, of interest, something of importance that you enjoy sharing.

    I thank you for your review on Freelance Marketing Secrets Review.  You have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

    BCNU Rod

  • Hi Anis,

    Great information on Freelance Marketing Secrets.  Thank you for stating honestly that it is not a scam but it is also not completely legit.  There are too many scams out there these days and it’s become very confusing for people to differentiate between what is a scam and what is not.  You’ve laid it out in such a way that I know exactly what I would be getting into if I decided to buy into Freelance Marketing Secrets and now I know to stay away from it.  Thank you for that!

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