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Goldco Affiliate Program 2022 Review- 1 Million Dollar Sale??!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 5, 2022

goldco affiliate program review

This is going to be a review about the Goldco affiliate program, so chances are you're an affiliate and you're tired of driving lots of traffic to offers that earn you small commissions.

That's why you landed here because you want to earn bigger commissions with the same effort that you put towards the tiny commissions affiliate programs.

Goldco is a very good choice but it's not all flowers & rainbows, in this unbiased review I tell you everything you need to know!

So stick with me and let's dive into this review 😉

Goldco Affiliate Program - Quick Review

Name:  Goldco

Website: affiliates.goldco.com

Price: free (If you qualify)

Best for: Affiliates that want to earn big high ticket commissions.

Niche: Investing in general, Crypto, Trading, precious metals...

goldco affiliate program review

What is Goldco Affiliate Program?

The Goldco affiliate program as the name suggests is the affiliate program of Goldco which is a gold IRA provider that helps people protect their retirement accounts from market crashes or dollar devaluation.

This affiliate program offers affiliates a great opportunity to earn big affiliate commissions by referring targeted clients to invest with Goldco.

Unfortunately, Goldco affiliate program is not accepting just everyone as you need to qualify to get in, but don't worry as you keep reading this review I will show you how to get approved instantly 🙂

How Does the Goldco Affiliate Program  Work?

Once you get approved, your dashboard will look like this.

goldco affiliate program review

Goldco Affiliate Program 2022 Update!

In 2022 Goldco did major changes to their affiliate program as they moved it to a completely new provider.

Once this change happened, all the the Goldco affiliates had to switch their affiliate links.

So as of now here is a screenshot of how the new affiliate platform of Goldco looks like.

As soon as you login you will see your personal affiliate link which you can start promoting immediately, you will also be able to see your stats within the dashboard.

Once you get your first lead, you will receive a notification on your email (the one you signed up with)

Within your back office you will find some resources that are going to help you become successful as a Goldco Affiliate.

Below I shed more light into these 5 resources.

1# Goldco SEO Affiliate Training

Goldco offers an SEO Affiliate training for the affiliates, I highly recommend you to take this training because SEO is the best way in my opinion to get targeted traffic that will make you those big commissions you want.

The Goldco SEO training is hosted on Clickfunnels by Donny Gamble who is one of the best Gold affiliate marketers.

But if you have zero knowledge about SEO I don't think this training will help you because it's more for people that have some experience in that field.

If you're totally new to SEO, just drop a comment under this article and I will share with you the same training which helped me learn SEO from zero to getting thousands of visitors every day to my affiliate offers 🙂

2# Goldco Facebook Group

Goldco has a very good Facebook group where you can find lots of successful Goldco affiliates that are ready to help you with any questions you have.

When you join the Facebook group which is available only for affiliates, you will find lots of posts and tips that you can implement right away.

Once you get approved as an affiliate you will be given access to this Private Goldco Facebook group.

3#PPC & Facebook Ads 

While the Goldco affiliate program does not offer a PPC or Facebook Ads training but they provide you with some interests and keywords that will help you make your ad more targeted.

You will also have access to lots of creative examples and banners to make your ads convert better.

4#  Email Swipes

If you do email marketing (which you should be doing) Goldco provides you with some email swipes that you can use immediately to promote Goldco to your email list.

These email swipes are proven to convert but it's recommended to edit them a little bit so they match your personality and writing style.

5#  Good Support Team

A good affiliate program should always have a good support team, this is the case with Goldco, beside the Facebook group where you get decent support you can always contact Kelly Felix who is the manager he will get back to you quickly.

Whenever I had questions I just send an email to the manager and he gets back to me asap.

6#  Cookie Lenght

One of the perks of promoting the Goldco affiliate program is the cookie lenght which lasts 30 days.

7# Sean Hannity (New 2022 Goldco Ambassador)

 Sean Hannity in 2022 has partnered with Goldco, so he will be promoting the company and the benefits to invest in precious metals.

This is a good thing for us affiliates as its just going to increase our affiliate sales.

Since I have mentioned affiliate sales, Im excited to update this post with my latest earning report of 2022!

Just keep reading below for the 2022 update!

Goldco Affiliate Program Earning Potential

This is the best part, the earning potential of this affiliate program is pretty good.

So the average gold IRA investor at Goldco invests around $50.000 to $500.000 sometimes there are investors that invest up to one million dollars.

So if you are promoting an affiliate program with these numbers it's obvious that you are going to be getting a nice piece from the cake, so to speak.

For example, if you refer a lead that invests $100k you will be looking at a nice 4k commission.

Recently one of my leads invested almost $50k as you can see in the screenshot below.

Goldco Affiliate Program deal closed

From that, I earned a good $2k commission.

Goldco Affiliate commission

Now that's not bad for one sale in one day! 

Below you can learn more about the Goldco affiliate payout structure.

  •  4%-6% per sale dependent on quarterly or annual volume
  • $35 for every lead that is qualified (when they answer the phone and tell Goldco that they want to invest with the company)

August 2020 Update!

You're are reading the most updated Goldco Affiliate Program review, (August 2020).

I'm saying this because there are still reviews online saying that you will earn $10 for every lead that you get and then $25 when they become "qualified".

But unfortunately the 1st July 2020, the manager Kelly Felix announced that they are not paying $10 for each lead but $35 for every lead that is qualified.

So when you invite a lead you're not getting $10 anymore but you will earn $35 when they pick up the phone and show interest in investing with Goldco.

But on the bright side, they increased the percentage of the commissions for new affiliates, before when you make a sale you would earn 3% but now they increased that to 4%.

2022 update!

Goldco recently have increased the percentage to 8% and you get 150 dollars for a qualifed lead!

Top affiliate will earn up to 10% per sale and 200 dollars for a qualified lead!

My Goldco 2022 Earning Report!!

In 2022 I have become the Goldco top affiliate earner!

I have been featured in the leaderboard of Goldco top earners multiple times.

Here are a few of the monster sales I have made with Goldco that other affiliates could NOT believe!

This is what you call high ticket affiliate sales!

Trust me I have a lot more sales I just feel lazy to take screenshots of all of them and upload them here, but if you want to see them just leave a comment below and I will show you.

Thanks to Goldco I make a lot of big sales per day that when I make a 1k USD commission per day it looks small LOL!

How did I do it?

I know the exact formula, the exact way to convert these old people with lots of cash that want to invest in Gold!

Just join my link here and I will get you approved, and fast track your website to success and making big commissions! Its a win win situation you dont want to miss!

Don't Forget to Invite Your Affiliate Friends! 😀

If you want to earn more, Goldco allows you to invite other affiliates to the affiliate program, you will earn 1% from every sale your referred affiliate makes.

How You Get Paid

The only payment option available at Goldco is PayPal. (I'm not complaining as it's my favorite way to get paid)

How to Join & Get Approved (Don't Miss this 🙂 )

So here is the tricky part, it's not easy to get approved to promote the Goldco affiliate program, that's because they only approve affiliates that prove that they can bring traffic and sales.

If you have never made a sale online and you want to join it's going to be hard for you, but don't worry since I know the manager I can get you approved instantly.

If you join under me using this link, I will get you approved immediately but not only I'm going to also show you how to make your first sale and then make big commissions like me! Its a win win situation where we both make money!

So if you're a beginner, all you have to do is join the affiliate program using my link here and then send me an email here anis@fulltimehomebusiness.com or just drop a comment under this review and I will get you approved and get started with you asap 😉

#1 I Don't Like About the Goldco Affiliate Program

I really like the Goldco affiliate program, the commissions are very high and it's not hard to make sales.

But there is one problem with this affiliate program that I can't wrap my head around.

The problem is they don't have sub-id feature, which means when I promote my affiliate link in various posts there is no way for me to track where each lead came from.

I contacted the manager many times about this but he keeps saying that they are working on it.

But let's be honest a sub-id is the first thing that an affiliate program should have.

But other than that everything is great.

2022 Update!

Since Goldco changed their affiliate platform like I said earlier in this review, they now have sub ids so the problem is fixed.

However, I still think the affiliate dashboard is a bit confusing still but you really dont mind when you are making huge commissions!

Goldco Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are so many gold affiliate programs out there, but unfortunately, not all of them are good, I have read many reviews about some gold affiliate programs stealing commissions and doing many shady things.

To be honest the only affiliate program that I trust after Goldco is Regal Assets because I was promoting it for a while and they have a good support team and made some good money with them.

In my opinion, I don't recommend you to focus on affiliate programs, if I were you I'd just focus on Goldco and put all my effort into it, because if you promote many affiliate programs you will just spread your efforts thin.

2022 UPDATE!

In addition to Goldco, I have been promoting the Augusta affiliate program, soon I will write a review about it and share it with you guys!

Final Review

I highly recommend you to join the Goldco affiliate program.

I mean there is no reason not to join.

They have a very big earning potential, one sale can make you thousands of dollars in one day.

If you have a website with lots of traffic you can get lots of leads which will make you several leads and sales a day.

So if you're into affiliate marketing or you're a financial advisor I highly recommend you to promote this affiliate program.

Now there are so many ways to promote it, you could do:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Solo Ads (Where you promote the Goldco Affiliate program on other people email lists)
  • PPC (Bing Ads or Google Adwords.

While these methods are great I don't recommend them if you're a newbie with a low budget because you will probably burn out thousands of dollars before you earn a lead.

The best way to get started which is the same way I personally started is by starting a blog about a niche (topic) related to Goldco, this way you will attract lots of targeted traffic that is going to eat up your Goldco affiliate links 😉

So if you want me to help you with all of this, get you approved and make your site a sales monster, just join me by clicking my link below.

After you join, just drop a comment below so I can get you approved asap and send you my secrets to crush it with the Goldco Affiliate program! 😉

I hope my review was helpful to you, make sure you leave a comment below if you have questions.

5/5 (1 Review)
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  • Hey, doesn’t Goldco have strict requirements now? I heard they delete your account if you don’t refer any leads within a time period.

    • Yes that’s true, they want to get rid of low quality affiliates, that’s why you want to first start an established website or a funnel that brings relevant precious metals leads and then submit your application to Goldco so you start making sales with them at the right time.

      This new rule does not change anything, just focus on building an authority site and everything will take care of itself.

      If you need help, me and my team can build for you an authority website from scratch and give you the exact direction you need to make it a success.

      Contact me if you need more info.


  • Hello Anis..
    I guess I’m late to the party..

    Just a quick question. Does this still work in 2023?

    Not sure if I should sign up yet. Just wanted to confirm from you first before going any further.

    • Hey Zuck, of course, Just made a $46k high ticket sale commission a few days ago! Contact me if you want me to build an SEO optimized website that will bring you visitors ready to invest using your affiliate links!

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