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How To Get Rich Playing Video Games? (Yes! This Is Real!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

November 11, 2019

Earn Money Playing Video Games
How To Get Rich Playing Video Games

Hello! Welcome to my "How To Get Rich Playing Video Games?" article!

In this one, we will be discussing how we can actually get money just by playing our favorite video games!

Isn't that cool? We are earning money doing something we are passionate about. That happens rarely to everyone.

Thanks to technology we have today, that is possible. In this article, I will be showing you some ways to be able to do it! With that being said, let's get started.


Playing video game

Video games are so fun and enjoyable, aren't they? They were designed to be forms of entertainment for people.

Furthermore. we can learn so many things, and even meet new people, despite the things that adults say about how it can badly influence us.

When video games are put into the conversation, the most common thing that people really say is that it is useless and won't help us in the future in making a living.

Well, I am going to break that stereotype and prove these people wrong! Today, we can already earn money with video games. Even kids can do it as long as they know how to operate the methods I will share to you.

Here's how to get rich playing video games!

#1 Video Game Tester

Video game tester

The first thing I am sharing you about is being a video game tester. During the development of a video game, a beta will be released.

Basically, this is the version of the game that testers play. Video game companies always want their products to go through testing before it hits the market to assure its quality.

As a tester, your job is to test out the game. By that, you get to play it! Isn't that cool? You will be among the first people to play a video game. Furthermore, you will need to keep track of bugs that occur in the video game.

That is the main thing you need to be looking out for since you are the quality checker of the game. You take note of it, make a report and submit it to the heads or the creators so that they can fix them and make the video game a lot better.

However, that's the thing. It can be challenging to spot bugs. Also, do not expect that you will be playing the best video games or the most enjoyable.

Some may be boring and not for your taste. Another thing is that the salary may not be good enough. But then again, it all depends on the company and the game you are testing.

#2 Video Game Streamer

Being a video game streamer is one of the most famous way to earn money just by playing video games. In fact, everyone can do it!

The basic concept behind it is to live stream yourself playing video games. Then people from around the world will be able to watch you play! Furthermore, you can monetize your stream with ads, as well as your loyal viewers.

They can make donations and your subscriptions can also give you money. The most successful streamers earn a lot of money monthly.

One of the them is Ninja, a Fortnite streamer. It was confirmed that he earned more than $500,000 in just a month from this Twitch subscriptions!

Ninja fortnite streamer

There are a lot of streaming sites out there to use. However, the most famous and used one is Twitch. YouTube gaming and Facebook gaming are also rising into the market.

However, there is a challenge in becoming a streamer. Before you get to earn money, you must have a lot of subscribers and viewers first. That is one of the qualifications in streaming sites.

But it will really be worth it when you managed to do that. You will be making easy money just by playing video games!

#3 Create Game Guides

Have you ever played a video game and you are stuck at this one level or stage? Probably because you can't get around going through it or just because the enemy is too difficult to defeat?

That is when we surround ourselves with guides! These give us tips and tricks to become better at video games. As well as for the online multiplayer games, guides are very helpful to remain victorious in each matchmade games.

With that, creating game guides can be a source of money. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can either make video tutorials or articles. Then you can monetize them with ads!

#4 YouTuber

YouTube to promote affiliate products without a website

YouTube has been one of the best ways to earn money online. Furthermore, it pays a lot IF ever you have a lot of subscribers and views.

With that, you can also use YouTube to earn money by playing video games. Apart from the YouTube gaming live stream, you can simply make a gaming channel.

Afterwards, you can record your gameplay and upload them on your channel! But what makes this a bit challenging is of course, growing your channel. That includes having a lot of views and subscribers.

So be sure to upload videos consistently, provide great and enjoyable content and promote your channel.

Pewdiepie YouTuber

A good example of a successful gaming YouTuber is Pewdiepie! Currently he has 102 million viewers! Furthermore, it has been reported that on each video he posts, he earns around a massive $21,000! Let that digest my friend.

If ever you decide to become one, just don't give up and be consistent. Also, be creative. People like fun and great videos.

Anis Chity

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#5 Video Game Reviewer

Being a video game reviewer is somewhat similar to blogging, that is if you do it through articles. You simply play a video game, and then write a review about it. here, you can express your feelings about the game. Is it good? Is it bad?

This helps people to know whether they should play it or not. Furthermore, you can also record videos of your reviews. You simply talk and discuss what you think of these games.

Apart from the people, video game companies can benefit from this because reviews can become as a basis of knowing what to improve in their games.

When you post your reviews, you can easily earn money as an affiliate. Meaning, you will be promoting the video games you are reviewing.

When people purchase them, you earn a commission. This is actually nice because you will be earning a passive income.

#6 Tournaments

There are two types of tournaments in the world of gaming. The first one is the professional tournament, which we will discuss next.

The other one are the local tournaments that are usually held in places near you. It could be in your school or in a computer shop.

So if you like being competitive, you can sign up for tournaments. A lot of them happen every year, for different games. When you get to win, there are so many prizes that will be waiting for you.

But then again, you will be competing against other players. So the challenge here is to become better than them to be able to take home the bacon!

If you are lucky, you might even receive offers for sponsorship and be invited to become a professional player!

#7 Become a Pro Player

Professional video game player

Professional players are more on the serious side compared to the local tournaments. They train everyday, play scrims with their teams and formulate strategies to win the game.

To most gamers out there, being a professional player is their dream job. You will only need to play the game! That's your job!

Their average monthly salaries range from $1000 to $5000. Highest paid players can earn up to $15000 per month.

Yes, that will be your salary by just being a pro player. Take into consideration when you will win professional tournaments in which the prize pool could read millions of dollars!

#8 Playing and Selling

This one is probably the least method that people use. First, you really have to be playing video games a lot for this to work. Furthermore, not all video games allow people to do this.

However, two video games that do is Runescape and Counter-Strike. Basically, what you have to do is to make an account and play on it.

You level it up, rank up, collect a lot of items and when you reach a good place or position, you can sell this account for money.

Another way is to look for people who want you to play using their accounts and get it to level up and rank up. In the video game world, this is called "piloting". Afterwards, you will be paid.

But again, be careful because some games do not like piloting.

#9 Become a Gaming Coach

Video game coach

The last one I am introducing you requires a lot, especially if it involves you around the professional and competitive scene of video games.

Basically, what you will do is to coach players and teams to win tournaments. In order for you to qualify for this, you must have a wide knowledge of the video game wish to be coaching about.

The most important thing you will do in guiding is to make strategies to win games for your players and teams.

Professional coaches earn around $69,000 - $83,750 a year. 

If you plan on being one, you just have to contact sponsors and teams to offer them your coaching services.

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Bottom Line

Well, there you have it! I hope I have been able to prove those people who say that you can't have a future with video games!

These days are different. Video games are not just for fun only. They can be a source of income too. I already gave you ways on how to do that.

All of these work. But it will be up to you to really make it work for yourself. With that, always do your best, never give up, and of course, don't forget to enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading my "How To Get Rich Playing Video Games" article! If you have questions or comments, please leave them on the comment section below! I would love to answer them.

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