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Is EZ Money Team A Scam? (2022) The Simple Bottom-line.

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 25, 2022

Does EZ Money Team Work?, Is EZ Money Team real or fake?, What is EZ Money Team?
Is Ez Money Team A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is EZ Money Team A Scam?" review! (Updated for 2022)

Nowadays, we can actually earn money online! However, scams are out there too, who lures people and aims for their money!

One website that claims to make you earn a lot of money quickly is EZ Money Team. Is it legit and worth it? Or Is EZ Money Team A Scam?

We will find out all of the harsh truths in this review! So before, doing anything and joining it, you better finish reading this!

Let's get started.

Is EZ Money Team A Scam: Quick Summary

Name:  EZ Money Team

Website: https://ezmoneyteam.org/

Founder: Jeffrey Hart (Real name is Oscar T. Ortiz)

Price: Between $9-$67 + upsells

Type: Marketing training

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No

Is EZ Money Team A Scam

What is EZ Money Team?

EZ Money Team

So let's begin with getting to know what EZ Money Team is. Looking at its website and watching the sales video, Jeffrey, who is posing as the creator, claims that he has created a copy-paste system that can easily give you money quickly!

Moreover, he even stressed that it will deposit $1000 immediately into your account, right after you sign up!

And if that's not enough, he claimed that you will be able to make $1,000,000 in a year! The only thing you have to do is to follow the training and techniques he will provide when you sign up to the system.

Don't get me wrong right now. It is very possible to make millions of dollars in a year. However, not in this way. You really have to work hard and if you are lucky enough, you can have time for yourself and family!

Furthermore, do you actually believe that you can make an easy 1000 bucks just by joining a program? These claims alone are red flags that should ring an alarm to you!

Is EZ Money Team A Scam: The Truth

I have reviewed a lot of websites and programs that have the similar claims. But the truth is, they are just simple training programs which you will pay for!

And with upsells, of course. But what's really bothersome is that you can easily find these lessons on the internet FOR FREE!

So what is EZ Money Team really? Well, let's start with the real name of the owner! That's right. Jeffrey is just an alias. His real name is Oscar T. Ortiz!

He did this to protect his real identity because he knows that he is doing something that is not right, which we will discover in a while. But I guess, it didn't work since we found out the truth, right?

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The truth behind EZ Money Team

EZ Money Team is basically an internet marketing training program. However, you need to pay for it. Specifically, it offers a very basic explanation and training about affiliate marketing!

But you will not be getting the lessons that is worth your time and money because all you can get are low-quality tools and training.

Moreover, the strategy and techniques it promotes is almost guaranteed to fail! EZ Money Team advises its users to promote the website's products.

This is only designed to only make money from people like you. So yes, only the creators behind it can really earn money.

How does EZ Money Team work?

The moment you will sign up for EZ Money Team, you will be prompted to pay for the training!

However, after that, even though you will receive some things, EZ Money Team will spam you with messages and emails to make you purchase more products which gets more expensive as time passes by.

EZ Money Team is actually stacked with a lot of expensive upsells! Similar programs tend to persuade their users to purchase more products through claiming that they will earn money if they do.

When in truth, they just will receive more basic lessons. In the end, yes, you will receive some products at the expense of a lot of your money. But these are not enough to make you earn money. 

Is EZ Money Team A Scam: Red Flags

To further investigate and have a better final verdict, let's examine the red flags of EZ Money Team!

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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#1 It has a lot of UPSELLS!

When you are in the website, you are told that you can sign up for free! However, when you do, you will be asked to pay $37.

And after that, you will be meeting with a lot of upsells! Moreover, in the training, there are different modules. Each module has their own price.

Below, you can see for yourself!

EZ Money Team Training module costs

As for the upsells, here are some of them! I did the math, and if I am correct, the total costs of EZ Money Team with the upsells, is around $5000 a year! And trust me, as time passes by, that will increase.

EZ Money Team Upsell 2nd
EZ Money Team Upsell 3
EZ Money Team Upsell 1

#2 Fake Testimonials

This one is very common to the other scams that I have reviewed. They use fake testimonials wherein people claim that with this certain program, they have earned a lot of money!

They do this to further persuade people to sign up and purchase their programs. As for EZ Money Team, here is one of the testimonials.

EZ Money Team Fake Testimonial

Meet Sarah, who is claims that EZ Money Team has changed her life when she earned $37,000 in her first 3 months!

What do you think? Do you believe her? Well, I hate to break it up to you, but Sarah does not even exist in real life!

Moreover, the picture used there is a stock photo which anyone can download from the internet! Specifically, from Getty Images. Here is the proof.

EZ Money Team Fake Testimonial Stock Photo

#3 The owner used a fake name

This is also another common thing between the scams that I have reviewed. Most of the time, the creator uses a fake name.

This is to avoid giving out their real identity for their own safety of course, when people realize that they are not being honest with what they are giving them.

#4 Hyped and false claims

Another common thing are the hyped and false claims. To be honest, I am not surprised why EZ Money Team do this.

The moment I can read similar claims, I can immediately conclude that the program is a scam.

Seriously. Do you think that it is possible to make a thousand dollars quickly? No! If it was, then everyone would be doing it right now and no one will be suffering from financial difficulties.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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#5 Traffic driving training is terrible!

EZ Money Team Driving Traffic Module

One of the module in the training program is all about driving traffic to your website. A 3-4- page guide is even provided. However, everything in it is very bland and vague. It does not teach you how to really make money online!

It will even advise you to use paid ads which is a terrible idea for beginners and people who do not understand what it is and how it works. You will be wasting a lot of money if you follow this advice!

EZ Money Team Facebook advice

Another advice was to make a Facebook post with clickbaits and false claims to attract people into EZ Money Team! A guide or a script was even provided!

Wow. I guess Jeffrey (Oscar) is really doing his job, huh?

#6 Promotes Black Hat SEO!

SEO is all about optimizing your websites to rank higher on search engines. When this happens, you will be able to get more traffic or website visitors. Having a great SEO work is very beneficial in affiliate marketing.

In EZ Money Team, since they offer affiliate marketing training programs, one lesson is all about promoting Black Hat SEO, which is basically the unethical way of practicing it!

When you do this, it will lead to your website being banned or punished by search engines, such as Google.

There are better ways for you to practice SEO, and it is called White Hat SEO.

#7 Uses a fake scarcity

Another common thing between scams is to use a fake scarcity! Basically, in their website, they will say something like "Quick! Sign up before the timer runs out!". Or... "Sign up now quickly! There are only 3 slots left!"

However, when you refresh the website, the timer or the slots come back from the start! This is another method for them to lure more people into the scam.

In addition, they also make it look like this is some top secret opportunity that only you have discovered. However, we all know that is not how it works. They only do this so that you feel special, therefore you will be more inclined in joining them.

#8 Promotes other online scams!

Watch the video below. It will literally show you the other online scams that EZ Money Team will want you to promote!

And yes, if you check the publisher of this YouTube video, you can see that it is from Oscar Ortiz, himself, A.K.A., Jeffrey.

Is EZ Money Team A Scam?

Is EZ Money Team a scam? Do we really need to clarify this? Because it is totally obvious that EZ Money Team is a scam and it is not worth your time and money!

Yes, it does offer some tools and even training lessons. However, these are incomplete and basic! You are paying a lot of money for things that you can easily find on the internet for free!

Apart from that, EZ Money Team practices deceptive methods to lure people. That includes the false and hyped claims and fake testimonials.

And of course, it promotes the use of unethical methods! In other words, they will train you to become a scammer!

Overall, I highly not recommend you to waste your time, effort and money in this program. You better stay away from it and other similar scams! There are better ways for you to make a living online.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is EZ Money Team A scam?" review! If you have questions or comments, let me know in the comment section below!

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  • hi,

    I like the image you have painted of this system and since now i consider it a scam i will not be joining the system. As i am always on the lookout on new opportunities of making on the internet i stumbled upon this system and thought i should check out the reviews which is how i landed on your review and now you have given me more than enough.


  • I haven’t heard of Ez Money Team. You mention that this program does help you make money? I was wondering what the process is to help someone make money? Mr. Hart must be the founder or owner? What is the process and how much does this program cost?
    You mention that it looks like it could be a scam. However, maybe not.
    I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go. I am a member and I love it.

    • Hi Cynthia, EZ Money team is a program that I don’t recommend, it’s unethical and full of upsells, it’s going to cost you huge money, don’t fall for it.

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