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Paidera.com Review (2022) A Free But Risky Opportunity?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 4, 2022

Paidera.com review

Welcome to my Paidera.com review! (Updated for 2022!)

Some people nowadays are already aware of all the countless opportunities to earn money we can find online. In fact, there are even ways for you to make money out of your passion!

On another note, there are websites we call GPT, short for Get-paid-to. Basically, there are tasks that you should complete for you to be compensated.

One of these sites is Paidera.com! Moreover, it claims to be the best out there. Is this true? Or is Paidera.com a scam? We will be answering all of these burning hot questions in my complete and unbiased Paidera.com review!

With that being said, let's get started.

Paidera.com Summary Review

Name:  Paidera

Website: https://paidera.com/ 

Founder: Unknown

Price: Free to join

Type: GPT site

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No

Paidera.com logo

What is Paidera.com?

Paidera.com logo

To begin this Paidera.com review, let's get to know it. If you managed to take a look at its website, it claims to be the best place to turn your time into cash.

Moreover, from the looks of it, Paidera.com is a GPT website! Basically, you will create an account and it will have different offers and tasks for you, which we will discuss in the next section.

Accomplishing these, will lead to you earning money.

This website looks very shady and it's similar to a lot of sites that I've reviewed like Kids Earn Cash and Fbdollars.com and more.

How Does Paidera.com Work?

The first step is to sign up of course. It's easy and fast. All you need to do is to fill the form that requires your name, email,  and password.

Once you sign up, you'll be taken to the dashboard where there are a lot of ways to earn.

I've noticed that Paidera doesn't require any email confirmation and they don't have any "reset your password" option. Which means that if you forget your password, you should contact them.

Paidera.com review Signing up

Ways to earn money in Paidera.com

#1 Paidera.com Surveys

Paidera.com surveys

The first way for you to earn money with Paidera.com is to answer the surveys available.

There are a lot of surveys available that pay between $0.03- $1.

However, the surveys can be so boring and take too long! A $0.03 survey takes over 5 minutes which does not really happen with other survey sites.

Another thing that I noticed is that the questions are shown between two huge disturbing ads.

Paidera.com is going to make money everytime you view those ads and that's the reason why the surveys take forever. The longer you see the ads while answering, the more they'll earn.

But are they going to give you a share of the money? Keep reading to find the answer.

#2 Complete tasks

Micro tasks are famous among the GPT sites. But in Paidera.com, the tasks are a bit different.

There are some suspicious sites that require your personal info. Moreover, these tasks are closely similar to paid offers.

I've been doing surveys for years before building this website and I've never seen any legitimate GPT that leads you to such sites.

Paidera pays around $0.10 per accomplished task.

#3 Create videos

Paidera.com review creating videos

Throughout the years, I have encountered websites that pay you to watch videos, not create one.

The moment I found out that Paidera.com offers an opportunity to pay you for creating videos, I was surprised.

Actually, it is not just a simple video. Paidera wants you to make videos about them and show people how they can make money with Paidera.com.

How much you will earn? Only $0.15 per video uploaded! Can you believe that? You make a video and upload it on YouTube. Then submit it on Paidera.com and wait for it to be checked and accepted. All that for only $0.15!

This is seriously a huge waste of time while you can put these efforts on a serious online business that can make you more money!

#4 Write articles

Paidera.com review writing articles

A great way to earn money online is to write articles and content for blogs and websites. And Paidera.com offers the same offer.

It will pay you everytime you write posts about the website. The reason behind it is for Paidera.com to gain more traffic. In case you didn't know, traffic is very precious in the world of online business. The more traffic, the more money you can earn!

So how much will you get for writing these posts? Paidera.com will pay you $0.10 for forum and blog posts, and $0.05 per social media posts!

#5 The Referral Program

Paidera.com review referral program

Personally, I like referral programs. They are one of the most important factors in affiliate marketing! Paidera.com also has a referral program.

And I have to admit that this is the worst that I've ever seen. Can you believe it? You can only earn $0.10 for your ! Yet, Paidera.com claims to be the best place to earn money online.

There are tons of websites where you can get more like Swagbucks that also gives a $5 sign up bonus.

Honestly, I won't waste my time sharing Paidera.com because it is not worth it!

#6 Other Paidera.com Offers

There are also other offers to earn money such as sharing their links everywhere possible. It can be via emails, social media etc.

I've noticed that Paidera.com focuses more on making money rather than helping you make money!

In fact, they earn a lot, thanks to your efforts.

Is it Mobile Friendly?

Before joining any websites out there, a lot of people prefer to find out whether these websites are mobile friendly.

Paidera does not have any mobile apps. However, its website is pretty much mobile friendly and you can use your phones in partaking its offers.

Who can join Paidera.com?

Paidera.com is available worldwide and anyone can join it.

Usually the GPT sites that are available worldwide are best for those who live in countries like the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

But that's not the case with Paidera.com. Moreover, this website has the same earning potentials for everyone in the world.

How does Paidera.com pay you?

Now this might be the part which interests you the most because you don't want to work without pay right? 

Paidera.com claims that you will get paid through Paypal. However, before you get paid, there are certain requirements that you must meet first!

First, you must have 150 referrals and $20 in your account to be able to cash out. But, if you don't have any referrals, you must have $50 in your account.

Additionally, for 100+ referrals, you should have $30 in your account before you can withdraw your earnings.

This is very unbelievable. For a website that offers small amount of money for each task, it has a huge threshold requirement! Furthermore, this is a very big turn off because if you find yourself out of people to refer or you get tired then your initial effort will essentially go to waste.

There are tons of legitimate GPT sites that have a low payout threshold. Moreover, those that require higher thresholds tend to pay more money! Unlike Paidera.com.

How much money can you earn?

Assuming that Paidera.com is legitimate and actually pays, you can expect to make something like $50 per month and even if you refer a lot of people it still doesn't worth it. It takes a lot of your time to earn just a little bit of money; furthermore, this does not include the effort of pestering your family or friends to be your referral. In conclusion, this can make you that one annoying person in your circle of connections.

You need to refer 100 people just to earn $10! There are a way better sites where you can make $5 per referral like Extrabux. Plus, you have to be active always to avoid having your account being deactivated and losing all of your progress.

Furthermore, they will not allow you to create another account which is odd because you were just inactive and not doing anything bad.

In conclusion, this makes Paidera a very risky opportunity since you can lose all your progress without knowing.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of surveys or GPT sites, but I have to admit that Paidera is the lowest paying site that I've ever come across!

Paidera.com Review: Customer Support

The support is very important especially with sites like Paidera.com because they don't have any "reset your password" option.

Which means that if you forget your password, you won't be able to get your account back unless you contact them.

The only way you can contact Paidera is by filling a form on the Contact Us page.

However this company looks very shady. It does not have any information of its address, an About Us page or any info about the owner.

Is Paidera.com even legit? Well, have a look at the scam signs below and let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Paidera.com Review: Red Flags!

Besides the fact that Paidera.com pays a very small amount of money, there are tons of red flags that made me believe that this website is a scam.

Below, I'll share with you some of them that you probably didn't notice.

1# Paidera's founder is hidden!

The first scam sign is that the founder of Paidera.com is hidden and there is no information about the company.

I personally don't trust sites with hidden owners because I believe that there is no reason to hide unless you are planning to scam people.

This is already a huge red flag and enough to make you avoid Paidera.com.

2# A lot of members complain about not getting paid!

There are a lot of complaints from Paidera's members who complain about getting their account blocked when they reached the minimum payout.

paidera complaint
paidera negative review

Another thing I want to mention is that Paidera.com has changed its name a lot of times.

All the links below redirect to Paidera.com.

  • ManiaProfits.com 
  • Sociaprofit.com
  • Socialincomes.com
  • Moveinside.net
  • Innerprofits.com
  • Socialinvests.com
  • Ultrainvests.com
  • Payingood.com

You might be wondering why they've changed their name so many times right?

I've done a quick research online and I found a lot of bloggers exposing the links listed above.

I also found tons of complaints from members who joined these sites and got their accounts blocked when they tried to cashout.

Paidera.com change their name and website design whenever members realize that there is no money to be made with them.

This is another huge red flag because this doesn't happen with legitimate sites.

Legit sites don't change their name when negative reviews pop up, instead, they make sure to fix the problem not run away from it.


The websites I listed above are mostly taken down already since they got exposed. Others are already used for different purposes. For now, Paidera.com is the only active website.

3# Paidera.com Connects You With Fraud Sites

Paidera.com is making money from you in different ways from referring your friends and viewing ads to completing some untrustworthy tasks.

These tasks require your personal info and even your phone number.

And the weird thing is that I've seen those tasks before on scam sites that I reviewed a few months ago like KidsEarnCash.com and Click2referral.co.

Paidera is a joke, and I'm pretty sure it's just another scam site that is not planning to pay you.

Paidera.com Review and Ratings

Listed below is the ratings and reviews Paidera.com got:

It seems that a lot of people like Paidera; however, you should take these reviews with a grain of salt since it is easy to spoof your own ratings by buying reviews. 

Plus, some of the reviews seems to be the same as if coming from a script. You also have to keep in mind that Paidera pays people to write positive things about it on posts or articles.

Paidera.com Review: Pros & Cons


  • None


  • Hidden Owner
  • No info about the company
  • Poor support
  • they changed their name tons of times
  • No one got paid from paidera.com
  • They connect you with fraud sites
  • No "reset your password" option.
  • They will freeze your account when you reach the minimum payout.
  • You'll waste your time, and you'll earn nothing!
  • They will sell your personal info
  • It's similar to other scams like Viraldollars.co

Will You Make Money With Paidera.com?

Unfortunately, you won't make money with Paidera.com because it's a fake website.

Paidera just wants you to refer your friends so they can scam you all together.

It's really sad how these scammers are taking advantage of newbies who are looking for a way to make money online.

Paidera is just going to waste your time. Moreover, they will only make you help them get traffic and make money. And when you ask for payment they will kick you out of their site!

And to make you believe that they are not scammers they will kick you out and say that you've cheated or you've brought fake traffic or whatever so you don't go around telling people it's a scam.

Paidera.com Review: Final Verdict

Paidera.com is 200% scam that you should avoid, and even if it wasn't a scam, I would never waste my time on such a low paying site.

A lot of people fall for these sites because they think they are risk-free just because they are free to join.

Scammers make tons of money with sites like Paidera.com because you bring them traffic by referring your friends and they make money whenever you view the ads when you complete those fake surveys.

They also make money whenever you give out your personal info to those fraud sites.

And last but not the least, they will make money by selling your personal info to third party sites and con artists!

And as I mentioned above I wouldn't waste my time on such a low paying site even if it was legitimate! The pay rates are just not worth it!

Thank you so much for reading my Paidera.com review! If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

This is How I Make Money from Home!

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  • While I start work on paidera, some of my friends said me that, Paidera is a scam site and they have only 1.3 rating out of 10. Then I was disappointed and thought, what should I do now? then I reached my first 20 dollar goal and withdrawn it. After 30 hours later, I received 20 dollar. Now I’m working in Surveys and Quiz parts. Task is not available in Bangladesh. But I am satisfied. Because I got legit site. and I declared that, PAIDERA IS A LEGIT AND SUPERB MONEY MAKING WEBSITE. THANKS PAIDERA

  • Wealthy affiliate a free training program???? Are you trying to scam too? It is true that wealthy affiliate is a ligit site for affiliate marketing, but telling us that wealthy affiliate provides free training program is a total lie. I’m a member too,but can’t earn a penny. Why? because I’m a free member.i created my free website but I can’t get access to my own website because I’m a free member.I don’t have the money to upgrade to premium. I ask them if I could earn as a free member. I got no response regarding that. I don’t mean to insult wealthy affiliate. But the above information you are giving is not acceptable. No want is going to help the poor like me.only the rich who can afford to be a premium members became richer. The poor like me will end up deactivating thir account. Don’t expect to earn for free online, anywhere else. I’m sure this comment will be deleted because it affects them. I’m sorry for my bad comment. I’m not satisfied with your site.

    • The free membership is actually free and gives you 10 free lessons to try out the training, and of course you won’t make money with the free membership because it’s only meant to show you how to training is and if it’s for you.

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