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Write Your Way To Freedom Review [2023] But is it a Scam?!

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By Anis Chity

March 18, 2023

Write Your Way To Freedom Review

Hello! Welcome to my Write Your Way To Freedom Review! (Updated 2023)

Most people's dream in regards to earning money is to have a flexible job and be your own boss. In that way, we can spend more time with friends, family and ourselves.

That is basically what Sarah Turner's course, Write Your Way To Freedom's goal. However, in its case, it aims to help people have that through copywriting.

What is it? Is this course worth it? Will you actually earn money? Or is everything about this just another scam? Find out all of the answers in this Write Your Way To Freedom Review!

Update 2023: The website now redirects to Sarah Turners Official Website.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review: Quick Summary

Name: Write Your Way To Freedom


Founder: Sarah Turner

Type: Copywriting course

Price: $2000

Best for: Aspiring copywriters

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? Yes if copywriting is your passion and if you have enough money to purchase the course.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review Homepage

What is Copywriting?


Before we move to the Write Your Way To Freedom Review, let's get to know the concept behind it first, which is copywriting.

You have probably heard this word before but you never bothered to look it up and discover what it really means.

Copywriting is a form of writing and considered as the art and science of writing a "copy". Basically, a copy is composed of words and contents that are present in web pages, advertisements, promotional materials and other forms of marketing.

Moreover, its main purpose is to increase the brand awareness of a company or business. Also, copies are meant to persuade people to perform a certain action.

Most of the time, copywriters are the minds behind the things that you can encounter in billboards, magazines, brochures, catalogs, newspapers and many more.

What is Write Your Way To Freedom?

Write Your Way To Freedom Review Homepage

Write Your Way To Freedom is a course by Sarah Turner, that revolves around copywriting.

It contains modules, lessons and even tools that will guide you towards efficient, effective and excellent copywriting.

Apart from that, Write Your Way To Freedom also teaches people how to build their own copywriting business. The course and Sarah, will ensure that you get to have the lifestyle that you want with copywriting.

And that is having the freedom to work and at the same time, be with your family and friends.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review: Sarah Turner

Write Your Way To Freedom Review Sarah Turner

This Write Your Way To Freedom Review won't be complete if we are not going to discuss about the person behind it.

Sarah Turner is a medical copywriter, writer, writing mentor and an entrepreneur. According to her, Sarah's main goal is to help people gain location independence and financial freedom.

One way to do this is to provide her own copywriting course, Write Your Way To Freedom.

She is very active in social media and has a couple of websites. Here are the links.

You can check out all of these websites to find out about her. In my reviews, I always find it valuable if an opportunity or website is transparent and provides information about its creator or owner.

As for Write Your Way To Freedom, we already have that aspect covered. Rest assured that the course gained points from me because of that.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review:

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of the course is not really disclosed in the website. However, I have came upon forums and discussions wherein students of the course have talked about the price.

First, Sarah Turner offers you a free masterclass lesson which you can receive by giving her your email address. However, you will soon find out that the whole package isn't free after all and that you would have to pay to access the rest.

Before, it used to be $1000. However, Sarah increased the price of Write Your Way To Freedom into $2000! Yes, I know. You and I and even students of the course were skeptical about this. It is too expensive for an online course, right?

Write Your Way to Freedom Review Price

However, there are people who really took a leap of faith and purchased the course. So far, these people testified how they followed the course and led them to success. Plus, they also offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Is it Worth it?

Same as the price of Write Your Way To Freedom's price, it is not really disclosed what you can get, apart from the fact that you are purchasing a copywriting course.

Through other reviews and forums I discovered what they received. First, are the lessons that are broken down into modules. Each module has a video that runs 10 minutes to 20 minutes and covers a specific topic.

Moreover, Sarah is very active on adding more modules and lessons. Students have also opened up about how welcoming and positive Sarah is because she tends to connect and communicate with her students.

In fact, she does a live Q&A in her YouTube account. Apart from that, they have a Facebook community where Sarah and the students can socialize.

And that's pretty much what you can get for a $2000 copywriting course. And don't forget that it will also teach you how to build and grow your copywriting business.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review: Course Overview

Overall, the course is split into 8 modules and each modules containing about 50 lessons. The main goal is to make you the best copywriter that you can be.

Below, you can read the modules created by Sarah Turner from gathering information with experts around the world.

Cultivating a Business Owner Mindset

This first module focuses about creating a mentality that will allow you to go through the course. Furthermore, it aims to help you form a better mental and physical health. Plus, it also wants to help you change your mentality from being an employee into your own boss.

Building a Rock Solid Foundation

This module focuses on helping you pick your strengths. So, it aims to help you pick topics that you can write comfortably and passionately. After choosing, you will then be taught how to build the foundations of copywriting and emotional copywriting.

Getting Started Writing

This module is an in-depth guide on how to write efficiently. Furthermore, it also covers the essential writing equipment and SEO tricks that you can do to make sure your articles reach your desired readers.

Look Like a Pro

Being able to write like a pro is not enough for you to be able to burst into the scene. You have to look like a pro too so people can trust you! So, this module aims to help you create a professional looking website.

Killer Client Acquisition

Your written blogs and articles would be useless without any readers. So, this module aims to help you "cold email" efficiently. To summarize, cold emails are unsolicited emails. This might sound like you're being annoying towards other people. However, Sarah Turner promises to teach you how to send these emails properly.

Pitching & Onboarding Clients

Cold emailing people is not enough to get clients. This is why in this module Sarah is going to teach you how to acquire clients. Furthermore, this will also show you how to use the lessons that you have previously learned into practice. Plus, this module will also teach you how to deal with taxes being a freelance copywriter.

Master SEO

SEO is a way for you to make you blog rank higher than others. So, this way your articles would be more visible, therefore reach more readers. And more readers mean more potential clients. This module aims to help you master this tool.

Adding to Your Skillset with Other Type of Copy

In this module, you will be taught other tools and techniques to further expand your website. For example, how to create sales funnels, marketing using email, better landing pages, and more.

Write Your Way To Freedom Review and Ratings

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Write Your Way To Freedom Review what other people say 5
Anis Founder of

I used to be looking for ways to earn money online.

And finally I found my way to have a 4-figure monthly passive income with this excellent program!

Write Your Way To Freedom Review: Pros and cons


  • Sarah Turner herself will help you reach success
  • The course provides a lot of comprehensive and well-structured lessons
  • The community will also help you
  • Live Q&A with Sarah
  • Offers refund


  • The price is too expensive

Is Write Your Way To Freedom a scam?

For my final verdict and to conclude this Write Your Way To Freedom Review, it is time to find out if it is a scam.

Write Your Way Freedom is a legit copywriting course from Sarah Turner. However, people may be suspicious mainly because of how expensive the price is.

Also, always keep in mind that courses like Write Your Way To Freedom will not make you earn money immediately. They are courses that will help you.

Most people would think that they are paying for a source of income, when the investment is all about education. The only time that you will be earning is when you will apply the things you learned and you add your hardwork.

If you bought the course, yet you don't learn and work hard, in the end, you won't be making money.

So, if you wish to become a good copywriter and earn money with it, I recommend you this course if you can purchase it. If not, there are other ways for you to learn.

Thank you so much for reading my Write Your Way To Freedom Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section.

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